KRAMPUS | Draw My Life Christmas Monsters

KRAMPUS | Draw My Life Christmas Monsters

Have you been good this year? Before starting the video, leave a comment
saying how you think you’ve behaved. Done? Let’s go then… Today we are gonna talk about an old friend
in this channel, Krampus, Santa’s antíthesis. If Santa Claus doesn’t bring any presents
for you, you’ll be punished by Krampus. From the Alps, his legend is thousands of
years old. Krampus is a pagan creature of great dimensions,
half goat half demon. This terrible character doesnt bring any gifts
on a sleigh, he doesnt have any elves helping him either, but he does have chains and a
basket full of birch tree sticks he uses to hit spoiled kids. If children have been exceptionally naughty
and they don’t regret, he doesnt hesitate to take them with him to Hell inside his basket. There, they’ll be tortured, and then, eaten
up. People say Krampus, whose name comes from
the german pigeon krampen (meaning claw), is the son of the goddess Hel, the one in
charge of underworld in the nordic mythology. He has a hairy body, long horns, fangs, a
long tongue and dEméntial claws. This legendary beast also shares some physical
characteristics with other creatures from the greek mythology, such as satyrs or fauns. According to folklore, Krampus comes on the
night of the 5th of December, known as Krampusnacht, which literally means “Krampus Night”,
same night Nikolaustag is celebrated, “Saint Nicholas day”. The relation between Saint Nicholas and Krampus
is an analogy of the eternal fight between good and bad. Alpine kids who have been good wait for Santa
to fill up their boots with candies, tangerines, cookies and a chocolate Saint Nicholas. But of course, not everybody has been good,
and that’s when Krampus, accompanied by the sound of the bells and the chains, appears,
as Santa Claus’s evil partner. In some regions of countries like Germany,
Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, the north of Italy and Austria, it is traditional
to have neighbors dress up as this creature to perform an old ritual known as Krampuslauf
or “Krampus Run”. They dress up with costumes made of ram leather,
diabolic masks and goat horns. They carry torches while they wander around
the streets scaring and whipping with dry limbs both children and adults in the streets,
they can even tackle careless passers-by. In the past, it was also typical to offer
what was called Krampus schnapps, that is, a distilled fruit brandy. This Krampus festivity was banned for long
periods of time. The Catholic Church recurrently pressured
governors to stop this pagan parties. It wa also banned during the Nazi Germany
of the Thirds Reich – it was considered a festivity driven by social democrats. Krampus is back now. In the last years, it’s been entering the
popular culture through its appearance in theme parties, movies, comics, merchandising
and Christmas gifts – it’s been gaining more and more followers, lots of them from
the United States, where it is emerging as an icon in the movement in favor of anti-Christmas
celebrations. Be careful with being naughty Tiktakers, Christmas
beasts lie in wait and there is no way of hiding from their claws.

100 thoughts on “KRAMPUS | Draw My Life Christmas Monsters

  1. >~> I heard sounds on a Christmas night one time and when I went to see it all I so wa a huge shadow with horns I just went back to bed quickly and lied to myself it was nothing ;~;

  2. ya i alwas get so good at evryting or even to my theacher im alwas here to listen to her even to my brother i cares about him!!

  3. krampus is normally from austria (next to germany 😒) and germans don't know who krampus is but in austria, krampus it's tradition

  4. Oh god kids have to be good now well I’m a kid :/ but we all have to be good or else krampus will come for us 😭

  5. Krampus wants you to be good for the holidays…hehe..

    Haha HAHAHA coughs Jesus… or he’ll give you a trip to hell..

  6. Me : see this
    Mr.Claus : oh oh oh!
    Me : get out you monster
    Mr.Claus : have been good 😮
    Me : take a cross and a bible

  7. Haha in Slovakia in my town they chase kids around the houses and they're saying "if your don't pray i will get you to the hell " and if
    you starts to pray they are like "omg ,I'm scared of anything good uaaaaaaaaa get out of hereeeeeeee"
    and then Saint "Mikulaash" (Nicolas) A.K.A neighbour give you candy.

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