Kevin Gates "Push It" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Kevin Gates "Push It" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

One thing I love about Rihanna, I never looked
at the ass. I always looked at that fucking cranium, that
football helmet that she got her fucking forehead. I always love that about that woman. If you get mad at me like, "Kevin, I swear,"
with that accent that you got. "Kevin, you…" I just… I kiss you on your forehead. Who you talking… Who you getting loud with? Who you disrespect? I kiss you on your forehead. You better stop playing with me. Hey, when we get home I'm going to kiss you
on your forehead. What was the inspiration for the song "Push
t"? Me and a good friend of mine, his name Derek
Malano, he what you consider a writer. He came to me with this idea, he like "Gates,
I got this, push it, push it, push it idea". I'm like, "Push it idea?" He like, "yeah, like a push it idea." I'm like, "What, you trying to push that work
or what you want to do?" He like, "Man, we just pushing it in all aspects
of life". The song was originally gonna be for Derek
Malano. But when I heard the song I was like, "Hey,
let me have it. Give me the child." I liked the direction it was headed in, but
I knew I was going to get on there and really talk that trash talk. Because you know, I own a waste management
station and I believe that one man's trash is another man's treasure. So I talk a lot of trash talk Sometimes, people think they can be you better
than you can be you. And it's, it's true. Like, I'm not afraid to be myself. I'm not afraid to be different. I'm not afraid to put my emotions on the table. I believe that I was one of the people who
started emotion based Rap. And I noticed like whenever I had went away,
a lot of people start emulating the things that I was doing. If I can help inspire you, it's a beautiful
thing. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But I see a bunch of little Kevin Gates running
around like I really do. But don't take my story and try to make it
your own when you know that it's not, you're not living like that. When I say I came back strong, I had to bounce
back? I had everything stripped away from me for
a small period of time. I had to go do six months in jail in Florida,
the rap game passed me by. I was nominated for Grammy's. I was nominated for all kinds of music awards. I had to sit out. When I was supposed to come back home, I had
to go do another year in Chicago prison. When I came home, I wasn't the same Kevin
Gates, cause' I was so traumatized and kind of institutionalized from being gone and being
in the system. I'm in this mode like big old hairy face. I'm depressed cause I was fat, ya heard me? But I was like looking at some of my old videos
and I was like, man, I ain't the same Gates, the old Gates used to be turnt. No, the new gates over here lazy, big old
hair on the face. I say, hold on, it's time to push it to the
next limit. I came back strong. I had to bounce back. I believe in my heart and everybody telling
me right now, this is the best version of me that I've ever been in my life. You remember when Jay Z said "All the rings
and things you sing about, bring them out." I don't really show a lot of my material wealth
or my tangible, my tangible wealth on the Instagram. When you see me in public and you see I'm
looking, I'm living like a Saudi Arabian prince. When I pull up and I'm presidential. I balled in face and he thinking I'm pushing,
he thinking I'm pushing at work. You're going to have a cold day in hell 'fore
you take this from me cause I worked hard for this. I value this different, I value this different. I'm going to die for this. For people that don't know, a quarter brick,
like nine ounces. It's 252 grams. I was saying I had nine ounces of coke on
a, on a, on a digital scale. But I'm cooking a four and a half. I'm cooking 126 grams A lot of time, you can get a car and it may
not really look good on the outside, but it might got a good motor. You can put a kit on that car and redo that
car. Hey, you done turnt you some trash in the
cash. Might not be a good looker. She might not be the prettiest woman on Earth,
but she sure do get the business handled. So I invested in this woman's future. I may have got her some veneers. I may have got her a lace front or frontal
with some bundles. She needed some cushion. When I'm behind her punching that dick in
from the back, she ain't really got no cushion back there. Feel like I'm hitting a knee cap. She needed some cushion. Went and bought her some ass. Yeah. And now she something serious. She's deadly. She's dangerous now. I Cardi B-ed that hoe. She had the little bitty teeth and came from
nothing, but now everybody in the world want to be with that woman. I love that. I salute that. I'm hoping the load don't get caught on the
slab on the interstate. I got a lot of game from Texas. They call the interstate the slab. The I-10 interstate, Interstate 10, it is
the zone from 10 to Louisiana. It's a four hour drive from Houston to Louisiana. My biggest obstacle was me overcoming myself, like killing my ego. I want to do what makes me happy. I don't want to live my life based on public
opinion or based on what the public think is necessary. All my life I had ego issues. I thought I had to be a gangster. The world going to look at me silly if I don't
be this, if I don't be that, if I don't be that. So once I put that to the side, nothing has
been impossible. I've been accomplishing everything I wanted
to. If anyone asked me, "Kevin, do you still use
a Blackberry?" Go to one of the YouTube videos that Jordan
Spencer has shot, and you'll see me on there still using my same Blackberry from back in
the grip when I had a 225-303-3049 number. Big general. That phone is what I wrote all my raps, and
it elevated the growth. That phone worth a billion dollars. Because every song I done wrote in that bitch
then went platinum. That's why my song platinum. My music is addictive like heroin. I relate the streets to the music game, and
I'm serving right now. I'm controlling right now, and I'm not asking. I'm applying pressure. Sometime when my traffic get too heavy, the
police would come through there and harass my pedestrians. But I'm not about to stop serving. You got to come in here and make me stop. I'm going to serve. I don't care if y'all riding past. You got to kick my door in. But I ain't going to never keep nothing in
the house I can't get rid of. So when you kicked my door in, that's cool. You going to come take me out this bitch for
a paraphernalia charge. You might find a scale with some and say they
had residue on it. But I got somebody to clean the scale off
with Windex every time I catch a sale on that bitch. Dreka Gates could vouch for me. She know one thing. When I go to jail, she about to come with
the bond money, and I'm going right back and open up shop. Doing what I've been doing. I'm thugging. I got a frenchie, a french bulldog name Riri,
a female. Because she gotta be head like Rihanna. And I let her stand up under my umbrella,
ella, ella, ella, aye. If I'm in Chicago, I hit whoever I need to
hit and tell them, "Hey look, check it out baby. I'm on Michigan Ave. I'm shopping. Just catch up with me, you heard me?" And he catch up with me, and he drop off the
deposit for whatever services rendered. May have been a verse, a feature. May have been a show, a concert. May it have been some Bread Winner apparel. People like the… They like my clothing. They like a lot of things about me.

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  1. The beginning I felt like he was talking about me when he was talking about Rhianna's forehead cuz I most definitely can relate 😂 😂

  2. He just made another damn song explaining lyrics…..DAMN NIGGA!!!…HE GUAPO wit out da JOSE FR!!!!1000000

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