IS MY BEST FRIEND A LIAR? Lie Detector Test on Justin 24 Hour Challenge To Learn if He is Hacker PZ9

IS MY BEST FRIEND A LIAR? Lie Detector Test on Justin 24 Hour Challenge To Learn if He is Hacker PZ9

– What’s up Spy Ninjas? We are here at Justin’s house. It seems he’s not PZ9. Maybe, but he’s a little suspicious so we’re gonna give him
a lie detector test. We got Daniel the lie
detector expert right here. Vy and Regina, why don’t
you guys go explore Justin’s house a little bit? – Oh.
– I mean, is that okay Justin? – It’s fine but just stay
out of my sock drawer, okay? I don’t like people going in there. – A sock drawer? – You can go anywhere else. – Okay, let’s go. – Okay Justin. We have my handy-dandy lie
detector laptop right here. – Oh! – I need you to wear this. This is my latest lie detector invention. I stole this glove from
one of the hackers. It’s a lie detecting glove. It’s connected to a cable, to this laptop. Please wear it for me will ya? – Okay Justin and do not lie three times ’cause if you do these Spy Ninjas are gonna
decide your punishment. Daniel, what? – I’m back. – [Chad] You’re in your
lie detector outfit! – Of course man! – Justin, first question is
the the baseline question. We just gotta make sure
that this lie detector thing is working. – Alright, all right, fine. Let’s just get this over with. Then maybe you guys will learn to start trustin’ Justin. – What color are your shoes? – White. – [Chad] White
– White. – [Chad] Daniel.
Alright, simple question. – [Justin] What’s the old computer say? Let’s see if this thing is working. (suspense music) – [Chad] What, what? – [Daniel] It said lie. What the heck? On the first question? – [Chad] Lemme see your shoes, Justin. – [Daniel] Oh, they’re black! – [Justin] I though I was
wearing my other pair. I lost those dang things,
they just disappeared! I think somebody actually stole them. Do you know where my white shoes went? – No. – I’ve never seen someone fail a baseline question before. Alright, let’s just get
to the juicy questions. – [Justin] Alright. – Alright, question number one that a ton of Spy Ninjas
want to know, Justin. Us Spy Ninjas were
fighting PZ9 in the park. We decided to give you a call on your cellphone, Justin. Facetime, we wanted to
see if you would answer. You did answer but you
didn’t show us your face. That was very suspicious. Why didn’t you show us your face? – When, when was this? – [Daniel] You said you were busy. You didn’t answer any of our questions. – I did not have that
conversation with you guys. PZ9 took my phone! I couldn’t have Facetimed you. – Dude, that makes total sense. I tell you Spy Ninjas pointed out that the person who answered the phone did have on those PZ9 pants and that some of you saw a glove too. Or was it Justin who’s actually PZ9? Daniel! – Yeah, let’s see what the machine says. – [Justin] Whats the old computer say? – It’s saying he’s telling the truth. – See? See? See? Jerks. – Next question. Justin, take a look at this laptop here. See this picture? What is it? – Pikachu. – [Daniel] Exactly. Now, did you draw this picture? – No? No, no.
– You seem a little nervous. – Look the problem is I have this problem where I draw Pikachus in my sleep so I never really know for sure if I drew a Pikachu. – What? – I’ve never heard of
that condition Justin but I do know that you
are a very good drawer. – You shouldn’t make
fun of pikachitis, Chad. – (laughs)
– Just so you know, it’s a real thing. – Daniel, I think we need to have him actually do a drawing for us to figure out the truth here. – [Justin] Oh, you want
to see if it matches? – [Daniel] Yeah!
