Kylie Jenner | Draw My Life

Kylie Jenner | Draw My Life

Kylie: Hey, it’s me, Kylie, the youngest
Kardashian! Thanks for inviting me to do a Draw My Life, I’m so excited and love
that I get to enjoy the limelight for once! As the youngest Kardashian I can get a bit
overshadowed by massive family. I was born on the 10th of August 1997 and
raised in Calabassas, California. At the age of 9, I made my Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s
debut. The show did so well mom decided that it was
better for Kendall and I to be homeschooled so that we could focus on our
careers and the most important thing in life: making money. It actually worked
out pretty well seeing as I just bought my first house for $2.7 million at
the age of 18. It’s nothing special, but if MTV cribs did want to come over and check
it out, I wouldn’t say no. Kris: For a fee of course! Always keep money
on your mind, Kylie. My job is to take my family’s 15 minutes of fame, and
turn it into 30! Tell them about all the great stuff you’ve done… and feel free
to mention me as much as you like. In a cheerleading outfit, Kylie’s lips getting
bigger and bigger. Kris also acts as a cheerleader with pom poms Kylie: As a teen, I achieved lots. I was a
cheerleader whilst still in school, which I absolutely loved. I had to stop cheering when
we switched to being homeschooled. But, I guess my mom sort of
became my own personal cheerleader. Kris: Sure am girl! Go Kylie!! And don’t
I look great in this cute little skirt! Not a day over 35! Kylie: My first modelling job was for a Sears
clothing campaign called Crush Your Style Kris: and you crushed it! Wooo! Kylie: So at 14 Kendall and I had a shoot
in Teen Vogue Kris: and you were ahhh…mazing!! Kylie: I’ve interviewed the cast of the
Hunger Games and also introduced my brother-in-law Kanye West at the Billboard
Music Awards Kris: K-Y-L-I-E, goooooo Kylie! Kylie: More recently, I became a bit of an
Internet sensation. People started paying loads of attention to my lips and the
Kylie Jenner ALS Lip Bucket challenge became the big thing in 2015. It
was actually really dangerous and a LOT of people posted videos of it going really,
really wrong. In May 2015 I told the world, in an episode of Keeping up with
the Kardashians that I had lip aug…men… aug-men… aug Kris: Lip augmentation! Ergh Kylie, you’ve
made them so big you can’t even say it! Well… I guess being able to pronounce
words properly isn’t too important. Having a pretty face will get you loads more
work! That’s why it’s great I look so youthful…not a day over 25 right?! Right??…RIGHT?! (Tumbleweed?) Kylie: I guess… I’m actually currently
working on a lipstick line, which is great because I need a LOT of lipstick to cover
these luscious lips! Mwah! Home video style drawing, Kylie and Tyga together.
Tyga looks a bit like Tony the Tiger. Us Jenner girls work hard, but as everybody
knows, we play even harder. I apparently dated the baby-faced prince Jaden
Smith for a little bit, but since then I’ve moved on to older men. It’s been
kind of controversial. But, like my mom and older sisters taught me, ‘there’s no such
thing as bad publicity’… not that I plan on making one of Kim’s ‘home movies’.
I started dating Tyga in 2013. He’s seven years older than me, but I’m the mature
one in the relationship. Some people were concerned about the age gap, especially
because of some of the lyrics in his song Stimulated. Well… at least he’s helping
to stimulate the Kardashian’s domination of the media. Kylie and her family- each member blocking
her more and more from the picture. Overcrowded. Let’s think, what else can I tell you… Oh, Just 18 days after getting my drivers
license I got into a car accident. Luckily no one was hurt, but a few months later I
got into more car trouble. I got a speeding ticket! I guess I’m just better
at being chauffeured. I’m also lucky enough to be a Fashion Contributor
for Seventeen Magazine and in 2014, Kendall and I were named the most influential
teens by Time Magazine. One day, I’d love to be an actress. I guess
all those years in front of the camera have rubbed off on me. Also, that would give
me a chance to be the centre of attention for once! Kris: You can do it Kylie… but, maybe I
could be in the film too!? I could totally play your younger sister! Kylie: Erm, we’ll see… So that was my Draw My Life! Be sure to check
out my sister Kendall’s too. Kris: And mine! Kylie: You don’t have one yet mom Kris: WHAT?! Outrage!! Someone, pass me a pen!

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  1. Also whoever drew that you should be ashamed of yourself because that's one of the most ugly drawings I've ever seen in my life not to be mean

  2. How about you get the real Kylie Jenner to do her Draw My Life instead of this person doing it who barely even knows how to draw

  3. Youngest of the KARDASHIANS???? She’s a jenner and her mom is probably not like that they wanted to be homeschooled

  4. ur drawings are soooo hideous it’s hard not to compare it to trash, i mean, it can’t be, its way worse than that

  5. Wow I bet she is offended ! You drew them UGLY and THEY SOUND STUPID ! This is not Kylie you did a horroble job !


  6. I love how she said that her mom,wanted them to be homeschooled.But they literally had to beg her in the show

  7. I don't know what Kylie Jenner is like in personality, but it made me wanna cuss dis person out when she said 'And to focus on the most important thing in life…..MONEY'
    gosh like I said, I don't know what her personality is like, but this was a little over the top I'd say

  8. That's not Kylie and that's not the way she talk or looks 😐. Plus I think you're just making fun of them cause you're just jealous of how rich, beautiful and lucky their lives are unlike yours😐. And by the way I would love to give this video as many hate as I can

  9. This isn’t really Kylie and none of these videos are the real people but I feel like some of these videos are offensive to there family

  10. Well …I don't think it's just me …but this doesn't sound like Kylie Jenner….FAKEEEE!! not to be rude you can at least not pretend to be Kylie Jenner

  11. This comment section:
    85% Butthurt 8 yr. olds who can't stand a joke
    10% "This is not kylie"
    4% you make her sound bad!
    1% about the next video

  12. Bru I'm laughing because people really think this is kylie lol if she had a youtube account don't you think it would be on every news yet lol

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