King Mindaugas, ENGLISH SUBTITLES, FULL MOVIE (costume drama about the Medieval Lithuania)

King Mindaugas, ENGLISH SUBTITLES, FULL MOVIE (costume drama about the Medieval Lithuania)

Duke Algimantas from Samogitia and duke Daujotas from Juodkiai have arrived Let the duke Daujotas come in first Here I am
I see, duke, I see But the king has called you already the day before yesterday You keep making the king wait for you You shouldn’t talk like that, nor should the king think like that My land is far away, my bones are old But I come when the king calls me But, first of all, tell me, friend Trainius What does Mindaugas want from me? That he will tell you himself
Don’t be nosy, go inside and wait, the king will come in a minute If I have come here already, I will proceed further too And, since the king has waited for me from morning till evening I will wait for him from evening till morning Proud is your speech, duke Would it not be better to leave the pride downstairs where you’ve left your spear? I do not carry a spear since I am a priest preaching people the will of gods I am at the disposal of gods
They will take care of me even without a spear What do you want?
Your sword, duke I will split you in half with it You have been told to hand in your sword! That would be the first time I did it One more word, you madman, and nothing will save you! And the dagger, duke
The dagger? Precisely it is what we need the most And better think whether you aren’t hiding some other weapon in your clothes too No Trainius, friend… You’ve last been to Voruta a long time ago
You know only it’s old customs but not the new laws that are obligatory even to the queen herself The dog hasn’t changed its fur since the last time I’ve been here In the meanwhile the laws have changed many times
Have you brought some good news here? Samogitians wanted me to tell you
that since Mindaugas has chased the Roman priests away we’re his friends And we forgot all the injustices that he’s previously inflicted upon us That’s the best news we’ve received from Samogitians Samogitians respond to Mindaugas in the same manner that he addresses them But, tell me, who’s that scarecrow that I’ve just seen by the castle? There are many scarecrows in Voruta In Samogitia it’s been told that all the priests have been chased away from here But what do I see here – the bishop of Rome himself! Yes, he’s walking around here alive and well When the queen was still alive, he’d come here to listen to her confessions Samogitians did not know this Neither did they need to know it Mindaugas was never a Christian He only accepted baptism because the pope offered him a king’s crown for it What about Mindaugas’ sons? They were brought up in pope’s teachings They are only children yet, Algimantas But the eldest son Vaisvilkas has built himself a monastery by Dnieper He serves for the Byzantine bishop, what if he returns to Voruta He is already here I am worried as to whether I have deceived Samogitians
It wasn’t easy to convince them that Mindaugas is the true man with whom they should stick together, today I do not believe the words I had uttered myself yesterday I am the protector of the king’s life
at which hundreds of killers are aiming from all directions I’ve received a tip off that pope Alexander has sent here a poison cruet: if he won’t manage to finish Mindaugas off by dagger, he’ll try to poison him One of the men has the poison. But which one is it?
Only the bishop knows it, therefore I’ve kept him alive Does Mindaugas know about the poison? No I have told you because I consider you a friend and I think you can keep your mouth shut The sister of the deceased queen – duchess Morta And her husband duke Daumantas Invite him in We are here as is the king’s will The king will come here soon This evening the guests and Voruta’s people have been gathered here It seems to me that a king It’s not hard to guess what it might be We have already considered this issue in the gathering of lords and if the king will want to hear our opinion – we will lay it out Oh! Our friend Algimantas! I feel that his highness Vaisvilkas might want to tell me something? Trainius, friend, I just wanted to say that tonight I am going back to my monastery But before I go I would like to bid farewell to my father You will have a chance to say goodbye to the king, your father, a bit later At the moment he wants to be alone and I advise you not to bother him You won’t have to suffer the master’s cruel anger
I can wait Vaisvilkas, you are very wrong Trainaitis, is the only person in Voruta who does not shudder in front of the king
Especially after the death of the queen, Mindaugas listens to every word of his Why “especially” now? You will soon find out This man will be the the king’s father-in-law How? Like that Mindaugas is getting a new wife and Trainaitis has a lively daughter – beautiful and intelligent Mindaugas fancies her a lot
She feeds the king from her own hands The remembrance of my mother
Is already dwindling away from this land Duke Tautvilas from Riga! Duke Tautvilas? King’s nephew The killer of my brother Trainius, give me back my sword!
