is Art Block "REAL" or are we Lazy?

is Art Block "REAL" or are we Lazy?

hello art friends my art friends it's me and it's my voice Steff life is shot and saw my how have you been doing first of all we should apologize we didn't do a video last week which was my fault because I was really ill and it turns out I had it was more than just that it was a thing called strep throat so I'm taking two loves to feel better so that's why you didn't go video last week if you want to be angry direct your anger at me and please pray for me that I'm not gonna catch it because I've had that in the past and it did not treat me kindly so let's all wish Steph good health right now so a lot of people have said for a while that we've missed like our doodles and tea style do you know I'm not completely closed off to the idea if I were doing enough one loss that's true yes but I was interested in maybe trying to put something together that's maybe a bit more podcast Kanna style and how we talk to each other but still draw stuff which you'll be seeing on screen right now yeah so we can record like some drawings or whatever and then we can just have like a chat and all the way yeah because also because the last time we did something like this we were talking about like the death not to be the only one we ever do you know I want to do one which is a bit more my hide and happy yeah so we've been thinking of like of our ideas for like topics and things that we'd be interested in talking about you want to know what the number one topic for doing this is what it's so dang hot right now yeah I think heatwave has been going across like most Europe I'm sweatin and I look gross and you don't want to say that I think I read it even in like parts of America and stuff as well like the algorithm would take one look at my sweaty face and delimit eyes it so when we normally like film in the bedroom we have like a big studio light thing to help light up the room that cooks me like a rotisserie chicken that is the side effect of it it's also kind of an oven when it gets to like July and August especially this heatwave I think it we've got to like breaking point so until the weather starts to laughs a little bit that might be when you next see our faces but it isn't no in England we don't really have yeah cuz houses in the UK are designed well in the UK I don't know about Europe but English houses are designed to trap in heat yeah like my grandparents for example they're paid like good money to get all this kind of farm stuff put in the wall yeah so it like keeps the heat it's what your grandparents like I paid good money for this foam suck it up okay but you know it's great in like winter when it's keeping you slightly a few degrees warmer than what it is outside but in summer it's like being suffocated in gas when I'm being a rotisserie chicken I wanted to just talk about something you like out things that are going on as well because since it's sort of like a little update kind of thing I thought it'd be nice to sort of talk about all kinds of little things that going on it needs an official name like art cast so that probably or a generic doodle cast you've got the pop doodle I don't received a bunch of like art supplies earlier on today okay he did a quart pan solder yet maybe I'd be nice if in the footage that because we haven't recorded the footage at the time of recording the audio it might be nice if we use some of those art supplies okay yeah that seems like a good oh yeah I've got some new pens that I want to use yeah and you've got like some scissors not that you'll really get a chance to use those like an example of sampling the scissors Wow another thing that has completely changed my art life this morning is that Adam discovered that there's an app on the phone called the Copic and you can like star-like all the different call pick pennies that you've got yeah there's an app that's made by Copic themselves and you can basically keep track of all the Pens you've got so if you find yourself lacking in any tones or colors and stuff it'll like visibly show you it's really cool I've heard people talk about this kind of very slow of technology but I got there eventually over grandma I know if this thing has changed my life it took me a hot minute to figure out how to work it but it's so organized now yeah and now I'm scared I'm gonna buy more comics because now I know which ones I miss and that's probably why they've made it yeah ok now that we've introduced the whole like premise of what this even is cuz people might confuse what business welcome to pop doodle guys just suggest a name hello names yeah it can't be doodles in tea obviously but if you have a name similar or something like that lousy son doodles teasin doodles cast me something I've wanted to talk about on this channel for a very very long time it's great exactly I wanted to talk about art block oh Christ well that's one the reasons why hasn't been brought up until now because it seems to have been a very controversial topic we didn't like the art community but Steph's got the meat to say you all straight know I think every person's opinion is gonna very differently on what art block even is oh yeah doesn't exist so be far as I give like my definition of what I believe blockers I want to hear your perspective voice because we've never had a conversation like this well I believe it doesn't exist you're always gonna have days where like for me it's kind of like oh I can't really be bothered today or I have no ideas that's I think that's a common one right you wanna draw well you can't think of it you've got the blank page yeah you know that's early that hits home with me a lot and