Keirsey Personality Types: Portrait of an Artisan (ESFP, ISFP, ESTP, ISTP)

Keirsey Personality Types: Portrait of an Artisan (ESFP, ISFP, ESTP, ISTP)

certain keywords can be used to describe each temperament and freedom is the word that best captures the spirit of the artisan freedom to act on an impulse and give life to a whim Amelia Earhart reminds us of the desire for freedom so – Billie Holiday Ernest Hemingway and John Muir all of whom were artisans artisans will not be tied or bound by any obligation that might dampen their spontaneity they are truly the free spirits among us John Cosby is an artist that lives and works in Newport Beach California I decided to be an artist because one thing I didn't think I could work for anybody else and for another reason I enjoy creating I enjoy the act of mixing the paint putting it on a canvas and building things and then I also like making other people happy and my paintings are full of bright color and that that makes people smile I enjoy the ability to go do what I want to do when I want to do it my painting is fairly dependent on that if I see something that I want to paint that day and I've got four other things that I really should be working on I'll go ahead and do that because that's what my painting is all about it has a ability if I have the ability to go do it when I want to do it and the feelings there so that freedom is very important to me it it makes it all come together practice for me is just doing I really don't feel like what I do takes discipline because I enjoy doing it so even if I'm working 16 17 hours sometimes it's I'm not really there in in the conscious sense I just relax and the painting just comes out and I find it very interesting to watch my hand paint so that it's like watching a movie it's like the painting starts creating itself and that's a wonderful feeling when that happens you

11 thoughts on “Keirsey Personality Types: Portrait of an Artisan (ESFP, ISFP, ESTP, ISTP)

  1. I thought that was Dexter in the video thumbnail! 😮
    But yeah I'm an isfp and can't draw or paint to save my life… I am a dancer though, and switching to cosmetology now as I'm getting older. I can't do a "real job", they just makes life suck :

  2. This video reflects me in the way that I also love to paint! It's actually one of my favorite hobbies and what I love to do when I'm just home doing nothing. I also like to make people happy, especially when I see that they are feeling a bit down. It's one of my favorite things to do.

  3. A 100% an ESFJ to me. I don't even want to explain because it is so obvious. There is Fe in his facial expression. He says "loves to make other people happy" or "that makes people smile"-no Fi-user would ever say that. Than his Shirt in his pants, what Se-guy does this? Only because someone paints does not make him an ISFP. Just another bullshit-clip. Sorry

  4. It is true and amazing…!!! ISFPs have so many hobbies, interests, and (hopefully) talents to keep us busy with our beautiful life…!!! XD

  5. Hi, Lydia. It was so pleasant to hear read your comment. Hobbies and interests of ISFPs are so similar. Isn't it amazing)))

  6. I'm an ISFP and I love painting, too. I also love drawing (esp. manga), writing, cooking, and singing. I still pursuing my passion to be a known author right now). I hope you still pursue your your dreams, too.

  7. I can relate to his sentiments about just getting lost in something for 16-17 hours and not think of it as work. It's just something you do and it doesn't feel like a disciplined practice. It can be practice I suppose, but because you enjoy it, you don't think of it as such. Btw, ISFP here as well.

  8. What a sweet video. Very inspiring. I'm ISFP and Painting is just a hobby for me now and I really enjoy it. I hope so much that one day I become a real Artist. I remember that drawing and painting was my fav activities in my childhood and it came out easily and naturally. I want to paint people with all sorts of emotions and feelings on their faces and in their bodies. This is my dream that I can do it.
    Thank you for the video.

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