Is this the Best Party in Miami Beach? | Art Basel Florida

Is this the Best Party in Miami Beach? | Art Basel Florida

Good morning Vagabuddies. What’s going on? We are at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, and we’ve come here for Art Basel. Bro, what is Art Basel? Art Basel is the largest gathering of artists in the U.S. It’s an art festival about modern art that started in Basel, Switzerland, came to Miami Beach fifteen years ago this week. It’s a four-day festival. There are thousands of collectors, artists, connoisseurs from all around the world gathering to look at the new art, buy some pieces and have a lot of fun in the process. And not only artists, connoisseurs, and collectors, but people like us, tons of spectators. So it’s going to be a super fun couple days of partying, so stick with us. But first things first……breakfast. Can I just say that I love South Beach? I love Miami. This is an international city. It’s a Caribbean… It’s a Latin city. It’s tropical You’ve got the Art Deco right here. It’s beautiful, man. I love this place, and this is a good place to people watch. Marko loves Art Deco. I have to agree. It’s cool. It’s a cool architectural style. But this place definitely does it right. I think the palm trees really accentuate Art Deco for me. The thing is…this is an historical area. All the hotels here can’t make any changes. It has to stay the way it is. You’ll see why this is the perfect place to have an art festival. It’s got style for miles. Vagabrothers. That’s us. Thankfully, we got media passes. We can skip past this huge line…..go in.. hopefully get some behind the scenes access because that’s what it is all about. We’re going to be hobknobbing with a lot of rich and famous and society people. It should be pretty fun. My favorite part about this….. air conditioning. One of the things that is universal about the art world is that it is a place where people come to be seen. And I think that is the case even more so here in Miami because Miami is a flashy city. Miami is a city where people want to look good and put their best foot forward. And I think here at Art Basel in Miami, it is the “creme de la creme.” Another thing that I really do like about art is that it’s open to interpretation from the individual who is viewing it. Art can mean something different to everyone. And I think with a lot of this newer avant-garde art, that is very much the case because I have no idea what this thing is supposed to mean. But to somebody, it might mean something very, very deep. So finally some art that I actually understand. This is Picasso. There are actual….. There are a couple of Picassos here being sold. So you can see, it’s not just the newest art It’s also some very famous painters, as well. Take a look. Can you tell me what your favorite thing about Art Basel Miami is? Well, I guess it’s that everybody comes from all around the world. There are galleries, art collectors, and the city gets so much exposure. It’s like an epicenter of art now, Miami. For a South African gallery, it takes 16 hours for us to get here, it’s great to reach an American audience. Well definitely the art, you know, parties, you know, happening, the lights. Interesting..makes people want to come. You get to see Picasso. And for me as well. It’s electric. This is the Baylor Gallery And this one has a huge installation with actual real-life pasta that’s been served on plates. People are freaking out about it. Makes me ask the question.. what came first……. the chicken or the spaghetti? I don’t know if you guys know this. You might because I’ve said it before. I’m kind of a bird nerd. I’m obsessed with birds. This has to be my favorite installation of the day Birds. Andy Warhol. 1967 Andy Warhol’s banana that was on the cover of the Velvet Underground album and made super famous. It’s crazy to be able to see pieces like this… the originators of modern art two feet in front of my face. Regular reality during Art Basel is pretty cool. We’re going to make our way down to the One Hotel where there’s apparently a really cool party that started on the Island Ibiza and is popping off here. We’ll show you more when we get there. We made it in. We’re inside of Rumors and rumor has it that this party’s going to be popping off tonight. Having a couple of cocktails, sun is going down, and having a good time. It’s really nice because it’s very loungy It’s not like a boom..boom….boom club. There are beautiful people. There’re good drinks. good music, and everything is…. That was a super fun way to transition into the evening. We’re going to switch it up. We’re going to head over to the Freehand Hotel to a place called the Broken Shaker… grab one more cocktail. Stay tuned. Right now for dinner and drinks we’re at the Freehand It’s an upscale hostel with a great bar. And upscale hostels are the best of both worlds. We’re going to meet up with our friend, Lisa, who is a YouTuber from the Netherlands and have some dinner and drinks. Hey, guys. Hello. How’s it going? We have been joined by Lisa and Michelle from the Netherlands who are here shooting some stuff. How do you like Art Basel in Miami so far? Miami is great. The weather is great and the people. The people are really nice here. I don’t want to leave tomorrow. And Michelle…how’s it going over there? Pretty good. I’m drinking water. How long have you girls been in Florida? Eight days now. We’re leaving tomorrow. Make sure to go check out Lisa and Michelle. We’ll link them in the info box. And if you speak Dutch, you probably already know Lisa. I have to say though, this place is really “gezellig” Right? Prost. Cheers. Prost. May I just say that I think this is actually my favorite bar in the U.S. but maybe in the world. I love this place. And that’s not hyperbole or any exaggeration. Wow. It is a great bar. And you know what? It is a great city, and it’s been a great day. I’ve had such a good time, and hopefully you guys have enjoyed it coming along with us. If you guys liked this video, you’ve got to stay tuned for tomorrow. We’re going to be going to the Wynnwood Art District on the other side of the bay. Give it a thumbs-up; share it with your friends and subscribe to Vagabrothers if you have not already. Big thanks to Miami Tourism for bringing us out here. Go check out Art Basel See you guys here next year. In the meantime stay curious; keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

