Kristin And Devin Paint Portraits Of Each Other • Ladylike

Kristin And Devin Paint Portraits Of Each Other • Ladylike

– Hi. – Hi. – We’re here. – We’re here. – And we’re gonna do another video about painting each other. – We’re gonna paint each
other like French girls. No, we’re not gonna do that. – I was told we were gonna have alcohol for our episode and yet I see no mimosas. – Jen and Freddie did cute
portraits of each other and now Devin and I are gonna do
cute portraits of each other. – Cute is. – Cute. – Debatable. But the thing is, Kristin’s very cute. Very, very cute. – It’s cause of my hat. – Trying to translate that on a canvas with zero artistic
ability is gonna be hard. Cause last time I worked with
a canvas I had period blood. – The last time I painted
something I was like I’m gonna do something
abstract cause I’m 17 and deep. – What’d it turn out to be? – Well it turned out to me being grounded for two weeks cause I
got paint everywhere. So these are the paintings. – From last time. – From last time. It’s like Jen doesn’t have a mouth and Freddie doesn’t have eyes. So they completed one face
between the two of them. – But all in all very cute. – I think these are surprisingly good. I don’t think mine is gonna be this good. So we’ve picked Instagram- Devin’s disappeared. So we’ve picked photos from
each other’s Instagrams to try and recreate on canvas. I found your photo in about 30 seconds. It’s not hard. I was like okay. Cause I wanted to find something that was well lit, it was just your face. – I had to fall down
the Kristin rabbit hole first before I could pick my photo. I feel like I know you better now. – As long as you get my
little mustache, then like. – You don’t have a mustache. – Thank you. You’re so nice, but I do a little bit. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do some paint shit. Alright. Let’s do this. I really wish we could sketch first. – Why would that make any difference? – Because then I could know the mistakes I’m gonna make before I make them. – Well I’ve spent the last
20 minutes mixing together a couple paints to make a skin tone. – And I spent the last 20
minutes looking at Twitter. – Freddie and Jen really didn’t leave us that much flesh to work with, so. – Oh I dropped it on the ground. – Ooh, sorry. I tapped your easel. I promise that’s the
last time that’ll happen. I am trying to do something a little out of the box but it may not read. – I’m taking a risk, but it may be the worst thing that’s ever happened. – Yeah, so again I’m
just gonna apologize now. How many canvases do we have? – We only have one canvas? – That means that once we fuck up. – We gotta figure something out. – This isn’t even that fleshy. It’s kind of just sort
of Pepto Bismol color. So are you supposed to
mix the paint with water or do you just put the paint
directly on the canvas? I don’t know how paint works. – Painting 101. Just follow your feelings, Kris. – My feelings are at lunch right now. Okay. Here goes nothing. Hope I don’t fuck this up. Wee. – I definitely fucked this up. – So far I’ve done that. – All right. Well I’ve got this shape now, so. – No, that’s- I did an oopsie doopsie. – How do shapes work? – This isn’t going well. This is going bad but I think we all knew what was gonna happen. – That was gonna happen. – And I don’t understand cause I don’t have good hand-eye coordination. Just kind of looks like your
chest has three weak smiles. – Oh, that’s good. I mean, it’s probably better than what I have going on right now. – You have half an hour left. – Listen. I hope the internet loves
watching us do stuff not well. – You can’t rush greatness and you definitely can’t rush disaster. – I would be happy if you
drew me as a sloth, honestly. – The ship has sailed on that one. – Yeah, I am. Kind of just looks like an
elephant’s foot right now. – Yeah. Let’s not let perfect be
the enemy of good here. Cs get degrees, alright Kristin? – Yeah. But like Cs mean you don’t
get car keys for the SUVs if you’re a teenager and you’re Kristin. (laughter) You’re not gonna be looking
in the right direction, but that’s because I
don’t have much talent. – Wow, I’m really liking your hair. – Yeah, Devin kind of looks like she’s pleading at me to stop painting her. (laughter) – Now I have to attempt her glasses, which is quite possibly
the most intimidating part of Kristin cause it’s the