when I feel that way you know that's when you go to like Pinterest or go for a walk and maybe you'll get an idea you you know basically if you want to draw but you got no ideas I feel like you have to get away from where you draw and do stuff first it reminds me actually if you know I don't know if you ever experienced it when you're in school when you go to be writing an assignment and you get to like the first line and you're like right like oh it's my homework Oh block is like that question in an exam that says explain your answer yeah and then mom just goes entirely blank like I know the answer but I don't know how to explain it one of like the things that I see a sort of a counter argument about what we're like art blocks real or not because I'm very strongly on the side that I do believe in the art block being a thing yeah as people saying things like well you've still got like a working wrist therefore if your wrists can like draw that's not just just for the record the way you've worded that I do believe up exists no but that's the thing from that kind of standpoint hmm but would you say to someone who doesn't have any arms but the very creative with the feet that there are blocked because no no you know they're expressed they're still expressing themselves albeit in moreover an unorthodox way but there's less about like the physical capacity to actually do it and it's more about the mental capacity again in the right mindset to be able to make something yeah yeah because yeah there is a huge difference between sitting down to draw and being in the mood to do it or feeling like you false in it yeah falsetto anything you do they're not even hot if you feel like you've been faster do something of course it's gonna turn out like not so great like it's one thing if you're doing it because it's like a paid job and you have to sit down and do it and you might be having something grind your teeth right but if that's how are you creating like all you pass in the laughs you know I bet I bet this some art youtubers they feel that way sometimes I think anyone who works in like the art industry little bit always be like a day where you might think to yourself not really feeling like drawing today but that's like where my paychecks come I think that's where a big part of like the argument around like art block comes into that yeah but even if I've got like a paid gig on my hands that I need to be handling because you know I want to keep like my rent going I want to keep like yes is it going I want some food in my mouth yes I'll obviously produce up for that because it's like work what I consider art block to me is when I sit down in my own free time and I say what do I feel like drawing for myself right now yeah you have yeah you have like a free hour you sit down you have no other distractions work obligations anything and if you are up locked then in that moment what's in what is in your head when that happens is it is there nothing is there like a panic or you know what I've got like different types of ones that can happen so there's sometimes the one where I do you think to myself oh I'd love to draw right now but I don't quite have an idea and I've got like a few tips and tricks around that would you maybe we can talk about in like a number one where we talk about like I do you Jack yeah sure oh yeah that'd be fun yeah but because I want to focus more so around like the struggles a bit with this one yeah there's definitely times when like I'm staring at like an empty page I'm thinking I'm going for like list of like ideas on Pinterest and nothing's like springing out to me as though it's inspiring it's like I want to do with that thing like I know I've got the designer to draw but there's nothing that I feel like is like there's nothing that I feel like I need to draw off that the world particularly like me thought that I need right now are ya just nothing comes to you that's kind of like how I am in a way but I feel like more so when I'm are blocked I'm more easily distracted like we sat there with a visa paper and I'll be like I wonder what's for dinner later a lot of the times I usually find I also have like we both have mental health issues going on oh I have many problems would you would you like a list a video let's do the problems I like mental health all like things that are going on in my personal life do not have stressful things yeah because you know that's again that feeds into every job in every life everyone has their problems and things that they're going through and it does affect everything that you do so like you art idea creation it's coming from your brain but feed Brent's like secretly on fire and going like I am so stressed that got called you've got some bills to pay you most creative ideas sometimes might not be coming out at the best then yeah that said when I was in like university I was so scared about like leaving University I wasn't like this adrenalin mod where I was just non-stop drawing all the time I stopped playing games I stopped watching television I stopped doing anything that I enjoyed that wasn't drawing that's gonna burn you out oh yeah you know I think a lot of people in like the art industry are like YouTube to start off on those kind of tracks and that's where all the feels coming from cuz you're like yeah I'm gonna do anything to make this career happen and then when it actually happens it's sort of like now what yeah cuz yeah oh I've achieved a desires to achieve that thing when you've achieved that thing yeah he's still gonna not watch TV anymore you still never gonna play again everything that's like beans so laser focused on one thing that when you achieve it you