Klexos: The Art of Dwelling on the Past

Klexos: The Art of Dwelling on the Past

Your life is written in indelible ink. There’s no going back to erase the past, tweak your mistakes, or fill in missed opportunities. When the moment’s over, your fate is sealed. But if look closer, you notice the ink never
really dries on any our experiences. They can change their meaning the longer you
look at them. Klexos. There are ways of thinking about the past
that aren’t just nostalgia or regret. A kind of questioning that enriches an experience
after the fact. To dwell on the past is to allow fresh context
to trickle in over the years, and fill out the picture; to keep the memory alive, and not just as
a caricature of itself. So you can look fairly at a painful experience,
and call it by its name. Time is the most powerful force in the universe. It can turn a giant into someone utterly human, just trying to make their way through. Or tell you how you really felt about someone,
even if you couldn’t at the time. It can put your childhood dreams in context
with adult burdens or turn a universal consensus into an embarrassing
fad. It can expose cracks in a relationship that
once seemed perfect. Or keep a friendship going by thoughts alone, even if you’ll never see them again. It can flip your greatest shame into the source
of your greatest power, or turn a jolt of pride into something petty, done for the wrong reasons, or make what felt like the end of the world look like a natural part of life. The past is still mostly a blank page, so we may be doomed to repeat it. But it’s still worth looking into if it brings
you closer to the truth. Maybe it’s not so bad to dwell in the past, and muddle in the memories, to stem the simplification of time, and put some craft back into it. Maybe we should think of memory itself as
an art form, in which the real work begins as soon as the
paint hits the canvas. And remember that a work of art is never finished, only abandoned.

99 thoughts on “Klexos: The Art of Dwelling on the Past

  1. The feeling you get when you cannot break a cycle. An addiction. A habit. To be entrapped by that of your own design. To claw at the walls of routine and make no headway, only to be pulled back into the undertow of convention. To feel like all you can do is rage, and the dying light dies indifferent to your struggle. We need a word for the helplessness that comes from fighting so hard against the current but the ocean, so vast that it defeats you just by its very immensity. The struggle of the addict. The worker who works only so that he can live to work again. The ten year old who dreams so loud it's deafening, but to only himself. It's a prison built by what we care about, separating the "I am" from the "I could be."

  2. Could you make a video/word that describes the realization that our minds are what truly make us unique? For example, we harbor millions of bacteria inside our bodies, but are those bacteria part of the human, or part of their own ecosystem inside the human, but separate? Yet, we could not survive without them. Or, how every single cell in out body will be completely replaced, and the only thing that remains constant is the mind.
    Sorry if I didn't explain this clearly…I just wish that we had a word for this.

  3. Extraordinary, Thank you.  A case for the past that I have been letting go.  It is a reasonable consideration.

  4. What about a word for the fact that no matter how hard you sit there and try, you can truly never understand nor fathom what is going to happen to you after you die. You have an "idea" but you will never know for sure until it happens and when it does happen you know that the knowledge will be both gained and lost simultaneously.

  5. DOOS (déws): The lovely feeling of connection with an art piece, especially if designed by mere mortals and hosted on the ad engine of YouTube Inc. 

    are there any projects you wish were being done? (maybe I love an idea you've got [I seem to love these] and want to make it happen and then I make it happen proceed to making you feel how you make me feel. Thank you, I'll see you at the end of it all.

  6. This channel makes me think of things I never thought about before.
    It feels good to learn that there are still so many new thoughts and feelings to discover.
    This channel makes me feel alive.

  7. "Most images I stumbled upon accidentally while playing around, like the cover of this video, which depicts two friends in top hats toasting beers at a crowded bar. Or at least that's what I see." Interesting, I quite like it. I first saw a female-angel with wings surrounded by floating fairy birds

  8. I love these videos and in some way they give me a sense of validation in what I have experienced and thought about. It's nice to know that people think and can express sometimes deep, even if they're dark, thoughts. To me, most conversation is spent focusing on the absolute most superficial things and that people shy away from conversations that tend to dwell into deeper things. Thank you for your work on these videos/ channel

  9. A word for the unsung hero that hears you when you're talking in a large group and makes sure to smile or reply to you so that you don't feel bad

  10. The next one should be about the fear of choosing wrong… And how you'll always wonder about what would happen if you chose the other choice…

  11. If you would make a word for when you don't feel like yourself. When it feels like a piece of you, without warning, seems to have walked away making you feel like there's suddenly a blank spot.

  12. i thought you took a good idea, compiling obscurities and giving them names…but then the format you chose has all the overwrought sentiment of a hallmark card. can you see what you did? you are belittling what could have been interesting ideas. dont listen to the praise heaped on you by those below. they watch cats roll about and teenagers watching videos from the 90's, ect… go back to the drawing board. what is a dictionary?

  13. Wonderful! I hope you publish a book on this dictionary!
    Here's some ideas:
    The change of atitude and perspective when something is said.
    The desire of listening to a specific song in a situation.
    The sense of smallness towards the universe or towards others.

