Každodenný Život Youtubera | Animovaný Draw My Day

Každodenný Život Youtubera | Animovaný Draw My Day

Hi Everyone ! I welcome you all to my YouTube channel My name is Moon and if you want to know more about me, you can check out my Draw My Life video, which is actually my first animation and you can find it there, there, there, up there in the card I’d like you to make sure to subscribe right away, because I am curious. Can we hit half a million subscribers till the end of the year ? Depends on you ! Yo but guys, I have to praise you all . My Draw My Life video reached half a million views! It ended up on the first place in the slovak trends ! That’s .. WOW! That’s why I decided to make another animation and after a long research about what you actually want I chose : My Ordinary Day I think it’s a great topic, which we should talk about today. As I am looking trough the comments, fans probably doesn’t understand how it works with Youtubers. Moon, why aren’t you shooting a video?! You are definitely enjoying yourself right now in a bathtub full of youtube money ! I think it would be better to show you how it really works and there isn’t better way than trough an animation The hardest thing is to find out how to start because my life isn’t stopping at all right now ! And that’s why I don’t have any point which I can start from . It’s like you’d want to get into a roundabout and nobody would let you in ! Okay, let’s say my life starts on Monday When I’m still editing video for you till 2 A.M . But let’s say that it starts by waking up at 3 A.M. because i need to go on WC Then let’s say it starts when my alarm clock begins to ring.. ..at 4 A.M. because i set it up wrong LET’S SAY that I set the alarm clock correctly and woke up on the time I should 7:00 in the morning, sometimes 7:30 and sometimes 8:00 HA! Because my dormitory is close to my school I don’t have to wake up at 5 A.M like people, that travel from the close villages and YES I am still studying. It’s unbelievable but it’s the truth. So I wake up, get my clothes on have a breakfast in the dining hall, throw up, brush my teeth, and go to the school. On the way to the school I’m still on YouTube checking incomes Ehmm, I mean comments and likes. I am quite surprised, that after all that time not a single car hit me And I sit at my desk, at that horrible desk that I sit at to the 3 P.M. Usually, I am right on the time but not everytime ! Ms. Teacher could you please delete my absence ? I usually find out about exam right before lesson so I try to fastly read everything to learn as much as I can in that 5 minutes And on the exam, I have either huge luck or disastrous result I am sitting in the school to the 3 P.M. and then, there comes that awesome second, when the school bell starts to ring, and I can finally scurry… to the dormitory dining hall for lunch So I am on the way to that dining hall and I don’t even look on the today’s menu to surprise myself Well, it’s not that bad sometimes, but there are days, when I feel like I am in Ethiopia What the hell is that ?! In that case, there is a back-up plan to go to the nearest shopping mall and eat there after walking past million kids that are staring at you on the way At that time it’s around 4 P.M. I go back to the dormitory so I can finally rest. So what ? You’d want to rest as well after that hard day. WRONG ! You look at your phone and OH RIGHT!! You have to attend driving school ! So I pack up my things, Say bye to my friends from dormitory even to our sitter in her office and I am immediately going outside because I have taxi waiting for me In that time I realise, that I am probably going to be late, because I should be there at 4:30 P.M. Huh.. To this adress as soon as possible I am in a hurry So I get in front of the driving school I run up to like 250th heaven floor and OH OH OH We have another 2 hours of looking on the blackboard about traffic regulations Okay, driving school is atleast something that I need to know, so it interests me . But STILL man, 2 HOURS ! So it ends, And I’m either going to the gym to run for an hour because I was sitting all day or if I’m totally knocked out from the whole day I won’t go because I won’t be knocking myself out with the gym as well So I get myself a ride back to the dormitory.. Nope, nope, nope ! I get myself ride back to the shopping mall.. ..because I missed my dinner at a dormitory while I was outside unfortunately.. ..or should I say.. fortunately? So I now I am in that kind of chill state of the evening, so I put on my Airpods and I turn on some music, while I am happily eating kebab and I am enjoying that.. ..I can finally sit at one place as long as I want to or I just call some friend to chat and yes, It may surprise you .. But I do have friends! Okay? Sweety ? Just so you know. When i finish eating, I get back to the dormitory around 8:30 – 9:00 P.M. kind of tired and devastated after the whole day and now you could say that I can finally rest NOPE! There is still that one thing waiting for me, when I have to sit in front of my computer and yes! It’s you ! It’s you, YouTube ! so I turn on my computer then I open YouTube and… Fans, you can make me so angry sometimes! It’s not possible, I have urge to break everything around me I take out my SSD where I have all the videos I recorded trough the weekend for you We’ll get to my weekend later. So I turn on my editing software Sony Vegas and from 9 P.M. to atleast and I repeat .. ATLEAST Midnight I’m editing video for you guys Sometimes even while being half asleep so you can calmly watch it after you come from the school tomorrow. I love that feeling when after those 3, 4, 5 or sometimes even 6 hours