I want to greet this man in a manner that he would not have the time to reply Calm down! Let me think What is there to think? Let him come in The king’s order is to kill this man upon seeing him It was when he was fleeing, now he came here himself An order is an order I will be liable in front of the king for this And I will have to watch calmly
How the killer of my brother will proudly come in here?! Invite him! Greetings, good men Oh yes, you don’t want to talk
Evening weather is chilly – you might contract a flu What do I see?
it’s Trainius whom the king sent after me when I returned from Russians You didn’t catch me then even though you hunted for a long while A pity And now, you see, I came to you Better stay quiet or if you must speak, tune the volume down And here’s, it seems, Daumantas
whose brother tried to kill me but died himself Morta who was only a girl then
And now allow me to bow to you, duchess Can you not find an end to yourself elsewhere, Tautvilas? You should have better taken the straightest road to hell I only popped by while on the way there I wish to greet my father’s brother Mindaugas He will chop you to pieces Mindaugas will know that is there to do for him and so will Tautvilas Teutonic Order will not save you Don’t you know that Mindaugas washed away the baptism? That he ordered to detain the monks & priests and executed 30 of them? 29 of them You will be the 30th My time will come too but I am sure
When I arrive to hell you all will already be waiting for me there I could chop your head off right now and Mindaugas… …would chop yours off in return Help me! Good people, help me! I am not guilty!
Good people, I am not guilty, I swear to my god! What happened?
Don’t bleat like a ram led to the slaughter, talk like a man I am not guilty The old man had hidden a dagger in his robe and was waiting for the king Take him away Where to? Do you need to ask? Who goes to the king with a dagger must part with his head Good people, I am not guilty, call the king here, I want to tell him Vaisvilkas, don’t let him Wait, I’ll talk to father in a minute I go with you Calm down! Take him away swiftly! I go away now but, you hear, Mindaugas’ fraudulent killers The curses of gods will fall on you, your son will die from your dagger Could have Daujotas really tried to threaten king’s life? Laughable. A feeble old man will try to kill a king surrounded by guards?! Could have you, men, not understood what’s just happened here? Even a child could understand but you ask what’s happened? Then tell us if you know That was a murder I didn’t hear what you said A murder – yes
Old Daujotas was bothering the king I didn’t bow down to Mindaugas, his unruly domain did not pay tributes For that reason the king lured the old man here
Ordered to blame him unjustly, so that he could be killed And this has been perpetrated Mindaugas serfs are slaughtering Daujotas’ relatives And when the sun will rise, Mindaugas state will be one domain richer Quiet, my unwise wife, I ask you very much You only think it is so, who knows what the reality is What? You are still pondering As if you didn’t know Mindaugas Was it not him who has ordered his brothers to be killed, so that he could have their lands? Was it not Mindaugas who murdered his relatives one after another from whose lands his state has been built? Maybe you forgot it all? Oh yes, you know very well That the heads who recall the past are the first ones to fall You… you watched calmly as the poor old man was taken away Who are you really: men or rams meant for slaughtering? Or maybe you are hoping that the old werewolf
Which you worship as your king will have already had enough of blood at some point?
Wait for it then… wait… For your own turn, it will come in no time Maybe you are the next in line, Algimantas? Will it be your head? Trainius, maybe it will be chopped off tomorrow?
It can be your head too, Daumantas The sword of Mindaugas will chop them off at their very roots. You are not worthy of anything else anyway Gawks like you The king is coming! I do not come to you as a master and a king now
I only came to greet my dear nephew Tautvilas Who has arrived to Voruta, I’ve heard
Where is he? Can it be that my majestic uncle doesn’t recognise his despicable nephew The appearance has changed But the tongue is the same You look older The age makes shame to the head but not to the legs Let Tautvilas stay here and let the dukes check if they have enough of everything on their tables For this is the funeral lunch in honour of the deceased queen and everyone is obliged to be as cheerful as they were sad during the funeral The king is merciful Thank you, paladin! Now go and do as I said Are you glad to see me? Very much, duchess Morta When our mother queen was still alive we would always wait for you to visit too But you would rarely visit us and when you did you’d stay only briefly, this time you must stay here for longer We have already asked the king and he said it would be nice if you stayed Do you love me? Very much Me too And if one day some man would come and raise a sword above my head What would Ruklys do? I would cry Never And what would Rupeikis do? I would avenge it But you wouldn’t cry Kings do not cry I would ask that man not to hurt you King does not ask Rupeikis will be a king? Father says so And what will you do once you’re a king? I will gather my warriors and ride off to the Golden Horde And what will you do in the Golden Horde? I will slay all Tatars and bring the Great Khan to Voruta. When I will mount a horse, he will be holding the stirrup And what if he will refuse to hold it? Then I will have him beheaded, then Ruklys will hold my stirrup What? But Ruklys is your brother! Kings don’t have brothers I will have to hold your stirrup? Never! Then I will have you beheaded too! Rupeikis, what are you talking?! Would you not feel pity for him? Kings do not pity It means that you wouldn’t pity me too You? Yes, I do love you And it is allowed for the kings to love? It is fine to love, but love shouldn’t be demonstrated When I will be a king, I will take you away from Daumantas And what if he will not give me? Then I will have him beheaded You are the son of Mindaugas Father says so too And whose son am I? You are the son of your mother That is why I love you more than Rupeikis Love is of no use, it is more important to be feared And everyone shudders in front of my father king: when enemies invade the country, he lights up the beacon And the beacons swiftly light up on all hills
Warriors grab their weapons and yell: “The king is summoning us!” And then he is the only one who can save everybody
