*coughing*Oh Jesus Christ right off the bat Hey guys Welcome back to another video or if this is your first time on my channel Hearing my voice and what have you I am so sorry You have literally just entered a dark hole of stupidity that you will probably never find your way out of unless you smash that dislike button and Block me. Just kidding because apparently even blocking people is not enough to get them removed from recommended nowadays I know this because I blocked a certain youtuber because their videos are just stupid and garbagey Yet every time I log on there they are YouTube is fucking up. So I guess you’re stuck with me *intro music* Today I am going to be telling you a Little story of what happened to me before I had any ‘clout’ as the youngin say I wasn’t on YouTube I wasn’t popular my Instagram was pretty much stuck at 200 followers and I was just posting my own shit because I like to not Because I thought it was actually going to take off or do anything I mean, I still do that. But you know the fact that I have successful art And it’s getting some some kind of attraction is great. But that was never like really the main goal for me I just kind of fell into this whatever-the-fuck which is remarkable to start off our story three years ago I was posting my stuff irregularly working at a haunted doll store in Washington Square Mall and living my Everyday life as a homeless adult woman and things were mighty decent Sure, some of my hair fell out due to stress and I gained eighty pounds, but at least I wasn’t literally dead, right? Right, right. *giggling* Continued to work my way through life barely getting by and for some reason I decided that year I was going to participate In InkTober, I bought myself this $2 sketchbook from Walmart stole some sharpies from work and said, “Shannon You’re gonna do this you’re gonna draw everyday and you’re gonna gain so many followers and you’re just gonna be so happy!” Which is not what happened even a little bit at all. If you are an artist who has the ability to do every day of inktober creating full ass ink pieces Literally every day you are a god to me You are an efficient bastard asshole who has abilities that are out of the humans scope You have a part of your brain that I don’t currently have access to. You are organized, You are clean you don’t have to worry about getting stains on white pants like *pauses* Your God Tier person and I am incredibly jealous of you because I literally do not understand how people can have their lives together in such a way that that Works out for them. But anyway, this isn’t about my fascination with organized people. It’s about Internet *fumbles over words* Pfft! It’s about Internet Instagram beef. So let’s get back to the slaughterhouse That’s not a saying I apologize to the vegans because I am a lazy loaf of bread I did what all lazy artists do during inktober to stay on theme but also have a day off. I posted a flashback Friday or a Or a Throwback Thursday or some other time pun other day post in order to stay on theme, which is a little pro tip From me to you if you ever want to look active on social media But don’t have the time or patience to make something new for the cretins that follow you. Just post old art and pretend you have Just found it and say look what I just found Throwback and then you’re fine I have done this more times than I can count and I will continue to do this until the day I die in a fire So I decided to do that and the post I chose was this year old Drawing of Elvira notice how I said it was a year old Because it was a year old have I mentioned it was a year old cuz that was its age a year I’m annoying cut to everyone roasting me saying “You repeat yourself too much” in the comments I know that’s the point I posted with my regular smegular tags and I go about my daily life surrounded by prosperity and also people who are weirdly obsessed With expensive historical dolls that scare the crap out of me. You really truly don’t know insanity until you hear this song *An American Girls Circle of Friends Plays* “Birthday party! Slumber Party! Birthday Party! Celebrate!” On repeat, I know all the words to the American Girl musical play I want to die I’m working trying to stay sane and I get a notification from someone that commented on my Picture which was not a common occurrence at the time nowadays I can post a sexy shrek photo and get comments up the ass But back then I I got nothing ever and if I did get something it was usually like a troll comment Whore insta art ho weekly asking me to follow them or DM them for a promo So I was geeked out because this looked like a legitimate comment not the kind of fake bullshit account Commenting on my shit, you know, I just thought it’s all happening for me However, the comment was just someone tagging another artist and saying this looks familiar with the eye emoji Which is a very sassy and foreboding emoji like I assume this is the emoji I see before God schools me and I go down to meet Satan when I got the comment I was of course curious But I did see it three hours after it was posted because when you work on a mall floor You’re not allowed to have your phone Like I can’t be behind the counter tweeting my thoughts about Debbie the mom who just dropped her daughter off in our store and left like we’re a Daycare, I have to be mindful and nice about everything even though I’m not known for doing that so so I was late to that comment because “Birthday Party! Birthday Party! Birthday Party!! Its gonna be great!!” My life sucked I clicked on the person she tagged and and I Immediately knew shit wasn’t good because I had been blocked like I went to the fucking Account and it was an artist who had over 500 posts 20,000 followers and was falling like 300 people and seemed very fricken successful yet I was getting the whole this person doesn’t have any posts yet So this was either the most successful ghost account I had ever seen or I was blocked so I was blocked which was fine seeing as I didn’t know this other artist had never followed them and Had never seen any of their art before so it wasn’t like I was missing out on something It was just fucking weird that I don’t know this person I didn’t know had me on their block list seemed fishier than a wet cooter. But whatever now I’m a paranoid psycho We all know this so when I’m blocked by someone I always have a friend check them out just to see why I was blocked to see if they posted anything about it You know paranoid psycho things so I asked my best friend to look at their account and see if there was anything that Said my name anything I should be mindful of anything at all Just check that shit out and see if there’s something that would explain the blockage in my head I know that’s paranoid and I know I should just let it go and if you’re blocked don’t check people stuff But I’m an idiot It makes me feel better to know if there’s something or not or