INSANE Geometric Sugar Skull Art– Reclaimed Wood Art

INSANE Geometric Sugar Skull Art– Reclaimed Wood Art

Look what I made. That’s basically the video, but if you want
to see the details, keep watching. Hi guys, welcome back to the channel, my name
is Katie. Today’s video is in collaboration with the October Girls Can Use Power Tools
Challenge. This challenge is hosted regularly by NataLee
from Designed to the Nines and this month her cohost is Ashleigh Lauren.
I’ll have a link to both of their channels down in my description box as well as a link
to the playlist with all of the awesome collaborators on it.
If you have a minute, make sure to check them out.
So today, in the spirit of all this fall or more specifically Halloween, I am going to
be making a geometric sugar skull. Unnecessary back story: I’ve always wanted
a sugar skull tattoo because I think they look awesome, but I have no cultural or personal
ties to them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with
getting a tattoo just because it’s pretty, but that’s not a bridge that I personally
have crossed yet. My friend Julia who has the channel The Mug
Life DIY said to me that I could get a sugar skull tattoo as a memorial.
However, I’m enough of a people pleaser that the idea of getting a memorial tattoo stresses
me out. In my brain, if I memorialize one important
person who passes away in my life, I’m gonna have to do that for everyone after; and I
only have so much exposable skin. For now, I’m going to limit my love of sugar
skulls to a new piece of decor in my house. This project is going to be literal insanity.
There are approximately a kergillion cuts involved.
We’re all about to find out together if this works at all, but other than being insane
and tedious and probably three days of my life I’m never gonna get back, I think it’s
going to be pretty cool. I’m gonna have my design meeting down the
middle from an angle. So it’s not quite a herringbone pattern because
they don’t overlap; it’s just like a diagonal split all the way down.
All of my pieces are going to be in a line coming this way.
This sucker is already gonna be so specific, I might as well go big or go home.
I think it’s gonna end up being about three feet tall, but I almost have to blow it up
to that big to even make these pieces big enough for me to be able to work with.
I’m going to start off by ripping a bunch of material down to 7/16 of an inch wide.
If I was a betting gal, I would say that this will probably not be nearly enough material,
but I didn’t want to take the time to measure out every piece beforehand, and I also don’t
want to rip all of my reclaimed material into tiny little smithereens.
I’m going to start with this and I will just rip more material as I need it.
These are the main colors that I am going to be working with.
Not too many bright pops, but the yellow will be nice and the red is pretty strong so that’s
good too. There’s a tiny bit of blue on these guys and
then a real faint shade of green here. This kind of cream-colored crackled paint
is going to be the main part of the skull. This dark wood is going to be the black.
There’s this orange, and then this bright white I’m going to use as the teeth. I am
trying to keep this pretty and not creepy, so I think nice bright teeth will help with
that. There are just way too many cuts for me to
be able to explain everything that I’m doing. I will tell you I’m only making straight cuts
and 45-degree cuts just to keep things a little more normal for me.
So that will be good– still going to be a lot– but at least not that.
I’m just going to go ahead and make a million cuts now, and I will catch you guys in the
fastening stage. This was without a doubt the most time-intensive
part of this project, but also not that interesting to watch. So– don’t worry– video or it didn’t’
happen, but now we’ll just go ahead and skip ahead.
I just watched it back to verify exactly how wrong I was.
I estimated three days. That was so adorable of me.
Empires have risen and fallen since the beginning of this project.
Children have become men. It’s probably been three weeks.
I have had to pause this project to get other more time-sensitive stuff out in the meantime.
So I’m not saying this was like 120 hours, but it was still a lot of hours.
Let me just show you guys here: This is all of my pieces cut.
I am really excited about how this guy is coming together.
I have decided to go back in and stain all my black parts just to get a little more uniformity.
I ripped all of these dark pieces out of old *fence material, but not the same piece. So
there is more of a variety in color than I want there to be.
I just kind of want to accent the black pops a little more.
I really like that this material is shorter than the other stuff so it’s recessed in,
so that helps to add to the shadow effect. So I’m just going to go around and stain all
of these, kind of a dark grey/brown color just to tie them all together so that all
the shadows are identical. It’s not as big of a deal– like these green
pieces: a couple of the pieces are more brown than green and that doesn’t really bother
me. But these darker pieces I want them to be
all the same. So I’m going to do that, and then figure out
what I’m going to mount this guy on, and how I’m going to do that.
So, that’s where I’m at right now. I started out just trying to pick out the
pieces that I wanted to stain, and I was finding that I need to move a lot of surrounding pieces.
So I decided to go ahead and move the whole thing one line at a time– partly so that
it was easier to get to the pieces I needed to stain, but also so that I could move the
design onto a removable surface and clear up my work table for working.
Poor guy. I just left him like that all night too.
We’ve all had these moments, right? Brain over here, mouth over here.
But it can be uncomfortable. *Music* I really like that.
I think that darker dark adds a lot better contrast so…
Choice approved! What I need to figure out now if how I’m going
to put this guy together. I am so nervous about how this is going to
go! Because you can just lose a project in the
finishing stages and that’s a lot of work down the drain. *raspberry*
What a lot of geometric wood art people do is nail their pieces onto a piece of plywood–
which is an immediate hold when you’re attaching your pieces, but also you have some wiggle
room if you need it while you’re putting your other pieces together.
