Justin Bieber | Draw My Life

Justin Bieber | Draw My Life

Hey! I’m Justin Bieber and I’m going to
draw my life. You know what, I’m going to let my friends
at draw my life handle the drawing. Draw Justin Bieber as a baby, with a huge
calendar saying “1994” I was born Justin Drew Bieber on March 1st
1994 in Ontario, Canada. My haters or to give them their official term,
non Beliebers, voted it was the worst thing to happen in 1994. Just to put that
in context that’s the same year the Rwandan genocide began, Kurt Cobain killed himself
and the First Russian Chechen War started…I know, it’s ridiculous, right?
Surely, if people got that worked up about the things that are REALLY wrong, imagine
what a better place this world would be! I was raised by my teenage single mom Patricia
after my dad Jeremy Bieber walked out on us. My mom has always believed in me
and never given up on me. In short she’s the best Mom in the world.
And she is short – she’s only 4’9”! My ancestry is French-Canadian and I attended
a French language school. As a kid I learnt to play the piano, drums,
guitar and trumpet. Hey buddy – my cheekbones are more defined
than that. When most teenagers say they’re going viral,
they mean they’ve got an embarrassing rash. But not me! When I was 12 I entered a local
singing competition, my mom filmed me and put the videos up on YouTube for friends and
family to watch. Soon, thousands of people were watching. Then
ten’s of thousands. Then hundreds of thousands, then…I could go on… Marketing executive Scooter Braun, yes that
is his real name, was searching for a different video of a 12 year old boy on the
internet when he stumbled across one of my videos. He tracked down my mom and convinced her to
let him take her 13 year old son to Atlanta Georgia to record a demo…. eh it was a different
time. One week later I was singing in front of Usher. Usher signed me to his label and when I was
15 I released my first single… and had my first shave. One Time reached number
17 in the Billboard hot 100. But it was my single Baby that really launched
my career. It became the most viewed video ever on YouTube, and has only recently been
surpassed by Gangnam Style. It’s also the most disliked video on YouTube
smashing Rebecca Black’s Friday by over 3 million more dislikes. I guess unlike those guys, I still have a
career. My debut album My World 2.0 reached number
1 in the US making me the youngest male solo artist to top the chart since Stevie
Wonder in 1963. But then the unthinkable happened… I hit puberty! I couldn’t
reach the high notes in Baby anymore Baby baby baby NOOOOOO!. By the way,
when I was teenager, I was much more ripped than that. Make sure
you draw me with better muscle definition. In 2010 I started dating Disney actress Selena
Gomez I was her boyfriend…. but unfortunately she got jealous of all the
female attention I was getting… eh and giving. My biological father even re-entered my life
and we were able to have those special father son moments we had missed
out on, like that time he took me to a strip club. Yeah. He wasn’t a great influence on me. But things turned kid of sour for a little
bit, it turns out teenagers can be likable one minute and kind of annoying the next. Like
in 2013 when I visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. All I said was Anne was a great girl and hopefully
she would have been a Belieber. Then German customs confiscated my Capuchin
monkey in 2013. Then there was that video of me urinating
into a Janitor’s bucket and shouting ‘Fuck Bill Clinton’ at a photo of the
President. It was a joke, I respect former President Clinton how could I not respect
another great ladies man? Play on player! Or that time I threw a couple
of eggs at my neighbor’s house, it was just a prank, I only caused 80 thousand dollars
worth of damage… That’s pocket change. Everyone does dumb stuff as
a teenager, and I had to do my growing up in public. Everybody needs to chill. Especially my little hobbit friend Orlando
Bloom, he had the nerve to take a swing at my swag. Just because Miranda Kerr was giving me the
eyes. Coincidentally, it was around that time that I became friends with professional boxer
Floyd Mayweather … you come at the king you best not miss
Orlando. By the way, draw me with better abs. But I’ll admit I have made some mistakes
which I have to accept responsibility for. In 2014 I was arrested in Miami for drag racing,
smoking marijuana, resisting arrest and driving under the influence… of being a goddamn
bad ass! I’m a 21 year old rock star, what the hell
do you people expect me to do? Stay at home and play jenga? After my arrest 270,000 people petitioned
the White House seeking to have me deported back to Canada. Please, I get more retweets
than that when I tweet from my bath tub. Deep down you want me to live the life you
wish you could. And I do! I have a net worth of 200 million dollars,
I have 64 million followers on Twitter, I can solve a rubix cube in under two minutes,
I’ve had 5 number one albums and I’ve dated some of the hottest women in the world. What more evidence do you people need to Beliebe? That was my Draw My Life, thanks for watching.
Don’t forget to subscribe. Can we do that again, and draw me with better hair.

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  2. umm okay but in this video all you did was to joke with justins life this is horrible fck you
    what dont you joke like that with other singers ugh

  3. U know what I’m done with this channel and it’s clickbait “oh imma pretend I’m Justin drew bieber none of my viewers will notice they are so stupid they won’t notice I’m a righty but Justin is really a lefty” read the bottom comment


  4. 99% of this comment section is saying, "uR nOt JuStIn BeIbEr! U iDiOtZ!!" They are not going to get freaking Justin Bieber here! 🤦‍♀️

  5. I hate justin ……..😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 he is crazy
    I saw his hair is black but the drawing is red lier lier lier

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