L’arte dell’Intarsio Sorrentino – The art of inlaid wood-works

L’arte dell’Intarsio Sorrentino – The art of inlaid wood-works

The art of the Sorrento
inlaidwood It boasts a centuries-old tradition since the first half of the 800 talented
Sorrentine artisans spread their film technique in Neapolitan thanks to the fame he enjoyed Sorrento
as a holiday resort many personalities from politics and
culture that had resided here have the opportunity to appreciate the skill
of cabinet makers Sorrento and for it They were commissioned by Francis
Bourbon to restore the furniture of royal palace to illustrate the processing stages
the Sorrento Tarsia We have to start from the card called Project. everything comes from the design from the so-called cardboard which implies the knowledge of the form of perspective and anything else on board the woods are noted by
use to get with light dark combinations
then enhanced by shading let’s start by running sketch
pencil on tracing paper correct, dusting is passed back to the
Fast ink on glossy paper the cardboard, in addition to the measurements shown
from the panel, It is used to play the silhouettes of each card to inlay then the prices are selected with care
elm burl walnut, poplar, rosewood, ebony, Natural and dyed erable to get
polychrome effect desired with electric saw cutting a
substantial number of impliallacciatura sheets to achieve the
same reason inlay to be applied on identical objects all finished designs therefore you
make up of hundreds of laminae thin of various shaded essences immersing them in a thin river sand
heated the pieces are shade from the heat
mounted on a paper support so that all the ornate It can be transferred from the tackler object shaped by inlayer It follows the decoration, entrusted to decorator, completing and where necessary remodeling details of various shapes inlaid The work ends with polishing and after the application of hinges locks and upholstery with the coating. Now, trays, carts, centerpieces, boxes and furniture They are ready to make a fine show in the windows of Sorrento shops

16 thoughts on “L’arte dell’Intarsio Sorrentino – The art of inlaid wood-works

  1. usted es un maestro en este trabajo muy linda obra me puede decir si lo que esta quemando la madera es arena caliente o que material es muchas gracias

  2. Awesome work of art.just like artist work in my country Pakistan.in marble.wood engraving.embosing and nakshi means layers of paint applied then engraved ith hands.

  3. Thumbs down for NOT FINISHING THE MUSIC!!! – That's unworthy for italians! (BTW – Offenbach is a great composer, but what about Rossini?)

    Never the less: good work.

  4. Breathtaking work! I just done my first inlay in a table I made and thought it looked fantastic… until I watched this.. You have a great deal of talent, hat's off to you!

  5. molto interessante. Consiglio anche il seguente video su Luigi Mengoli, artista dell'intarsio ligneo:

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