| JUST SMILE... | Doki Doki Literature Club MOD "Summertime" Part 3 [Sayori]

| JUST SMILE… | Doki Doki Literature Club MOD "Summertime" Part 3 [Sayori]

women are companions welcome back to dr. this summer time part something we are on salary route at least some and a million excited I'm just really excited to get back to this cuz I'm so busy nowadays even if summer but I want to continue this i water play all the routes and get the secret ending and we're gonna continue then I wouldn't go as far as say I'm not looking forward to end the same but up until a week ago most of the days seem like a blur often I wasn't even sure what day of the week it is as we play this other routes and I will skip kind of fast forward some stuff because some elements are some parts of the routes are pretty much the same and we played first one the monitor out to tighten up exactly detailed and read everything so if I see parts of the are similar or exactly the same I will make the bit quicker you know so please watch the series from the beginning if you want to get all the context but yeah last time we had to date nuts key because of the second that you always have to pick another character and I don't know how much longer this will last but I'm glad say Orion introduced me to her friends not invested enough in literally to join their club but with all the new things that happen who knows what else is summer night will bring its next favorite blanket and enjoy this there's definitely a kind of connection between me and say Orion could this be a sort of revival of our friendship or something more Yura and I had a great time together despite the word tried to get in the way she was helpful invested and she even said we could continue our adventure now I'm not rocket scientist but he's both sound pretty promising however it goes it will only go forward if I only reach out and take the opportunity with my own hands after all doing nothing then it gets me too far I feel love and song with that I embark on a journey to the ice-cream shop not skid told me about yesterday ice cube as I arrived I recognized two of the girls chatting at the table oh hello I'm telling you they're literally retelling the same story over and over again with each of them giving their own take on how things would happen correct you wish love the drinks and the text in background are called coldest summer Sunday Sun Sunday see what I did there most of them are literally has tried to force a sappy ending on thirst or that it's meant to be unpredictable and sad I think this is pretty much the same hey mind if I join welcome back Sansa I'm glad you could make it yeah hi so where was I have you seen same way in Monica Monica is bound to appear at any moment since she's last least likely of all of us to disappear what I think good reason sounds I just look around you he thinks he already wouldn't miss out on this no she wouldn't but where is she though well a brand new ice cream shop and hang out yes yes you don't know her well enough you should have seen her at the school festival not to mention said I didn't see her at the festival at all day that she was avoiding me we probably just visited stands at different times what do you mean we barely finished a performance first thing on her mind was to go to the cafe now I remember there being a sort of cafe in one of the classrooms they served several drinks and snacks the shackled takes with delicious and I even bought an extra one to take home as I'm recording all this stands in my mind Natsuki keep going on about this their experience at the festival wash the tiger hat that might look cute ostrich sounds really cute Natsuki at this moment I knew I messed up I'm not it being a cute Sri arrives with a neon green bird plushie tucked under her left arm if she was wearing her pajamas elsewhere she just fell out of bed her wide smile is radiated would join hue a so does immediate after noticing us she puts down mr. bird next to her as she takes her seat – yes everyone seriously you brought the plushy way to boost it before an atmosphere what do you mean plushy ice-cream you it's pretty sorry atmosphere if you say so oh my timer no the way I did not anything to make it more kid-friendly cupcakes with Kitty faces why is she late yeah do I need to have a talk with you about over sleeping again cracking your knuckles like that I was set to leave home then I accidentally sneaky smile what you accidentally what the whole thing hey Rick could you clarify what it is you accidentally did talking about an ice cream hello welcome to Stone Cold Steve he would you did there wrestler what can I get you ice cream look behind us and see the or one greeting us is an all-too-familiar person oh yeah it was manager of course yeah I remember this Yuri didn't get the job hello Monica if you're the waitress but giving Loki is one thing but the in series is on a whole new level I do that all the time if you make a joke to me in person I was many of the times taken to the serious I have a request please can you make that scary did feel good for fancier but she got it she asked for the twisters damn she was hiding her power level with you jokes is sound like a code from some novel you know like to read you don't like to read books not kick of course I do if you I just don't read them super seriously like some people here you're only once pretty disgusting I cannot see as I just demonstrated I am fond of the occasional how you say and princess of darkness