realize that you didn't look past it and then you can feel really lost again because you're like oh what do I do know there was a video earlier on the jacksepticeye did while he was there about he used to film two videos every single day we burnt out on doing three videos a week three a week yes gradually while doing like twitch livestreams as well like in between that was you know a lot going on in life that as well yeah there was a lot of hospital appointments and stuff so you know for the sake of health we had to cut back alone and we've talked and played with the idea of doing maybe two a week one day and you know never say never what we might do that one day but certainly there were big health implications then we have to cut back and I'm glad that we did because yes it's more of a struggle now but we're healthier for it yep it's more of like it's hard to put into words when a competitor of mine that I used to be in to me that was aware they could struggle than what we're going through now I mean it's not like a minor inconvenience yeah that's us before I felt like I was on the verge of like healing all for a novena book on your brain your brain controls everything if there's something wrong there it's gonna leak into and affect like every aspect of your life that's how we're gonna pick Crafton oh yeah yeah guys you know we've adopted Creston he's a very vocal young man he's got a lot of opinions when it comes to our blog I think something though that like our culture in general kind of struggles with is opening up with like how we actually feel and if you think about it as an artist you've got to be somewhat in touch with like what you think about your own emotions emotions yeah yeah because otherwise how are you pulling from like your imagination or how are you putting any kind of like emotion into what you panting if you can't connect your understand I expect if you can't amost yourself kind of thing yet yeah I think that it's like a pretty big issue with people is that I even went through it definitely myself and a lot of therapy has helped me slowly start to come out Michelle you know when people say how are you doing and you automatically say I'm fine I'm great but like so many of us I don't know obviously I can't speak for every single place in the world put in England it's a very we're almost like ingrained or not we know the whole like get up and get on with it yeah and I think there's that same attitude towards art block but up block is just like another place that exists within you mental health like oh I'm an artist for a living I can't be out blocked I'm fine I like when you get those people who bring up the children to not have any emotions at all the sort of like I don't experience sadness but then the very internally angry like anything in life it's healthy to have a little bit of anything going on yeah but when it's all of one thing are all of not one thing that's when it can be unhealthy so I see it as like a normal part of life to have art block going on every now and then I think if you're in a place where you really really struggling with art block sometimes I couldn't feel more like an author and ours yeah and you got to take a break in my opinion yeah something I didn't realize about with like bond outs this is that once you feel like been running on adrenaline for so long your energy levels start to get low so low point but you're gonna weigh yourself out there'll be a point where your body just wants to like sleep all the time you'll be exhausted that's a mood I think a lot of people can probably relate to what it's like and then it's gonna be a struggle to even do the things that your body needs you to do so just like having a shower or eating a meal self-care and stuff yeah yeah and then how are you meant to do things such as like drawing for fun let along drawing for like a job how can you draw for fun if you need a shower I'm stinking God thank God that YouTube hasn't got like a smellivision thing okay so we've defined what we understand are blocked Billy yeah I'll believe some what we think it is yeah yeah cause everyone's gonna have the wrong unique life experiences and that's not let us know what you believe it to me down in the comment section I would love to know like what is your own definition of art block n even if you don't believe it and you know just let's discuss about it you know everyone's gonna be different and there's nothing wrong with that I think it's healthy to have like conversations like this that's trapped yeah I don't want to feel like I'm pushing like my own opinions on it of course no way no way I'm never that kind of passing if anyone ever has like a different opinion to what I believe I'm all for hearing about it yeah you're all valid and we love you so I thought it might be a good idea if we talk about some of like our own experiences with art block okay do any points stand out to you like in your life why felt like you struggled with a not block I'm also the news oh I don't know where fur I'll explain it to you I don't know if it's block or frustration or what but the first time you taught me how to draw I felt like I definitely hit something because I felt like I wasn't improving I wasn't enjoying like everything that it was making and I was just drawing sort of this is before YouTube as well drones yourself became and it felt like a hassle because I felt like I wasn't improving I don't like anything that I do yeah and the first time that this is what I'm talking about the first time this staff was teaching me to draw that was when I gave up for a while and then eventually came crawling back to you so I don't know whether that was a block it was