Japanese Pro Advice|Drawing the Body (Rear View)

Japanese Pro Advice|Drawing the Body (Rear View)

This line here, the one connected to the neck
– Iuse it often as a guide line I was wondering How did you decide this line here? In reality for the shoulder blades, when you raise the arms usually it will go up more till it’s diagonal Thank you for coming
-Hello This is another Doki Doki Discord Advice session Hinoe-san is here again
– Hello Today’s art selected from the Doki Doki Discord advice group Rair Bando-san I have some problems to draw a person from behind It’s difficult isn’t it? Drawing the rear view At first glance, how does it look? Well, I think this person is doing DIY Yes, it looks a bit scary It looks like he is about to hammer his fingers I think it’s better to keep the hand away when you are hammering nails well, other than setting position at first I don’t think you would hit a nail while sitting on your knees Maybe with one leg kneeling? Decide the pose first The leg pose can be anything but Can we get some advice at this same angle? Ok How would you adjust it generally? I’m more used to hammering with my right hand Let’s switch it to a right handed drawing
– Ah I see First confirming the perspective I think that will enable you to draw much better Was it imagined with 3-point perspective I wonder? Like a giant I think 2 point perspective is fine for this The body balance seems to be a bit off The upper body is too big I’ll adjust as I go along Deciding on the size of the head as well and That curved line on the neck looks useful! You’ve avoiding the lower body getting too small? That’s right Now the left hand is placed in a safer position
-Yes Avoiding a horrific accident In addition to art advice today we get advice on DIY too For the back side look, the 2 point perspective is better than the 3 point? Rather than the 2 point perspective, I have to show that there is a slope angle here Usually I would have it look more bent but for this line I thought maybe it’s a roof being repaired I set the perspective to make sure it looks like there is an angle here Drawing shoulders is difficult When you raise the arm, the shape of the shoulder changes The right shoulder will go up higher The left knee is up but it is hidden behind the body That is more likely than both legs folded If you wanted to draw more from a high angle looking down… Would you show more of the neck? When it’s a view from above, it will create an uneasy atmosphere The camera angle will change depending on the situation It’s a normal DIY scene so you don’t need to show uneasiness Though with the finger right here like in the original drawing, that angle may work Even with an angle from above, in the original drawing the neck may to have been too long That waist bone becomes handy again Yes, you see the buttocks like this and and you squeeze
-Oh, you see that often How about this? Very nice. Not only the background but when you draw where the activity is taking place then the pose is easier to decide on This angle matches well with the atmosphere The original drawing was like this It’s a view from above, and the right hand seems to be placed in a dangerous place Over that, the drawing which Hinoe drew is like this The angle has been adjusted The perspective lines were drawn beforehand How did the perspective lines help when drawing? Makes it easier to position the character I found this line here quite interesting and useful On the neck You use that quite often as a guide line So no need to draw this prominently in the line art?
– yes As a guide line this worked very well This appeared in a previous Doki Doki video about twisting Using the waist bones, or the dimples of the muscles Buttocks dimples
-Dimples? You find it often on cheeks. That’s what that is
– I see This type of lines become handy This line interests me as well How did you choose these lines? Well, in reality, for the shoulder blades, when you raise your arms it will go up further even til it’s diagonal So if it were higher up then… Just to make it look good, I have tendency to draw it here When the arm comes down, it won’t disappear totally?
No When the arm is down will it be this angle? if it has come down yes So when I raise the hand it will become like this Compared with the original drawing About the angle of the arms in both drawings, how do they compare? Well, this is my way of drawing so everybody will have their own style That’s true When you want to strike it, I guess this height is good I don’t think someone will do this work naked, so I will have to add some clothes Maybe that day was hot Maybe that’s the setting You probably wouldn’t take such a big wind up for using a hammer right? i imagine the elbow is what bends the most Well you can draw a key drawing with the arms stretched out There are definitely ways to make that work too so it’s actually ok If I were to draw this I would forget this Often people draw like this Making it a bit too thin I have the chest muscles in mind when I draw This is a male, so for females, there will be fat on top of the muscles So on top of this it’ll have some roundness added?
-I see On the original drawing, it is curved up like this In the drawing that you have done, curving like this is more natural? Other animators also think how to make it natural looking so so that’s just one way to draw it We have introduced this as another way to draw So it’s like that
-Yes Thank you very much
-Thank you There are many videos in this Discord Advice series so Please take a look Please subscribe to the channel as well If you want advice, please enter the Discord group Please post drawings freely Please write in what kind of advice you want and it may become a video like this Bye bye

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  1. Hell yes, i m starting hate 2 type of views,the First Is 3/4 from upper view and the second Is the opposite but both in a dinamic prospectiv pose …but without per u see my sketches became hard go on this way…but of u d like ti help me a bit ill be so Happy!!! My big problems are feew, 4 example from up 3/4 and even frontal ( i mean full body) its hard the intersection between waist and the legs..and of course the "paradise" in the midfle u know?!! In not kidding,female anatomy Is pretty damn beautyful and i hard to draw girls in every dinamic pose as better than i can but its hard..so please, heeeeelp !!

  2. Hello~ i'm a self studying drawer, would you care to teach more perspective, especially dynamic camera angles and poses? Thank you.

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