JK vs a REAL Martial Artist | Ninja ft. Brandon Soo Hoo

JK vs a REAL Martial Artist | Ninja ft. Brandon Soo Hoo

hey what's up take you party animals today we're gonna be playing a flying game of ninja where basically we have one move to attack at one move to defend and if we want to reposition we just gotta stay repositioning and we got special guest Brandon sudo joining us today guys don't know him he does martial arts he also does it on the side a little bit check him out on his social or in the description box below and we also have Michael from retirement every week why don't you happy Nicky why are you so angry I've never experienced the retirement part my balloon reminds me of like an ABG raver girl that goes to EDC I'm retired from the dry cleaning they're like 22 grandma's coming out of retirement for another EDC oh my god Sean and Antoine from behind camera cause this game only little yeah so just kick taekwondo kung-fu just miscellaneous stuff position over to this side and then jump back okay brain starts feeling yes okay which where we going oh yeah let's go that way okay okay so your move this reposition sorry that's sorry sorry booty repositioning repositions josh is like holding this problem in an instance this get your decision Josh no no one attacked me no I'm gonna tell you guys right good job I can agree to that brandy that was not the deal second josh and ranan you guys are forgetting ya got to get Searcy here yet it's my turn I gotta get closer but I'm afraid Brandon he's off the deal all right fine I'm for myself each other fine reposition everyone's the champs and closer to talk so I wouldn't see an old boy [Applause] [Applause] yes No fuck I always forget position I'm just trying to go for Josh right now it's just oh wait wait wait look his leg enjoy yeah reposition know how you're done I fight for okay reposition musician position huh I don't have one oh shit Kenickie No reposition reposition reposition oh my god okay fine a little bit over here it's John Sarah position about oh well now it should be an order yeah yes your position why cancel on what no I do it chance position position position Oh God that pose yep Oh huh who is it mom yeah Rica's Michael and man so Shawn it's me and then for this one it's Brendan and so now no one would go for I try he broke the trying know martial artist thank you both yeah yeah yeah they're not gonna show you his hands right now it's not happening I only got it when I went on a turn by accident dude look at that balance that look like or that's my concern I think I make you that I do [Applause] you guys enjoy this game of ninja with Vernon sue you did please get a big thumbs up because Brandon is a freaking B so we write plea imagine I know all right that means ninja Pro yeah I was only training you ninja well be sure to follow Brandon on his social media accounts which will be in the description box below and make sure to follow all of us control people let us know in the comments below what other games you guys want us to play next but in the meantime bye hey my rematch

36 thoughts on “JK vs a REAL Martial Artist | Ninja ft. Brandon Soo Hoo

  1. i thought you couldn't move unless it was your turn.. i see people moving when the player before them moves to try not to get hit..

  2. yo i remember the first time i saw brandon was on the nickelodeon show supah ninjas…and now he’s playing ninja on jk that’s crazyy lol

  3. Just a clarification of the rules for me please. When people say reposition rather than trying to attack are other people allowed to move or "defend"?

  4. You should do a ninja tournament when the holidays roll around. Kinda like how you do the big themes mafia games. A Halloween one would be fun because the costumes could make things more difficult for some and easier for others

  5. Is Tiff pregnant? Her boobs look bigger, and posture looks worse, like the weight is dragging her forwards. No? Only me? Dang it. 🙁

  6. Y'all should follow Josh on twitch @dubhalo ! He doesn't get too many views and i feel bad, it's Josh y'all!

  7. You guys should have number tags on your shirt, like 1,2,3, etc to keep the turns in order so you don't have to constantly remind people. But then again, it could also be a strategy to remember or hope the others forget it's your turn.

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