Is Making More than One Genre Bad for You as an Artist?

Is Making More than One Genre Bad for You as an Artist?

hey guys Jade we here and today I am like just chillin outside and I thought I would make a video for you guys because I've been wanting to talk about something playing some dance dance revelution I'm dead so the subject of having more than one genre under your name so like sometimes I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing like obviously it's a good thing as a musician and for like my creative outlet because I'm not a static being I don't just like one type of music you know I enjoy all types of music but I feel like let's say if I have some fans that enjoy like my loaf I stuff and then they go and they look at my albums and they see that I also make like some ambient stuff or I don't know some electronic stuff maybe they're not gonna be into that type of music you know so it's like I always think about that like it's probably not good for marketing to be doing more than one type of genre but as a creator I feel it opens up your fan base a lot more because like at the end of the day if people like your music they're gonna like everything or they're gonna like your creative flow you know like they're gonna like the way you compose especially for me I get a lot of feedback on like my melodies and stuff and that's mainly because I'm a piano player or a keyboard player and that's what I focus a lot on but I feel like if you're a fan of jade we like if you're here that's why I hope you're here you know it's because you enjoy my music regardless of what it is obviously I'm not gonna like start making country or some ridiculous but I might drop like a Reiki album at some point I don't know you know like I don't want to be stuck to one specific genre so like I wanted to open up this conversation like what do you guys think about that do you guys do it do you guys like just focus on one specific genre like I know when I got into synthesizers I used to make like a lot of electronic music but that's because the gear that I was using was very like 4/4 oriented like on the grid type stuff you know like with a linear sequencer and stuff like that so I feel like I made a lot of that type of music even though I never listened to electronic music like prior to getting into synthesizers which is kind of funny because it's pretty much the main genre that I make now kind of like how the techno transy type stuff even though I enjoy like Lofa I enjoy everything honestly I've been wrote like some classical songs that I might release eventually but yeah coming back to the fan thing like obviously if you're a fan of me I would rather have like a hundred true fans than like a thousand subscribers like sometimes in my videos if I make like some ambient stuff some people would be like hey you know where's the 404 where's the lo-fi and stuff like that but then I also have like my specific fan base that really likes my ambient stuff so like I think I'm just gonna keep on doing what I'm doing you know just making whatever music I feel like making and I think you should too like don't get stuck in one specific genre like explore more music it's called more genres definitely analyze music like that's something that I learned over the years of making music like if you like a certain artist just listen to that artist see what he's doing like see how he places there see how they cuz it's women to see how they place their drums um you know see what kind of breaks they take where they mute their drums you know what kind of chord progressions they make those type of things and then you'll start incorporating those things into your music but yeah guys I just wanted to make this video let me know in the comments below what do you guys think you know are you johner specific if so why are your armor specific does do you think it benefits you in some sort of way like marketing wise like when people look at your songs or do you think that it doesn't and that you know it kind of holds you back from expanding on that certain fanbase in my opinion like I said I'm gonna keep on doing me I'm gonna be making any chandra that i feel like making so if you like that stick around guys catch you later

42 thoughts on “Is Making More than One Genre Bad for You as an Artist?

  1. Great topic, and one that I've pondered as well.

    For me, I am okay with producing a variety of types of music. For instance, my base is in guitar-oriented rock music. However, I love writing electronic on a keyboard/in my DAW, and I also love film score, and that is the goal I'm aiming for as a career. So, I guess I'd say that we should all make what we like, we should be creative, and put it all out there into the world. There is an audience for every type of music, but more importantly, we should do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled!

    Great Vid Jade!

  2. Typically artists would go under a different name for different projects, or instrumentation or genre, etc. but then you take a look at Luke Vibert who goes under all kinds of names and sometimes the differences are subtle. I just think it's a personal choice. If you're not on a label then having different names might not make as much sense.

  3. I intentionally separated all of my projects for over a decade, based on the sound, genre or concept. At this point, I'm back to including everything I do under one name because I don't think it's disparate enough to separate it. Also, I'm old and lazy.

  4. While I have pretty much no fans, except a friend or two, and maybe a couple family members, I've thought about this alot over the years. Most of my stuff is electronic music that has a focus on melody. I've also done some other things thought that really don't fit that general sound,. I think that the best solution may be to have multiple projects under one's name, but cross-promote everything. Like on Bandcamp, an artist could have the albums they've released under their name, then also put the side project albums on that same account. But of course they could explain that these other names are just their own side projects.

