Laundry Room Makeover w/ Wood Countertops!

Laundry Room Makeover w/ Wood Countertops!

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and
hopefully there are some really pretty after shots popping up on screen right
now okay today we are redoing our laundry room so here it is we walk
through this room every day on our way to the shop this is where we keep our
camera stuff strangely it’s got a big looming fridge we don’t use and of
course the litter box the space is really not optimized so time for a
change so here’s the plan we’re getting a new front loading washer and dryer
from Lowe’s we wanted front loading machines so we could put a counter top
over them and gain a big usable horizontal surface we’re thinking oak plywood for the counter maybe double stack so it looks real beefy we went with
these Samsung energy-efficient front loaders because they had good reviews
and this secret little door if you forget a sock we’re also getting rid of
our fridge which came with the house because it mainly houses beer that we
have leftover from our wedding which was four years ago why is this beer still
here however we do love having the extra freezer space so we’re gonna get a small
chest freezer to replace it of course we’re making a counter to go
over the freezer to but it opens from the top so we’ll have to figure out some
sort of hinged countertop thing to do last the good ol cat box
yes the place where our supervisor poops we want to hide it so we’re making a
little built-in cubby between the freezer and the washer to tuck it away
we’ll pop some open storage on top too okay we have a lot to do let’s go okay
so we got all the old stuff cleared out we got our new machines in we ran a test
load and both of them to make sure that everything works before we went and
built a bunch of stuff around them no leaks but we also didn’t want to start
building our pieces yet until they were in place just in case we had to position
things a little differently plan so we measured everything first
piece that we’re gonna build is this shelving unit right that’s gonna be
right here and that’s gonna set the height for the whole thing once we have
this in place then we’re gonna add the back braces over here and then the
counter top so we’re basically done Oh… uh oh. Continue Fully shaped panel cut! Bunch more to do… so just to give our box a little bit
more rigidity and make assembling it easier we are going to be routing
rabbits along a few of the edges so that when the pieces fit together they go
like that all of our panels of our main panels for
this cubby unit are cut we have all of our rabbits done so now it’s time for
fit test. That rabbit goes over here that’s the back we need to move the
legs in a little bit. Push at the base. Now we paint. All
right so we’re about to paint the panels we just test fit together but before we
do we want to figure out how we’re gonna do the edges we could edge band it but
that seems like it might be a lot of work yeah so we’re gonna do a little bit
of testing fill any holes we can see let that dry paint it over my guess is that
with a freshly cut edge that is filled the paint will fill in the gaps enough
to make it look good I think it’s gonna look like plywood. so we’re gonna use the same paint color
we put on our pantry door a few weeks ago which is Sherwin Williams HGTV home
in the color domino I’m sure there’s gonna be people like
why are you painting over that wood we have a lot of wood we’re not painting
over that’s all I can say I’m sorry Looks pretty good actually I think it does
kind of match I just go for it that would be a lot less work I think I have a plan for how to glue
this together so that’s the top piece one side piece
can you hand me the back yeah you know those realized we don’t have glue on
here we just realized we forgot to do add the holes for the shelf hardware would have been easier to do before we assembled everything and on my
instructions we made add self hardware to side panels before assemble oh we can make it work yeah I mean you can reach in there right so you could do every single hope we’re
gonna do like every other we cut this little test piece to make
sure that there’s just enough room one thing that we’ve noticed is this
attracts dust so I think we’re going to do some polycrylic over it to give it a
little bit more gloss Now we just scoot it into place! Is there enough space? yeah
just like we planned and we we need to unplug this so we can go. But no look look. It’s the other plug SHOOOOT! Dangit. Can we just cut a hole in the back of this? So we did all of this planning this big ol plug it seems like the least work would be just cut out a hole from the back because it’s either that
or take off the whole face no we’ll just cut a hole Ok so, next. Nap? we need to determine where
the countertop is gonna be so we’re gonna bring this to the final height by adding a spacer on top of it and then we’ll measure that and then we’ll determine
where the sides are gonna go along the back wall and the side wall all right so now it’s time to cut the
countertop so we have a few options for the actual countertop which is the
prettiest? she’s the prettiest Look at that big divot in the wall zero right here there’s no way that we can get a straight piece flat what about this what
about this alrighty so if we put this I’m not against that we’re gonna cut
recesses in the trim for all of the cabling and pockets that’s awesome it’s
so perfect so we have our top trim pieces ready to be glued up we need to
cut the bottom trim pieces that are gonna make this look like it’s double
thick, we didn’t want to actually stack two so it’s just gonna look like it from
the outside edge so we’ll cut those and then one big glue up and put it all
together It’s glue up time! We didn’t have enough clamps to do every side at once so we would clamp
up one side screw into it to act as a clamp and then move the clamps to the
next side I hope it fits!! It’s too late now if it doesn’t! oh my gosh!! Look how nice that looks!! this looks like I think we couldn’t be
done at this point actually if we wanted to this is a thing okay so at this point
you guys have seen us cut enough big pieces of wood into smaller pieces of
wood so for our next section the freezer section we’re just gonna *magic* the main feature that we wanted to have for this base is to have a matching countertop
over the freezer and there even though that’s a challenge is because it’s a top
opening freezer well the killer has to move with the door so we made these side
panels to make it match the main countertop and have a little bit of an
overhang and these side pieces will be held up by more side pieces assemble
those right up and get back to you So we attached the countertop overhang pieces to
the side panels using pocket holes the reason we didn’t make the countertop
wider is because it would have hit the overhang on the taller countertop to
the right and if we scooted it far enough to the left to give it clearance
there would be a weird gap in between it and the cubby for the freezer we
literally stuck these panels on with some heavy-duty double-sided tape
because they couldn’t actually be attached to the moving countertop honestly at the beginning this project
we didn’t know that we can take this on so hopefully watching us accomplish this
inspires you guys to take on project of your own thanks for watching bye! This looks hilarious I’m glad I can be of entertainment value

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