actually like that I know you do I know you do Yuri didn't you want to continue talking for a minute or a minute ago oh yea orsa topic with the sector will recite the second the various aspects of stories written by office to be read on internet yep you know I'm not crazy about good grammar but some people really does this batter it some people can't help it's not like even never heard of proofreading when he looks away and like the shrug shoulders I would want to start an argument about Graham are either grammar either regrettably I have to agree publishing the work is of such low quality tells more about the writers herself or himself and the characters in the story yeah so yeah it could look past that this stuff just doesn't make sense Kyra says some sad stuff and she really liked it cough I'm in London when somebody literacies his side a heart is sittin right yeah I know this is quite the amateur mistake I love their banter about novelist son if I may add I read power in iterations of that one specific story they make inordinate variations of hand apologies in advance but this fine line between horror and the parody throwing sheeps cares just for the sake of it seeming worse than not of having them at all it's like trying to build atmosphere but peppers haphazardly painting a room wouldn't read halfway and filling it with an extremely strong musty smell yeah I guess so is it pretty much the same I'm sorry I'm finished I don't know it when you do you two are talking about jokes were airplanes this place would be pork yeah the come on let's do it is whatever charming first story yeah when I started sharing poems a lab meeting everyone's poems wish from I was as good salary you're doing it again okay because if Monica knows much more about stories background on her yeah her depression you know given your first one was decent at the least we talked about opposed any luck yes we did leave an offered writing tips each meeting yeah I will remember that from the main game wah-ha-ha-ha would you mind sharing it with us that is if it's not too much to ask for we'll have a good laugh or I feel favored in a ski not ski won't laugh at it I promise he'll show it to us I warn you now it's pretty short it's your technique that matters not the length it's the technique that matters not the length allow the innuendos of this an incursion feel insulting yeah I guess so this is pretty much the same I don't really get why we have that the poem in our pocket like this yeah they didn't like it I don't know how to break it to you those are just words we like oh my god yeah we had it on hit on the phone yeah I remember misunderstood creative genius yeah I guess we are pick your favorite words anyway let's buy some ice cream come on let's do that sorry walk over the display and browse the whole selection huge selection of ice cream flavors your glances over all of them including extra ones get the extras one can get them talked to the shopkeeper with a clear idea in our mind what she desires come phase favors nuts kiss hi in the price of the Sheep yeah on our ski and say where he's going menthol populace isn't her tummy or her mine if we're tummy tummy who's gonna win hushed voice Monica how about you two get the tab for all of us Elsa no let's artist shackle no way we could pay for all this Monica doesn't have an ice cream what on a diet Monica to the contrary I'm having a cheat day not supposed to cheat I know but I think I'm just liquid guilty-pleasure couldn't win it hard cheat sheet the game saver is added to like she oh brain freeze yeah never rush ice-cream doing it sounds of style the best style yeah you order miss thank you that's what she everyone is in tree but I see most peace among he gives a detailed list of its contents it's covered in almonds the top covering almonds chocolate syrup caramel five different flavors of ice cream two of which are coffee based whipped cream and of course the cherry on top they pop the cherry the innuendos Wow that's concealer already finish where the balls were not isn't even good even at the third of the way through that's good you like any of these flavors yeah why sharing is caring one grab a spoon and we can share it you shouldn't weigh too much give one and for your do way too much the acronym game here we go here we go it'd be nothing okay so money okay so who will be not it's only Natsuki oh yeah yeah okay okay I've gotta go as you did before we wanna try to go where them sorry for this route steamed fax I think that's yes Christ face sorry no damn it it is cannot save yes fighter sauce name it Natsuki yes I kiss I I want to get to main task is very nice great big hugs and invasion MIT damn it load actually I'm going to do this here because I want to get to say or even the most here we go cats entails the castle tax in fryer no waterfall breastfed forever damn it get him I see fork damn it said waffle water let's say for life there we go no got more sorry who is the winner I guess you see here I think it's that's area yeah there we go there we go not literally though that's like on Monday she was laughing through most of that game yeah I like when she's cheerful you know okay we got to play again Aska looked at me with an expression that says Esther wants to punch me and Nick's looking for reason to do so yeah maybe with yeah she must be she might be really pest you know which shows say Ori this time can ask you some press Q Sam and ask you something for Monica it's so confusing to