iPhone X repair case – making repairs an Art!  iPhone X维修案例-让维修成为一种艺术!

iPhone X repair case – making repairs an Art! iPhone X维修案例-让维修成为一种艺术!

Welcome to aiao technology’s channel Today I will share with you an iPhone X repair case This cell phone has been opened by the guest himself We can see that the outer frame has fallen more seriously. But the screen is not broken I do n’t know if it is damaged He removed the motherboard by himself At the same time, he sent another complete machine over He said the phone is locked He wants me to fix it Then install the motherboard into this Then let ’s take a look at its motherboard. The motherboard is OK It looks like it has not been repaired Good here I turn it over and see See if there is a break here Because there are more problems here Okay no Did you see it? This side It has been separated Fell more severely It’s completely separated here Now let ’s take a look at the current I add electricity first Try it off (Current) set at more than 30 Only 30 currents Normally, this current is not yet activated by the CPU Maybe it ’s because of a serious fall inside Next we layer it And see what’s going on inside wow~ This is really a big project. I look under the microscope This one is really scary. These connection points are missing These points are connected to the negative electrode, it doesn’t matter. There are no connection points here Can you see? It should be clear OK here Then take a look at this board You see this all on this very serious I used a soldering iron to drag the lower dots away. See if there is any problem in the lower layer If there are no major problems We may just need to replace the upper motherboard Clean up these connection points Too much So much After cleaning the lower motherboard I found that the status of the lower motherboard is OK So next I plan to replace an upper motherboard Then the component I need to disassemble is the CPU hard disk Logic chip You can choose not to disassemble the logic chip You can read and write the data in it You don’t have to disassemble or read or write If you don’t disassemble or read the data You must rewrite the system program In that case, the original data cannot be retained If the guest says they still want to keep the previous information Or some software application data Then I have to disassemble or read the logic chip. Then let’s start I first disassemble the CPU Remove glue from CPU Wipe off the silicone grease on the surface I don’t know if the CPU is bad I need to take it down I hope it’s not a big problem OK I take it out Let’s do it I don’t need this motherboard I only need the chip above So I can take a large caliber wind muzzle For uniform heating Heating the entire motherboard I plan to start here Use your blade to gently stretch in to feel Okay, you can go in a little bit Twist gently Don’t worry wow~ I look under the microscope There are a lot of crashes inside The skin is tilted up It seems there are connection points falling off It should have fallen from the CPU chip Maybe this position Let me take a look A lot of points This is more troublesome I clean it See what happens after cleaning up Put spot welding oil first Clean up the soldering iron Replace with a pointed tip The temperature of the cutter head is relatively high It had already fallen badly Be gentle Cool a little Then clean it with a brush One more thing Fall off Did not drag off Clean it up here When I finished cleaning I found that there are so many points dropped on the CPU There are 5 points Must make up for it Otherwise it will have some other functions not OK Although I don’t know if this CPU has hung up But at least i have to try OK, I need to make up for those points Let me zoom in to this position for everyone to see Some are connected to negative Some are useful points Different from previous A8 and A9 If you repair it with thin lines May not have that good effect But we can see the circle outside Place of connection This one has an outer ring A little place like this I can scrape off the insulation on this circle 然后直接植锡 So you can solve this You can understand more simply Let me show it to everyone Like this one You can scrape off the insulation There will be a thin layer of insulation on it Master your strength It’s more troublesome when it hangs up I mean it’s troublesome to scrape off the root below You have to make it up like this OK Then these are the points connected to the negative I don’t care about them These points are useful I completed the first step Check again I don’t know if everyone can understand what I mean That is to say, this kind of pad is equivalent to you have a coil Then you plant the tin directly It will stick directly to it This will actually be more stable than the fill line Because it has a big circle It’s like you make up a big copper wire OK Clean up the motherboard One more thing to note is May have roots under it May hit the bottom line You can cover it with green oil Keep tin from touching the bottom If copper is not exposed below It does n’t matter if you do n’t cover it OK, let ’s plant tin first I aimed the stencil Scraping tin OK Wipe clean tweezers Hot air gun Wait There are beads here Clean up OK Let it cool for a while Clean up the extra points You can clamp with tweezers almost Here is a bead I might want to keep This one Because there is a problem here A little dirty underneath Lead to no connection Make a recovery There is a bead here Can be used over place it here Put some solder oil Get them all back in place There seems to be another place below Put a spot of welding oil Put it in this OK This is still a little bit wrong A little dirty underneath I shave it off Scrape the dirt and blow it again Something dirty is blocking the connection Indeed OK Reheat OK Then I pry the hard drive down Remove the glue from the hard disk OK, take it out I start here Heat up a little Check if it works it’s time Don’t worry Because we only need hard drives The status of the hard disk should be good The motherboard has some damage OK,Next we plant tin Alignment position Scraping tin OK, wipe it Reheat I take a cleaned motherboard In other words, we have polished the CPU hard disk. This will be more convenient I can start installing directly Because the guest also wants to keep some information So I read the data from the logic chip in advance Make sure the welding plate is clean Sort it out here Put some solder oil first Check well Clean up OK, take it out OK,Then install the CPU the same Check if the motherboard is clean Ok no problem There is a fiber filament on the chip Clean it up Details matter Alignment position almost Success depends on this operation OK Let it cool Then I check if I can turn on the power Open Electricity starts to go perfect I did not hold down the power button OK Electricity starts to go Then I clamped the lower layer with a fixture and tried it Bring the jig Clip it See if it works Button the touch cable Take a test screen Connect the power supply OK Try to run OK, the screen shows This screen is my own I did not take his screen test Make sure the motherboard is repaired I need to test his screen again Show “Disabled” Maybe it was caused before Either the screen is broken and the touch jumps Or the middle layer is not connected and jumps randomly Cause it to enter the password too many times Then lead to deactivation Then it will wait a minute now before we can test Due to the length of the video There are still many steps to follow Operation method You may have watched my previous videos many times. easier So I won’t do a demonstration here Ok thank you for watching this video

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