– Alright, bring me a pen! – Please. – Please. – Here you go Justin. Draw me a Pikachu. Just the way you would
usually draw a Pikachu. – [Chad] Yeah, from memory. – Well, there’s a little problem guys. – [Chad] Yes? – I can only draw
Pikachus when I’m asleep. – [Chad] You’re a pretty
fast drawer, Justin. – I guess I can draw when I’m awake. Who knew? (laughs) Funny little feet. Funny little tail. Is that Pikachu? – [Daniel] Let me see this. Okay guys, PZ9 drew
this Pikachu right here. Justin drew this pikachu. So I need your help. Comment down below if
you think Justin is PZ9. – A lot of you Spy Ninjas pointed out that we saw PZ9 go into Burger King. And who came out? Justin came out. What were you doing in Burger King? – I don’t know, I mean Burger King? You know, I’ve got this
other really weird condition. It’s called Burgerkingitis and I go to Burger King in my sleep so I can never remember for sure. – Ah, I’m seeing a pattern here Justin. I don’t think you have any
sort of ‘itis that you– – You shouldn’t make fun
of my two rare diseases. That’s harder than having one. – I’ve known you my whole life Justin and you’re perfectly 100% healthy and you’ve had a lot of
sleepovers at my house. You’ve never done anything in your sleep other than (makes snoring noises) snore! – You wouldn’t know, you were asleep. You sleep like a rock Chad Wild Clay. Am I right Vy? Where’s Vy? If she was here I could ask her. – [Chad] Yeah, yeah, where’s Vy? Let’s check in with her. Yeah give her a call. – Hey Daniel, what’s up? – Hey Vy, you find
anything yet, suspicious? – What are you doing in my kitchen? If you’re hungry, help
yourself to some meatloaf. – Where are the chicken nuggets Justin? Where are they? Just tell me which cupboard! – You know how much I like chicken nuggets you think those last around here Vy? – We’ll catch up with you later Vy. Bye.
– Good luck. – [Chad] Well let’s not
forget the real question here. Burger King, what were
you doing in Burger King. – I don’t remember. – Justin, put your hand on the table. You’re gonna give us false readings. You doing that on purpose? – I think you’re out of questions. I think you’ve asked too many questions and now I’m getting upset. – Why were you in Burger King Justin? Answer the question. – Can’t a guy just get a
Whopper with his friend? Oh! – [Chad] Oh, whoa! So you were meeting with
a friend in Burger King? – [Justin] You guys are
making me sweat over here. – Sweating huh? You know what that means. – [Justin] ‘Cause you’re
sitting too close. – The machine is saying. (suspense music) (gasp) It’s a lie! – [Chad] What! – It’s a lie! – I just told you, you
can’t make me upset. It’s not accurate. It ain’t accurate. – Justin that is one lie so far. Two more lies and that’s three. – Alright. Okay, look, look, you listening? – [Chad] Yes.
– Yes. – I didn’t wanna tell you this because I know how bad it looks but I met at Burger King with PZ9. – (gasp) – PZ9! – [Daniel] Justin how could you do that? – I can explain. It’s not what you think. – Daniel we need to have
a little talk over here. Daniel, come over this way. – [Daniel] We’ll be right back. – Okay yeah, so he’s not PZ9 but he clearly is working with PZ9, he met with him! – Yeah, he’s been working
with Project Zorgo this whole time? – This doesn’t sound
like Justin would do that but maybe Project Zorgo
put that device on his head that made him confused, I don’t know. – He can’t lie two more
times or else he’s out so he’s gonna be telling the truth from this point on. – Okay Justin, why were you
meeting with PZ9 at Burger King? – (sighs) He said he wanted to meet with me because he needed my help. – [Chad] Okay, what did
he need your help with? – Unlocking the YouTube
Algorithm Source Code. – That is huge. – I hope it’s not true. Um. It’s true! Justin, why would you ever do that? – No no no guys look, he told me that he was friends with you. – [Chad] Friends? – Yeah, he said that if I
helped him unlock the code that he’d help you guys get
like 100 million subscribers. I was looking out for you guys. – [Chad] Oh dude! – Give me a break! – C’mon! – [Chad] Daniel is he telling the truth? Let’s see the computes. Compute it up. – It looks like Justin is telling he’s telling the truth. – (sigh) See? – So he told you that
he was friends with us? He is not friends with us you should know that. – You didn’t do it right? You didn’t help him
unlock the Source Code? – No! No no no. No. I mean I was going to but– – Oh! – Well I though it was
going to help you, see? – Justin, we don’t need
to cheat the system to get 100 million subscribers. All we need it the Spy Ninjas to get us 100 million subscribers. So guys, if you wanna help us out right down below this video there’s a little red
button that says subscribe. Make sure it’s clicked, turned gray. Make sure it says subscribed. Make sure that little bell
symbol is ringing too. – Justin, there was this one time we were following PZ9. He threw a bunch of floppy disks at us. Do you know what those are? – You look like kind of
a floppy disk right now. With the way your hat’s going up and down. You floppy disk head guy. – That’s a lie. Okay, as I was saying there was one floppy disk that had PZ9’s signature on it. – [Chad] Show him a picture. – You see that right there? Is that your signature? – So I’ve got this problem. – Let me guess, signaturitis? Where you fall asleep and you write other peoples signatures. – I never really know– – Why don’t you go ahead
and try again, Justin. – I don’t think so, no no. Heck no. – You’re saying that that is not your signature? – Nope, can’t be. – [Chad] Daniel is he telling the truth? – Hmm, looks like he’s telling the truth? – Yes!