jump between the different voices of course it can dear how did he come up with this game they'd expect that question you see we need a game with in which your choices can be awarded with a point in every round this way the player is bound to get at least some points with this points player can have multiple outcomes and none of them are losing I guess so it's not really a losing game they don't lose because they had fun by playing yeah that's totally what I meant not speaking of the acronym game do you know TM I actually sense with too much information I knew that one make is pretty funny too who girls getting the conversation about literature I can't really complain about feeling excluded since Monica originally came up with this game with that purpose random thoughts started to cloud our minds as spaced out for however long morally lost track of time when I suddenly hear the girls laughing about something I decided to listen in with the hopes of actually being able to contribute a few meaningful comments it's kind of like the story behind the story you are reading you mean like the stuff people do behind the scenes no salsa we would we talked about how well-crafted stories you tells you more than what can be seen on service or doki-doki for sure I'm Way out of my depth is I'm his golden is his another saying that comes to my mind would you like to explain it Yuri Yuri oh sorry I was weighing my options somewhere I could free tomorrow would you mind repeating a question is okay would you like to explain what we meant by the story behind the story with pleasure set of inter character dynamics rules of the world implied or stated messages of the author and possible events but people call backstory is not the same but rather a part of it reading such a story behind the story other words a meta story can been encumber and it tossed but it is guidelines for the other by establishing the rules of the world and really can be led to have a set of expectations which can be ultimately is shattered as the world is this in question is revealed to be a far cry from what it appeared to be everyone is silent as we listen to URI not just ask though literally nobody else is talking in the shop sorry I got a bit carried away that wonder when you're going to stop this hair drop this habit of rambling on saying sorry all the time so anyway I have sort an announcement to make or more of an invitation there's this nice pool place I visited with sounds and I wanted to invite you all there coming up for the Sunday thing it though you know cool party here pool party I think we'll have like four or five videos for each route in total you know if I can make it out in lost route Yuri didn't show up or she showed up later but she was totally I guess Monica did something then necessarily those sort of might vitamin D yeah pretty sure really promise to things of be de la votre No why she upset something wrong not ski I'm fine yes Ted can stay any longer not sure that's hot not ski that's too bad don't beat yourself up Oh Monica with the words I mean if you know nuts kiss back so you know pretty much that Monica is playing with words maybe things would turn out better than at a time yes whatever you see you girls on Sunday arise aloft on the ground as who say goodbye to her when she leaves the shop she rod is forceful on the door about that did you have something else in mind sorry yeah I wanted to go shopping for clothes really sure yeah we'll go with you right girls marika looks over to me but I doubt it's because she needs my advice it suspect to say after a few seconds of what I assume to be thinking would it be okay with you if you went without us here we have our second date if you say so we'll say okay I was hoping Sasha would come with me right to whoever will listen have mercy or let me secure my sacrifice not be in vain you didn't ask me about this theory we come inhale deeply without the very long side I will go with you yes as we're leaving the show this is totally different we just saved we're leaving the shops they were suddenly stops and attracts the same start of some reason it's a knowing wait what yeah may I feel it now Mercer is like his business renewable source of shenanigans one could say she did an odd fellow was I or II just messing around or did Monica do that you know fix some snow have obviously already said no I don't know well then I'll see you two on Sunday don't forget to bring swimwear and Sun lotion hi everyone okay here we go back when I was little really kid mom used to take me with it hurt quite often when she bought new clothes comfortable how many times I had to say it looks great can go now before she realize it's not worth taking me with her boredom proving out ya mean she's shoulders she's so cheerful between Iraq so close and you ask me every minute or so that's a piece of clothing I am NOT a big fan of go shopping I think it's quite boring many other times but sometimes need to go just look around you know yeah yeah different clothes we know that what's on forever my god words fail to describe my boredom I feel you bro not that or it's that or not or my brain just finally went numb of the heavy on one too many one-way conversations about the clothes she's showing me at the moment if indecisiveness has a measurement Sarah is a 10 out of 10 girl on that scale depict one thank you where you have fun of that feels like an eternity you pour it in purgatory ice a single white top Wow after all this time how