Janet Devlin – Saint of the Sinners – Official Music Video

Janet Devlin – Saint of the Sinners – Official Music Video

I’m on my hands and knees again Singing a symphony of sins I’m crying, I’m crying again And I am sorry for what I’ve done Apologies from empty lungs I’m lying, I’m lying again You let me drown in holy water You let me fall on holy ground I spent my life at your altar But all you did was hold me down Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners Don’t trust a word I say And don’t take my crown away Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’d say I’d see you in the end But I don’t consider you a friend I’m screaming, I’m screaming again You buried me with no Amen So one day there would be revenge I’m singing, I’m singing again You let me drown in holy water You let me fall on holy ground I spent my life at your altar But all you did was hold me down Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners Don’t trust a word I say And don’t take my crown away Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I am more than the tears I’ve cried I am more than the blood that’s dried I am more than my tiger stripes I am more than the sharpest lives And I know that this lightening strikes This lightening strikes twice [instrumental] Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners Don’t trust a word I say And don’t take my crown away Cause I’m the saint of the sinners I’m the saint of the sinners

100 thoughts on “Janet Devlin – Saint of the Sinners – Official Music Video

  1. Wow. What a great idea! How the hell, did you get the painting to harmonise? Let’s not forget, how good the song is an all. 🙂

  2. The whole camera work is amazing. It looks like a movie! I think this is my favorite music video of yours so far. I love how we get to see your range as an artist so many different styles and emotions being shown. now we get to see painter Janet!

  3. So unrealistic, not a splodge of paint on clothes or skin, not a real painter!
    Just kidding, amazing video concept for a brilliant song. Adore your voice so much, has been a privilege experiencing you growing as an artist over the years, long may they continue!

  4. I am always concerned making any negative comments after any video. An artist puts in their heart and soul and even if I don't like it who the hell am I to criticize some one else's efforts? It always seemed so unseemly to me, lacking class and embracing one's own self interest and narcism over simple caring for another human. That all being said. OMG. This is wonderful. Great song. Good imagery. Even the return to the more natural blonde hair color. All of it. Great job. Definitely a winner. I can only hope it is the beginning of many more. Great job.

  5. First time i listened the song I was not sure. But just was the video and it did definitely grow on me. I found it stronger : the tempo, voice… And it's a very catchy song…

  6. Its a creative video👍but honestly i like it best in the total dark with my headphones on, it is an amazing tune, love the hole sound, so for me it is best with my eyes closed and no one around🥰

  7. This is absolutely incredible. And coming from someone who has experience in film making- this is shot beautifully. And Janet, you are amazing as always. LOVE this song

  8. Youve done an amazing job as always. Love the song and the video fit perfectly. Thank you for sharing your music with the world.

  9. What a distance you've come compared to when you were just doing covers. Let the fan base grooooowww! Love you Janet!

  10. Love the lyrics and the video. And great to see you going back to your natural hair color. Now…can we see Janet smile again?

  11. Omg, I have this song on repeat every day. I love your voice so much, janet. You touch me so deeply with your music. It's like something deep down in me stirs and I want to get amped up. Know what I'm saying? You are so damn creative and that is such an attractive quality. I've always said there are only 3 voices that can move me tears . Which is adele's, amy Lee's and Janet Devlin's. Be proud of the music you create and the people you touch because I am

  12. Hey Red awesome job with the video like the song . Full of emotion just the way you can do it ! love it and a very unique idea for a video too

  13. I love the video and the song. You did great as always. Is it possible to learn more about the song and what it means to you?

  14. t amo bb la mujer d mi vida desde q tengo 11 años me encantaas, t deseo lo mejor en todo tu musica cada vez mas linda
    saludos desde uruguay
    cuando quieras nos fumamos ese porro ya sabes

  15. Janet, this looks as good as any video from the biggest bands in the world. I love the singing paintings – fans of good music who don't already know you will remember you now after seeing this video.

  16. Amazing song. Your voice is like a beautiful melody. Can't get over your voice. Been obsessed. Keep it up my inspiration. ♥️💯

  17. I think the music is well done but it feels awfully dark. I hope you can compose music that is more positive and upbeat in the future ………. and that you FEEL it!!

  18. I've been following your career since you were on x-factor. You have come so far and have much farther to, I wish you the best of luck in your future.

  19. Way to go Janet! Your songs are so much better than those you cover such a powerful video! Going back to your natural hair color seems to suit you. You were fierce and powerful with your red curls but you seem even more powerful now. I wish you the best and i hope the world takes notice of wonderful artwork!

