67 thoughts on “Introducing Corel Painter Essentials 5

  1. I am sick of looking at this zombie chick showing up as a suggestion on every frickin youtube page. Get rid of it!

  2. Sorry, already loving my Manga Studio ๐Ÿ˜› Plus, this seems more of a photography n' paint studio, but nothing else really. But I guess this can go far!

  3. This painting program wasn't as good as it seemed in your video, if its to good to be true its probably NOT

  4. OKAY PLEASE HELP ME. I have this program but I cant get it running. It installs and the only options are to repair and remove… HOW DO I USE THIS

  5. are u inspired yet
    me: no cause I can only draw a stick man :/

  6. I have painter 4 so cool.Even though it paints for you you can tighten up certain edges yourself to add depth.I dont even know if it is supported any more.I love corel.Adobe is so expensive what is the difference?

  7. How do i open a refernce image in this version? I've read the guide and it says go to window and select refernce image but there's no such option.

  8. Someone help me!!!

    The eye dropper tool isn't picking up some of the colors I select. It turns white when I try to click on a certain color. I tried looking up ways to fix this bug but haven't found a solution! HELP!! >n<

  9. I got with Corel painter 5 when I bought my tablet. If I buy Corel Painter 2015 does it count as a upgrade or a totally new program?
    Plz help me out.

  10. I tried them all and Twisted Brush Studio Wins hands down. No fancy Gui, no Bloated install. I was using Art Rage 4 but switch to Twisted Brush. For natural paint strokes you need Twisted Studio. It's not about a fancy GUI it's about what your strokes look like when you draw and all other Digital panting applications lag when you paint. Wins hand down for Twisted Brush. Be surprised at the Gui as it looks like a 90's application.

  11. 'Clone paints' prevents begginers from developing their skills and makes experiensed artists degrade… What a useful tool.

  12. i dont know if this make since to you guys but is there a way i can paint in RGB instead of sRGB? i know i can save the image in RGB but i want to actually paint in RGB.

  13. Im beginner in digital art and after a lot of searching i ended up in buying wacom intuos art. I read that it comes with this program. Is it free or only for 30 days?

  14. does this have anything like layers or something of the like? I just got it and I'm trying to figure it out

  15. i think this combined with the brush software on humble bundle right now may have me buy the 2nd tier

  16. Grrrrr je n ai pas envie d etre poli pourquoi ? parce que je n avais pas envie de prendre la version d essaie COREL 5 …j ai donc pris la version payante , apres quelques heures d utilisation , je clic sur corel 5 et la.. ne fonctionne plus ( ca ne s ouvre pas , ) il y a trois jours pas de probleme… putain.. j en ai vraiment plein le c… de payer pour des merde qui ne fontionne que tres peut de temps ex NETSCOP version payante les conards ont fermer perdu 50 e AVASTE version payante c est arreter de fonctionner au bout de 8 mois payer pour un an ,perdu 20 e… COREL acheter logiciel 35 e il a moins de trois semaine , ne fonctionne deja plus.. PLEIN LE CUL…. c est TERMINE;;ras le bol..; et bien sur impossible d avoir qui que ce soit tout le monde s en fout , c est comme les assureur MERCI….

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