Lancer Plays Wild ARMS 3 - Part 50: Getting Our Literature On

Lancer Plays Wild ARMS 3 – Part 50: Getting Our Literature On

here you will find many rare in unusual books the value of a book is determined by whether it was useful to the reader please read at your pleasure I shall the doctrine of the Ark of destiny the religious order the Ark of destiny headed by its founder lamium has only been in existence for about ten years its new ideals activities and ways of life are geared towards the goal of pursuing a future the doctrine does not look to intangible spiritual entities it is about applying yourself as a life-form of this planet and what we must do to live strongly each of us plays a leading role in this doctrine through our actions we hope people join us today to help us find out tomorrow that's all right blazing a trail to the future the order of the arc of destiny challenges us to find the path of living we must consider what we live for here on this unforgiving world to fill gaia we must become strong and to help foster strength we pursue various methods of bolstering our own fortitude one of these projects is the excavation of ruins we feel the proper use of relics of the past will help us lead us will help lead us to a better future we we attribute this to the roots of our founder lamium who was a drifter before he formed the EOP the order in his travels through the wasteland he discovered that in order to support great ideals other powers are necessary we must take the powers responsible for the ravaging of our world and blazed a new trail with them we the order of the arc of destiny scour the vast wasteland for ways to bring about a bright future for all ships graveyard huh the friction of the sand combined with menacing monsters has sent countless ships and the people on them to a sandy grave indeed the crossing of dunes is something that comes with a great deal of risk this leads us to the reason why we the order of the arc of destiny constructed our temple complex here on yard Isle there is a Wild Arms one reference this region used to be ignominy known as the ship's graveyard you due to the high number of wrecked hulls that washed ashore but one day the islands history charted a new course when a drifter discovered a new ship in the wreckage you see the ship he found was one of the kind that our distant ancestors referred to as a soaring ship an airship basically with this crystal of ancient wisdom at his fingertips he set off on a mission to save the planet that drifter was our founder lamium ten years ago and the soaring ship was converted into the orders temple becoming the center of all its activities a new ship is about to launch from the island once known as a graveyard the future fill Gaia is tied to the place where the order of the Ark of Destiny was founded Cody oh yeah the this is the one you actually have to read to get our next destination hey this is a members list of the Council of seven the existing project which began approximately 100 years ago was a project of planetary proportions it says here the Council of seven was replaced a number of times over the course of 100 years let's just cut to the chase who were the last seven Council members the last seven council members yes here it is this was 10 years ago Lee Hall I'll cast Werner Maxwell P Inc appeal eeeh my name sounds familiar Elliot and Errol who just happens to have jets last name imagine that Malik Benedict melody Valenti so all three prophets are in there along with Virginia's dad and Duran Bryant so my father was part of the Council of seven and also yeah Lee Hall Malik and melody now we know for sure that the prophets were part of the council and that the photo is a picture of the Council of seven so the prophets used their technology to maintain or recreate their appearance of ten years ago apparently I now know that my father belonged to the Council of seven let's go back to Boot Hill to look for more clues from here Boot Hill would be on the eastern plains region it's near a beach to the Northeast Cody o Elliott and duro member of the Council of seven he has the same last name as mine is that just a coincidence Mac what's the matter your stomach hurt whatever not a kid we know where we're going next and so let's just get moving this place makes me uncomfortable all right well we got more books to read the rainbow to tomorrow seven experts pool experts more than likely I'm sure specialising in science magic and various other fields at times they were referred to as the rainbow oh it's not the rainbow bandit gang is it they were the Council of seven which research ways to rejuvenate fill Gaia over many decades this research first began when the first group of seven came into contact with the information library hiatus left behind by the demons the members of the council were interchanged depending on the direction of the research or what changes of the time many different phenomena were solved due to their work the countless hours and efforts put in by the specialists to analyze hiatus is finally about to pay off the environmental rejuvenation planetary energy production and supply all of this was a vision every council member shared the seven colors of the rainbow will soon change into a single ray of hope cool legend of the evil serpent the hautboy sealed by magic you bastard neat hog is a greedy evil serpent it leads to the Grove with its jaws wide open looking for prey I think that's an optional super boss neat hog is a greedy evil serpent darker than the night its jaws belong to two heads acting as one neat hog is a