of editing I finally push that “Render” button and I’m finally going to lie down after the whole day on my comfy 50-year old squeaking bed. But I don’t even care, because I can finally fall asleep and enjoy resting So ladies and gentlemans, that was only one of my days I hear alarm clock right away and everything repeats I wake up and it’s cold outside and thats why I am 10 minutes late for a lesson At the school was an exam waiting for me which I didn’t know of I got D Since me and my parents have access to an electronic pupil book My mom yelled at me because of the bad grade It was raining outside while snack break so I couldn’t go to the nearest grocery shop to buy something to eat That made me buy a Margot from school automat From which I had rash that evening On the way to the dormitory I was managing rides for my driving school and right after that I got another call from Zdochliakk where we discussed collaboration I broke a cup in a dining hall The most embarrassing thing was that I didn’t even get an applause I got yelled at for having a mess in my room I had like an hour of time before driving school so I decided to edit atleast part of some video but I realised that my laptop battery is dead I was looking for a charger and I remembered that I left it in the school in the plug I went to the school and came back with only 15 minutes left I called taxi, I didn’t feel like talking to the taxi driver, but he did So young man, what do you do for living ? I don’t feel like explaining to another random taxi driver my whole situation Uhmmm.. I work at … Yeah, Tesco ! Yeah, yeah .. I work at a Tesco Oh okay.. what is the salary there ? uhmm I think it’s around few thousands- Slovak crowns because I still thinks we are living in that era Interesting, it’s a long time since 2009 when we converted to euro SHUT UP ALREADY!! I got angry at a guy that was bothering me every 5 minutes asking me if I have time Someone tried to hack my server so on the way to the driving school I had to discuss with my admin team on what should we do I came back to the dormitory and I wanted to edit a video but the internet wasn’t working Dark times has come with no internet avalaible Hide in to the underground bunkers This won’t end well.. I was trying to find out what’s happening for like an half hour And then I found out that my roommate next doors is downloading films You little… !! Well .. that was the second day I just added a few things that I didn’t mention last day Everything I said to this point were only 2 of my days so the things that are happening in the next days I was late for my school I got an F I dropped my phone while calling I missed my tram I slipped in the dining hall I argued with my girlfriend I spilled water on my keyboard while editing I farted … Oh wait, wait, wait, waaait *fart* OHH YEAAH My God WEEKEND So after all of that I’m finally going home. I travel every friday for approximately 2 hours and when I finally get home It’s usually 6 P.M. I spend some time with my family I’ll go check out my grandparents or I’ll just go outside with my friends I just need to relax somewhere otherwise I would go crazy. On the Saturday My alarm goes off at 8 A.M. and I am shooting videos for the whole day while trying to edit as much as I can It’s the same thing with Sunday Seriously! My whole weekend consists of shooting videos and sitting in front of the computer staring at monitor. That’s why I am surprised that, for example I don’t drink alcohol, or all around I’m not addicted to coffee or energy drinks like I used to be at primary school, when I absolutely didn’t need that If you are surprised of the way that my days are.. It’s really like that You expect my videos long, nicely edited, full of energy, and full of humor That’s the kind of videos I am uploading everyday.. The problem with those videos is.. that you got used to them being that way And when sometimes happened that I didn’t have enough time and I uploaded videos that are less complex I get comments like that it’s not how it used to be, Why I don’t work enough on my videos, Why the quality of my edit went down You know, you can’t forgot how to edit videos nicely As long as I have enough time for YouTube I seriously give the video that effort.. But that is up to me right ? Like, I can’t go crazy… Right now I am in the situation, when I don’t know where my head stands I am at my graduation year, I am studying for my driver license, graduation prom is getting really close, I try to spend some time with my family, friends and girlfriend I’m traveling from city to city And to add to all those things, I am living with you guys on YouTube I am trying to upload videos as frequent as I can, be all-inclusive for you guys, and be something more on slovak YouTube scene. And to all those things I need to remain responsible and keep good relationships with people That’s why I hope you get me after watching this video, because I don’t want you to have silly fantasies about me, enjoying my life in the bathtub full of money Because I legitimately didn’t have one day when I was spending all my time for myself and I wasn’t bothered by anything for a year But I got used to it and without my parents, my perfect girlfriend, and my awesome friends I would definitely go crazy That’s why I want to thank you for watching this video and if you are interested in my life, make sure to watch my Draw My Life video, which you’ll see up in the card and don’t forget to hit subscribe and the bell button because my biggest dream is to reach million subscribers and half a million subscribers till the end of the year. Thank you very much and I am waiting for you in my next video Goodbye!