78 thoughts on “Is this the Best Party in Miami Beach? | Art Basel Florida

  1. This place seems so cool! I actually saw some really cheap plane tickets to Miami, but unfortunately I have school…

  2. I just saw you on Louis' travel summit in England. Do you have some kind of weird time travel machine?? LOL. BTW,ย  yet another great vlog.

  3. I dont know if it is the general ambiance of the art Basel but this has got to be one of the best videos of your channel ! Pleas Keep it up Guys !

  4. LOVED this! I love Art and Miami is such an interesting city architecture wise. That bar seemed cool but I would probably feel way out of place if I went. Also, Lisa is really cute! Great vid guys!

  5. Marko!!! if you like art deco, you should Napier NZ it's the art deco CAPITAL of the world. there is even a festival in February

  6. Loved the video! The mini interviews with people there were a great touch. And me, I always love a Magritte. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  7. – I'm with ya; a piece of art can be interpreted in different ways, by different people…that in itself is awesome!

  8. We looking for tickets to Miami and a good place to stay right now. Love your video and the Art Deco. Been there once, unfortunately during a hurricane +13yrs ago.

  9. We were in Miami at the same time. !! A friend is a controller for the "Betsy" hotel. It has an amazing collection of 70's Rock and roll original photos all over the hotel that they show year round ! The traffic there was nuts,, took us an hour to go a block . Surprised we didn't see you guys at the palm beach beer festival on sat ! โœŒ๏ธ cheers .

  10. Is it just me or are other people skeptical about these guys being "bros" and even more skeptical of the "girlfriend" Alex talks about? Not saying there's anything wrong with that. In fact, it's 2017 andย people who don'tย accept all cultures and lifestyles should be ashamed of themselves. So just live your life and be honest about who you are. No need to hide it or lie…

  11. We really admire you guys. you guys not only show the beautiful beaches of miami but also the beautiful art it has to offer.
    we are also filmmakers that makes travel videos, music collaborations, life stories and short films. i hope you guys are gonna like the content we create because it inspires us to keep doing what we love.

  12. Nice Video. i was just in Miami and did a vlog at Miami Beach and Fontainebleau. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Big fan of DogJames, btw.

  13. I've been to Art Basel many times when I lived in SoFla and it was always fun; the art, the people, SOUTH BEACH!. Oh how this brings back memories. Thanks guys.,

  14. Lived there for ten years. I am qualified to tell you that Miami is so pretentious. And the Art Basel just doesnโ€™t make up for it.

  15. Love the drone shots and of course we love Miami…we just popped down from #SoooBoca on Friday and wandered the Wynwood area.

  16. That woman looking strangely at you at 3:05 is because south Florida hardly has any Youtubers. Floridians aren't used to that. LOL

  17. That was an excellent walk through, good music and vibes. It would be a dream come true to represent with some artwork in Miami! See you some day Art Basel

  18. my favorite artists are: Semsar Siahaan (google him out….his works are beautiful and provoking) and Claude Monet ๐Ÿ˜

  19. Restaurant 27 and the Broken Shaker are also my favorites in Miami. The food and the drinks are delicious ๐Ÿ˜

  20. Don't let the pictures fool you Art Basel is nothing but a bunch of art galleries with people walking around drunk no one even cares about the art the parking is absolutely horrendous downtown Miami is a clusterfuck you can't even get around in your car or you may get jumped or robbed in that horrible area where it takes place be careful Art Basel is going down…it needs to be moving to Fort Lauderdalein

  21. Am coming this year. Bringing the best Art the world haven't seen. Coming from Toronto โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ“ท๐ŸŽจโœ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ’•.

    I go by my IG: piecemaster_aj or Akpa_blvd

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