Jerry Saltz:  The Art World Problem

Jerry Saltz: The Art World Problem

[Applause] thank you thank you thank you let me just be honest first I want to thank everyone for bringing me here it really means a lot to me I've always wanted to speak in Fullerton Hall and I once as a student before I dropped out of the Art Institute I was such a loser like you I sat right up there and Joseph Boyce stood right here and I was like what does he know and then Robert Smithson on another day stood right here talking about like the Spiral Jetty and I was like yeah man you're messing up the land anyway thank you and thank you to all of you for coming this morning and I want to ask quickly first how many of you are artists in this room look around at the losers with you No and let me just say on my own behalf Chicago in the house [Applause] I love Chicago this is my home museum I spent a lot of time yesterday walking around falling in love again I just walked around the whole museum which I used to do I sat on some of the same benches I used to sit on and feel sorry for myself I looked at the outside of this wonderful building and I noticed two spots on you know there's a frieze that goes around the building that has names of great great artists from the past etc there are two spots left and I think we should give them to two women I might nominate Alice Neel myself and who else should we put on as the other who Joan Mitchell's a good one she wouldn't ruin the building or Georgia O'Keeffe who was one of the you know we turn Georgia O'Keeffe into a sex star and a refrigerator magnet and a calendar artist but you must go back and look at some of the dates of her work and realized that in 2000 in 1910 she was one of maybe six people on the earth thinking and making totally abstract art you don't can't even imagine how radical that is or right now at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City is a Swedish woman named Hilma off Clint write down her name and she only made the first 110 large-scale full-on abstract paintings before Kandinsky before Malevich before Rodchenko before Mondrian so art history which we love can be put down into salt mine locked up and kept very safe and we'll bring it up again in a hundred years but it is time tear down these walls museums directors everyone tear down these walls our history is not linear it never was linear it's probably more like a cloud or spaghetti or a smorgasbord there was a lot happening a lot of the time and we need to see that instead of only looking at Mount Everest k2 the Matterhorn and Mount McKinley those are great Peaks I don't want to toss out Picasso what I'm not mental but but I promise you and I've written this a few times try this as a possibility for the next five years we have a moratorium we call it lying in fallow no man show in museums or galleries for five years that's all I'm we're all in the art world or the humanities here so no one can do the math on this but I we don't know I think it's ninety six months is there anybody from the real world that could figure this up and you only show women or artists of color now that's it now well you'll say uh more demographic curating she's in the show just because she's a woman he's in just because he's black there's the Hispanic Ecuadorian artist will listen to me a my guess is in five years art history would not be destroyed by those artists be it is now time that a mediocre Ecuadoran artist can be as celebrated as a mediocre white male painter none of the system would be hurt it could not be worse and it wouldn't be much better to be perfectly honest with you art doesn't suddenly stop being bad one day okay anybody that goes art is to be good when I was young you know what I say to you the art world is an all-volunteer army if you don't like it get out get out it's amazing how many teachers teach and they always tell the students well back when I was young it was better and you wanted just I want the students in there out loud you should do something like that yes mr. salts it used to be very cool your rents were cheap rats crawled over your bed so you act very nice on the outside but on the inside you do this you take your samurai sword and you go flop Wow what they're not helping you it's always hard to make art it was hard for the first people it's hard for you it was so hard for me that I stopped making art in this beautiful city at 3:15 when the demons speak to you what do you do you're no good you don't have any original ideas you're faking it so are you you're not very rich you don't have any time you got a crap Ola apartment you work 40 hours a week you stink you don't know how to draw you you didn't even go to the right school what do you do what do you do that's what I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about and I stopped making art I want to give you an example of somebody who gave in to the demons and it hurts I want to tell you something every day I miss making art every day it hurts I left the art world Chicago and that I was I moved to New York thinking that was the only way I don't think it was a wrong decision I got to New York and I became a long-distance truck driver the only Jewish one I think I had quit making art because I had listened to the demons and so I began leaving the art world I still knew artists I still went to shows but I was more and more and more and more alone like you but I was really alone out there and I did this for a decade completely