about we go somewhere oh let's do that I'm kind of tired maybe just go on another day please really not feeling it right now savory pretty please when someone says things like that to you as we did here now in the game don't push it with the police you know it's quite egocentric you say so some other time Hey really with what that's it I'm relieved by the fact we're going home how's IRA seem upset of course yes but still he didn't even talk to me apart from a few words in response too bad about it but we can easily final time inmigrantes plenty of opportunities for us when we arrive in our streets she says goodbye to me in the same way she gave her single word the taste in my mouth yeah I was hmm this is not a good idea please go out with her again Yeah right to her you could decide on the day yeah yeah yeah she's not writing back oh my god Saturday but I think we can go on a date this Saturday and I will which said something it says something she I didn't make her too upset it's their festival wait what this is Sunday yes maybe can go on a date with now on Saturday Saturday and Sunday will be the last let the last the ending for this route that's a message replied what did she say though okay she sucked a would be coming over and that's good that's good let's save let's save just in case let's just enter it hope everything is fine stepping aside and I call out to whoever's around hello oh not this again like time has stopped no noise where are her parents who are her parents I mean I don't even remember what their occupations are because they barely even ever talked about them seriously are they working even on Saturdays since there isn't anywhere on the first floor she must be a high life we are doing her route you raise myself you okay he's not hanging there at least as I step into the room it becomes glaringly obviously or she didn't respond to the door opening oh yeah she's not there it's just lying how she sleeping theory by Yuri look up sleepyhead please don't be dark this live just now thank god she's alive okay okay okay let's go this is good though she is pretty cute as she audibly blowing out air every single she exhales every time she exhale they cave exhales OOP no pup's sleep like yeah we are here yeah well because I didn't want to sit here for hours while you're sleeping told you I'm coming over I guess look around her room I haven't come over like this in a long time have I okay yes you're right has been a very long time but much have really changed in this room the room isn't messy as messy as it's always been I always recognize the same stuffed animals I also recognize the same stuffed animals and world decorations that she had for years now tucked away in the corner I can even see her yellow shirt with a big ole mark on it raise to come over more often it wasn't such a mess that's because he always ended up doing the cleaning so we came over and cleaned the room Wow rinse here and assume it didn't come over to tide in my room not that I wouldn't mind watching you clean up but I just felt a bit guilty about leaving you behind yesterday if you still want to we could go somewhere somewhere I'm sorry I just imagined you leaning in made us say wait it snap out of it aroma is serious remark yep happy Internet me going out we would like to go I didn't know let's go out you know spaces are way too much ah mr. bone one side that is my fingers in the process rapid fingertip tapping massage and try to take away and no idea what I'm doing yes so what show me this is a bit crunchy I need ooh take the monster this is cringe oh this is cringe it's quite adorable though everything in moderation good are you ticklish by the way I'm super ticklish this is just my punishment isn't it I'm being punished for being so selfish oh not the mood swing again not on earth I say it's still selfish that doesn't make any sense throws out song we send up we're going somewhere we got into the mood for cleaning maybe we're going yeah front of your house yeah let's get ready for adventure here we go okay boom boom boom I say leave the house will you by the sound of nature blah blah fill it with gentle sense of optimism yeah that's good where we gonna go though viciously why did you kiss me especially we're just going for a walk yeah let's just walk you know what have you don't really have to have a destination have my wallets in some money that's good it's adventure time see I love all the Easter eggs in this that's cute he's pacing her again nah I'm just not having second thoughts are you well there are certain thoughts that I'm having that's not the right way to describe them no it's just not really sure where we should go life doesn't have to be that complicated you know let's pick the direction and take the first step we change our mind on the way that's a game that's really something at that time I have the specs from Zurich words of wisdom let's go them add dementia time this is probably copyrighted music walking on the same part I'll take to school go somewhere different for things to be different hmmm what's end of the road let's just keep walking on our way we see a shop selling all kinds of baked beauties and I know without the shaky so his gaze is locked on it in fact he stops and started window and shot me like a kid in front of a storage to the world let me guess you're hungry how do you know if I literally woke you up an hour ago and know that you didn't have time for breakfast we shall have some SpaghettiOs in my