certainly a lot of frustration I think it's a similar thing cuz there's been this graph before that I've seen oh if I can find it we can find it yes I know the one you try to explain it was something that was talking about like up block and how like you perceived like your own artwork and how you've like improved and basically your perception like how you look at artwork you can spot things wrong in your artwork faster than you can fix them Christ yet yeah it's like you know there's a problem but you haven't quite developed the skills just yet to fix it then slowly over time you catch up with new skills you're like okay I've narrowed in what it is that's wrong with this and I'm gonna fix it and you gotta fix it and then for a while they'll be like a mini high and your art progress while you'll be thinking to yourself I'm making progress and this feels correct I haven't the next dimension yes but then it all happens all over again where it feels like you stacking it and and you never particularly stack net and your brains always sort of like running as long as you can pick thoughts and things that's good yeah that's good that means that your brains like walking ahead of things if you're looking at your work and thinking I don't really know how to find faults in this that's gonna be the answer to trying to find like progress exactly never see it as a negative if you can always find mistakes and faults because that means you're always improved and that's a good thing I think some of like my biggest art blocks that come to mind one was towards like the end of secondary school the closer that was getting to like when we were going to be leaving you know you have to think about what you're gonna do with the rest of your entire life when you're only like 50 game over for a minute if I can just go off course for a second no school teaches you that no no school makes you prepared for leaving school it's like I'm gonna teach you how to what a triangle is and then send you out into the world it's like geez nothing prepares you for that how many people do you know you're on edge they have a clear idea of what career that they'll want to be doing even now or if needed it what a parallelogram is or triangle well maybe a triangle but it just feels really intense that you're expected to make such a big decision when you like 50 yeah and no one no one's there to help you all right there again this is speaking from oh there's like really big financial implications of doing these things like student loans and which which you could be paying back for the rest of your life hmm it can be scary stuff I think a lot of this is sort of like glossed over when we talk about like leaving school oh yeah to me that was like a huge point in my life where I experienced and I think a big part of that was me looking at sort of like where my art skills currently were and where I imagined I needed to be because I didn't even know how to get a job in art they don't really tell you how to do that I didn't discover that until I was in my 20s and you know and it's not very likely and I have no clue until it like met you so it's very confusing like path to follow I think it's like that with a lot B yes yeah not like it's like something where a job listing comes up on like job comm lolly come to jump we've got artist jobs falling out our books you know now that we're touching on this there was a point while we were in skull I was in my final year skull and said to prepare us for our futures we needed to go on a job hunting website and such the position that we'd be interested in hmm I typed an artist no results I don't remember that being a big moment of life whatever Commerce open fire teacher I have found a problem meanwhile the kid next to me was like whoa don't miss make lots of money I'm gonna do that I'm gonna drop people's faces for a living and that's when I had like one of my first crisises and maybe that contributed to my that's really cute like that's when I had my first break there was a lot also going on in my life as well at the time and I think that coupled with it like art was the only thing that was bringing me personal joy but suddenly there's this huge pressure to be like arts on me worth pursuing if you're gonna make money from it in which it's such a toxic wave some people some people do thrive off that and you know that's if that if you do cool you know that that's you you know you do you but it's definitely definitely are the kind of person where it would get old really fast it's not it's not for us basically and I think that's reflected in the type of videos and stuff that we make yeah we could make videos that we're like oh yeah I'll get pushed out or madman man money money but in the same time would be like wonderful Cookie Monster Emily said in that podcast but I sounded like a mama helping thanks here but I'm trying I'm trying together is it would make us sad it would make us fed up it would burn us out doing those things because we wouldn't enjoy them I know at some time because like whenever we have consultations with YouTube they're like here's like content that's trying to do this do we do you see everyone else touching on those topics and they were all taking off and doing a lot better fine that's right that's great we have no problems with that it feels like whatever I try it I'm like oh I just I can't force myself to do Joey something that I don't enjoy and we don't and I feel like we're happier we're poorer for it I feel like we're cash rich in happiness and moles are we but that's just us and again there's nothing wrong with that some people enjoy chasing you know the big books and that's okay but it's just not for us