Lana And Bobby Lashley Released ! Becky Lynch Missed RAW! John Cena’s New Movie! Wrestling News!

Lana And Bobby Lashley Released ! Becky Lynch Missed RAW! John Cena’s New Movie! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 4, 2019 We’re starting by looking at this
week’s episode of Monday
Night RAW, as Becky Lynch was once again
absent from the show. This is the second RAW in a row
that The Man has missed, but
as fans speculated on where she is, it
turns out Lynch was in Nashville
for RAW, and whilst she didn’t appear on
the show, spoke in a YouTube
video, saying: It’s been two weeks since I’ve
been on Raw and it’s been
two months since I have defended [the Raw
Women’s Championship]. Now,
do we think that the powers that were
keeping me down at the
beginning of all this have just gone away? I
have said the fight that I want
and I have said that I will fight them in the
parking lot if I can’t get it on a
pay-per-view I am the face of this company
but I’m not gonna be the mouthpiece because this title
deserves more, I deserve
more, the people deserve more. I’ve said
the fight that I want. I have one
last debt to collect.” That last debt Lynch is talking
about is presumably against
Asuka, as the Empress defeated The Man at
the Royal Rumble this past
January, and scored another pinfall victory over
her on the November 11th edition
of RAW. Whilst Lynch may not have been
present on TV this week, she did
have a dark match against Kairi Sane
after the show. Two people who were on RAW,
but are probably regretting
that, are Lana and Bobby Lashley who
were arrested during the show
after getting physical with law enforcement
and have been released from jail. The news was broken by who gave a
statement revealing what had happened, and also
included a statement from the
Ravishing Russian, who asked: “How can I be arrested by an off-
duty police officer, hired by me, to protect myself?” Meanwhile, Lashley wisely kept
his mouth shut, saying: “I’ve been advised by attorneys
to not speak about the case
because it could involve future litigation.” To be fair to Lana, she does raise
a good point, but we’re not sure whether this storyline will get into
the nitty gritty details about the American legal system. What we do know is that Lana and
Lashley are now free from Kayfabe jail, as this storyline shows no
signs of slowing down. Time for some WWE Backstage
news next, and this week’s
show will SmackDown now, as Kofi
Kingston had made history once again as part of the blue
brand. This week, the former WWE
champion reached his 1000th
day as a tag team champion in WWE, a feat
that the company gave a nice
mention to, and that Kofi didn’t even
realise had happened. Throughout his career, Kofi has
held gold with the likes of CM
Punk, Evan Bourne, R-Truth and the
New Day, and time will tell how
long he and Big E will hold the Smack
Down tag titles, as they
celebrate this huge accomplishment. Two Superstars fans shouldn’t
expect to see hold title gold in
WWE again is Dean Ambrose and
Enzo Amore, as it’s been
quite a while since either men entered a WWE ring. Despite this though, a sponsored
ad on Facebook for the WWE
Shop featured t-shirts for both men,
which is strange to say the
least, as if you search for either man on the
WWE Shop website, no
results are found. If you go old school and just look
through every item they have,
you’ll still find no merchandise left for
the Certified-G, whilst Ambrose
still has some figures and a T-Shirt
available. For those of you who think this
may be an old advert, it isn’t, as research has found that this ad,
with the out of date image, was
first started being used by WWE
this past monday on
December 2nd. We’re not sure how this weird
error even got through WWE’s
team, but we expect the advert to be pulled
or updated with current Superstar shirts, and for someone back
stage to get a real telling off. We’ve got some NWA news next
for you, as former WWE
Superstar Wade Barrett has joined the
company as a commentator. Now going under his real name
Stu Bennett, the former Inter
continental Champion is replacing Jim
Cornette on the show, and
will debut at NWA’s Into The Fire event
on December 14th. Since leaving WWE over two
years ago, Barrett hasn’t
wrestled since, instead focussing on announcing
and acting, as the 2015 King
of the ring Ring has seemingly hung up his
trunks and scepter for good. Another man who hasn’t wrestled
in a while, though not by their own choice is Jeff Hardy, who continues
to recover from his leg injury, whilst also having trouble with the law. After being arrested for driving
while impaired, Hardy whill
appear in court to face DWI charges this
Friday, after the November
7th court date was postponed due to
Hardy needing to attend to
his health. The Charismatic Enigma was
arrested on October 3rd this
year, after police witnessed Jeff swerving
and driving erratically, before
eventually being pulled over. At the time of his arrest, Hardy
had dried blood on his nose
which he claimed was the result of a
fight with his wife, and though
no domestic violence investigation was
opened, Jeff’s wife Beth,
and Matt Hardy’s wife Reby did have it out
over social media. This isn’t even the first time
Jeff’s had trouble with the
law this year, as he was arrested for Public
Intoxication in July, and
whilst he may be one of WWE’s biggest stars currently
with the company, we have to
wonder just how long the company can
stick by the former World
Champion, who continues to make headlines
for all the wrong reasions. Some much better news now,
as John Cena has gone from
being nobody being able to see him, to
appearing everywhere,
and is now been announced for an upcoming
comedy film. According to Deadling, the 16-
time World Champion will be
in the upcoming movie Vacation Friends,