  20. Love the song and video so creative.
    My take on the video is people want to paint a better picture of themselves, be seen as something they are not. When in actual fact sometimes it is physically impossible. I struggle with being socially awkward and admit I would love to paint myself as having better looks with more self confidence. I have had to live with the fact we live in a shallow world and not give up hope. However I have to learned to love who I am as a person I have become. Yes there are moments in my life that I could have done better. Though I always say your'e not out to please every one, it only takes a handful of people to say you're special the way you are. Someone will think the world of you someday even if it takes longer than you hopped it would.

  21. Well worth the wait, Janet. I've been playing it all day since you posted on 1883. I also bought the cd and the download, and on your birthday I joined your Patreon. Can't wait to see what's next.

  22. Hate to beat a dead horse… HUGE Luna Lovegood vibe at around 2 mins in,the reflection. Sorry,couldn't help it.
    Love the song,just love you! Glad to see and hear you so healthy!

  23. Oops, here I go dropping in again. From astounding auditions, to fantastic covers. Throw in some Vagina talk and hey presto I've found a stunning creative video for an original song. Keep up the good work, like the EP and this video made me love it more.

    P.s Yes, I genuinely watched the cooter video and even learnt some things. "You brought life in, you're a Superhero. You grew a baby in your insides, didn't die. Sick." – Best moment, but Old Lady was close.

  24. Amazingly beautiful song filled with so much power and feeling. Once again Ms. Devlin, you have killed it. You have a beautiful talent!!

  25. janet this is simply breathtaking the song is fantastic the lyrics have touched me deep the video is so well matched im sitting here after watching multiple times on repeat you really inspire me i'm also glad you're part of the bi+ community

  26. I love all your songs, you have the most powerful beautiful voice I ever heard. You are such a beautiful sweet person, such a beautiful soul. Good job on this amazing song, keep being awesome Janet! Luv u lots, aka your biggest fan 🙂 ♡

  27. OMG what a awesome video, so good, better than a lot of other pop stars, that quality is awesome!! What ever you spent to make this it looks like it cost 10 times more, if I just looked at the video I would easily say it was a lady gaga gaga, Taylor Swift video. Well done Janet hope this shows the world your great talent in not only singing but acting !!!!!

  28. Janet, been a fan for a few years, but I haven't commented in quite a while. It's a very beautiful song!
    And it's been good seeing you come out of your shell (although I can't remember if you said you'd be a turtle or a taco).

  29. It's very mediocre…. It's missing something, it's hard to put my finger on but I'm not impressed and her voice is annoying with the lisp and weird sound.

  30. I think I’m starting to fall in love. This is the one Janet. What a beautiful modern Irish song. This has so much of everything I feel about you. Just simply beautiful. The sound the look so powerful simply done this has a vision your future is bright. I knew this was Janet’s year. Let’s get this lungs fixed next 🙂

  31. as a fellow sinner at least i know who to pray to now lmfao……..but for real another song I will have on repeat for days one end.

  32. The facts.
    I feel that you aren't creating art (music) for the same reasons so many other artist do. I, the listener, can tell that by how open and honest you are when giving insight into your lyrics, and how they relate to you. Letting us look behind the curtain at your personal trials and triumphs utilizing your art is something we do NOT take for granted. We truly care about you because of this.
    Also, your art is unique in it's ability to spark a flame of instant inspiration in me that very few other artists do. I'm certain I'm not the only one who, after listening to (absorbing) your songs, takes up their guitar, or sits at their piano, with an open notebook, pen in hand, wanting to convey some heart felt lesson learned from their own life experiences in song, (or poem, or brush, or dance, or sculpture, or…)
    Even if I string four chords together and accomplish to jot down a few sentences that are honest and true, I've done it out of inspiration.
    What I'm trying to say is, I, the listener, am honored to have your music in my life. Thank you for sharing it with, and inspiring me to keep creating my own. You ROCK! m/

  33. Okay I just have to say I love her hair so so much! Over the years I have watched her curly/color evolution and all I can say is it’s amazing.

  34. Love the video, I just watched it like 40 times in a row, Very Professional editing love what was done with the pictures gives it a very unique feel.

  35. by the way just something I could noticed, everything is amazing ^^ the bottom parts of the windows are not always edited and sometimes we can se the streets or a car pass by, and it gives it a more natural look <3

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