yeah I've had quite a few people in like my desk their life who've come up to me and I've been lucky you know you've got like a fairly big as your audience there do you know if you up blood that's often or if we had like a shop or if you didn't what if he took in a sponsorship from all these companies there people win it in like if you heard about Skillshare yes yes I have everybody that's there abouts again we were in university we're all given a fresh subscription skills yet I never once logged into it it's time to be less felt it you know and you're entitled to be like Scotia and never help me get where I am calling out school I've literally never you know I don't know they're not spilling tea on anyone no but who knows maybe that is the the ultimate passing people what else yeah that may be the answer to it that sounds like response well a lot of YouTube misses the reach Nevada Ashford's I city far oh my god I'm sorry needed to fan a worry when we talk about sip like this cuz everyone's gonna run like a YouTube cap everyone's waiting yeah we're all we're doing is sharing our opinion that's all so it's like rule book we're not saying that you have to do this or if you do this you're a bad youtube or a person not oh this is just Ferris for example Emily is a channel that we did the podcast with recently oh yeah and she sometimes takes on sponsorships and with the kind of content that she does there's quite a lot of it that can get like multi monetize yes so I think it like makes sense that she reaches out to people who can help her content be monetized yet to help offset if YouTube dusty monetize it which you know I'd be more thoughtful you know this is your living G's you have to be able to be prepared if they do say ah we're not monetizing that one and then there's other people like our friend mark he does quite a lot of subscriptions he does a lot of sponsorships yes more does yeah the mods great yeah and he's like a smaller crater he's taking on like quite a few different like companies that he's walking with if it helps him get by he usually likes the product that is using and again that's two people that have found ways to make a living out of the things that they enjoy yeah I think that's what it's about that it's finding your own sort of moral compass and working off that yeah yes I think where it can start to be like really dodgy territory is when you sometimes say it well it'll be like a croissant that's like man I hate this product this product sucks then this product comes along like yeah well get a few 500 dollars like wow this is great look at all my YouTube video what you say this video sucks but my friend George Washington says different that's where I personally have issues with that kind of stuff and again that's like that's exactly what you said it's just different people I've different morals and that's cool that's why I think one of my things that are struggle with like personally well I'm really just touching on all kinds of like our topics right now we're just struggling with everything right I think we're my own personal struggle with it is that if I was watching like a TV show or something especially when I think of myself as like okay I don't like a younger person because we had to do a lot of like in university a lot of stuff about the ethics of advertising that's probably had like a really heavy implication on decisions that I make yes about like where money comes from and like what's the price for the money that you getting like in return and that it makes me all the think everything because I had to do so many dissertations and stuff on it because I like see well Adams got a completely different life experience to me in that kind of respect open call it life way way back I think friends used to be sponsored by like Apple tiser the beginning of like the shelves would be like a little thing that'd be like kinda like on YouTube whether like a Skillshare not quite that's why I want to sort of explain like the difference educate me honey so imagine if like you had Ross and Rachel and Joey literally at the beginning of an episode like written a script summer fashion it's one I don't mind if we have like mid-roll ads so like ads before or after our content they can say I'll do whatever the one you know that's not saying we have no control over them I feel uncomfortable with bringing an advertisement into the video itself oh okay um you watching Peppa Pig and pack the pics that's like rambling on about how much she looks like diet call good gosh I am parched I would love some diet it's necessarily wrong see in like movies quite a lot where this heavy product placement where there's like a really big brand label everywhere which one's the one that's really good at it there was a movie that we watched and there was a lot of how it was Hotel Transylvania yeah Sony product placement everywhere yeah and part the emoji movie is very good at product placement but it's not very good movie it's a very bad at product placement should we say because you so much but yes sir I go I go but you're saying and like I say that's not to say that those things are necessarily wrong does that mean it's bad okay so this person you in return you get some money Peppa Pig yeah I suppose a good question to ask you guys is are you guys okay what not even I even with necessarily our videos but YouTube in general are you guys okay watching a video unknowing that there's gonna be like it's a big slap dad in your face well in England what they often yeah here we are we have a very very strict walls here so any English person you see that's gonna be doing some kind of a sponsorship we're not even allowed to call it a sponsor