Even though nobody loves him Go to sleep children! You stay, Morta Good night, duchess Morta! Good night! Good night, king, my father! Good night, Rupeikis, my son! Good night, father! Good night! I see that the children love you, Morta They are the sons of my sister And you love them too I would love them even more if they weren’t your sons You are proud and rude, duchess What did you do to Daujotas, that poor old man? I did what I would do to anyone, should there be a need And I will do the same to you, Morta should there be a need You do not understand a lot of things
I will explain some things when the time will come Then, maybe, you will understand me
This time only take heed of what I will tell you now Watch out for my anger, Morta, because nothing would save you from it You can blame or scold me I will not respond with hatred
If it will be while talking in private But you are instigating my people And that, your highness, might cost you your head You think you will scare me as a weak woman? You are not a weak woman You see far and understand more than others Therefore I would like to consider you my accomplice and friend There was a time when I wanted this myself I am guilty in front of you, Morta Mindaugas, listen to what I will say to you! I will avenge you I will avenge you while you are still alive Duchess Morta, do not forget what I have just told you I do not prize mercy because I am a king I did not pity myself I will not pity you either But for now I am telling you Let us make peace Never I acknowledge my guilt and I will make up for it You will see how I will make up for it
but if you will oppose me I will force you to bow to me
and if you will not bow I will strike you down Now you know it This is your daughter, Trainius? Yes, duke Pretty lassie
What did you say? I say: pretty lassie As pretty as her mother And more intelligent than her father Well, a good daughter to her father – she’ll be a good mother for the children You told me to come here, father
Can I leave again? No
You have to stay here And don’t stand by the wall
You are no longer a maid who had to try out everything that was served on the king’s table to make sure that the food hasn’t been poisoned Mindaugas trusts you the most
therefore this time you have to stay close to him I am very scared, father
The dukes scowl at me like angry wolves Soon they will yelp out of happiness, if they can lick your feet You are frightening me, father Trainius’ hand is strong enough to protect you, daughter Very well then, father I have invited you all in this exceptional time
because I need to tell you a few important words and the gods have given me a sign to do this today, at this very moment But…
What does this guard want? Speak King, the messenger of the Great Khan with his servants wants to enter Let him enter The Great Khan sends you his friendly wishes, master of Voruta These men have come with me but first…
let me tell me about my joy What is it that my friend rejoices at?
At my mistake While on my way here I’ve heard that your queen has died
But here I see her in front of you
so strong and blooming like I’ve never seen her before
Accept the greetings from the Great Khan, oh great queen This isn’t the queen, Sir
Although she resembles her a lot What are you saying?
This isn’t the queen A pity
You made a mistake, foreigner because the queen has indeed died several days ago
A pity The one whom you have just greeted is the sister of the deceased queen –
my wife A pity
I feel pity too, Tatar that you have made a mistake
But now let’s talk about what has to be discussed At first, master, look at what the Great Khan is sending you He has picked out these items from his treasuries himself
He wishes to cheer up his friends’ heart with them This sword was a treasure of the Great Genghis Khan
Which he had brought from Beijing to Karakum And there’s the bowls from Pichavaram with the most intricate carvings
There’s the goblet that was brought by the Khan from Samarkand when he had devastated that city so that no two stones had been left intact
For presents like that one can buy half-a-kingdom They could sustain the whole army
What is the Khan’s interest? Only your friendship, master
I have never been a Khan’s enemy Speak more clearly, Tatar
What does the Khan want? To go Westwards
He can do that without my permission It’s not a permission that Khan is asking for
He only wishes to find here one friend among hundreds of enemies And that would be me?
If it won’t be you, it will be somebody else But Khan would like it to be you
Why me? Do you recall, master
how my Khan has come to your lands with his regiments ten summers ago? He pillaged
and killed in such a cruel manner that I cannot forget it
Do not remind us of our great mistakes, your highness Have we not become your friends when we saw that we met a man like you? Have you not came alongside us with your regiments against Poles afterwards? Poles had deserved a lesson back then
And they got it If Mindaugas will be a Khan’s friend
then he will be able to do with his enemies what he then did to the Poles Imagine what will happen, master
Khan would simultaneously hit one blow to the Teutonic Order and another one to the Poles
One of your regiments would go Northwards, another Southwards Then I will answer you:
and what a bounty they would get… Khan has thought it out well
We will deal with both Poles and the Teutonic Order at the same time Your nobles are rejoicing, master, why are you silent?
Have you heard what Khan is going to do? I am pondering
After having beaten the Teutonic Order and defeated the Poles He will come to sit on my head
No… You are not willing to understand, master
what the Khan is offering you Talk, ask what you want
just don’t make us search for friends amongst your enemies Could Mindaugas order anything to the Khan
You can order me yourself, master, to get up and go… to Daujotas
You know that too? Yes
He is not your friend and he will accept Khan’s friendship full of gratitude
Not this time But now let us go, there’s a long way ahead of us It’s not very long
Daujotas is right here, downstairs You will find his head by the castle gates
Master… You are worth of…
the Great Khan Your state is so small but think
what if it was big? Ask whatever you want
just come to the Khan I will not come
I regret it, master, I regret it twice as much Speak more clearly, Tatar
Firstly, I regret that you are not a Khan’s friend On the other hand, I regret that Khan will have to crush an opponent like you You are threatening me, Tatar?