alone I was filled with bitterness envy jealousy hatred self-hatred felt sorry for myself poor me they have more money they have more time they have it better than me what I would say to you young artists that are thinking that now or older artists grow a pair of whatever woman up man up no one said this was going to be easy if you don't want to do this again it's an all-volunteer army you can leave if you don't like it the first thing you have to do is make an enemy of envy you you know who I'm talking to in this room Envy is in the service of other artists Envy is in the service of others Envy is only in its own service do you understand what I'm saying it thrives on itself the more it looks out and sees what you don't have the more its rise you better cut it out today today tonight envy will eat you alive it will make you a bitter person it'll make you a mean person it'll make you a scared person it'll make you an angry person it'll make you a person who cannot be generous and loving and sharing and participatory in the world you've chosen it will isolate you and then it does something even worse envies Envy will which eats you alive from the inside will lead to cynicism about the art world and about art many many people in the art world today suffer from this terrible terrible disease of cynicism which eats not you alive but something far more special it eats your work alive it will destroy your art from the inside what is my definition of cynicism I might break it down to a couple of simple words cynicism has certainty cynicism knows things I know why she got the show oh I know why they got the job oh I know why they did it this way you know nothing Jon Snow if you know that reference it was a great scene in Game of Thrones I wanted to marry her right then you know nothing Jon Snow you don't know you don't know what is what are the demons that speak to others you don't know what each of us brings to the table you don't know anything you should not certainty is the enemy of what art is which is paradox art is a handle and a bundle you understand me here's a handle it's on a big jar let's call the jar a bundle that's what art is there are many handles on the jar there are many jars paradox is very simple it's two things being true at the same time it happens every day watch this as from my side of the political fence if you ask me about abortion I will right away say it's very painful it's a very painful subject to talk about is very personal it's very complicated and yet I believe in a woman's right to choose now if you ask a person on the other side of the aisle what about abortion wrong right okay do you believe in God well I don't know I'm back and forth maybe I'm worm meat I'm not sure do you believe in God yes they have certainty they have certainty all well not all of the time but they behave as if they do and that's why they cause us pain we're always going but don't you see no art is that and cynicism makes you no longer doubt it takes away your uncertainty and removes you from the world of paradox and mystery and things become known to you if this happens to you I'll spot you in a second I have a rule online you know you know what my rule is for all 1 million of you and I read every one of your goddamn comments and I see you out there I know some of you and I want to be honest with you about criticism I'm gonna skip around here a little bit I believe a few things about artists one you better have offense skin you better be able to take it so what if I don't like your work poor baby just because I don't like your work does not mean your work is bad it means I don't like your work and then I hope to say why when I am criticized I always think a few things I think you could be right I think there is a grain of truth in every criticism why because if you do something in your work that allows others to say something weird to you like a wild man that was about scrambled eggs you need to look at your work and go how did I do that I would ask you to do that because nobody knows what they're doing before they do it you understand William Gibson the great science fiction writer said a writer who knows all his characters before he begins writing is not writing at all you understand now you learn by doing you cannot think your way through art thinking and making are two different processes each has elements of the other in them each requires the other Jasper Johns said avoid everything you can avoid then do what you can't avoid doing do what is helpless and unavoidable to you you understand what that means it's like okay make your kind of art imitate Willem de Kooning or Joan Mitchell for a while and then at a certain point with self-criticism you must face up to what you've been doing and maybe you know what the word Islam means Islam translates to one word which is surrender you surrender all of your defense mechanisms and you begin doing what John's said you do what is helpless to you what is unavoidable doing imagine this 25 year old gay guy an orphan from North Carolina in New York City and he has a dream one night remember his dream I dreamt I painted the American flag in 1955 and so I woke up and I did it all of you were given work last night some of you were given a whole career in the middle of the night John's took that unavoidable path made the most ridiculous object ever the sort of Betsy Ross of painting and he paints an American flag in criticism there's nothing anybody can say to you