These pieces are too small to do that with. I could do it with a micro-pinner, but I don’t
own one. Just with a regular brad nailer, that would
split these tiny little pieces to smithereens. So, I’m left with glue options.
I’m going to wood glue some of the parts together and let them sit.
Strong outlined that have to be straight are: The octagons for the eyes; I’ll probably do
all these white pieces Also, this stripe here.
Either side of this mouth is supposed to be a completely straight line here, so I might
do these pieces. Hopefully, that’s not asking for trouble.
Cus these pieces are not perfect. They go together really well, but when you
start insisting on straight lines in some areas, then that will really highlight in
other areas if pieces are not quite long enough or too long and just won’t fit together anymore.
But, what I’m going to do now is pick out some of the straight vertical lines that just
Have to be straight or it’ll look bad, and glue them together, and let them sit.
Then I’ll come back in and put everything together.
I’ve decided to mount it to a piece of plywood overlain with some of this old radiator cover
material. Wood glue wouldn’t do anything if I tried
to attach it with that, but I do want to use the wood glue to attach the wood pieces to
each other. Because that’s the best way to attach wood.
I might be making this harder than I need to, but I’m going to wood glue everything
together first and then try to scoop it onto this *radiator screen and use E6000 or some
other kind of all-purpose ultra high-duty glue to attach the whole thing onto the metal.
To answer the hanging question, I did create some problems for myself by gluing some of
the pieces together beforehand instead of being able to move all of them around as I
was putting them together. But it wasn’t a whole lot.
It was just some of the black pieces that I had to recut.
So I would say that it was worth it to get my completely straight lines in the end. *Music* Well, that was a few days ago again, and you can’t really tell I did anything.
Except now I do this: But not for very long, because why risk it?
That should be all of the drastically time-intensive parts of this project done.
Knock on wood. All kinds of wood around here.
So now I just have to sort out my background. This is a piece of 1/4 inch plywood that I
have painted black. It’s a little streaky but it doesn’t matter
because I’m going to cut– I haven’t picked out which one yet– but I’m going to cut down
one of these old radiator screens to overlap it, like so:
Usually, I do my backgrounds white, but I thought for this is might be fun to have the
black emphasizing this pattern behind the design.
Something just happened. I have always, always used the front side
of these radiator screens in my projects. I just happened to– right after the last
clip I showed you guys– I flopped it on the floor and it landed wrong side up.
And, with this project, I think that is the ‘right’ side to go with.
It is so cool. Take a look. It’s got kind of a greenish cast to it, and
then there are spots where the paint from the front side has bled through. And it’s
got some darker metal spots. It won’t be this big.
The outline is here. I think that will be perfect.
I’ll just get it cut down to the right size, and then I will decide for sure from there.
This is the right side of the screen up. And this is wrong side up.
I think I’m going to go wrong side up. This project has been entirely about something
that I thought would be fun and not something that I thought was particularly commercial
or ‘sale-able.’ So I’ll just go ahead and continue that trend
and we’ll just make the whole darn thing a little crazy.
And this way I can frame it in white. I was trying to figure out what I was going
to do for the frame. I knew that I wanted to do it thick because
of the size of the project. I have some chunky white material that I can
rip the ends off of and do that frame. So that’ll work really well with this side
up. I did find this piece of old, white, reclaimed
material that I am going to use for the frame. I have the video is getting kind of long at
this point, so just assume saws and cutting and such.
I have made a frame! Before I put the pieces together, I rabbitted
out a 1/4 inch for my metal grate and my plywood to sit into.
So I will go along and put some adhesive in that track and then lay my grate and plywood
upsidedown inside of here and let that sit. *Music* I wish you guys could see this in person. There’s just no real good way to take in the
scope of this project without seeing all the tiny little pieces for yourself.
I’ll just tell you a little bit about it: Most sugar skulls have flowers in the eyes,
but trying to fit a flower this small with this many petals basically into two line-grids
instead of, you know, all the curves and whatever that a normal flower has.
They just ended up coming out really wonky. I think I tried to draw them like five or
six different times and wasn’t working out. So I just went with a straight geometric that
is flower-esque, but I am happy with how it came out.
On the paper, it just looked straight up geometric shape– not organic at all– but I think once
it’s in with everything you can kind of get the flower idea from it.
These teeth, I was really happy with how they came together.
I did decide to put– this is probably a strong sixteenth– those little block pieces in there.
So I did decide to put tiny little spacers between the top and bottom row.
But to divide the teeth side to side, I didn’t want to add spacers in all of these joints.
So all I did was just make a cut instead of making this or this one continuous piece.
And that was just enough of a little black line to get me the definition for all my little
teeth. I was really happy with how that came together
too. I did mean to change this piece out, but I
forgot. I guess he’ll just have a little chip in his
front tooth but, you know, that’s just more personality.
Other than that, guys, there’s not a whole lot interesting that I can tell you about
this guy other than just to show ya. I like these cheek flowers.
I think those came out well. Of course, the forehead rose.
Before it went together, I was concerned that these colors were too similar. But now that
they’re right next to each other in person, I think it’s totally good.
I don’t really know what to do with my life now.
So… If you have any suggestions.
Just kidding. I’ll find something to get into.
There’s also a kid around here somewhere. At this point, he’s practically too expensive
to sell because of the massive time investment, so I think he’s mine forever.
That means we need to name him. I’m thinking Esteban!
But it’s negotiable, so leave your ideas in the comments down below.
Guys, thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to check out the host channels
and the playlist linked down below in my description box.
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