Lavender and Chamomile Artisan Soap | Side-Walls Technique 1 | Blossom and Birch Soap

Lavender and Chamomile Artisan Soap | Side-Walls Technique 1 | Blossom and Birch Soap

hi everyone and welcome back to blossom I'm Bert so today I'm making something that I've been making I guess since 2005 but I've never shared how I've done it and I've never put it on YouTube before I've only been doing YouTube I think this is I'm into my second year so part of that I made it but I just didn't have a way to to share it with you all so anyway it's the side panels and I think I did a video on this a couple months ago and I told you that I would show you how I did it but I have two different methods of how you do it so today I'm gonna be showing you method one and I'm not actually teaching you I'm just gonna show you what I did or tell you what I did I should say and then if you want to try it at home that's great so I'm gonna go ahead and get everything together and then I'll be back and we'll just get started okay so here I have my oils and in these oils I have kale and clay to kind of anchor my fragrances and I also have a organic coconut milk all my oils are organic and today we're going to be using lavender chamomile from bramble berry this scent if ever I had to choose a fragrance it would be lavender and then lavender mixed with anything any kind of blend I love lavender so I think it smells wonderful it's very relaxing too so we're gonna be making a soap where I use that recipe with the walls and I'm also because those walls take up room and I don't need as much so you know pour it into the mold I'm going to pour a couple of cupcakes and see how that works out I'm kind of guessing on the ratios here Oh will I have enough to pipe and all that I don't know we'll just see how it works out but for now that's what we're gonna do so we're gonna go ahead and well let me show you I'm gonna show you the mold first because when I grab it I'm gonna kind of be in a hurry probable you not want to go through all that so as you can see I have it covered because I want to keep keep it soft let me bring you out a little bit more right you can see my panels or approximately I would say a quarter of an inch thick see if you can see that in here okay I'm sorry here's what it looks like on the side and what I do to make these panels is I pour in a slab mold maybe a half an inch even a quarter in a quarter of an inch is fine but you can pour a half inch and let it sit overnight then the next day cover it with saran wrap and leave it there for like two days so that it's it's kind of saponify and curing but it and it's still soft but it's not mushy you don't want it too mushy and then you take that and you roll it in between two pieces of wax paper until you get the thickness that you want which like I said I have about a quarter of an inch here you can see and of course you can do the sides and you can do the bottom if you want I choose just to do the sides I have not named this technique I can't even think of what I will call it I wasn't interested in trying to find a name back then but I suppose I should come up with something maybe you guys have some suggestions in the comment area okay so anyway that's what I did I used for these colors I used purple vibrance iris purple and of course my favorite gold shimmer gold and that's where I came up with the colors for the side panels it's quite beautiful alright now that's method one I will show you how to do it with hot so maybe or tell you how I do it with hot soap next time for now we're going to go ahead and get our live water in and get going now when I mix my oils I don't mix to trace I'm not looking for a light trace I'm just looking for it to be emulsified not worried at all about trace [Applause] that is emulsified in my opinion and that's all I do okay so that's mixed all nice in here I'm gonna pour what I think would be enough to do the cupcakes what did I decide to do in here okay so in here I'm gonna put a little bit of white titanium dioxide and I'm gonna mix this up because I'm gonna put some aside a great color I don't want it really white boy so we're gonna add a little purple vibrance what was like and how is he gonna do that that's in there oh okay I got it hang on let me just get it together here sorry all right let's go ahead and get this in and see how it does my head and way like the angle I'm pouring out this edge is in my way here we go hope you can see thank goodness I guessed right actually didn't what okay I guess I'm not going to be pouring any cupcakes which is perfectly fine but I don't know how that worked out like that it's a little odd I know this is in the way but I have to a poor like this so I can see what I'm doing isn't that something well I'm glad I did this first or I would have been short for my cupcakes I guess the sites didn't take up quite as much this time as I thought they would you know all this I need every bit of it I might even put some of the white in because now I don't need all that white to frost the cupcakes yep not a bad idea so let's see I'm sure it's not gonna be able to get down in there I don't need that much let me tap this down just to level it okay I guess I'm gonna put a little bit on the top if I could just get a little bit in here that would be great okay so now I'm just going to pour a little bit of the white I had reserved put this up for the cupcakes and oh lord I don't know if that's enough white when I do that it's just touching my head whoops I want it on that okay see now you have to be careful that you don't wait too long when you're making this soap because you don't want the sides to get so hard that your soap doesn't adhere to it certainly not what you want to do and even at that you never know maybe this particular fragrance doesn't need hold on okay so I pounded it down to level it and we're going to set this aside and when my piping is setup I'll bring you back and we'll put some pretty little piping on the top okay so I think this is ready looks thick enough to me and this is the piping bag that I got ready you can see it's striped with purple all the way around purple vibrant so I'm gonna go ahead and fill this up come back and we'll get piping okay so we're gonna get piping here now I've never worked with a tip that's quite as so big for such a narrow mold this is a tall and skinny but I did one little row here just to see how that would work out or what I have to change the tip and it seems to be fine so I'm just gonna go down here and hopefully you can see I'm just doing three little dollops across with such a big tip you only need a tiny little squeeze try to move the mold this way a little bit maybe you could see a little better sometimes we're trying to get an angle where you can see we're not piping as well as we could [Applause] of course I hate to wait eat waste even the tiniest bit but there's really nothing left in here tiny little mouse so I'm gonna have to give it up and just leave that alone you let's go ahead hopefully this looks pretty I want to ruin my soap but go ahead and put these pretty little balls in just make sure they're and they're good they're not too high oh you're a little bit egg-shaped this guy one two three four five six seven eight nine ten we'll see whatever I get I get doesn't bother me and I'll have some left over to do those cupcakes that I wanted to do now let's see what I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 all right usually I only get like 10 bars but these are high so they're gonna be a little bit skinnier I don't want to uh make them too fat and too tall okay now we're going to spray it with some alcohol and then we're gonna sprinkle it with some really nice glitter from sweet tooth no this is called sweet tooth bio glitter I think it's from something very forget let's take this one glove off so I can get my hand in here I'm trying to keep it just on these soap balls I don't really need it to go anywhere else although it's a beautiful match because this color is actually God I wish I could see sweet it's called sweet tooth but it's like all these purples it's just gorgeous make sure I have enough a little bit more down here and that should do I will bring you back for the cut this is what it looks like I don't know if you can see the side very well I don't want to tip it too much I think it's gonna be beautiful very pretty and I can't begin to tell you how much I love this fragrance a lavender and chamomile let me tell you if I could jump in a vat of this I would it's that good so I'll bring you back shortly for the cut okay so now it's time to cut my lavender and chamomile so and I'm going to show you what it looks like this is the sides get that right there isn't it beautiful these are cold process soap panels and they are approximately like I said a quarter of an inch thick here's this side and here's the top I think it came out really pretty so now we're gonna go ahead and cut this soap and see what the inside looks like now I don't think yesterday I really explained very well how you do this so I'm probably gonna do another video I also feel like I was focused into clothes so it might have been difficult now let me get this where I will probably get in right between the bowls here okay so let's move this down I want to get right in between those balls isn't that pretty I would say this was another success so it smells just so great so those are those beautiful side panels and that's what they look like I mean it's so unique you would not imagine you could get side panels on a solid Center so now like I said you can always do the bottom I didn't choose to do that but I think it's gorgeous just gorgeous there's so many factors that you have to keep in mind when you're doing this technique if you wait too long with those side panels it may not attach to the soap and there really is a way to do that and that's to make this so let it you know cure overnight and then when you go back to it in the morning or the next day you can cut it up and put it in a ziplock bag and leave it for two days so I'm gonna explain a little better I'm not excuse me I'm not trying to teach anybody how to do this method I'm just showing you how I do it if you choose to try it that's great just make sure you give credit where it's due and Tad me or something so i can see how it turns out for you so nice oh it's got to be one of the prettiest okay a nice solid Center lots of fun on top little matching balls they're all pretty much gonna look alike I also made these they're beautiful they're little guest soaps and this is what I use with some of the extra so you know there's a lot I used a cookie cutter to cut these out and in the past I've done like this and I stacked them all and I put them in a soap and I was going to do that the only problem is once I put the side walls in that soap mold these were too big to fit in there so I just made them nice little guess so and I also like to give them out with orders hmm for people that are good shoppers that are very loyal excuse me always said with something in each order okay I'm probably not gonna do the whole thing that will bore you but will maybe one more for you to see you can see some up in here the beautiful little purple striation that I had from when I poured the white it's just beautiful it smells amazing you're gonna love it anyway I'm probably just gonna stop there since uh they're all alike basically and I just want to thank everyone for their support and for watching my videos and subscribing to my channel and I know it's getting close to Christmas so I'm gonna wish you all a Merry Christmas I may be back on with a shampoo bar recipe but if I don't I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks for making it a really nice year for blossom and birch so catch you on the next video you

