LATEST CRICKET NEWS IN TAMIL : BCCI to retire MS DHONI No.7 Test Jersey | Tamil Cricket News

LATEST CRICKET NEWS IN TAMIL : BCCI to retire MS DHONI No.7 Test Jersey | Tamil Cricket News

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  2. Wonderful video bro.

    Djoni's no 7 gerzey should not be announced as retired. It should go tp the next keeper. Lant has 17 as gerzey no. So, no 7 should be goven Writhiman Saha.

    I feel, Tendulkar's 10 gerzey number should be given to Ajinkya Rahane, with both Rahane & Khaleel Ahmed are using the sane no 27 gerzey in shorter formats. Rahane plays very much Tendulkar way. So, this suits him too. Thakur should be given some other number instead of 10. I feel a batsman's number in a particular team should go to another batsman who is very much similar.

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