or a sponsorship we have to put hashtag ad in the thumbnail and the toilet yeah yes especially in like the title it's gotta be there add on like advertise in fact I don't think it can even be add anymore think it's gotta be advertised advertisement yes the really trend son that goes the first line of the time that's a big word to me I see that word like a YouTube video that says advertisement I'm switched off I don't mind um I said yeah and I guess that makes me feel subtle like guilty because they could there's other people who are like friends I like contact creators like if it's someone that I really really want to go out like my wettest part it's consult of course don't go put like that video on and watch yeah yeah but before like the average youtuber I don't think I'd go out my way to click on hashtag advertisement oh my gosh again bus no what would you do in that situation cuz I just think it'd be interesting to see it's not like if all you guys are like oh yeah I'd watch it anyway next video is to delay hashtag advertisement ah diet coke I learned how to open this can with my subscription of we won't do that in England you've also got to say when a product is gifted that's like another word there's advertisement and gifted yeah gift stuff that's a big gray area that's painted but like literally the government have started to like crack down on this kind of stuff you've received a gift time to tax you now but I can't understand we've went into it like a different video before well there are a lot of like morals and ethics and morals of stuff but that again it's god that's a big kind of homes because everyone's different that's what we're talking about we've our block we've come full circle basically a lot of things in art which I guess it makes sense all come down to the perception of like the parson because the way that you make something you see all the time to find out like someone will draw like a flower or something one person I'll look at it and be like oh my god literally then we'll be like that crazy fine art teachers like damn that represents like fire passion and this reminds me of my teenage years when I came into bloom and that's fine there's nothing wrong with either of those but that's actually like one of my favorite things about the creative kind of field how you can draw something and everyone are looking at different and that's great that's really cool and vice versa if you sent like a classroom full of people here is like offensive like flowers or something you can all interpret in your own way go and draw not two pictures will come back looking exactly of course not no way because everyone sees things differently like I'm colorblind I see things differently it would totally suck if everyone's picked just came back to saying a half of them came back like you could literally put them all on top of each other and it was like line for like the same drawing but you've been tracing these haven't you cuz for that to happen that would mean that all those people have had the exact same life experiences completely agree on everything that happens within the lives have no disagreements about anything ever we are robots that would be a very very dull way of living essentially that's what our block is to I think you know best on different people's experiences yeah like an experience I think I've had that maybe makes my perception a bit different it's that I broke my right wrist when I was younger and it was in a cast yeah I remember I felt extremely creative during that time I wouldn't say that I was at blocked even though I had a cast on it's like you had to challenge and you wanted to rise exactly yes I was still trying to draw like with my left hand granted it wasn't looking anybody as good as what I could do my right hand I was so excited to get that cast off so that I could just like have full control take the drop yeah yeah you wanted to overcome that challenge the ad yeah where is this been points in my life where I've had full capable working functioning rests and art supplies and everything else that I'd need to draw but my mind's just being in such like a junky place it takes you back to that blank piece of paper and you're just like I can't I am not in a position already to fill that page and I think sometimes the tipster saw evolve a common that kind of feeling when it happens is like taking a step back it's like a break it rinse know that I think it comes down to it like we were saying the whole like self can't fingers I think we put like such a huge priority on drawing that we forget that where people were basically like little robots that need our on oil and maintenance and functioning yeah yeah no totally yeah if we don't it's off like if you don't call oil in a car it's not gonna work exactly yeah if you take the engine out it's not gonna go anywhere exactly the human body is just the same so if you're looking at dryness like the product of a car moving there's other steps that need to be taken fast before you can make that happen yeah you can't just like get on the Bunny of a car and flop like a fish and expect it to go there are steps that you need to be able to none quite like magic carpets yeah anyway don't go magic carpet they'll be one like an ounce like the day after this release my skills are we gonna do how so guys um this is obviously a little bit different but as we've discussed different is often good and shouldn't be feared and it excites us it excites me I'm excited don't forget to Like and subscribe guys and we'll see you for more videos soon hopefully when this heat wave has got away doodle pot pop dude I'm gonna lay proof all staff does right my wrists goodbye