No… Master
I am only reminding you what you yourself understand very well But you haven’t yet given your answer, you are smart
You know what you are doing But ponder on
At the moment your neighbour is compliant, now you can ask twice as much If you let us, master, we will stay in your castle until morning
you may still change your mind You may stay and treat yourself to everything from the table of nobles But I have thought everything over many times already
and I stick to my opinion A pity This is my son Vaisvilkas
who has been far away from us for a long time I need to ask you, Vaisvilkas
so that you would answer me as to a father and a king Answer so that everybody who loves you would hear it
and who are ready to serve you Will you stay in Voruta?
We are not reproaching you for anything we are only asking
Will you come back? No
What can you, who dwell in the eternal darkness, rebuke me, whose eyes have seen the eternal light, for? What could you want to ask me –
you who only know how to kill and slaughter – whereas I am serving for the eternal life
I live in my monastery because I think I serve my god well this way And I will only leave it, if I see how I could serve my god even better If that is the true god…
Let him talk You…
you have washed away the baptism of Rome, you have killed their priests That is not right
but God will forgive you if you return to him, even if through a different path
If Rome’s pope leaves, I will come back here He will leave
but a new bishop will come with me, from the Byzantine Empire and we will not demand my father, the king, to become baptised we will not demand for him to order his dominions to become baptised
We will ask… We will ask only one thing
that he would not touch our monks and to let them live amongst the people
Enough You have just heard from this lad himself what he wants to betray us to Russians and Tatars Young man
who used to be my son Leave And hurry up
Because if three days later your feet will still be on our land then your head will stay here too I will do my best
to raise a heir for you who will not bring shame to me It will be Rupeikis – my son
Rupeikis is still little He is already of an age when he will be a man in a few years King
We have been very saddened by the queen’s death and we are concerned about Lithuania’s future
Won’t you, Grand Duke, get angry, if Trainaitis will tell you our thoughts Let him do that
If you, master, let us council you Then you should pick a queen for the state and a wife for yourself
and you should do that as soon as possible I thank the dukes for the advices
I will take a wife for myself and a queen for you We have one more request, king
we’d like the new queen not to be Polish, Russian, Tatar or Yotvingian We would like her to be from our circle and to be someone
whom we could obey with love I have always been amongst you
A queen must be similar to the king and if you want to know who will be your queen
then I will tell you Show us her, master
Your queen will be this one King is joking
This is Daumantas’ wife Do you mean to tell me that Daumantas is not a man from a great tribe? Or that Daumantas’ wife would make a shame to Mindaugas? Neither one, nor the other, master
Only that Daumantas’ wife is a wife of Daumantas She was Mindaugas
This is your last word? My word is the law In that case…
In that case Speak, why have you hushed?
There are people here who dare to give orders to the king? Where is the man who will forbid me to do this?
Let him take a sword and stand in front of me Right before her death
your queen has told me these words: “Promise me, Mindaugas, that you will fulfil my last request”
and I told her: “I swear” and then the queen continued:
“I have picked out a wife for you, Mindaugas” “When I die you will have to marry my sister Morta”
“because she’ll be as good of a mother to your children as I’d like to be myself” when I heard it, I cried out: “But this is a wife of Daumantas!”
“Excuse me from this oath, queen” But the queen did not answered, she…
had died I was pondering for a long time what should I do:
should I take away my friend’s wife and that would be a great injustice
or to break an oath given to a dying queen And Mindaugas has brought himself to make an injustice
because an injustice to a friend who’s alive is easier to make up for than a sin against the queen who is dead Now you know everything
Ten days from now you will be able to hail this woman as a queen I thank you You have thought out everything in advance well, Mindaugas, except one thing –
that I am not your slave You claim to have sworn to gods that you will take me for a wife
but only my deceased sister has heard this and the gods who will not speak
And I swear to the very same gods… Do not finish those words
because if the gods will receive both of these oaths – it will not be up to the people’s will to change them
I am asking for my horse to be given back to me immediately so that I could ride home
You will stay here Mindaugas is keeping me as a prisoner Until you become a queen
Go Gods see
that I did not want to fall out with you I have always been friendly towards you
even though you haven’t always been worthy of it And now I confine to you a great quest as a proof of my friendship
You will lead a regiment of warriors to the lands of Russians You will leave tonight
You will attack Russians when they least expecting it and when you come back you can ask whatever you want
and you will get it I will do more, master
more than you are expecting from me Tautvilas, my nephew, why so shy?
I recall the olden days and faraway events, Mindaugas I recall when heeding your advice I went to Russians 20 years ago
like now Daumantas Do you remember how I met you when you returned as well?