– I think, I think. It’s a little– – Wait, you think? – Maybe you were moving
your hand a little. – [Justin] I’m not moving my hand! Your test is just not sophisticated. – Okay, I got a sophisticated test for ya how ’bout we have you write your signature right now. We’ll see if it matches. – Can I move my hands for that? (suspense music) – There you are Justin. – [Daniel] Whoa! – [Chad] Let’s take a look. – [Daniel] What the heck is that part? What is that? – [Justin] The T. – Okay I guess he was telling the truth. Those two signatures
do not match up at all. – The signature on the floppy disk had an I-N at the end. – [Chad] Yes. – This, I don’t even see that. – [Chad] Yeah, totally different. – The I-N gets lost in the line. – You must have I-N-itis? – Chad, don’t make fun of me man. (bang noise) – Whoa! – Teasing and–
– Did you guys– Did you hear that?
– What? – You didn’t hear that? Justin, you didn’t hear that? – Uh, did I hear that? I don’t know, I think I
fell asleep for a second. – It was like a brr sound. – Well that, I got cold. I was like brr, boy it’s cold. Like you guys be acting cold so it was making me shiver. – Justin you’re so suspicious. Uh Daniel, I think it might have been Vy and Regina snooping around. Why don’t you give them a call. – Get out of my sock drawer! It’s my Grandpa’s sock drawer! – Hey Regina? – Hey. – Hey, did you hear a big like boom noise? – Wait, I thought that was you. It wasn’t us. – Really it wasn’t you or Vy? Kinda weird, keep investigating okay? – [Chad] Yeah, keep looking. (phone beeps) Well if that wasn’t Vy and Regina, what was that sound? – Probably an aftershock guys. You know there was an earthquake here just about a week ago? Yeah that’s probably what it was. It was probably just a little tremor. (murmuring) – Okay Justin, I wanna find out if you truly are a Spy Ninja. I know you used to be back when we used to chop fruit together. – [Justin] That’s right! – The best way to train
for a Spy Ninja at home is the Spy Ninja Network. So do you have the Spy
Ninja Network on your phone? – Do I have the Spy Ninja
Network on my phone. I am the Spy Ninja Network! – [All] Ohh! – Did you know that there is a brand new mini game on the Spy Ninja Network. I kinda wanna test your skills Justin. It’s called this right here and let’s see how far you can get. – (ninja noises) – [Chad] Oh my gosh! How’d you– Whoa! Even with the glove on! I’ve never seen someone play so good especially with a glove on. Look at this guy go. Justin! Dude! Justin is a real Spy Ninja. Daniel are you impressed or what? – I’ve never seen anything like it. – Did I prove myself yet guys? I’m a real Spy Ninja. I can’t believe I have
to explain this stuff. – Guys if you haven’t played that game yet download the Spy Ninja Network down below there’s a
link in the description. I’ll also put one in the top
right hand corner up here. Download it, play the new game and see if you can beat
Justin’s newest high score. Look at this guy. Hmm, there’s something that’s
kinda bothering me here that I’m just kinda realizing Justin. Why did PZ9 need your help with the YouTube Algorithm Source Code. What do you know about the
YouTube Algorithm Source Code? – There’s more than one answer to that. Number one, I’m the best
Ninja Hacker that ever lived. Secondly
– I never knew about that. – Secondly, he had this
weird question for me. He wanted to know where
I buy my beard oil. I don’t tell anybody that personal stuff. It’s kinda like my sock drawer. – You don’t talk about the sock. Am I right? – Or the beard oil. – You don’t toil about the oil. Daniel, is he telling the truth? – Hmm.
– [Justin] Go ahead. – I don’t know what you guys just said but it’s a lie. – [Chad] Justin! – What?