that you haven't thought a thousand times worse a thousand times so what's the big problem that was said to you in public that it embarrassed you I'm embarrassed every day I wake up every morning and my motto is I'll try not to it up again this time and then every night I shake my head reading your comments going you know my inner asshole jumped out again I don't like when it happens but it happens I made a mistake I made lots of them I'll make more the Becket quote is obvious here fail fail again fail better I would add be willing to be radically vulnerable radically vulnerable share every part of yourself leave it all on the table you do not have to give your secrets away that's for you that's your economy but you have to show up in your work we have to ask ourselves what does what is art anyway ok cave paintings let's talk about cave paintings for a second what is a cave painting well first of all we think we have about 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of all the cave paintings that were ever done you have to understand something about cave painting first of all most of them were never caves they were outside and rock over the millennium hundreds of thousands of years fell and changed the geography the geology and the geography and enclosed these paintings every painting will die if one animal gets inside and leaves the door open because cave paintings can only survive through all that time in between 2 degrees of temperature if they freeze one time one time and then thaw it begins the long process of releasing all the paint the pigment the binders from the surface so they're gone the ones we have are what we have so what do we we know a couple of things that is a very very rich and very advanced operating system it's the first computer insofar as it's a system whereby I can take what's on the inside and put it on the outside I can do something that is only an essence inside of me a thought an image a picture of feeling whatever and put it on the outside so a other people can read it be it will not be an essence anymore it will last however long people painted their bodies people painted on walls there are many drawings along river beds of people doing things with sticks those aren't cave paintings that's scope cave sculpture okay wherever there is an ancient river you will find these things what are the most common things you see in this operating system by far what's the most common animals mammals because these people looked at mammals for a hundred thousand years when I see art I want to tell you something all art is contemporary art every museum you walk in every kind of every museum tell yourself all art is contemporary art because I'm seeing it now I'm gone in a hundred years and that's it when I see art I just went up and sat in the Japanese wing and I was looking at a vessel from 600 AD and to me that's contemporary art when I look at ancient art prehistory there's much more prehistory than there is history much much more okay mammals and who here has ever seen a cave painting in the flesh you understand them the minute you see them these are people that knew everything about mammals everything mammals have never been rendered better in the history of our species don't tell me Stubbs the English painter painted horses better he was good for royalty you know that's my horse the size of the screen okay they could paint when an animal is in rut when it's in estrus when it's running when it's looking when it's stalking when it's grazing they painted you know we say we invented perspective in 1414 first of all have you ever looked at Roman wall painting the stuff that survives the mat has to complete rooms of it there around Pompeii they're all over really if you go there and the first thing you notice right is that they're employing an almost perfect two point perspective almost perfect the Greeks have it the Egyptians have it in their theater designed it's just that they weren't that into it that wasn't their favorite form of depiction when you get to the Egyptians a style that lasted roughly 5,000 years it was so good why change it but have you I want to give you a little art history tip pose in a museum pose in front of every sculpture or painting exactly how you see the figure knowledge is in the body pleasure is a form an important form of knowledge your body knows everything I am going to stand like an Egyptian two-dimensional figure ready okay boom got it two feet going parallel in the same plane now watch what I do with my chest if I can do it the chest is completely open and facing you how the did they do that oh no it's not over yet this is way not over because that would only be Mesopotamian we got the Nile they have the stupid Tigris and Euphrates watch this Wow pose like every figure you will see in any event that the cave paintings to have perspective the bigger animals are closer the smaller ones are further away they might be gathered around drinking water which is what mammals do what's the second most common thing in the caves handprints right do you know they painted your big punks you big scaredy cat baby painters who only paint like square paintings on canvas which they used to use to wrap mummies you wonder why we use canvas you dopes and we hang these square canvases that are stretched on white walls at 53 inch centers inside of rooms and we do this to them that's nice that's the problem everything's nice everything's okay now let me tell you something