  14. IDEA: the feeling that you'll never hear what your birth language sounds like from an outside view.

    Other people hear Chinese differently than I do. I hear the meaning of the words, but others hear the sounds and the flow. I'll never get to experience that.

  15. I would like to request a word for the pleasure some people, including me, derives from melancholy, to the point that it becomes their addiction, their dose of heroin and their source of fulfillment and gratification.

  16. I've been subbed to this channel from the beginning, and I can't stress enough that every single video you do, John, is what my soul needs, and I didn't even know I needed it. I think that's the best way I can put it.

  17. going on a spiritual journey of awakening.. seeing life in a whole different outlook.. understanding who I am and what I dont have to do in  life but just live..
    the last part of this video is just beyond amazing such a deep though… It took me to so many places in life… life is art itself!

  18. I have been looking for this song in forever and still cant find it can you send a link or something to the song Please.

  19. No klexos to relive the past, but to find oneself in it, yes. For that one must either abandon this klexotic task or be continuously letting go of later lessons which could only obscure from you who you were at the time. Armed with such an understanding you could bring those later lessons back in to find your now and will be.

  20. The video is beautifully made, I have to admit. But what 'dwelling on the past' makes it into 'the art' is the ability to reflect and look at our past from different angles. Without that, it remains just that – dwelling. And that is no art. That is simply suffering and going in circles. Some people waste their entire lives on dwelling on the past and never move on. So perhaps it's a guestion of semantics and language used because I feel that's what you wanted to convey.

  21. This video is perfect for people who are having a rought time at the moment . It teaches us many things , how what may seem an awful situation may nuture us . And how we could have thought of something epic , as something that maybe destroyed us . So I think this word focuses on optimism , as a key for dwelling our past . Seeing the glass always as half full , taking the positive on any experience .

  22. It's too bad these terms are explored with the accompaniment of such shitty music. Yes, I know if you make your own you need not worry about copyright, but that's like saying you can save a lot of money if you're your own dentist. There are entire universes full of public domain stuff that would make for better soundtracks.

  23. Many people say that german is a strange or agressive language. But there are quite a few words in german, that simply don't exist in the english language. We have a word for the feeling of missing home when travelling. It's called Heimweh. Heim means home and Weh is pain. I think many of you might already know that but i just wanted it out there for people to stumble upon 🙂

  24. It's intriguing because this would seem to be a melancholic video, but it is instead pensive, exploring how a memory––or a variety of other things, as you illuminate upon later––can be adapted as you reassess them with time. The intriguing part for me, here, is that it seems like certain videos of yours (for example, Zenosyne or Onism) are designed to be sad while others (like Nodus Tollens and Socha) are more contemplative. Do you consider what tone you want to convey as you make these videos? At first it seemed as though you would focus entirely on sorrows, but now it appears that you are expanding to cover a variety of complex human feelings for which there are no words in English to convey properly. Perhaps The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is an incomplete title now?

  25. I believe I've watched all of your videos, many of them multiple times. This one is my favourite, but I don't think it's a "Sorrow". 😛

  26. The last line of this made me think of what George Lucas said after ruining "remastering" the original Star Wars trilogy, which gave me an idea for a new video.
    Just as Star Wars was at its best before Lucas decided to change it, many of us were at our best at some previous point in our lives. Many of us wish that we had not changed from that state, and that we were still that way now.

    Perhaps we wish we were still as athletic as we were before having gained weight, or as healthy as we were before succumbing to illness or addiction. Many of us see the best version of ourselves as something that has already come to pass, and we want nothing more than to roll back the changes made since then and return to our best version.

    Unfortunately, life is somewhat similar to a painting; never will it be perfect, but often we don't realize how close we were to perfection until it is too late. It is only after trying to change the painting that we realize it was better the way it was before, but at that point we can no longer return it to its former state. The best we can do is wait for the paint to dry and try again, hoping that the next version ends up being as good as the first…

  27. does anyone know if these words are copyrighted? I'm interested in using them as part of lyrics in an electronic music project.

  28. I lost my son to suicide two years ago and I've been writing about it every day since. This video exactly describes what I've been doing with my memories, remembering and reforming them into patterns that are helping me to understand what happened. It's bringing me closer to the truth and I expect to be at this process for the rest of my life. After all, the past is where I can always go to find my son.

  29. klexos is the best word so far in my opinion, its made me think so much and revisit old memories to experience new feelings

  30. this channel is so great! this is the first time i ever feel these words suits the words i want to express

  31. Time dose not reveal all that is true, it reveals the construct of health care ,education and government, the falseness of how we turned out. 43214/614

  32. This video, the cadence, the words, the music, just floors me! It also somehow makes me quite melancholy (while inspiring me at the same time). John Koenig is a genius of the highest order!

  33. The past is important. I dare not say to dispense with it. However even the important can strangle until blue.

    One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.
    -Charlie Murphy

  34. One of the promises in AA is as follows: We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. <3 WE ARE ONE <3

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