– [Chad] Justin! – That can’t be right. This isn’t working. – Daniel, Daniel, huddle, huddle, that’s lie number two. – [Justin] Guys, guys, come (sighs) – He’s acting really suspicious. He knows something about the
YouTube Algorithm Source Code. – Hey hey sit down! – Why? I didn’t move my hands, they’re right there see? Right there, I didn’t– – [Chad] Hey don’t wipe
your nose on our glove. – [Daniel] Yeah that’s my invention. – [Justin] Oh, so your
saying your a hacker? – I used to be a– – Maybe you should be
questioning that guy, Chad. – Everybody knows I was a hacker once but not anymore. – Oh so you have a history of hacking? – Yeah! Get with the program man. – (laughs) I see what you
did there, that was good. – Yeah, he clearly knows something about the YouTube Algorithm Source Code. – Yeah, how else would he know about that unless he’s a hacker. – Okay Justin. Uh, we need the truth out of you here ’cause clearly you know something about the Algorithm Source Code. – All I can say is that I do know some things about the Algorithm. But I can’t talk about it because I signed a NDA. – You play for the NBA, the National Basketball Association? – No Chad! The NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement. That means I’m not allowed
to talk about it ever. I signed a contract! – A contract with who? – That was the part of the Non Disclosure. – Oh, are you going to get
in trouble right now Justin? – Don’t tell anybody you guys. – Okay fine we won’t tell anybody just the 8 million Spy Ninjas who subscribed to this channel. That’s fine, we won’t tell anybody else. – That’s just a few Spy Ninjas, you know. (bang noise) – Whoa there it is again! – [Chad] What was that? Did you hear that? Justin you had to hear that this time. – That had to be another aftershock. (murmuring) Didn’t it kind of feel like that? – It’s coming from upstairs
in your house, man. – What? Who’s in my sock drawer? – Daniel, maybe you
better call Vy and Regina. – Something’s going on upstairs I have a feeling you know about it. Hey guys, you hear that sound again? – Yeah we heard that too. – Yeah us too, what was– Was that you guys? – No me and Vy are
right next to each other we’re not making any noises. – Okay guys, something is
going on in Justin’s house and I think you guys need
to keep investigating. I think he’s hiding something from us or I don’t know. – I don’t hide things. – Keep looking guys. (phone beeps) – I have a question that is unsolved to this day over a year ago. We came a place and discovered that you were tied to a chair. – [Justin] Oh yeah. – [Chad] And then you went running. I chased after you. You threw a bunch of fruit at me and I had to use nun chucks
to hit them out of the way. Orange you glad that– Oh wait those were limes, never mind. – (laughs)
– No they were lemons not oranges. Who is the person who
tied you to that chair and put the hacker mask on you? – I don’t– It all happened so fast (boom noise). – [All] Whoa! – Okay.
– [Chad] What was that? – You head it right Justin? – [Chad] That was huge! – That one I did hear and if somebody is in my house I wanna know about it. – Yeah that is not normal, we need to go check that out. – I’m taking my hands off the table. – [Chad] Take your glove off. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. That came from upstairs! Come up the stairs guys! Okay, oh Vy and Regina! – What is all those loud
noise we keep hearing? – [Chad] Yeah, yeah what was that? – You guys, it’s you guys.
– It’s not us. (boom noise)
– [Chad] Whoa. Did you hear that again? We just heard it again. I think it came from this room right here. Whoa. Justin, what room is this? – This is the guest room. – [Chad] Guest room? – Who the heck’s been staying in here? – [Chad] Someone’s been
sleeping in your bed. – Somebody ate my
porridge this morning too. – [Chad] Oh my gosh, the
noise came from up here. You guys see this up here? – [Justin] What’s that? – [Chad] You see that Justin? Have you ever noticed that before Justin? – I have never seen that and I’ve lived here for a while now. – It’s a little crawl space or something. – Spy Ninjas, the noise is
definitely coming from up there. We need to go up there and
investigate it right now. Shout out to all of
you notification Ninjas who get here in the first 60 minutes. Thanks for having that bell symbol ringing and I’m showing a bunch of
your comments down here. It’s been a while since I’ve
shown some of your comments so thank you guys for
getting here quickly. Make sure you subscribe
to all the Spy Ninjas. Click on one of these videos if you haven’t seen them yet. We’re gonna do a kick pump outta here. Are you ready for a kick pump? – Yeah Kick Pump! (punch noise)

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