John David’s Love for Painting Abbie’s Nails! | Counting On

John David’s Love for Painting Abbie’s Nails! | Counting On

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right. Get your nails painted here. We recently got married
and been settling into life here in Arkansas. This is gonna be the first
time you’ve done French nail– French tips. I just think French tips
are more romantic-looking. They are very elegant. You’re right. I paint Abbie’s
nails quite often. It started before
we were married. He’s good at this too. He’s been perfecting it. And he gets better
and better each time. I learned by going with
her one time to a nail salon. This is the part I
have to be careful. Just watched the
person do her nails. And I thought, you know what? That ain’t that hard. And they’re making a
lot of money doing it. I’d rather be the
one spending time with my wife versus
paying somebody else to spend time with her. It’s a way to save money. I do her nails and
she cuts my hair. We like helping each other out. What do you do for me that
most people don’t know about? G-rated. Nobody can know. No. Don’t you dare write that one. Erase that one. Erase that. What did you write? Oh, dress you up. Dress you up. This is what I put. He paints my nails too. I paint my own nails. He tried to do it once. And it didn’t turn
out real good. Most people probably
don’t know that you do most of the cooking. Cut our roses from our garden. Yes. He does. He did that yesterday. Super romantic. I pay for her to
go to a nail salon. It’s a mystery. Well, you asked. More steps to the French tip. Yeah. Takes real– a
real man to do this. I think it’s
extremely romantic to have my own personal
handsome manicurist at home. Man, look at you go. I’m getting Abby’s
nails all spiffy, because we’re getting ready
to go on a marriage retreat. We’re gonna have fun. I was excited
when I first heard about the marriage
retreat, just because we always have more to learn. So we’ll always take
more tips and tricks from people who’ve been
married longer than we have. That looks so good. Thank you. You’re welcome. It was fun.

100 thoughts on “John David’s Love for Painting Abbie’s Nails! | Counting On

  1. Previously I thought he was a little arrogant but I’m warming to him. He’s softened considerably since meeting and marrying Abbie. They seem good for each other.

  2. That is really sweet. You can tell they're all dirty in the bedroom by their reactions. They're taught to please their men so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. 😂

  3. I’m sorry, but that is so endearing and so precious. Say what you will about them, but these guys are genuinely good guys who love their wives

  4. Out of all the men John loves his wife the most and you can just tell by the way he looks at her and treats her, the other men can be so unaffectionate and passionless sometimes but not John. Him and Abbie are my favorite couple out of all the married Duggar’s.

  5. John and Abbey and Jinger and Jeremy are the best married couples. Jessa and Ben are boring and Josiah is a closeted gay. Lauren always sounds like she’s breathless.

  6. Oh Jessa we know he does most of the cooking. Cooking the ovenmanual with the plastic still on, was kind of a give away…

  7. I would let him do my nails! He is a caring husband & not afraid to demonstrate. I paid $200.00 So John David's nail technique is my wish!

  8. I want to a nail tech program at a cosmetology school.. there was a man in our class that was totally straight married with a kid. He was determined to be a awesome manicurist.. he graduated with myself.. I never got certified but he did … AND IS NOW a nail tech instructor.

  9. It’s time your man is spending on her. I can call it gay and bizarre but it’s his wife’s nails. He paints her nails and saves money. I stop use mania and pedis to get away and be alone. But if I’m lazy and in a hurry, I’d let my man do my nails

  10. To each their own and all but as a woman I find this the biggest turn off ever. Sorry, I like masculine men. I know it’s not PC to say it, but that’s the truth

  11. I used to think John David was kind of the weird and awkward one, but he and Abbie are genuinely sweey with each other. Joseph and Kendra are really cute together too. The nail painting isn't my cup of tea but to each their own.

  12. John and Jana are hands down my favorite duggars. Something about those twins is just so special. They are so smart, funny, talented, crafty, self-sufficient…. I truly wish nothing but the absolute best for them both and I’m so very happy John has found Abby ❤️

  13. LOVE this!!! John David, you should definitely try OPI Infinite Shine, it's the bomb!!! My hubby did my toes when I was pregnant and couldn't reach them. He did a great job!!!

  14. Not gonna lie, I always thought he was the goofy awkward goofy. After seeing him be married, he’s just too adorable and maybe my favorite Duggar son.

  15. I'm not to good with myself , from young age kids and ppl always say to me you an ugly and freak and bad words I can't explain it 😞💔😣? I hate ppl I hate earth , I can't kill myself because it's a sin a big sin , I hope you someday God give me my wish or be dead from him , my wish be a monster freaking monster ppl can't see him , I hate to look at to mirrors they make me hate myself I live lonely I always lonely

  16. tlc vs bbc

    bbc: you need to arrest yourself

    tlc: why

    bbc: aren’t you the ligma cops

    tlc: well at least at least i’m not a toy

  17. People are clowning him because they think this is a feminine thing but in all reality he’s just good at a skill that could make him some $ I call that smart AF

  18. I know last year when I broke my tailbone In car wreck and was on bed rest for a month my husband gave me a pedicure. He knows it’s something I do once a month. Even though I was in pain healing from my wreck just him taking the time out to make me feel special like that was amazing

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