In the Library of Graphic Literature #97

In the Library of Graphic Literature #97

to avoid rush Brigade here and dragula here anyway they're here because it's time once again for that show live on tape from an undisclosed location somewhere deep in the heart of downtown st. John's Newfoundland it's time for in the library of graphic literature we here host me walls right who actually it's it's quite warm here today it was for those of you who are familiar with the Celsius it started around 14 degrees you know went down but by time I get it back to the studio it was like 20 degrees probably even probably even a little bit more so no big news that our continued with this week yeah nothing I can think of right off the bat so uh I think I'm gonna jump inward into the books here oh what a day what a day so actually this is still kind of hot hair a little bit of irish breakfast tea this time so it's Lex a nice sunny day here way out on the Atlantic that's time for us to start poking through some books here no this is a book I actually start reading today cuz I figured I'd get a jump on it and I read good bit of it but it is tanta from Jaime hernández from Fantagraphics tried to graphic books of course I love anything that Jaime does and I found recently I mean I'd love to love bunglers and and this one even just reading it now it's just he's it's like honey crossed a burger a few years ago and he he's I think he in some ways he's putting up some of his best work ever not did ya say that I love all his other works cuz I do that's my there's a spinner could spin a trap for me but he's just kidding he's getting better with age so any of you who haven't had the delight of checking out some Love and Rockets give it a shot it's it's comics probably unlike you've ever experienced I know I start reading it in the 1980s when it first came out I had every single issue as a matter of fact when I saw my collection years later my comic collection the Love and Rockets were one of the few few that I actually kept that along with some of my heavy metals all right Chris went on for speed but uh yeah highly highly recommended so run out there and buy a bite and what wouldn't be a week without books if not for a book from the library of American comics and this woman of course one in 26 of the complete Dick Tracy okay so we're into the seventies now and of course I love up to 72 and as I've told you folks many time I absolutely love the Dick Tracy there's just just something kind of cool about a monocle what it is there is something about to draw install it just attracts me I'm assuming there's probably another only a few of these left if they're only just gonna do the the Chester Gould ones which I don't know if that's the case well yeah like I say there's just something about cool I love to his heavy use of blacks and his grotesque villains even the people I seem a little bit on edge sort of like a mixture between dick spraying and Steve Ditko that's about the best I can say about a cool besides the fact that I love him but yeah so yeah the know there's some people who think the lot of the earlier Dick Tracy is the best at all that there's there's some truth to that but even even in his later years he's still did some pretty wild stuff right wat enough that makes it worth checking out actually let's have another sip of this dangerously hot mug oh yeah we how are you it I lost the well I didn't lose the rubber band the the big band that goes across the middle of that cracked but I'm sure some of you think that's what it's probably time I get a new let get a new mug well if any of you have a nice mug that's good for tea feel free to send it to me no that's reputable care I was dying actually all last night to unwrap this before the show but I held on anyway this is one of my more favorite more comics out there this is volume three of Harrow County you welcome to our County this oh it's this contains volumes 5 & 6 there's one more to come after this so Eisner nominated series and for good reason oh yeah this from Cohen well our clerk and I love this series this along with black mask I think our to my more recent notes that have come out that I absolutely love well like the I hear that cracking is does it opens their a lots of watercolor field to his artwork it's something definitely a lot but these characters they're it's just so strange and look I say so imagine if loves a little extras here absolutely love it I can say there's circles that go above and beyond and this is definitely one of them her County look remember I've seen online several times people talking about oh you know they don't make comics like they used to anymore and all that kind of jazz and all that but uh I know I know I think they do and it's just a matter of waiting for everything to get to the good stuff usually did to do that you gotta pay through the nose but hey that's the person for comedy these days anyway look this is one I did couldn't resist opening there last night oh this has to be one of the heaviest books in a while this is the bronze the bronze age Omnibus by Jack Kirby so this basically holds everything outside of the fourth world and commanding as it says on the cover here everything from losers in the days of the mob Atlas from the first issue special spared world Sandman no Mac demon Cobra which is good because I don't think I had the Cobra stories losers Manhunter of course losers there is one of the most underrated series same was Oh Mac – I always loved on Mac but yeah now this also hits the super powers series in which you know it's okay it's it's curving all that but it's kind of like I don't know it's kind of like watered down Kirby without him at the helm but I mean all the rest all the rest of this book is to me is this is like gold I had electroscope were actually even though he did write it and then never see Richard dragon no Danny O'Neil anyway the in the Manhunter one the man Thunder in the Atlas war – my favorite actually from from that but yeah the