pockets man now explain what the SpaghettiOs is yes wanted to say something funny her you can't just say things out of context and expect to be funny objection don't lie that's one made me love and smile what do she want to eat the music though it's so loud cinnamon bun telephony telephony that's not what she's meaning tell her pivot what's the different the hole is a big difference it's not Ameen II her jokes though her jokes though we keep walking after this it's nice this longest street in our city I'm not really one who walks around for no reason so it's not surprising how little I've seen of this place so far even say I asked if I knew where we were where we where we are when we arrived at what amount most looks like it will decide however I said it's forest called in front of us offering an option to continue our trek off-road that's nice have you been here before salsa give me a moment I need to shake something as I suspected there are markers next to the dirt path it's a hiking hiking trip both thing litter if adventure is what you're looking for you've come to the right place follow me but do you know where we're going trust me I know okay trust you she's adorable oh this is new as we have been here before we have him be here before I decided to pray the silence between us by throwing back her own question at her have you been here before sorry now I don't know why this road will lead us letting go of the opportunity correct term call in the past I rode I start telling her about my childhood memories where she wasn't present well she wasn't present when I was a little boy my parents took me on hiking shifts around here I was a bit stubborn before we left the house but once we were in the forest it was kinda exciting I love going on hiking trips and like this yes be in nature I think that's I will always want to live near the forest the nature I mean I mean I've been growing up with my whole life been watching his small small town just a few meters from the big forest and it's it's beautiful my dad always told me about all of the animals that live in the woods and occasionally pointed them out to me sometimes I was was fast enough to see them usually I wasn't at any of them I wanted to but while animals are too afraid of us to come even in arm's reach really it's more the little stories that stuck with me than a few things I saw did you see trees mostly no silly I mean animals us was this one time let's begin to tell story about the thing nice things I saw and heard in the forest I you should see how you sure you do not as depression turn into something I can all this guy has childlike wonder not shy like in a bad way just in a sense with the listening to me in silence and slowly walking by my side with careful footsteps I get a strange feeling is this what it feels like for dad to guide me when I was little what is felt like for Dad but enough about my stories why don't you tell me one you have with your parents a story you know like some trip you went on together as deep in thoughts for a minute or so before she speaking up again I remember the last big trip I went to visit some relatives in another city it was this big bouncing back castle and I played with one of the kids from the part of the family that sounds like her bouncy castles also gone though she was really mean and push me down the slide through Sanok me on the playground stuff like that that I had a big family meal where hamburgers the data shapes who stick a dessert which I didn't in life then we came home kinda feels like her parents and her relatives I mean Anna feels like she's not fitting in in her own family if you say so how old were you 12 that was seven years ago they had their last big trip yeah it's really lost keeping remember with your parents yeah what did you go into where since yeah that's naughty work I guess I was got expression impression her parents were very busy people do they work so much as to have little to no time left for sorry that loves his work but in case you Lee had has a day or two after week although to do stuff together isn't this what parents are supposed to do he'll do other family stuff right realize what you know cereal is actually cold soup I thought it was salad with milk as a dressing listen let's not talk more about it I guess she doesn't want to but I like this I like this mod because it could kind of dwells deeper into their families and relations with the families of the different girls unlike that he didn't really get that in the main game I keep going now space is a dummy dragged me up the hill maybe I just didn't notice it before but maybe it's not the shorts are very good fit for her stop running to Butz right when I was about to catch after she stumbles and trips over ouch the music's fit loud very I okay did you hurt yourself I hurt my knee let me see it's one of the drawbacks of shorts not no protection for your legs luckily she barely scraped it so it's he probably won't even hurt arrive tomorrow be back in lighten the mood with islets prepared propriety cringe about the bleeding theory I'm not blaming now I thought I already knew that I didn't get the dessert grab my hand her eyes are locked onto canta mine for a few seconds before looking away but I want to check out the view from the hilltop let's go beautiful it's so pretty salsa you like the view I love it we stay here for a while of course we can fix it by a big tree at almost at the top of the hill I don't know what the time is but