Khoi the Poet - "My Father on Protests" (CUPSI 2018)

Khoi the Poet – "My Father on Protests" (CUPSI 2018)

my father on protests to have a child its to plant a bed of orchards on the walls of a volcano and pray that hell doesn't find them too attractive for a bouquet son why do you longed so much for the fire don't you know your body will burn like kindling I want you to stay home your blood has traveled oceans so that it would not be spilled you are too alive to be a martyr and I've seen enough martyrs made from boy the scene motherland streets reduced to graveyards banners double as tombstones and I won't allow you to discover your heritage by joining the dead do not speak to me so I do not know the words these revolutionary songs like us refugee children and adult bodies don't still mumble the lyrics in our sleep a dream that never came true and faces that never came back don't you know where you come from boy a land a burnin jungle and broken body of the people who have had their fingers sliced off so they could never form a fist again so they could never celebrate peace again so they could never point the finger of their attackers face I saw students just like you well fire in their eyes flames rising from their chest their mouths the ayran door the kitchen stoves every time they opened sparks of revolution shot out and caught onto the fabric of society do you know how they put out wild fires they introduced it to another a controlled burn they call it to destroy all the fuel and starve the first fire out the fire of protesters of Buddhist monks let the fire of automatic weapons until the only thing left burning was the Buddhists flesh I saw death blossom and red and brown on the chest of boys and girls who tried to plant flowers inside of gun barrels I saw faces stolen in the depths of night so quickly that even their shadows don't know where they are and do you think you're safe here in this white man's land you think their laws will keep you safe you talk about Constitution like it wasn't the same document that put a hundred twenty thousand into internment camps 2 million into reservations 4 million to slavery their police are so similar to ours same bullets different flag and I can keep you away from school prevent you from going to protests and rallies but you inherited your ancestors resistance the fire that beaten our people as we were beat under the boots of the Chinese the French the Japanese the Communists the Americans I recognize that plain people people who were burned never forget the fire that gave them their scars [Applause]

40 thoughts on “Khoi the Poet – "My Father on Protests" (CUPSI 2018)

  1. I cried. Well written, well spoken, well thought out. Well done. This deserves so many more views. Good job, mon amie.

  2. I had to have a moment of silence after that one. Still have my heart racing, tears flowing, and throat burning.

  3. Wow. This is one of those pieces where your draw drops from the first breath. Your words have a heartbeat and so much power. This is brilliant.

  4. About 2:00 minutes in is where it hit me the hardest. I wonder if those are the verbatim words of the father, or if they are the poetic words of the son in his interpretation. Simply beautiful and powerful.

  5. Deadass my parents. Every protest I’m on house arrest. Shooting? House arrest, even if it’s in another country. Paris happened and I’m in the US and I wasn’t allowed anywhere for a week or two.

  6. Well as a Venezuelan in this moment of time, with all that is happening, this was on another level of poetry, pure gold.

  7. Excellent. I have been an activist since 81 and have faced threats. However, I look around the world and have to take a stand! The way that i look at it is, everyone is either part of the problem, or part of the solution

  8. Utterly brilliant. I really appreciate seeing people of color on here. I get to see people who look like me doing amazing things. It's truly inspiring.

  9. Sometimes I’ll hear poetry so good That I just have to pause the video and clap. This was one of those times. Well done brother, Well done.

  10. Yasss-ness. This is amazing. I hope people know that not all whites (I’m an American white girl) are like this, all of its disgusting. Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia- any of it is not okay. Khoi knows what he’s talking about, and any person sane knows it, no matter where he’s from, how he sounds, what he prefers and what he is.

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