26 thoughts on “Lavender and Chamomile Artisan Soap | Side-Walls Technique 1 | Blossom and Birch Soap

  1. I really like the smell of lavender and chamomile myself especially in the baby shampoo it smells so good but when it comes to Lavender I would prefer it to beLavender essential oil I really love lavender oil it’s my favorite scent this is it real nice video

  2. I love this technique!! When you held up the sliced piece, it looked like a smoothie in a pretty cup! That could make a really cute summer soap idea!

  3. Beautiful soap!!!! Great technique. I will have to try Lavender and Camomile. Was trying to figure what to add to my Lavender, so this sounds perfect to try. Thanks for sharing and have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. ☺

  4. wow! so pretty! I have seen other Youtubers do panels but yours are the best and so colorful! awesome and inspiring work!

  5. Beautiful soap, I'm sure it smells amazing. The side panels do make this a stand out among others. Merry Christmas to you and your Family from Me and mine from Tasmania, Australia

  6. I attempted to do sides a while back and it was a total fail! Thank you for making this video!!!

  7. I love this technique. Kenny over at Royal Apple Berry does a panel soap too. Your version is beautiful too. I love it! 😊

  8. I need to try your technique. Just need to figure out what fragrance I will use and of course colors. Did you fragrance the panels? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  9. Thank you for sharing such a lovely soap and such a unique way of doing that design. Those soaps are beautiful, Merry christmas and a happy new year to you too, Ree xxx

  10. Very pretty, thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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