which will see Silicone Valley executive producer Clay Tarver
make his directing debut. The film will be released through
Hule and 20th Century FOX,
and will also co-star Meriedith Hagner of
Search Party fame, and Get
Out’s Lil Rel Howery. The film will also be produced by
Todd Garner, who previously
worked on Cena’s Playing with Fire film,
under the Broken Road
Productions banner. Back to WWE now, and now that
Lance Storm has closed down
his wrestling academy last week, it
didn’t take the Canadian very
long to get back to work. It’s not currently clear what work
the former Intercontinental
Champion did this week, but we do know
that he was backstage at
RAW, as he sent out a tweet about seeing a
lot of familiar faces behind the
scenes. Hopefully, Storm will be able to
help influence the next
generation of Superstars, as with his years of
expertise in the industry, and
the skills of the current roster, Storm’s name
could be included on production sheets next to some huge
matches soon enough. Storm isn’t the only new face to
join the WWE lately, as PW
Insider is reporting that Chris DeJoseph
has left Major League
Wrestling after a very short tenure, and is now
heading back to WWE
very soon. This whole return has been out
of the blue, as DeJoseph had
only just started as the Co-Executive
Producer of the company,
and only told MLW that he was leaving on
Tuesday night. According to sources, DeJoseph
was already in talks with WWE
when he agreed to work for MLW, and
during his previous run, was
with the McMahon-led promotion for six
years, serving as a senior
writer and producer for the company. In his absence from WWE,
DeJoseph also did work for
Lucha Underground and CBS’s Big
Brother reality show, but it
seems his home has always been WWE. Andrade and his
girlfriend Charlotte Flair may be doing some business of their own
soon, outside of the company. According to the PW Insider, both
stars have filed trademarks for their
own names, with Andrade now owning the rights to use El Idolo and
La Sombra, the name he used on
the indies before coming to WWE. Charlotte has applied for trademarks
for The Queen of Wrestling and her
real name Ashley Flair, with these trademarks being registered
for merchandise reasons. The fact that the pair have left many
fans speculating on what the future
holds for the duo, as many are seeing this as a sign that both
Andrade and the Queen want
to leave the company. Whatever happens, both Andrade
and Charlotte are two of the most
athletically gifted stars on WWE TV, and would no doubt be
successful wherever they went. One man who knows all about being
a success in multiple companies is
Bill Goldberg, and the former WCW World Heavyweight and
Universal Champion is ready to
make a return to the WWE, though not in the
ring. Following a great interview with the
Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve
Austin will continue his new Network show ‘Broken Skull Sessions with
Goldberg, and the Rattlesnake took
to Twitter to share the big news. As two of the biggest stars of the
Attitude Era, albeit in different
companies, there’s plenty for the pair to discuss, including Austin stunning
Goldberg out of the WWE at Wrestle
Mania 20 in 2004. Much like how the first episode was
released immediately after Survivor
Series, this episode will air on December 15th, immediately after
TLC on the WWE Network. And finally today we’re ending
with some news from Jon
Moxley , as the AEW Star has continued to be
vocal about the reasons he
left WWE. This week, the former Dean
Ambrose spoke to Chris Van
Vlier about his decision, explaining how annoyed
he was about being forced to leave, and though he wasn’t happy
giving up all that money,
Moxley felt he had no choice. He said: “Once I decided I was going to
leave I wasn’t happy about it
for a while. I was pretty pissed about it. I
was like ‘are they really
gonna make me leave?’ Are they sure — they’re
gonna make me leave, aren’t
they? They’re gonna f*ck everything
up so bad because I wanted
that f*cking money. You know, it’s not that I
don’t like money. I like to put it
in the bank and look at it, you know?
I was like ‘I can’t believe
they’re gonna make me walk away from all
this money. Can’t you write
one good f*cking storyline? One little thing?’” “I’ve talked about it ad nauseam,
but it just got to the point like the stuff I described in the Jericho
interview like ‘oh now you’ll
come out in a Hazmat suit’ I was like ‘This can’t
be real! Am I on some reality show? Is this the new WWE Network
reality show? Is Vince actually
saying these words? Does he actually
run a billion dollar company?!
This is a joke!’” Joining All Elite Wrestling earlier
this year, Moxley now has much
more freedom to tell his own stories,
both in and out of the ring. Of course, the door is probably
always open for Moxley to
make a return to WWE, but for now, the
Grand Slam winner isn’t
interested, as he’s all set on continuing his
career out of the company,
where he can compete and deliver stories
on his own terms.

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  7. Lana and Lashley story line is the biggest bunch of crap by Vince i've ever seen and every time it is on i turn the channel. It is as bad as the time Vince had everyone kissing his ass

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    Putting his life on the line always had a drug alcohol problem
    Good as don’t care about Charlotte flair as starting to make me sick as well
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    Winning many of them

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    Second off what did she expect if Rusev got arrested it's the same case he can't get arrested by an off duty officer also
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