Japanese prints – the Pop Art of the 19th century

Japanese prints – the Pop Art of the 19th century

Hello I’m Frank Milner. I collect
Japanese woodblock prints from the 19th century.
Normally I hang them at home in my stairwell but for the next four months
they’re on show here at the Lady Lever Art Gallery.
There’s 50 of them on show, they are popular woodblock prints, hand
printed. They were made 150 odd years ago. They are prints of people, mostly of people.
The people in the prints are actors, wrestlers, samurai, women.
The people who bought the prints were fans usually of these particular
celebrities, actors, wrestlers, women. These, what were at the time considered
to be ephemeral prints, are the pop art of their day. We are celebrating right
now 50 years of the pop art of our day with Sgt Pepper and Peter Blake’s
marvelous cover of that LP. The people who bought these prints would have been very much like I was when I was 18 in 1967 buying Sgt Pepper’s
record sleep and the record. They give me an awful lot of pleasure these prints
every morning when I come down to coffee and I hope people enjoy looking at them

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  1. Absolutely adore them. Wish I could fly over and view them. 🙂 Could lend them to the Freer and Sackler in DC??? :-} ♡ Online tour? 🙂

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