  5. As an amateur it doesn't matter But I think if you're a "musical act" branding and genre is essential. Whilst its rare, it's also fine to do "multiple acts" if they are different (eg John mayer trio, John Mayer solo). Point is when you monetise an act, t's a different level and you want to avoid confusing fans or potential fans.

  6. Hi Jade
    I think you can also explore other types of music inside of your main path. Fusion is good! I tend to write Drum n Bass which is suited for drifting between roots and every kinda funk or jazz. But sometimes you find something that needs to be explored.

  7. You should never limit yourself to any single thing. I like everything from Lofi, 90's rap, drum&bass, classic rock, death metal, classical, and jazz (others too). For me, it's all about the sound and if it makes me feel good inside. Variety is good. Plus, that's how you can stay fresh and keep us guessing what you might do next. Id say, if it's a sound you're into, then pursue it. I've enjoyed all of you're compositions so far. 👍👍

  8. I would say it's good to have one brand so people can find you, but having multiple styles keeps it interesting. Plus people may discover something new they didn't realize they liked, it's good to be open-minded when it comes to music

  9. Another awesome video and a great question. I feel exactly the same as you. I’ve been playing the guitar since I was a kid, perform solo and with my band regularly and I love that, but I’ve also played the decks since I was a kid so I love electronic music too. However, since getting into producing on Logic it’s opened up so many possibilities that you just can’t do as a solo artist or with a band. I got carried away when I first got logic and made a 12 minute classical piece haha! 😂 But having an entire orchestra at your finger tips is amazing! I love synths and I’m slowly building up a collection but the amount of fun and tracks I’ve made with soft synths is awesome. And even they are a mix of genres. At the moment I’m mad into 80s style stuff and synthwave tracks but I mix it up. Like you, I think you should just make the music that makes you happy and that you feel inspired by at the time. I love everything from classical to hip hop to metal and lots of people are the same. Not everyone is going to be into every genre of music that you make but there will be people that will appreciate and love individual genres 😊 (wow, that turned into a short novel 😂)

  10. Great Topic,
    It is, if you don’t know what genre you’re adjusting to.

    I myself am a music aficionados, so I know where the genres blur.

    I have now archived my 80,000 songs.

  11. Agree 💯. As a multigenre artist (and dj for that matter!) its harder to get traction, especially for gigs, which tend to be genre specific, but it's worth it in the end to be able have freedom to express your creative self in as many styles as possible. If you can make it cohesive and 'your sound' you've hit the sweet spot. On the flipside it can be a master of none situation.

  12. It's purely about expressing how I feel. One day it's all sampling nature and drone music and then the next day it's acid techno all the way! The trouble I have is completing different genres when I'm in a different frame of mind. There's so much influence out there, sometimes it's to focus on one thing. You are one of those influences, Jade. Really appreciate your outlook and music output. X

  13. I was just thinking about this the otherday “should i branch out to other genres and thanks to you i think i should now

  14. Dude do as many genres as possible. I started out playing bass in bands from metal , punk, acoustic, alternative, and reggae. I'm only been into playing synths for like two years. SO of course do as many genres as you want to. Personally I've been on a synthwave and dark wave kick. Love your stuff jade

  15. It depends! Do you make music for the love of it or because you want money and fame? I say make whatever you want. If you tag your tracks properly, then people will find what they need from you

  16. When I was first making music (1977-82) I had been listening to orchestral works, Tangerine Dream, Yes, Kraftwerk etc. so I had no particular genre to wear blinkers for. Keep your mind open to ALL music. Music unites us, genres should just be sign posts, not prison bars!

  17. Its a bad thing to have more genre in your artist name
    But it is a good thing to have more artist name for different genre

    But as a youtube musician it is a good thing
    Because you show how to make different music
    And that is professional

  18. I think your music still has a recognizable style about it even though it's say techno, ambient or hiphop beats. So I think it will not influence people to stay away from different type of projects.

  19. Personally me if i was doing say an ambient album i'd do under a different banner it gives you more chance of getting signed, thats just my humble opinion, But your tunes are sweet, be intrested in hearing a nice tripped out Dub/Reggae Album, Check out Andrew Weatherall's set on the Cut the Crap box set, you shout find it on here or maybe Soundcloud/ Mixcloud. It's an old set but it has some seriously inspirational Dub in that mix i think you would like. 🍄✌🏻

  20. I get this too…people generally assume i just listen to hiphop (90's hiphop for clarification), but i listen to trance, deep house, drum and bass, jungle, alternative rock, emo rock, classic rock…etc. i feel like there's too much good music only to just dedicate your time to one specific genre! I spin (DJ) all of these types of music as well!