very defining part of Kristin. – Yes. I’m making your mouth now. I don’t know why I thought I needed this much paint for your mouth. – That’s okay. No, that’s okay. Make my lips bigger. – There’s enough paint on this palette for like the whole canvas to be your lips. What’s happening to this fucking brush? What shape was this brush when I started? Was it brush shaped? – I’m gonna try, I’m gonna
attempt to do a cat eye, which I think is a dumb idea cause I can’t do a cat eye on my own eye, so what makes me think I can do it in art? But whatever. I have to poop. – Well, you should’ve thought of that before you decided to change careers. – I’m not too mad about it. Oh no. Mouths are hard. – Yeah, I learned that
lesson the hard way just now. – Actually, this is starting
to look a lot like you. – Oh god. That makes me scared. I think I got your hair color. – Yeah? – Yeah, I do. I truly think I got it. – Okay, well did you get my
hair color when it was fucked up or did you get my hair color now? – Whatever picture I’m drawing. – Okay, it was good then. – Okay, this is actually
turning out not bad. – Are we discovering that we’re artists? – No, I’m discovering that
I could get through this without like truly embarrassing myself. Although I guess we’re not done yet. – [Devin] I haven’t seen it yet, so. – Only time will tell. – Oh, I butchered your eyebrows. I’m sorry, love. – We have 15 minutes? Uh oh SpaghettiOs. Okay. Actually, this is
turning out kinda cute. – Yeah, I feel like I might take this picture of you home and hang it. – Just to have? – Just to have, yeah. – Just to hang over your toilet. – Alright. Now I’m gonna
do the outside stuff. I love Kristin’s hair, so I’m gonna make her hair go everywhere. – You know, I probably
should have done hair last. (laughter) – Too late. – Okay. Now I guess I gotta do this tank top. – I think someone would spend four whole dollars on this painting. – Oh my god. I’m so excited to see it then. – I wonder if Bryan would buy this off me. – He probably would be
like, you want this, right? And I’d be like no. And then he’d be like okay I bought it. And I’d be like okay. Why am I painting white on a white canvas? – Why are you doing that, Kris? – I’m gonna paint some bananas. I think Mike gave me advice
about half an hour ago that I was just like I won’t need that and then I did need it
but now it’s too late. It’s like I’m in a fucking
fable and I’m a tortoise who like didn’t buy a time
share at the right time. – I hated Aesop’s fables because they were always so sad in the end. The dog didn’t get the bone. The fucking fox died. The snake was a snake. I don’t know. – The turtle did not get the time share. – Yeah. The turtle didn’t even get the time share. – That’s a weird one. – Why did I need to read any of these? I think I’m gonna call
this a touch of Kristin. – I have five minutes? God, I wasted time outlining this tank top in white on this white canvas. – I think I’m done. Cause I feel like I
could add Kristin’s nose. I could give her a nose. But then like, what’s the point? It’s not like she’s
smelling in this picture. – I gave you a nose. – You gave me a nose? – Yeah, man. – Did you give me eyebrows? – Yes. – Well, okay. I had to draw glasses,
so that’s an extra step that you didn’t have to draw, so. I’m gonna do this then I’m
gonna end up hating these dots. But I’m already in it. – Smearing black paint on things is harder than two-year-olds make it look. – I definitely think Bryan’s gonna buy this off of me for four whole dollars. – Yay. – We’re done. We painted each other. – Mhm. – And I learned that when you
first put paint on a canvas you panic and then you make it work. – I learned. (crickets chirping) – Cool. So we should probably show
each other our paintings. – Three, two, one. – Oh my god, look how cute that is. – Mine is so cute. It’s so good. – Wow, that’s really good. – I think you look cute as hell. – [Kristin] That’s adorable. You really undersold that. – [Devin] I look fucking kinky. Like naked. I look like I belong in a Sia music video. – Well the thing is I outlined
your tank top in white. – Kristin. That was not an effective use of time. – I know. It truly was not. – That’s good, Kristin. I like it. – Smells good. – Yeah. We did it. – Yeah. Yours turned out great. – Thank you. – You did a good job. – We’re good at art, you guys. – Yeah. – Would you pay for these? – Momma’s gotta make a
little extra drinking money. – It’s so true. – Painting portraits of each other. – Lady tested. – Lady did better than we thought we did. – Yeah. Is this gonna be something I
want to hang up in my house? – It’s gonna be something you want to maybe hang up in your toilet. (upbeat music)

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