As well You were very lucky back then, Tautvilas
I didn’t think that my men would come back without your head then But you had deceived them
you had swindled them splendidly, Tautvilas I even got sick out of anger back then
Afterwards you got yourself baptized hoping that the master will add my head as an addition to the crown
But you had to be disappointed that time too, Mindaugas You have caused me many concerns
I just can’t get lucky enough to outsmart you But you shouldn’t remind me of my old mistakes because the next time…
What? …Mindaugas may be smarter
What? Tautvilas as well
I see that the nephew is worthy of his uncle It has long been the time to realize that, for your own good
Had you been lucky that time, this pleasant conversion wouldn’t have happened now and we still have many things that need to be discussed
Yes I am worrying
whether you have started to hate me What sort of respect can Tautvilas feel to a person
who wanted to take his head but wasn’t able to It is much easier to purchase it That’s a clear speech
Sit down Now that my head is smarter, you will have to pay more
Do not forget that I am your father’s brother, do not ask too much Do not forget that I am your nephew, do not stint
What is it that Tautvilas wishes? Polotsk
That’s too much Take the Yotvingian lands
Polotsk What’s too much, is too much
Take Naugardas Polotsk You are tough like an auroch’s skin
That’s the kind of people who are needed to maintain Mindaugas’ kingdom You are saying that the price is too high – that’s how it is
I understand very well that now you need me more than ever and I am glad that I have foreseen everything correctly
What have you foreseen? When you invited me here and offered me your friendship
I realized that you want to have me against Daumantas You knew that he is my blood enemy
and since your old wish is to have his wife once you have lost one friend, you want to have another one in his place
Because Mindaugas is not the sort of man who would give up something he desires without having attained it What can I reply to you, Tautvilas
If I say “no”, you will know that I am lying After what you did to Daumantas
it is clear enough that you have one friend less and one enemy more I will deal with my own enemies myself
Be careful, Mindaugas, be careful If they kill you, it will not be my fault
So, Tautvilas does not want to concede? Not even a whisker And what if Mindaugas will not pay? Then Tautvilas will become an enemy
You think Tautvilas is that stupid? What will he do?
He will wait For long?
Until Mindaugas’ head will fall off and his crown will be at my feet So, it is my crown that interests you
No… When the Teutonic Order’s Master was transporting it from Riga I tried it on
it fits like a glove Take Polotsk
Let the gods guard you Thank you
Thank you but I will rather guard myself Trainius Answer me
is it rightful what your king is doing? It is not appropriate for me to judge the king’s deeds Tonight you will lead the regiment against the Russians
and it will be a great honour for you While Mindaugas sleeps with your wife which will be an even greater honour
Do not howl, duke, it will heal Shame is for the dukes who will continue putting up with this
You didn’t use to talk like that before Oh, earlier it was different than it is now
I was wishing you to become the king’s father-in-law because you are righteous and truthful
You rule over a large region and you are capable of a lot now but what you will be tomorrow – that only Mindaugas knows
He is the king and he is stronger than us And what is a king?
Is his rule not made up out of our might? Were we not the ones who made him a king?
Is he a master not just because we are heeding him? Yes
Before, Mindaugas used to do what we would all decide together And now?
We must do only what he orders us Yes
Up until now he used to prey on lands, villages, livestock and people And now?
He started pestering our wives And starts feeling around our necks
And we? Shall we wait till we will be strangled one after another? What does the mighty Trainaitis think about this? This needs to be brought to an end
The sooner, the better When?
Tonight? Yes But how?
After the second sleep the nobles will gather by the black pinewood it could happen there
And the king’s guards? I will take care of it
What if Mindaugas won’t go there? I know that he will
You go and make a deal with Algimantas, it won’t be easy to sway him to our side I am even more concerned about Tautvilas
What? Tautvilas – what of him for you? He has to be with us
Never! Then give away your wife to Mindaugas Fine
I will be the first to stretch out a hand, if need be But have you thought over everything well?
Of course, Tautvilas is waiting for the death of Mindaugas There are two reasons for this: the 1st is his old hatred
and the 2nd is that Tautvilas will want to take the king’s place himself Did I say that Tautvilas will get to see the sunrise afterwards? Trainius.. how did I not think of it myself You haven’t thought of a lot of other issues too yet
Now I will go to search for Algimantas and get him into this too We are pals, I am hoping to sort it out swiftly
But at first help me meet Morta Precisely Morta is whom we need the most Here I have a cruet with poison
from the Rome itself with the pope’s blessings if we will not get lucky with the daggers
Let Morta come to our help with this one I assume that she will be able to handle this
She will You called me?