  21. Thanks for this video Jade. Just the other day someone was telling me to stick to one type of music. I told them I basically can’t. I’m influenced by so many different artists, how can I do just one type of music. I will do ambitious, synth wave, funk, electronica, Jazz funk and even classical ( my degree is in theory and composition). I feel you should never be stuck in the same genre. How many times you’ve listened to a artist or band and they keep repeating themselves over and over. It’s boring. So I agree with you. Wow, I just said all that just to say I agree with you. Anyway, keep making awesome music!

  22. I think your comment about marketing is where it really comes into play – if you want to bring your music to community of people who follow a genre, it's good to know where that community is and how to connect with them. Maybe it tends to be a little easier to market your work that way? At least starting out, I think we all need to hone our chops and build community in the local pools, whether those are geographical or genre based. But it's entirely possible to build your own lane as an artist who isn't limited to any genre, just have to use a different marketing strategy to do so.

  23. At the end of the day, you can only Create what you feel. Let’s look at all of the Legendary/Timeless/Innovative/Etc. Creators like Prince, Madlib, and Quincy Jones for example.. these men always did whatever they wanted to do, and didn’t care about losing fans.

    The use of multiple stage names/aliases is never mandatory. However, it does help the artists, fans, and people in general distinguish the canonicity, sounds, and themes of projects when they are completely different from each other.

    If anyone can’t respect that, then they are not, and never was a real supporter to begin with. Good topic.

  24. Variety is the spice of life! Thank you for this video. I agree with your point of view and also say just do whateverthef***youwant! I think it's highly likely that artists who find success in a single genre find themselves feeling imprisoned by that genre and the expectations of their fans.

  25. Where’s your 404? 🥺😂

    Are you gonna create some lofi-country-synth-reggae music?

    Personally i play and experiment many genres, on different instruments. I’m coming from blues/rock/metal music first, yesterday i was jamming with friends, mostly jazz and funk… Today i have to continue some hiphop, afrobeat and reggae projects to share mostly with my family… Tomorrow it will be something else again…

    If your music is good people will follow, even if it’s simple voice/guitar songs for example!

  26. Hello Jade: I totally understand you because I have been thinking about that issue many times. And I came to the conclusion that the solution to that is to find your sound and style and then play all the genres you want but remaining loyal to your specific, unique and original sound and style. For example, and to make this more understandable, imagine an artist that plays songs with a very rare flute from the aborigines of Australia, his voice and a specific unique and rare old piano. With these three sounds, he can change the rythmes, and go to any genre and play any type of music but everybody will know it's him because they will recognize his voice, with the flute and the unique piano sound even if he puts some other instruments of accompaniment. And the best way to be recognizable and be unique is to put on your tracks the instruments that you and only you have. It will be very difficult to copy. And the most unique instrument or sound you have at your disposal and no one else has is your voice. Maybe you could find and a specific way of talking or singing in your songs. And then you have your unique sound go to all the genres or styles you want but stay loyal to your true and unique style of doing them. This is what I am trying to do now with my tracks. It´s not easy, of course. I am far from it yet but I am on the way and I think this is one of the paths to solve this issue.

  27. I’ve pondered this many a-time myself. I play a lot of different instruments and enjoy many genres…and wanting to fire up my own channel this concerns me. I’m a fan of 90’s skate punk, 3rd wave ska, math rock, Midwest emo, prog rock, reggae, 80’s new wave, synthwave, darkwave, outrun, vaporwave, lo-fi, ambient, chillhop….and I want to (in some way) explore all of those sub-genres. I could probably group all of those into 3 separate channels as the more full-band rock stuff, the synth-y stuff, and the hip hop styles…but I still kinda don’t want to do that, because I want to occasionally experiment with hybridizing certain genres that may not typically be fused. I had thought of dropping certain genre groups on certain days so fans know the type of video to expect…but what if one week, I only want to focus on one genre group??

    This is actually the perfect topic for a video for multi-instrumentalist/multi-genre fan creators. I’d love to see how this conversation unfolds

  28. I find that an artist should be able to release whatever they want, what they create reflects who they are as a person at that time. All my tracks I find have a similar flavour to them but at the moment I’m working on a some proper dark warehouse techno, I hope that my sound can sort of show in these tracks but even if not it doesn’t matter. I like that techno sound and I enjoy making it so may as well just release it. As for working under different aliases I don’t know much about it but I feel it would clean things up but equally complicate them at the same time.

  29. It works well for Klayton as he is Celldweller (tech metal), Circle of Dust (Industrial) and Scandroid (retro synth wave ) like different personalities but great results overall.

  30. You can always do music under different names. Create different projects that are influenced by one genre in particular.

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