at this point I feel it doesn't matter anymore for a few minutes we take in the view really it's it's mostly say Marie who's enjoying it I find it kind of boring off to come on it's beautiful ring-ring try again ring-ring mushy Mooji say early days is your refrigerator running because it's known the jokes though the jokes are so friendship nice one yeah we didn't have dinner yet I'm hungry what should we do oh we're gonna really let's just give it to her that I was thinking if we could share it bought the food after you slept through half the day and you still want mine he's yeah whatever with all of our food gone I'd make a mental note that we should start walking home before we get home yeah that's smart rush off my words about the time and instead focus on our time together would it what have you done if I just said whether I miss that we would have done if I just said I don't want to share you're not like that I know you sound so if we can change I'm glad to see you're us share plus ever but it works me how is still a bit of a klutz meanie the big world waiting for you after high school that is much meaner than you mean yes she's too naive you know sometimes the world is way too cruel for her little cheerful mind it's great to spend some time we have to so long but it's like it didn't change much since we were kids now they take life more seriously sooner than later so why can't it be like this it's always been like when we used to hang out all the time you know it's we're adults now sorry that means actually more responsible what kind saw the stuff we didn't get as kids heck we old enough to vote on how important things go that I still don't understand have to move on otherwise light would leave us behind I'm trying I'm expecting her to continue her sense but she's just silent where the lips curl inter belong I'm trying to move on but it's hard I know it's hard if you don't have to go along if that helps we can be friends again and take this challenge head-on together you really mean that I do I'll have to thank Monica yet again how some push me to speak you to you on Sunday although the previous Sunday here honey talked a lot about you and she recognized you when we walked by by the bus stop I'm glad you did so do you have any plans for when you finish high school kinda why don't you tell me about yours first nothing grant says I only started to care about this a few months ago my dad works as an electrician so I was thinking we tell her about our plans me to go home now though her eyes tell me she is genuinely interested when I talk about my future it looks the way when I tell more stories about me and my dad yeah she don't seem to have a good relationship with her parents singh's been really silent for some time now Sara was just listening to you okay but it's your turn now what's you're already have in mind for the future it's not very specific I'm listening when I talked about it with Monica she said I could consider becoming a teacher yeah she would yeah I guess so she could work as a teacher I actually thought about it a couple of times back when Missy Casa me used to teach us cuz I really like kids yeah if a small for small children she would work perfectly as a teacher getting a long summer break yeah that's one of the benefits of being a teacher you get the whole summer pretty much free nice to give a still yeah now maybe little I guess that's true how come your parents have worked so much I don't know it doesn't want to talk about it so let's drop it you're getting great view from here right so come on don't push it you watch the sunset please me don't have to look come on don't push it please that's the sunset okay yeah don't push it when someone's don't want to talk about something mrs. Sun is setting I tried to recall when I was last to wash it like this not being a sentimental guy I haven't cared to take the time and I just watch the sky become developed by the night looking at it now I appreciate it I appreciate how beautiful that increasingly orange attentive all of it is it's still pretty boring we had such a douchebag well sorry you see the stars you think we can see a shooting star I don't know it's a bit early to see a lot of stuff up here I wish I could see his shooting stars I could make you wish that's how it works that's not how any of this works you know supposed to say your wish out loud I should keep my wishes to myself you wish upon a shooting star yeah what if I don't in that case wish away sorry I wish to break thoughts he'd go away forever as a moment of silence between us and us to try to get my head around something us definitely more and what it seems like on the surface rain clouds she's not talking about the rain clouds the real rain clouds I guess she's talking about the rain clouds clouding her mind if says so all this beautiful building under the weather I have crippling depression I don't make this into a meme come on this is serious stuff yeah okay my she used up as a meme she used the me ma'am but now I get that reference no seriously what's wrong much not joking this time salsa it's nothing happened that made you sad you can tell me anything really what was in hints of this something being wrong but I brush it off because I didn't want to be intrusive cheerful mood seemed to have vanished now like a file being deleted on a computer Monica what are you doing not that bad really you will go away I need to get yourself hung up hung up about it we'll go away we need to get