first let me finish how the hands were painted instead of that dumb way they could have painted it on wood and rock and stone on flint and hide on their bodies but this is what they did they put the pigment in their mouth instead of painting it the way they painted the Bison and the in you know the rabbits and the and they put the binder in their mouth and they went like this cool cool do you see how that's pleasure gives knowledge when you make when you draw your signature doesn't it feel good you love your handwriting you love it oh nobody has the better handwriting than me you think you you expert in yourself you and we now have analyzed roughly 5000 of these prints from around the world and many of you by now have read the results and they're not surprising in the least of course we got it all wrong fifty-one percent of them it almost goes without saying are made by women this wasn't mumbo jumbo magic to be done these are everybody they are painting this was not only the purview of famous men who would do this stuff this was everybody in there and what was the third most common thing penises and vulvas thousands of them you know how when you were young well now the kids look up porn sites I don't know what they're doing but when I was young we would look up a dirty word or a medical journal or your dad's playboy or something that lets you see the naughty that let you see what you think might have been going on and and but that's what was in the caves do you know that I haven't even started my talk and [Laughter] and I'm gonna start asking for questions and answers I feels to me like only one minute has passed and this is what I have to be honest with you normally when I give a talk I'm like that idiot Bruce Springsteen I will play until there's nobody alive in the audience have any of you ever been at my lectures I will talk three hours and when everybody leaves if people want to stay I will keep talking why because for people like me and I'm just like you I – and the loser I to wake up at 3:15 in the morning and I'm going to tell you what to do when the suicide meter runs hot I don't know my art history or wait I don't know my art history I didn't go to the right school I'm just faking it I have a bad job I can't get out of my marriage or my relationship get out now or stay if you can make your work I'm a sociopath I don't care about you I really don't I only care about your work when I meet you and we talk you think I'm talking to you I could care less about you I don't I'm not part of society I don't have a life I go to 20 or 30 shows a week and then I run home terrified and try to write about them that is all that I do that is why I'm one of eleven people left doing what I'm doing on a weekly basis it's a hard life just as hard as your dumb hard life I love you I don't have enough money I don't have enough time I didn't go to the right schools I'm a woman I'm short I'm Hispanic I'm black all of this is true and right here you have to say to the demons but I'm a genius you have to be delusional you have to be you have to hold on to what hologram you can sustain and project it in the world and the last thing I'll say before I take some questions is show up people you can't run and hide I can do that I am so withdrawn that I haven't gone to a sit-down dinner in 20 years because like you like you I'm just as scared as you are you big dopes but luckily I found a way to hide in Fame or recognition or whatever you want to call what I got which is a miracle to me and I spend 30% 40% of every day going I am so lucky because I came this close I did not start writing till I was 41 years old you the young PNE buddy in this room younger than 41 I didn't begin yet I had not yet written my first failed review you can do this if you build it they will come but you must show up you must stay up late every night with other vampires my love's you must never be alone whatever city wherever you live you must commune with your own kind whatever job whatever profession you must be around your own you can't only talk about movies and how horrible is we live at the end of empire that is a tremendous opportunity a huge changing moment you feel it this city we built it my generation we did okay and now the foundations have all cracked you have a very tricky job which is both tearing down some of the weaker old structures and then replacing them with your own you means getting rid of us let me stay please but if you have to I accept that to show up stay up late every night with your peers every night I don't care that you have no money neither do I I have less money than most of you believe it or not and I'm a million years old does anybody have any questions or first thank you for listening and I'll take some questions [Applause] oh one more one more little thing I'll say two things one is I'll take selfies with you and we'll post them on Instagram and if I find them when you tag me I'll come on and show you some art love nothing bad I'll keep myself together so that's one thing and if you ask anything it must be in the form of a question no statements from people my age or men this is for questions and questions only yes sir so those will be the answer what what do you do you ask what you do in 3 a.m. right you should send in sender if to eat F Donal Trump does and feel better it's a statement never gives the microphone to an older man first you ask your question okay no answer sorry now the question now the question