if someone’s talking shit behind my back you like It’s just helpful. I know I’m too much sometimes So I’m expecting my friend to look into this account and find nothing cuz most of the time there’s nothing there Someone just blocks me because they don’t like me and it’s fine, but that is not what happened this time He goes onto the account and then I get a DM and he’s like bitch She does not like you which is alarming especially from an account that is massive and has this huge platform? So I think and I’m sitting there like how does why does this person know me? Why do they not like me what’s going on and like I’m kind of in a frenzy So I’m texting him like what is going on, but he is the slowest texter in the world I am not kidding you he texted me that and then took and then took like 20 minutes to tell me what he meant He sends me screenshot after screenshot after screenshot of her Instagram stories and this woman has Screenshoted my art from my page and posted it to her stories with her name with my name barely cut out and posted a full-on rant about how I was feeling her content how I was a thief how I was obviously Inspired by her how my style is totally ripping hers off all this fucking shit because she had drawn Elvira Three days before I posted that and I was clearly clearly trying to replicate her now I don’t I don’t want to seem like I do. Okay. Sorry. I want to seem like a bitch cuz I’m pretty bitchy So here we go Elvira is a work in and of herself and many people have paid homage to Her over the years because she is a pop culture icon I have been drawing Elvira since I first saw her as a child and so has every other goth Artist who has eyes are any other artist who has like seen her because she’s a goddess. She’s a queen She’s a fucking deity to every girl who loves spooky shit and horror So the fact that this person this fucking gremlin who has probably a lot of nice qualities and is fine as a human being other than this one interaction that I have had with them thought she owns the Concept of drawing Elvira that really irked me it irked the fuck out of me, but did she stop there? No She posted story after story about how pathetic other artists were because they copied her and how this was Plagiarism of her work and that people like me people who took inspiration from other artists they were a problem because they weren’t true originals like she was which is Shocking cuz you’re not being original you didn’t make up Elvira you were inspired by the same person I was you were just as unoriginal as I was which also it makes no sense That I would be inspired by her seeing as my drawing came out a year before hers, and I had posted it previously I just posted it again for a throwback. I just gave myself a fucking headache she posts these stories my friend sends them to me and I am mostly shocked because it’s so dumb like I Was paranoid and I kind of lowkey thought nothing would be there because in my paranoid States I usually am wrong But then here it was here was this stupid bullshit and the entire concept an idea That she was espousing that like I was dumb enough to steal someone who has more Viewers and more success than me like that bothered me But also it just felt disrespectaful.
Disrespectafull? No. It felt disrespectful to my intelligence Logically stealing from someone who has that many followers or like trying to reframe their art as my art is a dumb idea But also the whole concept of “you’re stealing my art style.” That’s not a thing like at all So I just thought the whole argument was so stupid that it really Insulted me and it insulted my intelligence big time I mean at the end of the day we both made something out of Love and respect to our goth mom and she turned that and made it about her someone who I didn’t fucking know And frankly could not give two fucks about because I didn’t know her for some reason though well Not for some reasons because I do this constantly you all just think I’m the fucking moron I decided I was going to be mature. I was going to try and maturely handle myself and reach out to this Idiot and tried to reason with her and you know show her I wasn’t trying to do anything fucked up to her I guess So I sent her the following email. “Hey artist who will remain nameless. I saw the story you posted using my art and I want to explain myself a little bit because I think you misunderstood the situation I was not inspired by you. I was inspired by Elvira and drew the picture over a year ago It wasn’t based on anything you had done or were doing because before this I had never heard of you I am sure you’re a very influential artist in your own, right? But I personally wouldn’t have benefited from stealing from you and I wouldn’t have attempted it I drew this art with my own hands. Therefore it is mine I have nothing but respect for other artists and I was disheartened to see someone repost my art and infer that I was pathetic Offensive and a ripoff because I had made something similar a year before you did It doesn’t hold up to logic and very minimal thought even if I had been inspired by you as an artist You should have known that you can be inspired by other artists and still make something that’s entirely your own Like I did I was inspired by Elvira and I made my own drawing of Elvira Unless you have never seen any other art in your life, which I doubt you are constantly pulling from other artists And I think it’s pretty egotistical of you to somehow assume that I got it from you. You didn’t create Elvira fan art I wasn’t inspired by you, and I hope you have a great day” I know I said I was mature, but I’m also a bitch. So let’s be real in the email I also included screenshots of what comes up when you start – Elvira fan art on Google which is just again me being a bitch Surprisingly that did not help which led to them going off again on Instagram stories Which my friend told me about but it was anything exciting or new and it didn’t help the situation She posted her response there though and never emailed me back. So that was it as it stands today. I’m actually unblocked I don’t know when that happened I don’t know what changed her mind over the couple years since this has happened But I am very doubtful that she thought to do it before I was somewhat successful I don’t know whatever so that’s it. That’s the story again Not gonna name the artist in the comments not gonna name the artist in the video don’t want to send any hate her way I think it was a pretty dick ass move. I think it was pretty rude I think thinking that you can steal someone’s art style is pretty dumb in and of itself But then making my art about yours and not having it hold up to logic, which is like clearly I drew her first So if anything I should be mad at you, but I’m not mad at you. So while There we are. That’s it. That’s the video *Music plays in the background as the list of patreons scrolls on the screen and slowly fades out*

