Krita for concept art part 1. Jama Jurabaev brushes.

Krita for concept art part 1. Jama Jurabaev brushes.

hello everybody
this video is a bit a special because I was thinking about your interest shown
in the comments in concept art, timelapses and brushes, and I realize it
would be awesome to see an impressive professional artist in this field using
Krita for the first time. So my main goal is to open a door to a new way of
creating art with Krita. I contacted Jama Jurabaev because he is really
known as a concept artist and art director. He was not using Krita at this
time and it’s very known due his work as concept artist/Art director in Lucasfilm. he also uses Blender and has created amazing stuff, with grease pencil so woow! why not to
try and to contact him? after a bit of time, not much really,
what a surprise to receive a notification from him! he was just
telling this, so I started the creation of some of his brushes as a test. I
watched his video I purchased time ago. if I remember well in gumroad. I
created some brushes to show how Krita can mimic his style or maybe give him more
than expected. I know this is a challenge for Krita but I am pretty sure the
result will be for good and improvement now I let you with the video. It was
produced for him but now it’s also ready for you, enjoy it. hello Jama I’m really happy to be
talking with you. In this little video I want to explain how to use these three
folders that I have here, just to be ready to use the brushes that I have copied from your resources pack. okay? so if you install Krita in Windows you have this
folders, I have a shortcut here. is the AppData/Roaming/krita, and you see a lot of folders, so what you have to do is just to copy these folders into this place. let me explain you with this example. You have the
presets, the brush tips and the patterns. If you go to the brushes, just go here.
These are the brush tips, so you copy the folder here and you need to copy the
Jama presets to paintoppresets. Jama presets goes here and patterns you need
to go here and copy these to the pattern folder. Okay
Veryfing… and this is the pattern. Now you run Krita so now Krita is open and i create a new file and I can play already. You see
there are not usual brushes in Krita so if I just make a filter just writting “rm” you see the 10 brushes that I’ve done You have the number one the flat
brush, and you see if you press shift and try to draw you are increasing the
size so to avoid that in Krita of course it’s a very good feature because you
don’t have to make right click, but I know you use a lot the shift key to
constrain to horizontal line or vertical lines, so I choose here this tool and I
choose here the parallel ruller and I make click…click and click… click and I
have two different assistants. Now I can move this point, grabbing this point
and pressing “Shift” I can constrain to a vertical line. If I move here and
press “Shift” and then I’m constraining to the horizontal line and
you can see if I start to draw something nothing happens but I can see a preview
of the lines that I have in this place I have a shortcut and that activate
this in the “tool options” which usually is right here the tool options Docker and
if I press the key ”

22 thoughts on “Krita for concept art part 1. Jama Jurabaev brushes.

  1. Sometimes i think the brushes should be more plug and play and less properties screen which is kinda overwhelming. I want to paint right way. And look..i love krita though i dont paint very often.

  2. Thank you Ramon. I follow what Jama is doing for years and he is doing much for Concept Artists and Illustrators. I'll give the brushes a go and let you know what I think. 🙂

    Funny, I also thought about going straight to ask pros about Krita and I really think it is a phenomenal tool, but of course could be and will be better in a few areas in the future. I hope for a big fundraiser, similar to the Blender Code Quest and what is going on with their sponsors right now. Kritas future is bright I'm sure. Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Huge fan of this, coming off photoshop I'd like to see more professional brushes converted to krita if not maybe a tutorial on how to do it ourselves. thanks for this bushpack ramon!

  4. Ramon, Thank you for all your work on this. I have been on the forum to ask about a Hard Palette Knife setting. (no blurring) This move tool with different tips comes the closest to what I want, Thanks again!

  5. Wow, thank you! Some great brushes here. And that move brush is life-changing for me, I've noticed a lot of amazing concept art using a technique like that but never knew how it was done until now!

  6. I just wanted to share that this movetool you presented here is insane, I'm already learning how to use it, and you will probably find a lot of it in my future artworks 😉

  7. Would it be possible to add shape dynamics to brushes (or do we have something else to replace it already?) or more blend/texture modes to the brush editor? Would it cause the software to lag?

  8. i love krita and always will but it's awful for line art, i wish it was more like SAI or Manga Studio for that matter

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