100 thoughts on “Kirito & Alice Teased? Asuna Update! | Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Second Trailer

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  2. Please like my comment. I have been waiting for this video impatiently😂😂. I wanted to know ur opinions about that kirito Alice scene

  3. Soooo glad the next season is already coming out. Feels like you were just wrapping up the first season and October seemed so far away

  4. I'm really hyped for this new season I know alot of people gonna hate because that's all they do with every show that comes out but honestly I dont care if people hate because I enjoy shows for what they are I'm just happy that anime exists and also if anybody here has read the new beastars manag with the furry animals can u tell me when new chapters release

  5. God I can’t freaking wait ! Hands down my most hype show this fall, been waiting all damn year to get to this part of the story, so freaking hyped to see Asuna I hope the anime gives her plenty of screen time! Thanks for the quick video ! Now I am even more excited ! Can’t wait to watch your weekly sao videos when the season starts up!

  6. I’ve been waiting so patiently but now is the time to start getting excited!!! I can’t wait to see how much Asuna can do in underworld. For whatever reason I can’t get into the light novels Gabriel just pisses me off and I couldn’t care less about him and I’m ready for Alice to kick butt.

  7. 0:03

    It was one of her options

    When you lack a childhood, you lack common sense or tack

    She'll fit right in with the others

    Right Sinon?

  8. As soon as the trailer came out, I was waiting for Foxen's video. Its like when the trailer comes out and you are hyped for actual anime. Just like that whenever a new reveal/trailer comes out, I get hyped for Foxen's video. Nicely explained bro. For anime-only peeps, the trailer is kind of confusing which creates twist. As a LN reader, I like the trailer and this video definitely. 40 mins late cause I was doing preparations for my exams. But loved the video. Thanks a lot for this video. #HailFoxen

  9. Well well well, looks like Kirito is really going to Cheat On Asuna… Yui, if you're somehow listening to this message, try to convince me that it's a misunderstanding, otherwise… PREPARE YOURSELF!!! Cause I'm going to Kidnap & Corrupt YOU using the Team GO Rocket Shadow Tech. (Insert Evil Laugh Here) >:D

  10. I read the last four light novels over the the break and im hype I really do hope that the first pisode is an hour special or watching two episodes in one week to be honest i dont want to see subtalizer's back story in the begining i hope they cut that like they cut the zakaria chapter

  11. Still feels weird seeing u over 300K subs when I started watching around the times u had like 500 subs back in DMO days. Huge Gratz on your hard work and success Foxy

  12. Am I the only one who gives 0 damn about Asuna smurfing on the Godess acc., and more curious about how they will animate freaking battles? Overlord 3 left some pretty deep scars.

  13. But isn't their a Sacred Art the Regenerates a Lost Organ We saw it when the teacher in the sword craft academy uses it to restore Eugeos eye

  14. But man I luv seeing Kirito potato mode for some reason it’s so refreshing and an interesting approach since he’s always been this overpowered character

  15. Oh poor kirito man he is definatly not feeling good but I hope that they manage to get out of the simulation this time and kirito is still under the efects of this drug what do you think?

  16. Man I finished the books for this season(aliceization) then season 3 was announced so I now know what will happen and I am really looking forward to it


    Kirito grows his arm back he activates god mode and uses dual wielding in the light novels he ended up being able to fly were gonna see kayaba for a brief while alice gets put in some kinda mechanism
    asuna uses stacias super account

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