Welcome to a new draw my life video! Jeff The Killer is the protagonist of one of the most famous creepypastas on the internet. He was born after the PRisin forums for the disturbing picture in 2008. These creepypastas are short horror stories, Collected and shared on the internet Intended to scare or disturb readers. The name comes from the word “Copypasta” Which is used to describe how different stories are copied and pasted by users in discussion forums. Even though the real origin of the story is unknown, A lot of people believe it started in 4Chan, one of the most famous and biggest forum on the internet. There, a little girl called “Katie Robinson” shared a picture of herself in her bedroom. It didn’t take long for offensive comments to appear. Teasing her because of her weight, etc. This girl ended up committing suicide because of the bullying she suffered. It is said that this picture was the one used to inspire the terrifying image of Jeff. Turned into a meme right away. After all of this, the snowball effect did its work. The story started growing because of forum users. They started speculating about a fictitious origin of the gloomy character. By chance, the story just like Katie’s. An innocent child named Jeff who suffered bullying at school. As a teenager, he moved to a different village with his family. Trying to escape from the abuse. There, he’s attacked by 3 boys he didn’t know, who tried to rob him. But Jeff, under an uncontrollable rage, brutally beats them up His brother Liu, who was with him, was indicted and jailed. Sometime after this, when things were starting to go back to normal, Jeff was invited to a birthday party with his neighbors. Surprisingly, the boys who tried to rob him showed up looking for revenge. Jeff kills two of them, but the first one covers him up with bleach and alcohol and sets him upon fire. After the attack, he starts losing his mind. He burns his eyelids so he can see his face every time he looks in the mirror. And he cuts his cheeks so he always looks like he’s smiling. He finds himself beautiful. His mother went to the bathroom following the sounds Jeff was making And looked at him, completely transformed. Scared, she runs in her room looking for her husband and telling him to grab his shotgun. Jeff, before they could do anything, stabs them to death. shortly after, he does the same to his brother Liu. And this is how the story of Jeff The Killer was born. An assassin who enters houses when people are sleeping, and takes as many human lives as possible. This creepypasta has arrived into several incarnations of Jeff. All of them follow the original story, with recurring characters such as Jane The Killer; The nemesis of Jeff. The story, twisted as no other, has become viral, and it has been adapted even into a video game. The famous memes still appear on the internet, even as avatar pictures for the users along with the Slenderman. Jeff The Killer is one of the most famous characters in the darkest side of the internet. *Scream!* If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like it! And if you want to see more Draw My Life videos, subscribe to our channel! See you in the next episode!

100 thoughts on “JEFF THE KILLER | Draw My Life

  1. What would you do if you were jeff?

    Id just kill them lmao

    I would beat them up till they leave the school

    Id tell to a teacher

    I wouldn't do anything

    Id roast them

  2. Well I heard that Jeff had to go to a insane Hospital and a nurse made him take pills but he didnt and then he poured acid on his face then cut his lips but I LOVE THIS STORY MORE BETTER bc the story that I heard seemed boring

  3. Fudge were both eleven years old it's 2019 today, and btw my friend said that I look exactly like Jeff the killer if I do her creepy face now I know it and sometimes I try to go to look at the mirror and do Jeff's face and I do look like her so yeah that's all byee

  4. His nice its just Susan died but his very nice I mean him In my dreams he wakes you in the good time if he kills you he did mean it theres a devil in his mind that let's him kill his sweetest

  5. If I was Jeff I would say don't be scared I'm trying to help you with your life if someone makes you so sad I would like kill the heck out OF HIM XD IF I was JEFF!!!!!

  6. Hola tiktakdraw, este, tik y tak hablan en español, podrian poner subtitulos de lo que dicen en inglés, no se si sea buena idea

  7. Jeff: pokes me, to wake up
    Me: WHAT
    Jeff: Go to sleep~
    Jeff: uhh
    Me: do u know what time it is!!
    Jeff: 2:47?
    ME: *snoreee"

  8. Da thumbnail is me if i hear the following:

    1.If i hear i can get 1 hour or 2 hour in the computer shop
    2.Mmmmmmm dat smells gooooooooooood if i smell sum good food
    3.If i finish my homework
    4.If i get to do my favorite things to do

  9. Me:Can I wash your jacket?(smells the blood)IT SMELLS BAD!!🤢
    Me:…ima puke because of u!
    Jeff:whatever?u wanna wear it?(giggles)
    Me:OF COURSE NOT!!!!!(runs away)

  10. Jeff : go to sleep
    Me : why and did you came in my house
    Jeff : your mom and dad let me in
    Me : what why
    Jeff : you have a nice mom and dad me : umm ok thx
    Jeff : yoyr mom snd dad is nice then my mom and dad do am not going to kill you bye
    Me ; huh ok bye ??

  11. If jeff the killer is born at 2008 that mens hi is at the same old as me. Does that mean he gona kille me two 🤔😱😱😱😱😳

  12. Shut the killer why do you become a monster Jeff you cute but will you become a monster shut my computer off so you will see me every day if we chat I am binging is OK if you chat with me like you did with me punching us OK already

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