Jim Lee Art Lessons on Confidence and How to Become a Better Artist

Jim Lee Art Lessons on Confidence and How to Become a Better Artist

it is repetition which makes for perfection I do feel that part of art is having confidence and sometimes when people start thinking about drawing a face it gets they get overwhelmed by thinking about how complex it is and all the parts and really it's just a bunch of lines and if you can think about the complex things as something other than the complex things right it's kind of a weird version of imagining your audience naked right don't see that don't see it as what you see it as or what you fear it as but in a way that makes you feel comfortable and amused and yeah my feet looked like the way drop they look like loose socks don't they they look like socks that are basically like his toes right here and socks kind of dangling but I guarantee no one really looks at feet and drawings I could I could draw this I could draw this and you guys would just be like whatever right you wouldn't look you wouldn't notice that people look at the eyes we are biologically programmed to look at the faces because that's how you know if someone is friendly Friend or Foe right there well their body gesture but also like their eyes they're their emotional state as conveyed by their expression on their face so it's really a vitally important that we don't look at someone's feet but we look at their face and in fact when you look at someone's feet it's because you're trying to avoid eye contact and you're trying to distance yourself from that person right any advice for someone who's trying to improve yeah just draw a lot draw more than you've ever have to the point where it's just uncomfortable you don't want to draw anymore and then push yourself to draw even more beyond that that's how you get better right it's like if you were a tennis pro and you're swinging the racket you're never getting good until you get blisters all over your hands because you've been literally swinging the racket non-stop right if you start running you're gonna get blisters on your feet but then if you keep doing it they will callus over and that's the same thing with art it is something that only gets better through repetition and you have to do it constantly you have to accumulate that knowledge in your head and keep it in there you can carry a lot of power and expression through the shoulders but if you pull it too much it breaks it right but you want to pull a little bit to get that sense of dynamism dinah dynamism and movement and power the line gets thinner to the top because that's what the light hits it and it gets heavier to the sides and that helps in a very subtle way kind of establish the three-dimensional form and there's no way when you look at this drawing as casual like hey I'm just checking out this drawing that you notice that it's all about the subtleties of how they all these decisions kind of add to creating some depth and drama and movement

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  2. Mass block consumers, ignore fans, hire activists who hate capitalism, flood stores with trash comics, that's how the industry died

  3. Unpopular opinion: Repetition for the sake of repetition won't get you nowhere. The understanding of what you are doing is what makes the complexity of your task achievable, sadly that knowledge isn't free in most cases.

  4. I've always been pretty good at drawing, but certain things are just hard to draw and take a lot of work and I want them to become easier. That's why I've started to draw every single day. I'm enjoying it so far. I guess I should draw even more, to the point where it becomes uncomfortable, according to Jim Lee.

  5. I would add… deliberate practice. Although just drawing is great… over time you'll hit a plateau. So sure… draw until it's uncomfortable. But always try to challenge yourself. Figure out your weak spots and practice those over and over again. Let's say you have a problem drawing hands… well drill them hands. Draw many hands in many positions. Day after day after day. Over time you'll be able to draw hands in your sleep and when you are called to draw hands in the future you'll be able to do it. Practice the basics: gesture, proportion, form, etc.

    After about 10k hours of deliberate practice you can call yourself a master 😛

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  7. That´s a really cool clip! It´s amazing how simple it sounds but how true that really is! Watch it multiple times and maybe in a year your body and soul can really comprehend and you work way faster!

  8. I want confidence but not becoming better, since I don't want to do it professionally. Noone has told me yet how to achieve that.

  9. Dude vza just needed to post the intro for this vid. Because Jim said its repitition that makes for perfection.

  10. As Jim said, just draw. Yeha you can break it down Into sections like draw from life (very important ) , study favourite artists, etc. But essentially it all comes to draw A LOT. For you kids, draw as much as youve tried to flip that stupid bottle for the challenge

  11. Awesome talent, I admire you a lot Jim Lee, I dream of someday acquiring the talent you have.

  12. I used to post my drawings on Instagram almost all the time. I got about 700 people to follow me… But now, I haven't posted in over a year because I feel like people won't be impressed and I feel like the drawings I do now are just not good enough compared to the ones I've posted previously.

  13. Please upload more of these short videos. some people don't have time to sit through whole 1hr drawing sessions

  14. what about overconfidence and almost delusional artistry though? I feel like some people have to almost have a delusional sense of confidence to be who they are. Other types of art as well. rap whatever

  15. I like ur voice.
    Sounds like a calm and experience MAN.
    I'am new on ur channel.
    I sub ALLSO Kim Jung Gi, James Raiz (Box Office Artist), ZHC(Zach Hsieh) and Draw with Jazza. – Josiah Alan Brooks.
    And u guy's with artist u like??
    U great man. I def checks ur drawings. Thanku for shares.

  16. there is no shortcut to be better at drawing just draw a lot and keep drawing at part that you think seem off until you get it right,, anyway do anyone know the size of the paper pro comic book artist use??

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