Intertextual Study   Issue, Tone, POV, Contention 2

Intertextual Study Issue, Tone, POV, Contention 2

hi your Elevens this lesson we're going to be looking at issue tone point of view and contention in relation to newspaper articles what we're going to do is go through them as a bit of an overview and then we're going to have a chance to have a look at some newspaper articles and go through it together and then you'll be able to do it on your own which will really help with the summative assessment so to begin identifying the issue or the topic all right so the issue is the main focus of the article so what the author is telling you so ask yourself what is the author telling me what information am i receiving and you can also consider is that a global or a local issue and that also can depend on the paper or where you get the source from consider is a to do with the environment education system health war and peace alright so there's a lot of kind of different you could say genres that your article will be focusing on so looking at this article that I found on Daily Mail we're going to look at what the issue is and move on to the rest of their terms so normally you can find what the topic of the issue is in the first sentence okay so that's how they're also kind of draws you in so in this article the planes that dropped 24,000 American British and Canadian troops into Normandy on d-day have taken to the skies once again through commemorate the 75th anniversary of the mission that laid the foundations for Allied victory over the Nazis okay so we can tell what the article is going to be about just from the first sentence so it's the weekend sorry it's about commemorating 75th anniversary of d-day and they're telling us that the actual planes that dropped all of these troops into Normandy have taken to the skies one again as we get further down we read that they're using the same planes that they've put new from their engines those types of things into these old planes have done them up and now they're having troops on the anniversary to jump out of the plane where actual troops would normally jump out of to commemorate those people okay so we can tell in the first sentence that the planes that dropped the troops will take to the skies once again okay so that is the topic so we go on twelve planes including five c-47s burying the black and white invasion stripes of Operation Overlord left Connecticut on May 19th for their journey across the Atlantic to northern France there they joined 15 more planes that were dropped 250 d-day paratroopers to reenact what was the largest seaborne invasion in history all right so I would say that really adds to the topic as well reenact what was the largest seaborne invasion in history so on June 6 1944 the planes dropped thousands of objects behind any enemy like enemies I'm sorry in the middle of the night the ensuing battle for Normandy ultimately helped pave the way for Hitler's defeat and bring the Second World War to an end the international event will honor the soldiers of World War two so I think that is also important who liberated France and fought on to victory over the following year we have a quote it's an extraordinary opportunity to honor our veterans and teach new generations about Mary about America's place in the world so what we've already had a look up at the top five honoring veterans is the topic and point of the article and maybe even teach new generations all right class of Lesley Eric zipping Zipkin of Middlebury said the plan once again is for the the skies over southern England and nominee Normandy to be filled with aircraft and hundreds of paratroopers all right so I'm moving on to the tone of the article so this is the author's own attitude towards the subject that they project onto the audience so often an author's tone is described by adjectives so they could be putting off a sympathetic cynical positive serious I run it you know sarcastic tone and then there are some also some other useful words down here that will help you describe tone so it could be logical which is rational reasonable analytical neutral so it doesn't really have an opinion objective unbiased informed so knowledgeable well-read passionate so they're emotional about it probably do you have more an opinion in it and witty so humorous satire satire cool light-hearted and there are many more that you can choose from but these are some just to keep you thinking so looking at the previous article you could say that it is informed because it's written quite well when it's giving us information it's giving us information about history it is quite a neutral tone its objective unbiased it's just basically giving us information reporting on what will be happening and it's also logical so it's rational reasonable it's written well all right so the author's point of view so point of view is what the author believes so that is important it is also the author's opinion on a topic and this can be based on their prior knowledge or prior experience so I might have a strong belief that people shouldn't smoke smoke cigarettes alright so that is my belief that is my point of view so moving on to contention which is very closely tied to your point of view contention is the central idea that the author is trying to convey and persuade to the audience to accept so while point of view is what the also believes contention is the author's argument so I might believe I might be against smoking cigarettes people shouldn't smoke cigarettes but my argument could be people shouldn't smoke cigarettes around other people or in public okay so it's what I write about and provide an argument about so it expresses my views or on the particular issue so often the point of view is more indiscreet and you have to really analyze it to find it whereas contention kind of comes across a little bit easier you can see their argument a bit clearer especially if it's a strong argument so with contention you can you need to consider what is the race writer saying so is there even a contention or does the also remain completely objective so in our example I would say the point of view is quite celebratory of all of what is going on but I would say that it's probably not a contention because there's no argument being made there just stating facts and just giving us information all right so as a summary summary we looked at analyzing the issue the tone and the point of view and contention of an article so your next task is to find your own article and find all of these things in the article and explain what how does it add meaning and why does the author use these alright thanks for listening guys

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