yourself hung up upon it Wow Wow hung up really I mean I'm gonna mind read about the smile she gives me it's clearly forced one it's too late for that I'm coming worried more worried the parents aren't anywhere to be seen they never take it to places and no you say you're depressed I'm sorry for making you worried look I don't know what's been happening with you in the past half a year or so I know I feel like I know even less than on Sunday please tell me what's going on here do you really want to get involved I do okay don't say I didn't warn you remember how we spent so much time together when we were still kids you ever wonder why I went over to your house so often did your mom would dad tell you the rest I was just happy to have you over my parents asked me your old parents a lot to let me stay over while they were went on with the work sure they sometimes took me with them it was awfully boring for me so they just gave up on trying add other friends as well in elementary school but only your parents seem to Issei except me every time you were home then as I got bigger they didn't see any reason to not just leave me home alone they still came over sometimes which made me really happy still does but didn't want to tell you this because I wanted siffredi of coming Berlin to you as well just like I am to my parents no say or you never were a burden to me bill know that but I don't know what the future will bring but I'll be here for you what give up on you it was glad you're here again after all this time you came back rise well up and her tears begin to solve the spark in the dim moonlight I take her into my embrace hoping this is the correct first step in helping her this ah be next to my ear and her tears are flowing on to my shoulders like tiny droplets of rain for a minute I'm speechless not wanted to interrupt her in from what letting it all out who knows how long she's been holding you there girl – lets me go which he knows shows us meet me girl smiling while brushing her hair out of her face I give your shoulder a ten out of ten will cry on it again it sounds like a biased review guess I'm biased towards you is this weird first feeling that I'm having love I knew when we be sure the last before I got hungry again it's getting late we should really get home any hungry salsa buddy guess cuz I'm starving official says she's just trying to make light of situations seeing that we never really talked about anything like this yeah in this this is why she was acting so immature lean just to brush off maybe because I'm nothing to talk about yeah Paulette possum a smartphone and consequently feel grateful from this tiny gaudy because up to once it showed me the way instead of stealing my attention that's a good way to put it that's a good way to put it yeah smartphones first was smartphones I mean I really have a hate relationship with em kinda on the way home so II went into more details contrary to her imagine that it's not constant sadness the innocent usually isn't it's more like a little boys in the back of her mind telling her awful things from time to time these thoughts often made it hard for her to just go out of out of bed she let's me nan another little secrets her depression prevents her from eating regularly also that's why he gets so hungry sometimes being around her friends helps her relax enough to get her appetite back button comes back much stronger this one on and off eating is really unhealthy but she heard the present always convinced her not to care about it or anything concerning her general well-being for that matter of this revelation I feel even worse about teasing her from thinking of a Thomas often we luckily found a bus on a way home that took us closer to our street as the vehicle took its turn turns theory became even more cheerful again she's so precious she's so precious he was only a few minutes walk from the bus stop to our streets then she said he brought the boy way to ruin the atmosphere if she talking about they'll be girls Yossarian you know this one did you know this one you so freakin precious when you smile know that song I don't know that song I mean it night is dark in the lightest bars but not even that in high sales a brighter red blushing face but even nervous laughter comes out of her after hearing that we arrive at her house and I slide two torn after all that what's happened today it is almost wrong here say goodbye now but I don't know what more to tell her maybe this thanks for today's Elsa this meant more to me than you probably think before you go sorry what was it again that you wished for rain clouds to go away forever not the one who has all the answers nor do I have the solution for your problem but until you get better does this help open my arms as an invitation for her to give me a hug and she takes me up on it is this so someday here we go here we go this is probably the last part okay okay cool cool cool okay we could cut since upwards but we'll pull the FK okay cool I think we can stop it here isn't it saved there we go again I think this part this episode did so well with describing depression in a respectful and important way this is such a wide problem and I can kind of relate to say or its feelings sometimes and yeah wow this is dark that's so important so in such important messages tell me comes down both think about it can I see in the next part very soon never ever forgets the awesome you

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