Hi, Tiktakers, are you ready for a new
Wednesday of terror? Today we bring you the story of Laughing Jill, a character by which
many of you have asked us but of which You know very little. That’s why we decided to adapt
one of the stories about her, and that It takes a few years before the events
from creepypasta Laughing Jack. The story begins with Mary, a very young girl
creative and restless she lived with her parents in a huge house in the suburbs. To be
away from the city, it was very difficult interact with other children. Soon he got tired
to be alone, and his prodigious creativity He gave it to an imaginary friend. He was only six when he created Jill,
and he designed it exactly as he would have liked That it was: a kind and cheerful young woman. I dressed
a dazzling colorful dress, and always I was willing to play with her
. From that moment, Mary and Jill became inseparable At first, his parents did not give him more
importance, because they thought it was of a simple stage of childhood. But they passed
years and Mary got stuck in her imagination. He was motionless in his room
talking to Jill for hours. His parents, totally desperate, they decided to send it
to a psychiatric center. But Mary did not stop talking to Jill in any
moment. During his days of confinement in the sanatorium, he was seeing how the vivid colors
of her friend vanished and her expression happy was becoming a grimace of
bitterness. Seeing that Mary did not improve, the doctors
They decided to give him a test to see if it was about your imagination or if you really
I saw strange things. They led her to a cold room, and they tied her to a stretcher to
prevent it from moving, but as soon as introduced in the scanner, Mary began
to scream. He saw Jill at his side, writhing in pain,
and she went completely crazy. In spite of who was handcuffed, struggled with impetus
to get free. Jill was screaming and screaming in your ears; he was able to perceive his suffering,
and Mary suffered at the same time with her. “Stop, Stop, I can not take it anymore! “he shouted. The lights in the room went on, and he entered
one of the doctors with an expression of anger. He pulled Mary out of the scanner and faced her,
reproving her attitude: “You were supposed to be still! “But the doctor paled
suddenly. Next to Mary he saw the figure of a young girl in a faded dress that grabbed
his hand. Her long hair, with hardly any shine, It reached up to his waist, and his nose ended
in a strange peak. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asked
the doctor while Mary was stirring in the stretcher. The strange figure observed him after
a half smile, but he did not answer his Question. The doctor then grabbed some
Scissors, willing to face her. He He pounced on Jill and began to struggle. When he managed to corner her, the doctor raised
the pointed scissors to nail them with strength over Jill’s body. But in the
moment when I was going to strike, it pushed him away, and the gun
went to dig into Mary’s skull, which end his screams ceased. The blood began to sprout, dripping noisily
on the floor. Jill was stupefied by the harrowing scene: its creator, her only
Friend, he had just died in front of his eyes. He noticed that the little color he had left was
vanished, and that madness took hold her. Weak and dying, she fled the place. Within a few days, Mary’s parents celebrated
a discreet funeral, which Jill observed from the shadows. It had become a total
homicidal, full of hatred for everything that They had done the only person they had.
But soon he would begin his purge. Later that day, when the mother
Mary came home after watching the body of his daughter, he found a grotesque image:
a huge pool of blood stained the floor of the room, and when he looked towards
the roof, stifled a scream. The body of the doctor who had attended
Mary hung from the lamp, completely torn apart. His eyes hung from their sockets, they were missing
all the teeth and his body was completely leaky. Mary’s mother turned pale.
He turned to escape the horrendous scene, but in doing so, his eyes met the
paranoid face of Jill. With extraordinary strength, the creature
He flung it with a swipe against the wall. He approached her, grabbed her by the neck and
I lift it. He cornered her against the wall, and said in a harsh voice: “You have taken me
to my only friend, you will pay for it! ” Jill put her face close to her victim’s,
and very slowly pierced one of his eyes with his pointed nose. Mary’s mother let go
a heartrending scream while the pain numbed her body. Jill smiled triumphantly, and then
pierced her other eye, leaving her half dead on the floor. A noise behind her startled her. Was
Mary’s father, who had just entered the stay. He turned and approached the man,
that remained stuck to the wall completely paralyzed. He did not even resist,
that Jill, with a quick movement, drilled his stomach with his sharp nose, spilling
his intestines in the ground. He gave a triumphant laugh that bounced
in the whole house. His revenge had been completed finally, but before leaving the place
He crouched where the dying body rested from the father of his creator. He put his hands
in his stomach and with warm blood he wrote on one of the walls: “JILL WAS HERE.”

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  1. Si paso unos años que Jack como es que hay un escáner en 1700 y algo o es cuando mando a la cárcel a la madre de James

  2. jill y jack son buenos solo que se han echo malvados por lo que le han echo los creadores o por lo que le ha pasado a los creadores si (mi español es malo no hablo tanto español)

  3. Raioz yo me llamo Jill pero mi madre me lo puso por que tiene un significado bonito y por mi tía fallecida :v 😊😊

  4. (^ -^) Te doy mi diamante

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    Disfruta tu diamante💎

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  6. Hola soy su fan desde e hace más de 2 años.y !e gustaría q porfavor suban una foto de todos los personajes de susu historias de los pido con toda el Alma

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