hello everyone how you how you estimate our show by Donald Trump ah how do I asked amay tan art show by Donald Trump I wrote about George Bush's painting so I almost got kicked out of the art world when I did it ten years ago because I wrote that if I had seen those paintings at a yard sale I would buy them for like $20 the thought of the person who was the most powerful person on the planet painting himself naked in a bathtub taking a shower looking in a little mirror that's some man and they're painted very earnestly in your heart he may have been a gremlin that destroyed the plane of state in America he's worse than trunked right Trump is just horrible where try anyway his paintings next question thank you sir that answered I know I don't know they never yes I have a question Oh stand up stand up it's embarrassing but you must be radically vulnerable like I am oh I'm this can be very vulnerable so I'm here because I'm the mother of an artist she's 24 a guy in New York he's trying so you said don't have any shoes with men so what are these young artists or men's but your daddy does what's his name his name is Marc Marc what Marc Ferraro actually he's seen you in New York and he's never been able to come up – he's scheduled to come up Marc a big baby whenever you see me in New York here's what you do here's what you did come out I have to tell you one less thing Jerry he definitely went to the wrong school he's got his he got his BFA University of Michigan and people in New York said you're an idiot but he has a little studio and he's doing his thing and he's a studious okay he's 24 when the salt moratorium is over he will be really a great artist he will have stayed up late every night he will know the new language he will be able to destroy the old vampires god damn it and it will be just fine I can't wait to meet Marc Guerrero or whatever and I I am bad here a bad hearing so do forgive me when I was a truck driver I blew out my by listening to music 24 hours a day from the pain next question yes a great artist okay simple question here for your moratorium and exhibitions by white male artists include a moratorium on reviews by white male critics I forgot your first name I'm so nervous Oh Joseph Griggs leak Griggs Lee great artist okay I mean them a great artist remember when I said I'll try not to it up again this time you are right I will modify this and write to me the best way to do the moratorium see I hate life yes sir stand up we have we have one right away there's one right there wait yes welcome T next okay will I comment on the babble called art speak and artists statements very quickly I will say that I too rarely understand it that too many critics write in a language that is like Mandarin and constructed so that no one can understand it except the 55 of there people who write it what I would hope criticism is far from dead criticism is being born again okay don't be an undertaker don't say painting is dead the novel is dead the author is dead it's interesting isn't it that soon as artists of color and women artists showed up in the art world man artists said well the author is now dead and you're like crap I we just got here we need new critics to write in blogs online anywhere anyhow since there is no money in criticism anyway do you understand what I'm saying critics are free man we are the freest people in the art world because we have nothing to lose and oh nothing to anyone especially in big cities where I can write that I don't like your work your work and yes you're gonna hate me and I'm gonna feel scared when we see each other and a party and I'll go oh and you'll be like Jerry up will you it's harder in Chicago or in smaller cities but I will say this new critics we lost two or three generations of critics to academia they are beautiful they are smart but they stopped writing their opinions their tastes became government inspected pre-approved and much too grounded I'm afraid in the 1960's and 1970's the generation that their teachers taught them and that to me was beautiful for a while but it's now over to me not that art but they have to start writing in their own their own language in languages that can be accessed by more people at least in the art world people like me what who do I write for the reader do I want only an art world readership I do not I never did I want to dance naked in public and so does every artist in this room none of you are satisfied with just making your own meal cooking your own meal and eating your own meal you're all up the way I question yeah what was your breaking point and how did you actually end up leaving truck-driving how did what was the breaking point and then how did I do it when I was alone in the trucks I became so miserable and alienated that I thought finally all my fears of being in the art world all my bitterness about being too poor too uneducated from the Midwest of not being good-looking or whatever my voices of the day said my ankles were too fat I thought to myself nothing could be worse than what I've done I tried everything I could do to avoid making myself radically vulnerable and then I surrendered I surrendered to what I said I wanted to do which was in my case very simple in my stupid brain I wanted to be in the art world I did not care how and so I picked criticism have any of you ever written before it's the worst thing on earth I did not know that at the time you can't listen to music while you do it it's a disaster