36 thoughts on “is Art Block "REAL" or are we Lazy?

  1. Hey I always really loved “drawing our subscribers” videos there really sweet and cute and I wonder if it would be possible for you to do one soon

  2. My problem is I have so many ideas and so much inspiration, but my skill level isn’t there yet. So I lose motivation and scrap ideas that I just worked to death

  3. I have a huge art block that comes from a very bad mental health place. I've been dealing with that art block for several years and I really want to get out of it. I have some ideas of things that I should do to get out, but I'm so scared to the act of draw, because my art skills are so bad and ugly (and they got really worse through the years) that I hate the results to the point of hating drawing itself (lots of frustration too), even though I know that first lesson to get out of this art block is to stop judging myself. I tryed to get out of this several times and I made some little drawing projects that I successfully upload to my IG as a way to show, share and save but when I finished it and looked back I don't feel ok, I can't like the result cause I see mistakes everywhere. So well, I don't know, I'll try again I guess, but don't know when.

  4. I agree with Steph's definition of art block. Sometimes it's just lack of insiration, sometimes you just don't have the energy at all, even if the motivation is here. I've been struggling with depression also, and there are times when I can't even bring myself to get out of bed, so doing things I enjoy doing, like drawing, can't even cross my mind. It just happens. I draw only as a hobby, so when I'm attacked by a wild art block, I just step away from my art supplies and do something else, and then eventually I get a sudden idea that I really want to draw! Or sometimes I just default to drawing fanart of characters I like and it makes me feel better lol

    About the ads and stuff, in France we also have to include the little note at the bottom of the video, even for a few seconds, that says "includes a sponsorship" or whatever the english translation is. I really don't mind as long as it's not "in yo face" or completely unrelated to the video that I'm going to watch. Like if we go back to Skillshare, the artists usually talk about a course that they followed to make the content of the video they're doing the sponsorship for, so I'm ok with it. But if it were something like, I don't know, a beauty guru just suddenly getting a soda can out of nowhere to promote the brand, well… What the heck x)

    Hope Adam gets better soon and Steph stays well! 😀

  5. I think the ad talk is really interesting but in artists videos, i wish more people explicitly say that an art subscription box is gifted, and not just an remark "oh they gave the box thanks" i want a pure "they give me this box for free" because it impacts the persons experience.

  6. Art block….yup! I've found that there are many different kinds and causes. What do I do? Step 1: Take care of physical needs, ie shower, sleep, eat n stuff. Step 2: warm fuzzies. For me, that's hot coffee and music. Step 3: Inspiration. PINTEREST!!!!! Go for a quick walk, browse photos, old projects, saved videos of people who inspire me. Step 3: Nothing's working. Grab stack of scrap paper and do exercises. Basic shapes, shading, drawing a common object from around the house, all that stuff from Art 101. If that doesn't work, I put in my practice time to keep my hand in. Still blocked?Time to go do some housework or other daily grind. Good time to go scrub the shower or clean the microwave. Block happens. By not stressing over it, I get past it quicker. By indulging in inspiration, when I start doing mindless exercises, a lot of times while focused on the brainless exercises, the inspiration will kick in. Problem solved!

  7. I think art block & writer’s block are usually defined as having run out of ideas. No inspiration left. If I am at all correct, I’ve never had it. If I only had hundreds of years of life, only then would I have enough time to write or paint every idea I’ve gotten. However, if this topic parallels advertising, making money from art, etc., then that’s a different question.

    I have images of you two getting so much free art supplies, to give honest reviews about, and both YOU & WE would be very happy. I think that would be GREAT. I don’t have to make my living by my art. It’s only purpose is enjoyment for me. I can comprehend why you may feel you have “sold out” if you were trying to sell us art supplies, I really can understand because when I had a similar opportunity I chose to not sell what I recommended. I did recommend items, but I didn’t profit from that.