greedy evil serpent two Giants wield their sword to exterminate the evil serpent one of the giant heads to the forest with good intent with with good intentions I'm sought that said attentions for a second one of the giant heads to the forest with evil intentions however neither of the two giants knew knew there were now two neat hogs by knowing there are two neat hogs one can infiltrate the core new dogs are greedy evil serpents they head to the Grove with their jaws wide open looking for prey these two giants were never to be seen again okay you say so the Saints guidance yeah okay no you bastard what are you doing man the Saints guidance most of the excavation sites operated by the Ark of destiny are ordered by the founder lamium himself the founder possesses a special ability through which he can locate excavation points according to the founder this is not his personal ability but a form of divine revelation he claims that a girl appears in his dreams informing him the location of undiscovered ruins this goes against the orders principle of reality over ideals in terms of taking action but the fact of the matter is many rare artifacts have been excavated as a direct result of the founders dreams could the simply be explained as a miracle what does the saint the girl that appears in the founders dreams wish to entrust us with and where does she wish to lead us if the Saint wishes to guide us to the future let us walk there on our own two feet that is the way of the orders doctrine cool evil corpses the demons from folklore may have physically disappeared from the planet but their malice is said to live on within the earth devouring the planet this demons threat is said to exist in the form of shields some even theorize that these shields are actually transformed demon corpses once these shields are activated they are said to devour any surrounding life-forms and transfigured their bodily structure it is believed that the monsters that roam feel Gaia today are the direct result of these shields which affected life-forms during the Great War if these shields still exist today they may bring about a new threat even after a thousand years are we still unable to escape the threat of the evil corpses maybe all righty then there's like bookshelves up there but we can't seem to get up there but that that's not cool okay bump bump bump so big oh so we wanna head to Boot Hill but first first let's drop a save that's just the right thing to do I would upgrade some arms but there's there's no arm Smith here unfortunately is there not that I'm aware of so we're off to Boot Hill cuz that's that's just the right place to be going right now alright so let's see just check out the map ah my butt hurts okay so let's see we want to goo boom so I think it's on the landmass at the North Central and South Central of the map since they're kind of connected so we we want to get over there let's see what's the best way to go it's like right over there so it's basically east of where we are now you just got to find the right place to land so it's basically this but we got to find a place to land here shouldn't be too difficult right da da da no creasing our speed what we're doing hey we got over 200,000 HP on the sand craft now your sand crafts HP pretty much increases with weight when your character is gained mumbles and such now what we do one of these nice so that lowers that look at lures Naomi's evasion plus you move behind them automatically that's very sweet so this should take him out without question over 50,000 dommage that's nice yeah that's good stuff just kind of make our way around here find a beach here we go I think it's on like the northern the the London northern side of this place what do we fight here something dumb or bogles palette swap of the Hobgoblin HP no elemental affinities to speak of should yeah reckless reckless abandon oh yeah should boom rock on right in the back shot him right in the spine we are just horrible people you know hello 2:35 Cobb's revenge you little bastard attack from behind you coward finish it off mr. Clive Davis there you go trap disarm die yeah he'll bury nothing really special about that suppose we could call our horse wouldn't be a bad thing to do now what do we got here the hell horn to monster and cobalt that looks so ridiculous horn to monster is no analyze tell what's your problem 470 HP weak against water give some pretty decent gala and Mont or an experience should funk suck shotgun land slider okay of course they're going for jet why not miss Oklahoma Stampede there's a one shot one shots are awesome that's a fact that is just a fact of life whoo there's some huge that's not really healing him that much or anything but it is keeping them alive so that's the thing your slap missed sir you're pathetic and there's a one shotting correct my god disgusting 660 gala pretty sure our money got doubled there that's pretty cool I'm definitely okay with that we have over 65,000 gala it's pretty sweet so I think it's somewhere around here although it could be further up I'm not really sort more into monster the San Francisco treat yay more HP shoot him I am I like oh he gets shot with a shotgun and then he just continues to run like okay sure why not lots of missing going on I'm okay with that one shot done oh there you go good boy you finished punk that was pretty sad there gallows but well on Canyon 34 damage that's disgusting how dare you how dare you be so incredibly weak pressure I think it's this guy's weakens water isn't he no he's not still just decent dommage though we think since he's like