I did What an exhaustion in the joints… If only this night would have ended already
Who’s coming there? I came to inform you, master, that your son Vaisvilkas wants to talk to you Vaisvilkas comes to me? That is a good sign
has he changed his mind? I do not know, master, he will tell you himself
Don’t make him wait Stay here, Morta
You must hear it too Why are you still standing here? Thank you, king,
my father, for that you were willing to listen to me I knew it
that my son Vaisvilkas will come when I am waiting for him So, you did change your mind after all and you are staying here
No My horse has already been saddled
I am setting off to a journey just like you have ordered If Vaisvilkas had changed his mind, the king would have taken back his words No
I have not changed my mind My spirit is unwavering
I wish to talk to you for the last time Then talk
Just try to be brief because I don’t have time It seems to me that you still haven’t understood why I am leaving you I am doing this not because you are a pagan
but because you are the most unmerciful and the least righteous of all kings
You speak clearly, son Carry on
That is what I came here for Your nobles shiver in front of you like some weak puppies They fall to the ground from a mere glance of yours
they would never tell you what they really think Your Vaisvilkas is not afraid of death
he is even striving for it, for the sake of his god’s honour I love you more than anybody else does and for this reason I am telling you now:
you have killed your brothers you have slaughtered your relatives, friends one by one
you wanted to get powerful and you have become powerful because you didn’t kill any of them without thinking it through at first
While I was living faraway, I thought that you have changed your way but as I was entering this castle, my legs stumbled upon a corpse again So, you haven’t changed, king!
My father! You are still the same as you used to be You need blood in order to sustain your rule You see, the difference between us is not that I am baptised while you – a pagan but that I am serving for the sake of love
While you are serving the eternal hatred. Yes. I am serving Love and I profess it
That’s what my church is like You have murdered Daujotas – an old man who was not hiding a dagger in his clothes nor any wicked thoughts in his heart
But that isn’t enough for you! You now desire your friend’s wife
and that is a grave sin I have already said why I did what I did
Yes You claimed that my mother has ordered you to do this before she died
And therefore I warn you in the name of god You are lying, king, my father! Could have my mother, who was a believer and a baptised woman,
ordered you to marry her sister who is a mother of another man’s children?! I do not believe you
and everybody else to whom you have told this doesn’t believe you either And therefore…
In the name of my god, I am asking you Renounce this woman
She is beautiful and noble but she is not yours
If you are waiting for an answer, young man then I will answer what I have sworn while calling out to the gods This woman is and will stay mine In that case
In the name of god I damn you, king, father!
Get lost! You – the lad who used to be my son – go away now! Or else you will follow the path that Daujotas has taken
You – the king who used to be my father I do not want you to be your son’s murderer
Therefore I leave Stay alone with your misfortune!
Live! Rule!
If you will manage… Now you have heard it too
A hundred of horrible words each of which deserves merits the head of the person who’s uttered them and I didn’t take a dagger, I didn’t call the guards to punish the offender
Do not think that I’ve become a pansy just because I didn’t do what I should have done That was my son
he spat those disgusting words to my face Vaisvilkas – for whom I’ve been waiting so long to return Only gods know how precious has this boy been to me when he was my son Once when he was injured he had been bedridden for eight days
and for eight days & nights I was sitting right next to him without touching food Now he comes here
and is thanking me the way he can He used to have bright and agile mind, this boy
this man who used to be my son It was me who has sent him out to the world
so that he would learn how to listen and command But the smart monks have been more shrewd than me
They have won him over for their god They have stole his mind and heart
and they have left nothing for Mindaugas Oh, Morta, if only you knew what a beggar this king is
who is now standing in front of you It was them who’ve robbed me – those people who are calling me a robber No, it was not my son It was one of those few hundred living out of my grace and surrounding me daily Only they are too indolent and cowardly to tell me what they really think of me whereas Vaisvilkas who used to be my son…
He is just and straightforward He has some of my blood
He has told me what everybody thinks of me Oh, those wretched dogs –
all of them shove their tails as soon as I appear in front of them and bristle up as soon as I turn my back on them Oh, queen
I know the ones who serve me are only slaves who are listening to me not because they love me
but because they are scared of me Every one of them is only waiting for a chance to stab me in the back Oh, how would my ego be pleased if I knew
that at least one of them is from a wolf’s tribe who would show his teeth in front of me courageously but there’s no such man among them I have been robbing
I have been bribing I have been killing
Yes, I have been doing that and I will carry on doing this, if only the gods help me
for they understand and know more than people But has anyone ever asked why do I do this?
No Everyone cares only about himself
While Mindaugas has to think about everybody You are surprised by my words, queen
Can it really be that you also think that my thoughts only revolve about whom should I rob or murder?
Yes, I lap blood but nobody knows how disgusting it is to me Do I not know what is good and what is evil?
