Juice WRLD “Lucid Dreams” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Juice WRLD “Lucid Dreams” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I could do what I want with a song. If I had a good idea, like a good mindset,
I could make lit music even if I’m talking about something that’s completely random. It’s the energy that the song has that’ll
make it a good song. How do you think people will get on the radio
with saying one word for two minutes? “Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.” They’re generating a lot of good vibes so
the “bitch” sounds kinda hard on a song. Facts. The day I wrote “Lucid Dreams,” it was
an ordinary day. Just regular routine what I usually did when
I was making music, I would just sit in my family room and like play beats on the stereo
and just write to them. I had no idea that it would be a song that
blew up. There were certain songs that I wrote that
I was like “Okay this one’s like gonna maybe be it.” “Or this one’s gonna maybe be it.” But that was one of the ones where I just… Not like downplaying it like I still thought
it was a good song ‘cause I put it out. But I didn’t think it was gonna be it. When you have sleep paralysis, you see things
that possibly are there or that aren’t there. Like you see shadows. Some people have an old lady that sits on
their chest. They call it “the old hag.” A hundred million people probably have sleep
paralysis and a lot of them see the same old lady sitting on their chest. That shit’s crazy. I do not trust my head or my heart ‘cause I don’t know which is which sometimes. I feel like your emotions and your conscious
are in two different places. Sometimes you wanna hear one instead of the
other. Sometimes you disregard one and hear the other
one. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Sometimes that’s a bad thing. I guess in a situation, you will know you’re
a better one if you’ll be well off without that person whoever the fuck they may be. You know they from the struggle or they don’t
see your worth type shit until it’s too late. I kind of figured out that I probably don’t
know what real love is. That’s rap culture now. I remember when pill poppin’ wasn’t cool. Now everybody… “Oh what you got, some ketamine?” “Some PCP?” Like what the fuck. I was one of the people that was doing them
when it wasn’t cool. It’s not even some hopping on any type of
wave. That was really a scapegoat. Poppin’ pills is the new weed. Overdosing is the new high. People can see what’s going on from the
outside way better than you can see when you looking straight ahead ‘cause you’re the
one that’s in the shit. Somebody’s working a fucked up ass job. They’re working these crazy ass hours. They’re losing all their sleep. Their hair falling out. They stressed, but they’re getting 3 times
the pay than they were getting at their last job. They don’t see anything wrong with them
losing sleep and their hair falling out and their eating habits getting fucked up. Not taking care of themselves. Obviously they’re not going to see anything
wrong with it. They’re getting more money. Looking on the outside, you’re like, “What
the fuck is wrong with my mans?” Evil girls don’t have the prettiest faces. Witches are ugly as fuck and they’re like
evil. They got like dick noses and like bumps and
shit. They got a herpes nose.

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  1. Can't wait to go to your next concert I haven't laughed at so many peoole crying in awhile! When's next Chicago concert?

  2. I have sleep paralysis but don't see anything it's just like having night mares and then waking up the crying so my mom picks me up then makes me drink and then try's to stop making me cry…sometimes i cry for maybe about thirty minutes because the feelings that my body makes or like…freaks me out…

  3. Lamoo “old lady” yall be having a demon on ya chest and an i the only one who has Sleep paralysis with their eyes closed?

  4. After he is done singing bitch by ugly God yue way he laughs and says facts its sounds like a teen girl tbh. I love you though juice wrld

  5. Juice being doing this since 2015, took him around 2 – 3 years to get on, so to everybody reading this that been doing it for 0 – 2 years, don't give up. YOUR UP NEXT

  6. TeAcHeR: Do your Work!
    mE:I know it’s all in my-head…
    Me:I’ll do it over agin I didn’t want it to end (my grade to end lol)

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