a desert creature he would be weakens water but apparently not maybe it's ice you stop hitting people that aren't Gallo's very rude of you now the dragon fossil very nice 19 more to go I am pretty ok with that this is it that's a dungeon we just unlocked the dungeons oh oh there's a Millennium Puzzle uh-oh well since we found it we might as well do it boy we doing here checking my email real quick ok I grabbed the wrong controller I'm gonna screw it around again just like Banga now my two controllers are like all tangled up and it's not a good thing isn't even close to being a good thing let me untangle them real quick like okay there we go that's bad Oh calm down Beavis being crazy okay where the hell there it is trying to reach my Special K bars have a little snack here chocolate coconut cashew granola bar that seems like it's the right thing to do about now there's really not a big fan of coconut but this one's not too bad actually hmm it kind of splitting hop didn't it okay what puzzle is this whoa so we skip from 1 to 13 difficulty 3 no boy I think this is gonna be fun yeah like I said out of the 20 Millennium Buzz you don't have to do them in order in fact you can't unless you like wait till much later in the game these puzzles will test your wits I'm sure they won't touch the white crystal when you're ready to take the challenge yeah I may just do that oh dear God this one has like two different elevations book can we pull this one off I don't know man I don't know I mean this one looks pretty intimidating but I think it can actually be done pretty quickly okay let's see what do we want to do basically the hardest part is finding the right way to start it so we don't end up getting screwed over I think we want to pull this one let's see I think we want to push it up here oh look at that chain reaction you see what I mean that may have been the sexiest thing that's ever happened on Twitch my god so that clears out about 80% of the box oh man so let's see what we want to do from here like you got to be careful not to screw things over so it can be so easy to do so there's three bad bucks if I got to put them all together it would zoom see the red block wise I think we want to pull one of them no that one we don't need to worry about that so this is pretty simple really just push this one down and then push this one down get rid of all the red box man let's see we got two blues there I'm not sure dude you can get back up if you end up jumping down there I don't think you can so if that happens you pretty much screwed yourself over more or less push this down and then we just push this one down pretty simple stuff nothing too complicated about it I mean like I said it looks very intimidating but it's nowhere near as bad as it looks at the beginning as long as you make the right move in most puzzles the the first move is the most important so you certainly don't want to screw that up what do we get for this lion shield that sounds like it could be good alright defend oh it gives you defender that's cool we're actually gonna save that for Clive he can't equip it right now but once he gets another medium he can since he hasn't the second highest defense would probably be a good idea okay so I wasn't expecting to run into a Millennium Puzzle there but it happened damn right it did okay so I think Boothill is like southeast of here something like that oh we got three horned monsters this time around cuz that's cool ask for a gain in that it would be healed over 250 pretty soon he'll will be healing as much as a Gila barrier so that's a thing Stampede Oklahoma Stampede hit bitch counter-attack very good lock own BAM remember these guys are weak against uh I think it's watered I thought the week against isn't it couldn't be thinking of something else yes it is very good good you gotta love crits I mean they're just amazing chemical one water dragon fossil eighteen more to go once we get that arc Smasher we can we can one-shot any enemy in the sand craft so that'll be first we jump from 1 to 13 okay what are you doing sir horned monster the San Francisco treat I actually think that'll be fun pressure one shot nice BAM just do another pressure get some water germs out of it because why not another cracking bottle it's over here I think it is cheese encounter right it's your problem man maybe it's not over here okay why was it a thing I don't even know it was just a red mark but it wasn't an ambush that's just odd whatever you gotta do suck machine gun pop pop goes the weasel lock on goodbye sir let's heal that HP because why not goodbye sir I am pump popped him one with a shotgun aha another dragon fossil my god man freaking crazy I think we got to go on the other side or around the other side this away yeah I found a train station it's not looking for one but okay South farm sounds like a cool strain station you know South farmer no items here Freddie I'm so proud of Tony alright aren't many youngsters who work as hard as he does and still manage to get along with us old-timers so Freddie is an old-timer apparently boy Wow cost 1,600 to go to East Highlands luckily we don't need to do that huh anything interesting going on around here no not really anything to be doing here but we opened up another terrain Stacey owned nothing wrong about it's considered a town south farm mwah okay Boothill over here maybe I don't think anything else is over here unless it's right here at the end nope we gotta go the other way there it is ah hidden in this little spot here boo hell oh yeah

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