But if I told any of this to my dukes they would only see a weakness in me and they would no longer fear me
Who has the power cannot act in a different manner You know very well, queen
that there’s not a single person in my state who would love me My power is great but I cannot order to love It is very difficult to think of the wellbeing of others
when you know that you will only get hatred and bitterness in response And it would be much easier for me
if there would appear a person who would know how great is this burden
That is why I am telling you all of this Now as for my brothers
One of them I have defeated the other one I drew away
And I have taken their domains to my rule The beginning is always difficult and it wasn’t easy for me
But god knows I did it all only so that all of us would be like one
But my brothers wanted to rule separately and two rulers of two separate domains are twice weaker
than one ruling over them both would be And so I had to become strong
because in order to help the weak, one must have a lot of strength If I wouldn’t have merged their domains –
The Yotvingians would have done this or the Russians
They would have killed not only my brothers, they would have robbed and slaughtered everybody
The whole domains and tribes would have died out together with the dukes I think
that it is better to doom just a few – even though they’re brothers –
so that the whole tribes could be saved It seems to me that it is better to save the tribes reproachfully
than to doom them with honour I know
that I need to be careful because I am surrounded only by dogs and murderers
Had I been a werewolf – it would be a great joy to me But you see…
I am just a human I need a friend for once too
Someone for whom I wouldn’t have to worry that he’ll stab me in the back And that kind of person was next to me unwittingly all the time
Today I have told myself: This woman means everything to you
And that wasn’t the queen, my sister? No
That was you That faraway day I came to your father with my people to propose to you It seemed to me then that I will die out of happiness I rejoiced in your gait in your proud gaze
and I thought to myself: “Here’s the queen!”
But your father smirked cunningly and told me:
“Morta is still a child. But I have another daughter for whom the time to marry has already come” and stunned by those words Mindaugas was thinking only of you But Mindaugas couldn’t wait
Alliance with your father was necessary in order to obtain more power and instead of the younger one he took the elder daughter I knew what it meant for a proud girl like you
I knew that you have started to hate me as much as you had earlier loved me But that wasn’t all
A day when Daumantas came to your father to propose had come and your father had asked the ruler Mindaugas what should he do and the ruler Mindaugas had responded: “Give her to Daumantas”
But what it meant for myself – nobody knew Daumantas was strong and loved by people
so, Mindaugas needed him as a friend in order to consolidate his rule I knew that you had started to hate me even more Today I told myself:
“I am taking you back from Daumantas” This will be the first time
that I do something in order for myself to feel good Finally
Finally Mindaugas has a friend who doesn’t need to be feared to anticipate being stabbed in the back What is this?
Guards! What do you want!
You called, ruler Go, but stay nearby It means that you too were carrying a dagger in stealth You knew what it may cost you?
Yes, I knew I knew it
Am I pleading you for mercy? you are proud, duchess
You are carrying around an expensive dagger Who gave it to you? Daumantas, I know
Of course, losing a wife like you isn’t easy – I would resort to a dagger too
only not to my woman’s hands it would be given How cunningly they have thought it out
I was looking for a friend but they want me to find an enemy I have married a wife
a queen but she is a killer
Oh, gods! Haven’t you got a single person to send to help Mindaugas? Oh well…
If you so wish, gods I will fight alone against everybody You will die from the very same dagger
You… You! From this moment on
you are the wife of Daumantas My…
My king! It seems that I have loved you more than it is allowed for a king
My… My ruler
I will continue killing people and I will be doing this because I love them very much
while they will hate me for this love of mine Forget the old werewolf
just like he will forget that once he wanted to be happy I have broken your dagger Take mine
in its place Forgive me, ruler
but it is time for us to go Where to?
The dukes are already waiting for you Oh, that’s right Order for the horses to be saddled
Stay with me What are you saying?
I uttered what I had wanted to hide most of all Stay with me
Duchess! You are demanding to much from me, Morta
How can I let deceive the chieftains when they have gathered there and are waiting for me
Now is the time to reassure them They are my friends
Watch out for friends, Mindaugas You are afraid for me? Trainius will ride with me
Watch out for him most of all Queen, you don’t know what you are saying
I trust Trainius, duchess I also know that it is being plotted to kill me
I know and that Trainius is going with them
but he is doing that with my knowledge Then why didn’t you know that I was hiding a dagger?
Trainius has known it but he didn’t tell you still
Yes I knew it
but this woman had bewitched you If I had told you something evil about her
you would have started seeing me as your enemy You did the right thing, my friend
It is also true that this woman has a gun But that is my dagger
I have given it to her myself And you, duchess, must not forget that this man has been serving me faithfully for many years already
I am not demanding for you to trust me I am asking just for one thing: don’t go
Do not go where they are waiting for you today I will be where they are waiting for me
Is everything ready, Trainius? As you’ve ordered, ruler
Go downstairs, I will be there in a minute Swear to me
That you will protect my sons Rupeikis and Ruklys, should the time come
I swear It is time for me to go Morta, what does this mean?
You have accused Trainius of conspiracy? You have lost your mind You car about Trainius’ life?
He would pull me down with himself, should he fall What are you planning against Mindaugas?
If anybody sees me here, I’m as good as lost What have you planned against Mindaugas?
He has left to never return again Now I have cursed the day
when I have sworn to kill Mindaugas For a long time…
I have been hating you for a long time, Daumantas and I will hate you a hundred times more
when I will do what I have sworn to Morta, you don’t even now what you are talking about
I know what I’m talking. But Mindaugas’ sons must not be harmed! I have sworn to protect them
And you won’t have to break your promise because I haven’t sworn anything Give me the dagger
I will give it back to you when the business is done Remember
the curse of Daujotas: “Mindaugas must die from his own dagger” Is it not in my hand now? Who’s eavesdropping here?