    But for you two, we would be happy, we’d be okay, all would be fine if you chose to review supplies you had been given free. We understand you are making your living from art. It’s okay. Please do what you need, keep those options open, for your own benefit.

    Thank you!!!

  8. Art block: I feel as though I get it every week or every two weeks, but I always seem to work through it. Or, I create a drawing about art block itself.
    Sponsorships/Ads: I go out of my way to avoid these, not because I'm evil- but because they seem to be extremely annoying. There seems to be a shallow pool of sponsors, and a lot of them are games I won't play, or services I don't need- and the ads tend to have a great deal of dishonesty about them. However, I understand that creators need to make money- I'm just broke and easily irritated. I don't even want to ring the notification bell because I'm sick of being asked to.

  9. I always wondered why they’d put the hashtag in the title, thinking that it would throw people off if they saw it. I didn’t know they HAD to. That’s crazy

  10. My favorite art teacher would make herself mix colors and swatch everyday. If she REALLY wasn’t feeling it, she would end it there. Most days though, that was all it took to get her going and ready to paint. Personally, I practice shapes, figures, etc when I’m out of ideas.
    doodle and chat

  11. i looked just a little and I did not see much for a name's, so how about "Doodle Chat"? even "Adam N Steph's – Chatterbox" I have been sick and this has prevented me from working but I have had to many ideas that I have yet to complete so Idea's have never been a problem for me. As far as things to do. I still have years of art projects to do so unless I am to sick to work, I have projects to work on. I say sick, I am saying physical ailments, I know there are mental problems that could enter into an Art block situation. If you believe in Art Block it is real for you, if you do not believe, it does not exist! Umm Kinda like God for some eh?

  12. When ever someone’s says art block is an excuse not to draw ON THE REAL if I didn’t want to draw or wasn’t in the mood I’ll just say it not really something you need an excuse for anyone else feel like this?

  13. Ah this video really resonated with me, thank you both ❤

    Steph you are amazing, a really warrior girl! Its incredibly hard to say no, but it's so powerful. It's something I've really come to learn in this past year or so, sometimes we do just need to do what is best for us, not what we THINK we should be doing. You two just keep doing what you are doing and you'll go from strength to strength, big loves ❤❤❤

  14. I would love to listen to a podcast from you two, on spotify or something! You should deffo consider doing something like that.
    honestly as long as you actually enjoy the product and you're upfront that you're being sponsored. I would not be annoyed by you doing sponsored videos at all. To me, I know that it means that you are getting paid to do something that you love to do. As someone who has very little money to spend, I can't afford to give money to you directly, but I will watch sponsored videos from my fav creators a few times to give them support…

  15. I don't know if they said this in the video, but at 20:20 a guinea pig at the top of the pencil case looks like a bunny.

  16. I have anxiety. I manage to draw something every day but sometimes its spending a couple of minutes drawing tiny creatures. I just drew some teeny chickens. Art block is definitely real for me it means I often have no new ideas so I just draw the same kind of things over and over again. Steph I love the shark boat, he is beautiful and so creative 🙂

  17. I'm still in high school and highly relate to all the things you said about stressing over deciding on a career path. I also had a very similar experience to what Steph was talking about at around 21:12 where we were on a website looking for jobs and there weren't any artist ones that stood out to me, while the kid next to me was like "Wow I'm gonna be an accountant and make tons of money" lol,, Thinking of where I'm going in life really stresses me out and I don't really have anyone to talk to that understands, cares, or can help, but hearing you talk about it and knowing I'm not alone is nice

  18. I personally find them annoying when they're in the middle of a video but that's fine I understand.
    #Advertisement also annoys me but I understand they need money. I'm not gonna act like if Arteza offered me money i wouldn't consider it but I do find it annoying.

  19. Around 29 minutes my opinion is that I hate it when I click on to unnormal art video and I get a 5 Second ad in the beginning and then within the first 10 SEC if I get like a 60-second died from the artist and the net video there's like three minutes later. When I click on a video I expect the video to start at the beginning and not later on but that's just my opinion.

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