John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) Official Behind the Scenes “Art of Action” – Keanu Reeves

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) Official Behind the Scenes “Art of Action” – Keanu Reeves

Cinema is rich in traditions,
what has come before. I saw a picture called
Villainess, and it turned out
that Chad had seen it. Villainess is a great action
movie, and it had a
great motorcycle sequence in it. The first couple times we
watched it, me and my stunt team and effects
team were impressed, ah, that was a really cool idea. This is tipping our hat to them.
Here’s our little ode to you. Good f*cking job! We set such higher standards on
the first two movies that, you always have to kinda one up
it. We got to put things on
the edge of what’s real
and still make it cinematic. They designed this motorcycle
sequence, which was new for us. We have a bike chase
which would shut down
the Verrazzano Bridge for… It’s like a dance choreography.
There’s movements. There’s a language of
movement you have to play to. So it’s motorcycles with swords. (laughing)

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  2. I wonder how much CGI went into this if any at all. They they really have 2 niggas fly out their bikes 😂

  3. At this point, Reeves is just trying to see how much fun he can have…and get paid to do it. Right on, man.

  4. Why are they releasing so many official movie clips. Its like half the movie is on the internet already.

  5. Keanu Reeves and his love and knowledge for/of is gonna be absolute treat. For the Keanu fans check out Arch Motorcycle Company

  6. What I would pay to have a Crossover between John Wick & The Equalizer, then dub it as "The Equalizer III".

  7. sequel john wick is my favorite film, even though it currently tops the Endgame box office, but I hope the film John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum will top the box office , keanu reeves my favorite actor

  8. I like how he is so down to earth and doesn’t toot his own horn like many others in the movie industry.

  9. ActionMovies:I didn't even hear u coming..and then u gave me this..a scar that I can bear with pride..U slit my neck..a fine line..and u said "put ur hand on it and press..if u want to live or try to kill me..its death..its ur choice…" So Put my hand on the wound..and lived..u see..
    No one sneaks on me anymore

  10. IMHO The Villainess' bike stunts feel a bit cheesy, but this one here feels more all-in, in-your-face……

  11. This gonna be the best movie for this month. This is one of my favorite movies with Keanu Reeves and it's the best. I definitely would like more after this please make more because I'll be all over them.

  12. I knew this scene came from villainess. I expect this movie, and south korean film industry have more attention after this.

  13. This is where you see the franchise getting ruined. More action. Not enough deep story character telling. Ie: The Witcher III

  14. there are many fans around there in INDIA who eagerly waiting for this movie please make in Hindi for INDIAN FANS…. PLEASE 🙏❤❤❤

  15. Breaking News:At the end of this movie there going to Tie it in to the Matrix.You heard it here First.

  16. It’s so great they included motorcycles in this movie, since that’s Keanu’s biggest passion 😀

  17. I've meet a man that is John wick and let me tell jsut being in his presence my heart was pounding the man was a very highly trained killer im just glad i was not his target

  18. John Wick

    in the end, in the faaaaar faaaar end like “JohnWick Chapter Googleplexty-Nine : the Wickening”

    John is gonna be drinking bourbon with Rick from RickNMorty, probably Batman, Deadpool, and Force Ghost of DarthRevan most likely..

    And John Wick wouldve used an eraser to kill Thanos, a paperclip to kill Galactus, an A3 sized paper to kill Darkseid, a backpack to kill Grindelvvold and Voldemort (a strap each), and Vicks VapoRub to kill ChuckNorris.

    Babayega wins!!! Flawless Victory!

    #johnwickchapterinfinity forever plus1!!!!!

  19. "tell them whoever comes,whoever it is I'll kill them,I'll kill them all"..I love the end scene of john wick 2

  20. If you could only choose one movie to watch, John Wick 3 or Avengers Endgame, which would you choose?

    Like for John Wick
    Comment for Endgame

  21. I read Keanu does his own stunts, but makes sure the Stuntmen get paid anyways. Be more like Keanu, people; You give and you get. What a great chap.

  22. I live in Cyprus and itunes & google-movies still don't have John Wick 2 available in my country. How sad is that…!!!!

  23. I was watching The Villianess and saw the Motorcycle scene and was like "wait a minute" I saw this scene somewhere and here is the answer to that all.

  24. Omg the Villainess inspired that scene, this is so awesome ! I'm happy I was the Villainess before I saw John Wick 3 !

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