Join the Wolfpack! – Kujo Painting

Join the Wolfpack! – Kujo Painting

What’s up Guys, Welcome back! I’m constantly amazed by how quickly the channel has been growing. It was very slow to get off the ground, but
the last few months have been quite the rollercoaster in terms of growth. All your positive comments and ideas have
been a great motivator to push me into improving the quality of the tutorials. However, with my current equipment I can only
continue to push that bar so high until I reach a a plataeu. The videos take a lot of time and effort to
make and there’s only so much time I can justify spending on them. It’s for that reason that I’m starting a Patreon
account. With your help I will be able to commit more time to making the videos, and
be able to upgrade the recording equipment to give you a sharper finish. My goal is to create what I hope to be some
of the best miniature painting tutorials available on youtube. With your help I’ll be able to
make that goal a reality. With enough funds I would be able to upgrade
to a professional lighting setup, a better microphone and to add one or, ideally two
extra cameras, this would allow for multiple camera angels
and a dedicated palette camera. I would also be able to buy the equipment
necessary to start doing weekly live steams where you can watch the process in real time
and get your questions answered on the spot. In addition I will start doing a monthly raffle
to give you the chance to win a professionally painted miniature for a measly £1. By becoming a Patreon for as little as $1
a month, you will be able to get access to new videos upto a week before they appear
on Youtube, get your name forever immortalized in the
credits, and if you select the $10 option, 5 raffle tickets which will give you a much
better chance at winning the monthly miniature raffle. You’ll find a link to my Patreon account in
the description box below, or,. if you have annotations on, click the link
on the screen now and check out the reward structure. Help me to help you for as little as $1 a
month and together we can create something amazing. Thanks again. Bye for now.

15 thoughts on “Join the Wolfpack! – Kujo Painting

  1. Done. Only just discovered your channel and I love how you can keep your vids short, dense with information, and easy to understand. Also, entertaining :0

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