Jack in Action | Abstract Artist Jack Durnford

Jack in Action | Abstract Artist Jack Durnford

My name is Jack Durnford and I’m an abstract
artist. Well, I’ve always been artistic, I’ve always
been good with color. Then I got into art, basically, I don’t. . . can
I say necessity? I was necessity that I got into art
I found my niche which is difficult for most people.
Because my form of art is mixed media. Not a lot of artists are in that genre.
At least with mine, mine’s cement based over foam. I don’t know any other artist in the United States thats using my form of art. *loud banging* Kinda nice, huh? In the beginning, I was doing it over wood,but I wanted to expand, I needed to expand.
So I needed to make it a little bit larger. The key was to make it light.
The foam is what allowed me to do that. I put my material down, I can scribe into
it, I can use little fishing nets. Theres a lot different tools that I can use
to get the texture and color I need. When I’m completed with a big piece, I have
excess. So rather than to discard the excess,I always
have other things that I can use that material for.
I hunt for this driftwood like two three times a month.
But it has to sit outside, it has to dry. Then I rout out a void in the driftwood
Add a little more water to the mix, add it into that routed out area, rattle it a little
bit. Rather than wasting this material, I can continue
to make pieces from it. The heart pieces and the smaller driftwood
pieces that I make literally pay the bills. And then after you get those out of the way,
then you can really make the art that you wanna make.
Actually, I have been accused of having no focus as an artist.
Because you come to my booth, and virtually theres something new every year.
It’s just because I can make so many different things, I like making different things.
Its a real masculine piece, but I think it will look good in a home.
Otherwise I will just keep in myself, I don’t care
Like I had this dress series, where I took dresses from consignment stores and thrift
stores. And I made several dresses and I sold the
dresses. Well its like, Okay, I’ve made the dresses,
now I want to move on to something else. I want to thank you for watching the video
and hopefully I will catch you at a festival this summer.. . . . . .Cut. If you’d like to see more of my work, you can check out my Facebook page, which is facebook.com/JackDurnfordArtist

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  1. Thank you @Andrew John Smith ! It helps that Jack Durnford is just as interesting as his artwork. #abstractart   #localartists   #concreteart  

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