Knowing The Arts

Knowing The Arts

don't label me don't label my work don't put me to fit in your aims about marketing yourself about your ideas about me so don't put me in this kind of context because I'm not any of those all these images about about women in there or this image about Caligula Arabic calligraphy or this image about dirt and and pollution all this image we developed in the last ten years about Middle East's and all those artists creating those kind of images promoting it in those exhibitions for me it's exhausting itself I was one of those artists in a time I cannot deny that i'm also against to be part of the Western culture or any other culture you know and we need we really need to build our own structure and that structure need to be built and in promoting visions and visions is creation creation build on investigating the reality and changing that I think art education issues faced a big problem but I used to kitchen this system I use it to be part of the system I have my own initiative to create a parallel independent program like this independent a media art workshop I curate as-sunnah came back from states starting from 2000 until last year that calls the eleventh eleventh workshop and I create my own idea and developed it and it was my own dream about applying new kind of education in Asia so ask a start the idea of creating a space for researching of creating your ideas in the same time there is another need to create that space which offer that foundation of information most of institution work on more secure area and that secure area is there's a talented young artists they could show their work and sound of use and they select them they big them from where there was exhibited as an artist okay but from where does orders came from they came from other ground workshop who work in the ground level so what I talked about creating a ground workshops to discover those talented which came from that ground no any institution do it English it nothing and we'll talk about a ski or talk about any other contemporary art programs like new our new click on a UC of course it is creating that kind of multi the seminary experience multi the seminary kind of program which is allow the student to have this variety of different ideas and different languages different missiles different mediums because not all student can do painting not all student can do skilled or talented and drawing but actually everyone could have ideas we all could have ideas so how you do that without any research institution how you do that without promoting open-minded ideas and encourage them you need to create the kind of education you need to this education which allow the student to be to have this critical mind critical mind allowed to criticize his life his society his taboos everything which you need to criticize to create something different more deal to him you know more about investigating future and future has to be different has to be in you it has to be about creating new life and new culture I don't believe that art should have message I'm not one of those believers but I think art should create that kind of knock create that kind of vibrant questioning all the time it's not about relaxing it's not about answering it's about creating that environment which is always vibrating that's what you choose when you are winning shoes to be an artist

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  1. it is so rare to meet some one so inspirational as you are .. i am telling the truth when i say i am grateful for having you in my life
    i really appreciate that

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