Who’s eavesdropping here, you snake?! Do not touch her
You are right, my wife, she doesn’t need to be touched She’s not poisonous. Let her live! Why have you been listening in stealth? How has ordered you to?
My father Duchess Morta, save the king
Listen to what I will tell you: Go to Mindaugas’ sons, watch over them
I don’t have much power The guards will help you
Save the king, duchess Morta! Go! Guards!
What will you order, queen? A horse!
Now? I am telling you: a horse!
Aye What is this, ruler?
Midway there you have turned your horse back without saying a word The chieftains have gathered there waiting for you
Let them wait It means that you have believed Morta. I think you trust that woman to much.
I trust nobody, Trainius You have mentioned Morta, call her here
Wait! Whoís going there?! We came to call you to the gathering, ruler
The gathering will not happen The gathering won’t happen?
No How should I understand it, ruler?
I have summoned Samogitians in your name and you say that you won’t go Let the Samogitians not be angry with me
but woe to those who have deserved my anger I hope that I am not among them Daumantas, have you not received an order to join the warriors today?
I am rushing! Yes, ruler
But when the priests asked the gods about this, their answer was: Let Daumantas stay in the castle tonight
You will leave immediately Everybody leave!
I don’t need any of you here Oh, dukes, I see your intentions hanged by your belts You came here to murder the king?
Guards! It was Trainius who has told you that the guards had left for the gathering but you didn’t know that I have caught up with them and told them to return Arrest them and then behead!
Stay still! You too, Trainius? Arrest him too!
Back off, men! You…
You have always been fighting for Mindaugas And what reward have you gotten?
You fight in the battlefield like wolves While in Voruta castle you are Mindaugas’ dogs
He hates everybody He will ruin this whole land, he will doom us all We have decided to kill the king and put and end to his violence And now, men, tell me:
do you wish to carry on serving Mindaugas like slaves or will you give away him for a fair trial
and each of you will get your a domain which you have deserved We are with you, Trainius! In that case leave now. Warriors mustn’t see how their ruler perishes. The old wolf is already dead
but the young pups are sleeping in their lair Who’s with me?
Nobody? I will manage by myself then You are a fool, Trainius
Do you think you will manage to deal with Daumantas without me? Uh-uh, I was a bit hasty, pall
The dukes have already started to divide Mindaugas’ state amongst themselves While you wish to get it intact
Think what you want and I will do what I need You should fear Daumantas most of all
Yes, I wasn’t scared of Mindaugas – I will get scared of his servants You will have Polotsk, if you help us to deal with Daumantas
So that it would be easier to deal with myself later? Thank you, men, I do not wish to share your bounty Oh, Tautvilas, come, come closer And I thought you were smarter
You wanted to get Mindaugas’ crown in Voruta but you have only come here to lose it
All I need is to lean over to pick it up One of you had to die
I thought, it should better be Tautvilas Let’s drink!
Let’s drink To your health!
To mine or yours? Or maybe like this: To the health of the new king!
To the health of the new king! You stabbed Tautvilas because he was stronger than me
and you are hoping to deal with me much easier I am hoping
This time you are mistaken We’ll see
What’s this? Your own poison
With the pope’s blessings Morta, my noble wife
we have been waiting for this moment for so long and it has come now
Listen what I will tell you: You are a queen
and everybody will lie at your feet I have sent a messenger to call my men – they will soon be here
The king’s remains must be carried out Look! They are carrying the king He is leaving to a place from where there is no return the king is leaving and I leave too, Daumantas
Are you already sorry for what’s happened here? If I had known what will happen
I would have never rebelled against Mindaugas Before we had to be afraid of him alone, now we all need to be afraid of everybody We are exterminating each other
I am going back to the Samogitians to warn them about the woe of Lithuanians Wait!
Is it not a messenger who’s riding through the gates? yes, he’s running here
Where are you from, foreigner? From faraway, I need to see Mindaugas as soon as possible What do you need from him?
That I will tell to him I am in place of the king now
I am asking, where is Mindaugas? If he is sleeping, wake him up he will not get up
He needs to get up, let him summon the warriors, the threat close What threat?
Tatars are coming. If he won’t go against them, we’re doomed. Here
Your ruler is right here. What are you waiting for? Kneel down, beg for the Great Khan’s pity while it’s still time Our troops will soon roll over your heads like a yellow storm Let the warriors assemble!
Who will be the one who will lead them against the Tatars? Me
Oh no You only know how to mix poison
You know how to stab a king but to lead a regiment of warriors – no There needs to be a man like Mindaugas
but he is already gone Morta! Where is my wife?
She is following Mindaugas I can only see flames and fumes
Lift up your eyes higher, Daumantas, she is climbing onto the pyre They should stop her! They must pull her down! Morta! While it’s not too late!
it’s already too late, her robes are flaming and the warriors are hailing her as a queen Oh, gods!
There burns my wife! Oh, men, Lithuanians!
There burns your state…

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