I can listen to Spotify bad music like Enya it's so weird I'm embarrassed or the Titanic son and I'm crying or abbath dance okay I picked writing I began to teach myself to write like this the late commodified object of post-capitalist simulacra finds itself in a delusion dilemma and people would stop me on the streets of New York and go smart review Jerry and I'd walk away going damn right I am so smart and then let me tell you what is sent to us from heaven via hell it's a thing I like to call a deadline deadlines are the best things there are I would never write without a deadline all writers have to understand me artists are different but writers I'm telling you deadlines force you to come to terms with the deadline and do what must be done and one day I have put it off to two days before and I began writing as fast as I could and out of nowhere I started writing in my own voice make art in your own voice in your own idiom each of you in this womb must redefine skill proficiency is is a skill but you must make the skill yours if the skill is not yours then you're only proficient is that what you want I began writing in my own voice and then more important I told the truth I said what I didn't like as well as what I did in the art speak that we hear when you read a lot of Artforum reviews you don't know what the hell they think sometimes it takes them a page to mention the artist's name first lesson mention the artist name in the first sentence second lesson for your artist statement so you're listening artist kiss keep it simple stupid keep it short stupid right how you talk right in your syntax don't write maybe don't oppose words like nature and culture don't go to meta physical keep it simple if you had an interest in magic or stained glass or auditoriums and that helped make your archaeology of an idea form right that just keep it simple I have read a million statements and I only like those so do that make it your exercise go home write a hundred words oh it's so hard to write Jerry why why grow a pair of whatever and get on with it any other questions we have time for the last question which we have in the back up here back here yes sir what architectural site in the world do you find the most artistically interesting or aesthetically pleasing what architectural Wow I cried when the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul began singing it sings every six hours it makes music and I called my wife and I went honey the buildings are singing the greatest interior in Christendom that I've ever been inside of is the Pantheon in Rome but for me I like museums all museums every museum museums are wormholes museums are ecstasy machines museums are Gardens Eden where we go to commune with the ancestors and become new again museums are the place that the judge who was hearing the war crimes at The Hague would go to look at the Vermeer's and they asked the judge who heard some of the worst Bosnian war crimes ever committed in the 1990s you go to look at the Vermeer's because they're beautiful right and he went oh no I go to look at the Vermeer's because they heal pain art is not a noun art is a verb art is something that does something eyes are painted in the sarcophagi of Egyptian tombs to see out of for the dead many paintings in Egypt were never meant to be seen by human beings they were meant to be seen by beings in the underworld art used to be carried into war art was made to heal art was made to kill your neighbor to cast a spell to exorcise pain to bring back your grandmother to mourn your child to get pregnant to not get pregnant there's also a study of many of the earliest figures that we have the Venus of Willendorf figures the big breasted big budded figures in the arms all like that by the way I want you to look upstairs or than online look very carefully at what the hands are doing no one ever ever mentioned it in the last 200 years since they've been found the hands on the breasts are doing this and anybody that's been a mother know what this is you ready what is she doing she's bringing her milk down do you see what it's done and if you had had a child you better hope that that's gonna work so soon as you have the baby somebody hands that to you where you made one yourself because it's not that hard neanderthal my love's another species who existed for hundred thousand years before we did had a material culture where they would bring mature trees from different areas would bring materials together exchange those materials that were not indigenous to where they lived and then they made beautiful symmetrical hand axes many of which were painted from binders and pigments that were not from their areas that is not just a tool to use those are tools that have been decorated art has been with us since the beginning it is a cosmic force if you will no more or no less important than philosophy religion economics politics art is part of the whole ball of wax my love and here's what you do after this lecture is there anything else in this room can I stand here and take pictures with people No we'll go downstairs what I'm gonna do is go downstairs where the men and the ladies room are right outside and anybody that wants to come up to me you'll make me happy and I'll apologize and it's incredibly meaningful for me that you allowed to speak with you because I'm one of you I'm a Chicagoan I shouldn't have made it at all it's a miracle so thank you thank you thank you what [Applause]

