Learn How to Paint Mountains – Acrylic Painting Lesson by JM Lisondra

Learn How to Paint Mountains – Acrylic Painting Lesson by JM Lisondra

This will be the colors I am going to use
in this tutorial. White, phthalo blue, lamb black, medium yellow and burnt sienna.
Let’s start by sketching the shape of the mountain. I used burnt sienna for sketching.
Lets assume that there is a nearer and far mountains. And first we need to visualize
its look, shape and colors. Just draw it and make sure the top are irregulars. The horizon will be the base of the farthest mountain. Let’s mix the sky blue and paint over for
the sky. Let’s make it fast. Add clouds to it. And that’s it! We are now ready for the
mountains’ base colors. Let’s mix bluist gray like colors. As you
can see it, it almost like gray but its bluist. I don’t use pure blue. Start with the farthest
mountains. Just mix the darker
version of the farthest mountains. More blue and black then paint it all over
the sketch. Ok let it dry for about 15 to 30 minutes before adding the final touch. Now let’s paint the field. Mix yellow, white
and a little blue for it, then paint it all. You can play with the colors. Add a blue to make it greener or black or red to make it brown. Then let it dry. Let’s mix for the farthest mountain highlights.
Mix the white, little blue and little black. Make it more lighter. Let’s assume that the sun is in the left. So we put all the highlights on the left side of the mountains. Use a smaller brush, the pointed one to make the good details. For the nearer mountain, lets start the darker side detail. Mix a darker bluist gray color and add a little green and white. Just follow the color I create on screen. Then slowly tap the right side of the mountain. Paint it slowly. Don’t put it all. Make some spaces. Just imagine that we paint the trees. Then mix blue, yellow and burnt sienna and white to make the highlights. Tap the left side and use a flat brush. Just imagine that its forest. Slowly paint it but don’t put it all. Make some spaces. Don’t overdo. Ok, it looks like it’s been touch by sunlight. Add a little lighter color. To make it more visible. I add some mountain cliffs. Just mix a lighter color and paint. For finishing the painting I add nearer vegetations. And that’s all. You can now create a realistic mountains. Thank you for watching!
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100 thoughts on “Learn How to Paint Mountains – Acrylic Painting Lesson by JM Lisondra

  1. You make it look so easy… Your technique is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, aspiring painters!

  2. You're a good teacher. A valuable asset to any interested artist curious about other techniques. I enjoyed your video. Thanks.

  3. Sheesh! Such a great video ruined by creepy robot voice. Can you do the voice yourself? get someone else or i'll do it!

  4. I'm switching over to Acrylic painting over from oil painting since the cost is less and the clean up is easier. I have two questions. First question is do you use Gesso to prime your canvas and I never seen you adding any water to keep the Acrylic from drying out so fast, are you using a retarder. Thanks for wonderful lesson.

  5. This is helpful for helping to understand how to more readily establish perspective. As a beginner, your showing up close and personal how to use the brushes I find very helpful,

  6. What a powerful imagination you have. this is great, thanks a lot. this is very helpful, nice tutorial. Fine details. keep up the good work! 👏👏👏

  7. Thank you so much for the great lesson.Really appreciate the time and energy you're putting for making all the videos. I'm using gouache for the lesson and it still turns out great. i wish i can show you the result. Please keep on posting tutorials.

  8. Amazing art. You are a true legend and the brushes you use aren't expensive. when i paint i always say how i have terrible paints but you show its more about practice and skill and you deserve all those well earned subs. Keep up the good work.

  9. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!! Gives me lots of tips of how to paint distant mountains and the use of colours. Love the way you talk too!

  10. Hi John that wasz a wonderful lesson I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot I like the way you show mixing the colours that helps a lot and you speak clearly and slowly it"s a pity it was'nt you speaking this time keep going with the lessons I went to another artist and could not follow him it was like a train so fast and not much explanations now i'll have a go at the River thanks again John Hazel

  11. I am old biginner but I have seen long time yr painting pls show when did you use water and how many? what kind papaer did u recomend cold hot or rough type?
    i am very easy find you are phlinno becouse u say some time tagalog
    for me yr english is very easy understand than other artist. thanks yr nice painting share us

  12. I keep watching this video it inspires me really not joking around.Pls paint a farm field I've been practicing but no progress at all.

  13. John,  I was trying to paint some desert mountains and used your to do it. You are amazing. I always come back to yours.

  14. very nice mountain one John. than helped me with where to place. will try. but won't look as good as yours. thank u for sharing so many different types. watching as many as I can and wait for new ones. Deana.

  15. john i love ur paintings and i make one also..plz just tell me about ur all brushes..that what kind of brushes u use in ur all paintings?and also the tell me their brand name

  16. Absolutely stunning. I am glad I found your videos and subscribed to receive notifications of more. I'm currently working on an outside mural, 6 feet X 9 feet, in our back porch using exterior acrylic house paint. Though they are much thinner than artist grade acrylics I can use your methods for the mountains and they are beginning to shape up beautifully. Thank you!

  17. Sir ur paintings are very fantastic.
    I m in class 9 and I watch ur every video, but I m feeling difficulty in blending colours and also in reflection

  18. Hi im Ron, from Philippines I am amaze with your painting, I just want to ask if how often did you use water in this and what is the proper way to use water in acrylic painting?

  19. o.O wow! Yellow gives the mountains an illusion that they are green, and the grey gives the impression that it is in the distance!

  20. I came here to learn how to paint mountains but your painting just kept on reminding me of a place a few minutes away from our town. It also has a big mountain at the back and a small hill near the road that is surrounded by rice fields. Although whenever we pass by that place the feilds are always green, I can just imagine that this is how it looks like during harvest season 😁😁😁. Living in the province just gives me so much inspiration to paint its simple yet breath-taking beauty 😊😊😊

  21. This was wonderful, though I wish you hadn't sped up at the end, so we could see how to do the vegetation as well. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi, I like the painting on canvas but I have little knowledge; to burn the canvas can I use acrylic paint for oil paint and acrylic paint?

      Thank you!

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