Land Of Whimsy - Art Market Artisan

Land Of Whimsy – Art Market Artisan

my name is Nikki and I'm a mixed-media artist and I specialize in needle felt sculpting create sculptures that just come from my brain I really don't even have it any idea I just sit down to sculpt them and they just work out the way that they do they kind of create themselves I started six years ago and I originally started making dolls for my daughters I wanted to make cloth dolls for my daughters that didn't have synthetic hair I was a hair stylist by trade and I hate synthetic hair it knots all the time and so yeah I looked at other ideas to make the dolls for the kids that had like natural hair that could be brushed and go in the washing machine actually the whole entire doll can go in the washing machine and yeah that's what and then from there I started sculpting the doll faces and then it transferred into needle felted sculptures I love fantasy I love fairies and Dragons and magical and mystical things and when I'm in the forest I always feel like I'm in an alternate universe and so I get lots of inspiration from nature watching the kids and how they have no judgment on things and just I think I'm like a little kid that hasn't grown up in that design department because I love fairies and anything magical so get from reading books my imagination lots of times from dreams I'll dream it sketch it out and then it comes to like a 3d form after that I just want to keep creating pieces that people would want to put on their wall to bring a little bit of nature and the environment and so it makes them more present in their day-to-day lives because I think so many of us have gotten so far away from nature that we forget about the happiness that it brings when I am needle felting it is almost like going to a yoga class it is super meditating it I actually think I leave like I leave my brain I go into a meditative state and it's super therapeutic and really relaxing for me and then seeing the finished product come out is the best part but when I get to actually sculpt pieces from nothing I'm creating beautiful individual pieces of artwork literally from nothing I don't have a starting point and that brings me happiness sole creative freedom brings me happiness

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