100 thoughts on “Každodenný Život Youtubera | Animovaný Draw My Day

  1. Ešte taky mini dotaz 🙂
    Týmto videom som určite nechcel docieliť to, aby ma ľudia ľutovali aký som chudáčik alebo neviem čo 🙂 ani náhodou hahahah.
    Chcel som vám len priblížiť aké to mám a verte mi, že to so systematickosťou celkom na pohodu zvládam:)

    Každopádne ďakujem za tú extrémnu podporu, ktorú od vás ziskávam, a neuveriteľne si cením to #1 miesto v Slovenských a taktiež v Českých trendoch 😍😍😍

    ❤️ily all

  2. Vážím si tvojí snahy a davam ti rešpekt jsi nejlepší na cz sk scéně♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Moon, mne vôbec nevadí, že niekedy sa nám fakt nestihneš venovať. Ja som ti ešte vďačný za to, že vydáš nejaké video. 😀

  4. Edupage čo? Ja som spolužiakovi nakreslil na lavicu pipik aj na peračník. Jak mi neveríš kľudne ti pošlem screenshot xD

  5. A ty si odkiaľ chlapec? Peknááááááá vychodnaaarčiinááááááá. Video je velmi dobre, aspoň čo sa týka animácie. Len moc kričíš a ten prízvuk, ale s tým asi veľa nenarobíš?

  6. Ľudia si ťa môžu vážiť, nezávidím ti,dúfam že sa ti bude dariť v škole a na ytb,nechapem ako to všetko stíhaš

  7. Super jedno s nejpovedenějších videí, akorát ty hardcore úkoly nechápu to jsou total pi…….. toč minecraft a podobné takové videa jako tohle a pár dalších a bude to dobré

  8. Mně nezáleží na tom jak richle vidáváš videa stačí treby jednou týdně aby sme vedeli ze si tu a nezapomnel si na nas fanoušky😊😇

  9. Moon, ale prečo to robíš tak, že sa naschvál nepozrieš na jedálniček, majú ,,etiópske jedlo" a ty sa cítiš blbo, keď ideš naspäť a zazerajú na teba iný ľudia. Prečo to jednoducho nerobíš, že sa na ten jedálniček pozrieš, a keď to bude niečo ,,etiópske" tak sa proste ideš najesť do nákupného centra? Aspoň pre mňa by to bolo lepšie.

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