34 thoughts on “Jerry Saltz: The Art World Problem

  1. Thanks Jerry. Love your work, keep it up! Inspiring not just for art but for all fields. Stay up late, work hard in your field, doubt doubt doubt, but then confirm you are a genius!! Like everyone else.

  2. Its funny how he starts out saying how we love art history and then talks to us like we don't know it. Examples: Diego Rivera was Latino. Van Gogh sold next to nothing.

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  4. Inspired by jerry speeches…..honest and sincere…….we are fortunate to create having that need to create is both a wonderful space and a nightmare…….but we keep on doing it

  5. Prescriptive art jezza…….it don't work….you cannot force women artists,black artist's ,ecudorian artist's on other artists…..we decide for whatever reason who influences us…..sure you can have who you like in these museums for the next 60 months…..but all artist's mediocre or otherwise will be resigned to history without the support from other artists….word of mouth from us across the world places art in the spotlight……the money men or women .the galleries.the curators ..the critics will not have their way when it comes to art history…….they will not be prescriptive over art history….SIMPLE

  6. Wow this guy is a racist jerk. Sorry dude the art world could do without your fake virtue signaling and social justice. Social Justice Identity politics art… yawn.

  7. Amazing! This is what Artists need to hear. Cynicism, self doubt and surrender are some things I, and many other artists I know struggle with. Inspiring talk. It has given me the fuel to change my inner mind. Plus strength and power to push on, as an artist, in the art world and plowing through my Masters Degree painting program! Will share. Thank you Jerry + Chicago Humanities Festival!

  8. As an artist, I found this very inspiring, and motivating.
    I like his speaking style, and point of view.
    Enjoyed hearing about his personal journey.Thought he had some good suggestions.
    A little surprised by some of the negative comments, but as The Dude would say
    "That's just your opinion man"

  9. Talks about radical vulnerability, plays out the same rehearsed routine that the worlds heard from him on so many occasions..

  10. What if I told you we could save the planet from climate change and remove the war mongrels.. art can change the world, it has power and the ability to bring massive positive influence but first we have to move on the folks who are in the way..

  11. Critics are a dying influence because people think for themselves in a digital culture and are given a equalled voice, critics however get power by leading you, not you leading yourself. They are the old gatekeepers. You don't need critics they need you. Paradoxically speaking.

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    Art have always progressed in ways that the technology of the day could not. Until recently now painting faces a digital expression and culture that disconnects the medium from itself. This is the conversation he ignores and one he fears. Art is a digital expression and memes – meta conceptualism is the art of our times. While critics think this is somehow taking from woman or people of colour, it is taking from critics as art has merged with technology. The critic that ignores these truths isn't worth the awards he's given..

  15. Such a blatant example of groupthink. Is he nervous for his job? John T is totally correct regarding the current overwhelming influence of left leaning individuals. Ultra left leaning women are downright scary. Finally, as a woman who thinks for herself and works hard for herself this idea of only women for five years in the art establishment is beyond condescending.

  16. Hey, while we are at it, how about no podiums at any major art institutions for white male art critics for five years.  Identity politics is the "Salon" art of our times.  And, since the  intellectual discourse around art, the curators, the academic setting are entirely comprised of left leaning individuals, the competition is fierce to establish your credentials through virtue signaling.  As art is so often conflated with politics these days, you would think that the supposed egalitarian sensibilities of the left would demand more equal representation not only with regard to categories like race and gender but also political temperament.

  17. So many words but sadly not much said
    The title sounded so interesting.
    But most of the speech was only him telling us, what a great (so inclusive, so feminist, so cool) human being he is.
     Doesn´t sound sincere.

    He says he misses making art every day.
    Why doesn´t he just do it?

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