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    I was in a dark hole of stupidity when I was born this is nothing new….

  2. I had a case where a girl claimed credit for my friends picture got mad that I called her out , got her friend to try and lie and say it was hers , and then delited it all and blocked me after I contacted the real artist 😂

  3. I used to have a friend who would trace and redraw my art and post it on an account that I didn’t know she had, that is stealing, what you did was different

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  5. i wish people would tell us who it is because shes just going to do it to someone else now. People should be aware of her and her wrongdoings

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    Also, love your drawing! 😁

  7. I don't mean to sound rude, but a lot instagram artists draw in that style and there is nothing original or unique about it. Every time I hear "Bitch be stealing my art style" I'm like "bitch you can't even call that an art style, every singe basic art instagram draws shit like that"

  8. I feel ya with the repetitive music at work. I worked at Target when Frozen's Let it Go was played over and over and over again that to this day whenever I hear that song it makes me want to go to an animal shelter, adopt 18 cats, and become a hermit and shut out the world.

  9. I just stumbled upon your channel and I ALREADY love you!!! I am also an artist and I agree with everything you've said and wish that I could talk and bullshit with you about art! I'm definitely going to be following you on instagram and I'll even message you, hope you message back cuz I need art friends xD

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    PS….. whoever that artist it .., that person’s gonna get it back, after all, karma is a bxxch

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  13. I feel pretty lucky I have never had this much crap with my art… But keep posting. You have more function when you create art around stories people know…

  14. First off: Loving your style.
    Second: I've been in the same situation but with makeup. People online and or in general whom think something like the Elvira thing is "theirs" are sad and insecure. People should be more supportive in the art world. We should be sharing each others work instead of tearing it down.

  15. Hi you made me subscribe. I draw for pleasure and until you tube I was stupid enough to think unless I drew eg a Monet exact it was ok. I take inspiration from all sorts especially as I’m not lucky enough to travel everywhere to find new scenes or people, I certainly couldn’t draw exact anyway and tend to put my own slant on things. I cannot relax with art now so much trying to come up with something nobody has ever drawn, that’s impossible.

  16. Yikes, I wish people weren’t so fucking narcissistic. This is one of my biggest fears, having someone call me out for plagiarism when I clearly did nothing of the sort. I feel like this is a common thing on instagram for some reason. I had the hardest time even using photos as reference that others had taken for a while because I was so afraid of these assholes……thankfully I have gotten over that. You want to know what artwork looks like without inspiration and references? Shit, it looks like pure shit.

  17. I cant stand artists that are so self absorbed that they assume what they make is entirely original and claim that "art styles" can be stolen. Literally everything you make is based off your interests, I take inspiration from Studio Ghibli, I guess Ima get sued

  18. a great artist will never shame another artist for inspiring them. All artists borrow something from somewhere or someone, like techniques, styles, process, ideas, the list goes on and on. Artists that shame another artist are no where near a professional and are a very insecure. The only reason someone can get upset is if an artist shamelessly takes someone else's work and claims it as their own. Other than that, ignore people like that and just create the art that you love!

