Introduction to Alicization Exploding | Sword Art Online Wikia Features

Introduction to Alicization Exploding | Sword Art Online Wikia Features

Welcome to the Sword Art Online Wikia and
this is your introduction to Sword Art Online Volume 16, Alicization Exploding. In this video, we will briefly cover the timeline,
main locations and key characters of Volume 16 and thus the video will feature minor spoilers
from Alicization Exploding. Sword Art Online Volume 16, Alicization Exploding,
is the second volume of Alicization’s War of Underworld sub-arc and continues the events
from the previous volume without any time skips. The events primarily take place in the ravine
that connects the Human Empire to the Dark Territory following the destruction of the
Great Eastern Gate, as well as portions of the Dark Territory towards the south-east
of the Human Empire. While the locations are limited in comparison
to the previous novel in the series, the characters remain as varied in the narrative as before. On the side of the Human Guardian Army, instead
of focusing solely on Alice’s perspective, the story will bring the perspective of the
other members of the Integrity Knights Order to the spotlight as well. Eldrie Synthesis 31 and Dakira Synthesis 22
will act on their will, seeking redemption for their failures to protect their mentors
just six months ago. Fanatio Synthesis 2 and Deusolbert Synthesis
7 will have to step up to face the unexpected consequences of their actions. As Alice Synthesis 30 prepares to decimate
the hordes of enemies flooding the ravine, Bercouli must keep his focus to ensure the
safety of the Human Guardian Army. With her intimidating silence, Scheta Synthesis
12 is tasked with one of the three support lines of the army, while also holding command
over Linel Synthesis 28 and Fizel Synthesis 29, the troublesome twins eager for action,
who spot a worrying turn of events on the flank Eldrie, as well as Renly Synthesis 27,
were supposed to be guarding. Behind the army lines, Tiese and Ronye, as
well as an unresponsive Kirito under their care, would soon meet the green-haired Integrity
Knight, who had left his post at the left flank support army to hide in fear… just
as a horde of goblins sneak through the front lines to sabotage their enemy’s supply lines… Meanwhile, the Dark Territory side wasn’t
faring much better. Gabriel Miller had eliminated the leader of
Dark Territory’s elite forces, the Dark Knights, losing the Fluctlights of three other
leaders: Fu Za of the Assassins, Hagashi of the Mountain Goblins and Kubiri of the Flatland
Goblins, in the process. As a result, half of the frontline pawns of
the Dark Territory were being led by newcomer chiefs: Kosogi of the Mountain Goblins and
Shibori of the Flatland Goblins, the former of whom had foreseen that his kind would be
used as living shields and had thus devised a sneaky scheme to minimise his losses. The bulk of the preliminary force, however,
were the Giants under the leadership of Sigurosig, and the Ogres under the leadership of Furgr. Positioned behind the frontlines were the
Orcs under Lilpilin’s lead, the Pugilists under Iskahn’s lead, and the two trump cards
of the Emperor: the Dark Knights, lacking a clear leadership, and the Dark Mages Guild
under the command of their Chancellor D.I.L.. The mages were surprised by the unusual lack
of Spatial Resources in the area, preventing them from casting their Dark Arts. In order to resolve this issue, they required
sacrifices… Thus, D.I.L. was thrilled when the Emperor
granted her permission to use whatever she needed for her Dark Arts. Little did she know, however, that behind
those icy blue eyes, everyone in the Dark Territory army was seen as a mere sacrifice,
while the real war would be fought further into the south with an entirely different
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  2. I am so proud to say that I made it in time today. Thanks for another video. So hyped to watch it. Today's just the best day. Keep up the good work

  3. Bercoulli should have pep talked the soldiers to raise their morale after all it looks like they are heading to their doom against 50k soldier beasts

    A speech like the one from Pacific Rim by Stacker Pentecose would totally fit!

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