JOAN OF ARC | Draw My Life

JOAN OF ARC | Draw My Life

The Maid of Orleans, Jeanne d’Arc, better
known for us as Joan of Arc, was a military leader in France during 1429 and 1430. She was born on January 6th 1412. Her last name, Of Arc, comes from her dad,
Jaques D’arc, tho it is also found in documents as Darc, Tarc, Dare, Day… but translated,
it’s something like Of Arc. Jaques, along with his wife Isabelle Romee,
owned 50 acres in the community of Domremí, in France. Joan’s dad, apart from being a farmer also
had a minor position as a village official, heading the local watch. When Joan of Arc was born, France was facing
a long war against England, known as the Hundred Years War – an armed-conflict that lasted
for 116 years. Its purpose was to decide who would control
the great possessions the English monarchs had accumulated since 1154 in french territory. Since she was 7, Jeanne already knew she was
special – she used to say she had mystic visions that guided and protected her. With time, they started becoming more vivid
– she could see Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret and Saint Michael. These visions told her she had to be good
and merciful, and they became more and more epic each time. In the first months of 1429, during the Hundred
Years War and when the English were about to conquer Orleans, those voices encouraged
her to help the Dauphin, later on King of France, Charles VII, who hadnt been crowned
yet. The voice, that of Saint Michael, the Saint
Protector of France, told her that she’d be the one to relieve the siege (sich) of
Orleans, which had started in 1428. Joan, decided to accomplish her destiny, tried
to convince Robert de Baudricourt, captain of a royal garrison in the north of Domremí,
to provide her with a escort to go to Orleans. It took more than a year for that captain
to help Joan, when he saw she had the support of the people. In 1429, he lent her a horse and a escort
of several soldiers. Joan cut her hair and dressed as a man for
her trip towards the war. When she arrived, they were suspicious, but
in the end they accepted her in the battle where the french ended up winning. It is difficult to define, clearly, Joan’s
role in the relief of Orleans. Historians highlight two things: she preferred
the banner over the sword and she meant a great moral impulse for her army. Others say she was more than that: she was
a very talented tactician and a succesful strategist. And she was only 17 years old. After winning in Orleans, her new nickname
was born, Joan, the Maid of Orleans, and after this victory came some others under her leadership,
for Charles VII. Until her final battle came. On May 23rd 1430, she had to defend Compiègne
from an attack from the burgúndians, an allied of the English. This city was in front of a bridge and it
could be a potential siege (síll) point. Joan commanded her army against the enemy
forces, but they were bigger than expected and managed to capture the prized Maid of
Orleans. Joan of Arc was then taken to Rouen for her
trial. Between February 21st and March 24th 1431,
she was interrogated almost a dozen times by a jury, where she was accused of héresy
and subject to intense interrogations. In total, up to 70 charges were presented
against her. The most serious of all, that of inventing
false revelations and devine appearances. In the end, she was accused of héresy and
condemned to be burned at the stake on May 29th 1431. The next day, she was executed in front of
around 10 thousand people. She was 19 years old. Joan lived a life full of mysticims and her
death couldnt be any different. There is a legend that says her heart survived
the fire with no damage. Some years later, Charles VII, having already
won the war, asked for a revision of the trial and Joan was freed of all charges.. In 1920 she was declared a saint and patron
saint of France by Benedict XV. The war of the hundred years was one of the
longest and hardest conflicts in the history of humanity, and even tho Joan didnt win the
war, she did change things completely, getting an almost-defeated France to start a counter
attack, stronger than ever.

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  3. Jeanne also heard and saw Archangel Gabriel and other angels, why do people, along with the movies of her, forget that she also saw Gabriel? Gabriel is also important like Michael and Saints Catherine and Margaret.

  4. l'm proud. Because my name is Mariea Jeone Vianei The Jeone was from Joan of Arc. The Mariea was from Mary Mother of Jesus The Vianei is from St John Mary Vianney the saint of priests. Because we are roman catholic so that is why l have that name. Its long but l love it

  5. Everyone you have to remember she was 17 during Orleans so stop fucking saying she is cute in a creepy way or else the FBI will track you down and kill you, unless you have incognito mode on, then you're temporarily safe.

  6. You forgot to mention that Joan of Arc was a Christian, too. She believed in the word of God, so when they burnt her at the steak everyone saw her soul go to Heaven to be with the Lord.

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