  19. when you remove a video from your homepage recommendations youtube gives you an option to give a reason one of them being "i'm not interested in this channel" which will remove that channel from your recommended after doing it a few times
    edit: lmao i just realized this video is months old so this probably isn't relative to you anymore whoops

  20. This whole artist copying something or using some source as inspiration and getting called out on it is bullshit. Every artist has to have a source object for inspiration, some sort of thing you look at and draw (as in life drawing) or a photograph or what have you. That doesn't mean you are stealing art. It's so stupid. Please tell Michael Angelo that he stole art and see how far you get. Or Da Vinci or any of the Renaissance artists. You wouldn't get very far and they all stole inspiration from each other too.

  21. Praise His Name! Why must people take the Lords Name in vain!
    Me: turns video on Hears first comment! Pauses video, comments and moves on to the next video!

  22. if you dont want that stuff in rec list….clear history. it normally grabs from similar vids you have watched due to being related etc….i clear history and then i dont get crap i dont like in rec list.

  23. The good old days on deviantart. Every wolf who had white with yellow eyes was Kiba and you needed to credit BONES( wolf's rain) And I was told from another artist that I traced art. I used Narnia's dvd cover as reference. I was obsessed with aslan at that time. The person took my version and did a Gif how I ''traced'' the dvd cover? and that was the proof :O and people believed it. I even live streamed to show That I actually draw my art, and I tried to use reference. I think that dvd cover is a photo of a lion anyway. I dont really know, I see so much young artists bullied and that you should not use reference because that's either cheating or you gonna get sued XD ? A kind artist learn me about references, that u cant copyright colors, poses and about CC commons. So now when Im adult. I know how much bullshit there was on da. And.. that's also why I left deviantart. Even If I reported mine and others bullies comments and journals, they did nothing. And sometimes, they wrote very dark stuff. Like '' Im coming to your house '' '' we are never going to leave u'' and yeah. Super stalker mode. And I even got bullied for my bad english. .___. I didn't even know it was a language contest on da XD

  24. I think I know who you are referring to [I've heard about your experience and similar experiences of other artists and her]. I think it's utterly ridiculous to try the "you're copying me" bullshit, and try to make someone [you, in your case], look like the bad guy. People need to get a friggin' life.

    BTW, new subscriber, based 100% on this video and your art 😉

  25. If someone blocks you on twitter, you can always just open a private tab and put in their twitter URL and stalk them anonymously. :3
    Also, you're using layers to create different elements in your drawing. I did that first, copier!

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    I like Youtubers who keeps it real. Lol you sound just like me, when I'm not on my meds.🤫 I'm a disabled veteran with PTSD and I love to sew, so with this story just made my day. Great video 💙🐝💙

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  28. Art theft is my biggest dread when I post on the internet, like, other then pointing it out, what do you do? All I know is that I'd be royally pissed.

  29. you found yourself on the weird side of social media.. I got a verbal fight once on Instagram and after that I learned how to behave on Instagram to not find myself again in such situation. sugar coated comments and I only comment on artists I can give a sincere compliment, the other's.. I just ignore and scroll further. if I ever get in such situation I would just block it and report it. end it before it can grow further

  30. Reminds me of artists that say "Don't use my art as reference" in their bio. Like they've never used others art as reference…Don't you want people to be inspired by you??? Lmao

  31. That "You're stealing my art style thing" is as dumb as the people who think that "pose theft" is real 😂 Nice Video and really good artwork!

  32. Shit like this is the main reason I'm rarely active in the community anymore. It's become so saturated with people accusing each other of palette theft,copying oc's, stealing poses etc. You can't even draw a fucking dog with wings without somebody saying you stole their "original species'' its ridiculous. I miss when people were just happy to make art and it wasnt so hostile

  33. A lot of artists are oversensitive immature these days like seriously? "Pose theft", "inspiration theft" and "art style theft"?

  34. i hope to god that person saw this vid. Bitch better reflect and pull that crown out of her arse. She probably unblocked you coz you're FaMoUs now.

  35. Them: I'm sorry Is that a circle?
    Me: yea…?
    Them: yea no…I drew that 5 minutes ago and I will not tolerate this..I'm going to block u
    Me: wut? Why would I care? Who even are u?
    Them: NOW YOU DREW A LINE!!!
    Me: you sound like a Karen

  36. I have long blonde hair… thanks for using my image as inspiration from my image. I’m assuming that it’s titled with my name now. Lol. 😂 jk

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