JIGSAW | Draw My Life

JIGSAW | Draw My Life

If we take a look at the news murderers that
have been born in the big screen during the last years, without a doubt, the most fascinating
one among people is John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, the protagonist of the horror saga
Saw. Today, we’ll continue with our special terror
program. Let’s get to know a bit more about his macabre
story. Watch out for spoilers! His strength comes not only from the number
of victims who had fallen in his traps, more than 50, but more likely from the wit and
sadism present in his murders. Jigsaw is not a regular killer with a bladed
weapon or a gun. He is an engineer of crime. And this is, precisely, the profession John
Kramer had before turning into a maniac killer. His past is told mainly through the second
and fourth installments of the saga, tho, unfortunately, we dont know anything about
his childhood or teenage years. John was a civil engineer, with a successful
career in the restoration of old buildings. He was happily married to Jill Tuck, a psychologist,
younger than him, whom he helped in the private desintoxication clinic she ran and that she
herself had founded. With their patients, they used a self-help
therapy transmitted through the slogan of the company: Cherish your life. This quote will be of a great importance in
Jigsaw’s genesis as a killer. John Kramer’s life seemed perfect, until
suddenly, everything was turned upside down and he suffered several blows that sank him
forever. The first one was losing the kid they were
expecting, who they were gonna call Gideon (Guídeon). Jill was pregnant when, one night, while she
was locking the clinic, she was deceived by one of her pacients, Cecil Adams, so she could
go in and steal drugs. While escaping, Cecil hit Jill with the door,
causing an internal bleeding and the loss of the baby. Not long after, in a routine check-up, John
was diagnosed with colon cancer, which comes from a tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain. The tumor is inoperable, and condemns him
to die soon. However, he hangs onto his last hope, and
tries to sign up for a new experimental treatment that could save his life. The final blow came when his insurance company
refused to pay for the treatment, and John was left without any hope. Depressed, he decided to put an end to his
life, and he jumps off a cliff with his car. Surprisingly, he survives, but severely injured,
with a metal bar through his abdomen. In that moment, John, has a revelation and
finds out how much he “cherishes his life”. He gathers the courage to to get the bar out
of his body and recover to perform his work. He dedicates the time he has to test human
nature and its survival instinct. Jigsaw doesn’t consider himself a killer. He doesnt kill directly – he puts his victims
in a limit situation where they have to choose between giving up pr fighting to survive. At a high cost, of course, including extreme
torture, from self harm to ending with others’ lives. But it’s always them making the choice. Jigsaw doesn’t enjoy his victims’ suffering. He makes them go through it so they can change
the course of their crooked life. The chosen ones are usually people who are
not happy, or waste their existence and that of others. Kigsaw comes to remind them they have to be
grateful for the gift of being alive. And if they dont make it through the test,
it means they didnt deserve that gift. Jigsaw traps are mechanic gadgets or physical
puzzles that seem to be inspired by sadistic instruments of torture from the past. In order to build them, he uses second hand
or rotting materials, specially rusty metal pieces, and sometimes he adds countdown mechanisms. However, they are always a symbolic representation
of the defects or sins of the victim. Jigsaw explains the rules of the game to his
victims and how they can escape through video or audio recordings. But he doesnt show his face directly – instead,
he usually hides behind two well known symbols for those who follow the saga. One is Billy, a puppet John built back in
the day for his future son, Gideon. After his death, Jigsaw decided to give it
a more macabre appearance and use it in his games to communicate with his victims. It has appeared through video recordings,
and also physically, riding his own little tricycle. The other one is the pig mask Jigsaw and his
disciples use to hide their faces when kidnapping their victims. It’s a rubber mask covered with a wig and
represents a realistic image of the head of the animal.symbology comes from the pig in
the chinese calendar, the year when his son John was supposed to be born, and the year
his crimes started to take place. As it was expected, Jigsaw ends up dying in
the third part of the safa, tho not because of his terminal illness, but murdered by one
of his victims. However, as usual, his wit is ahead of the
unexpected events, and he manages to have his legacy ot tests continue through several
disciples, during the 8 movies the saga has had up to now. Recently, we have enjoyed the come back of
the saga to the big screen, after seven years with no new sequels. It seems like Jigsaw’s legacy is going a
long way, surprising us with new and twisted mortal games.

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  1. Lol, I thought they said “John was diagnosed with colon cancer which comes from the brain” and I was like 🤨❓❓❓

  2. Well he put bad people who did bad things like drugs murdur and other stuff and put them through puzzles and if they survive then they are happy for life

  3. Funny mini story believe it if you want to if you own a puppet on string SAW will take it and you if you are taken he doesn't do the hole game thing he just forces you to do what he says or else he might turn you into a puppet he takes the puppet on string from you and turns it to a human size figure it can now talk on its own and will listen to SAW forever

  4. The people jigsaw kills is the people that are thieves and killers because he thinks they deserve to suffer and die like the people that they made suffer.

  5. Welp.. Last halloween in Dubai they had the SAW maze. Too bad its like only 16+ and me and my friends were like 9 or 10

  6. What he did was not right but he had good intentions…. So many people are ungrateful for what they have, while others have nothing at all.

  7. jicsaw: rinding a trysical wanna play a little game falls oof
    me: really jicsaw you fall off i need to say lol hahahahahha

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