losers – one of the most underrated of all of Kirby's works because I mean the demand was there so I mean you know there's where you're getting some real-life experience Oh Mac once again like I say definitely one of his one of his rage DC titles Sandman him and Simon back together again yeah and demon of course demon is also one of my favorite you can tell just from the way I'm straining this thing actually does weigh a significant amount so if you're gonna be sitting down to read it sit down for a while and have a cushion in your lap okay there you go but it's a good good dose of Kirby Kirby and there's nothing wrong there's never anything around with a book of Kirby material even if it's a repackaging but uh yeah well yes check it out the Bronze Age and also – oh it just looks so so good when it's put up next to the to the fourth world in the Kamandi omnibuses all those boss it's hurt anyway let's move on here to Jesus one two three four cheese five books this week cuz it's not back next week it's gonna be a bit of a slow week so I'm gonna see if I can come up with a topic to cover to fill the dead here that would be there otherwise I mean I could just take me sit here but you know who would like that even I like this so anyway the very last one for today mm-hmm Conan volume 2 actually I should be kissing that one too and that one actually yeah focuses to their mother that's right way to go oh shut up you anyway back to the unwrapping here Conan the Barbarian omnibus volume to do so we leave the salad days of good old Barry windsor-smith we lunch full and headlong into the heady days John pew Simha think Ernie chanted a lot of these and Gil Kane I do believe there's even a Neal Adams story in here let's check and see don't be shy okay kill Oh with Gil Kane with Neal Adams rich buckler Tim Conrad yes anchors Bernie Chan Neil Adams 37 which is the same yeah yeah that was what he did jump you said my anchor crusty fuckers you can or something anyway so for the most part it's basically be cement cane with shots by buckler and Adams and team coverage so uh yeah oh no not a bad not a bad bargain yeah of course I've been a fan of Conan since since the 70s myself to me get this up close of g2z um of course I said when I started reading it I actually started reading and round this time and I loved it especially the savage storm Conan loved the savage sort of Conan of course I'm collecting those on the buses too but when I actually went out and I took the time and I've read the original novels and and I'm ready I actually read all the Robert E Howard I could I could get my hands on a lot of this early stuff is a few Simon stuff is by Bernie Chan or Ernie Toit's they used as he was known it's pretty pretty cool stuff we are there was just something about sword and sorcery that that appealed to me here we go Neal Adams artists this is the one with the cover from the cover there beautifully beautifully drawn of course sneagle Adams in written law yeah our good friend Roy Thomas look yeah this is this is one of the it's one of the classics I can write when I got hold of this because I was a Neal Adams fan anyway and then when it was just like oh my god Neal Adams doing Conan the Barbarian had to have it this is abuse Emma by himself because I'm up by himself was it's a very different type of beef Simmons he ain't himself very differently from the way Palmer and all the others who had it's sort of a glass tool he had sort of a bit of a more of a rough edge now this obviously is hurt wrong and it's funny that some of them I can tell them all away now look you say between boo Simon and Smith army even though I like pussy missoula some won't kill cane work this was from the the annuals of all all of which I collected and then know why they got to his savage sword stories put him with it well yeah between few similar and and Smith my favorite would have to be Smith no like I say I love you said there I'm look you some actually main force is comic-book work and especially is his sixty stuff especially with the Avengers fabulous stuff and stood look if they still did like him on Conan who I think II who was a good choice although bill came to I think did some great Conan and he would have been a good replacement I think for a first you know some good sorted sorcery there no anyways still some reading here too and actually the coming up coming up the the last eerie air crimes is coming up at now in a couple of months and I vowed that soon as that comes out I'm going on a reading spree you know I'll check in with you folks and tell you about it because as I was collecting about halfway through them I decided well think I'll take a break and wait until I get all of these these books then I'll sit down and read them all and uh all in one good big binge read so so I did so I got like I say about twenty some books of eerie and creepy to sit down and read once I get that last Harry book and and I'll let you know I'll feature if I come across any stories and particulars I'm going through them each week Allah Allah I'll share them with you it's we like it's sort of a personal journey through through one of my all-time favorite comic magazines and and I thought it'd be a cool thing to share with you fine fine folks out there in comic book land anyways so that's about it for this week yeah too bad like I said next week is gonna be a little bit shorter than usual but well fine I'll find something to get back about either you folks know me all I'm gonna do is turn on the camera and you have you happy I yeah yeah yeah okay anyways everyone out there have a great weekend I know it's very hot and please parts of North America and in Europe and actually just started to get hot here today for the first time early this summer it's been a bit of a cold summer out here so enjoy some of that heat Neely's loves y'all and happy reading why didn't go for shade either to guzzle beer oh my god Oh put that boom tube okay

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  1. Thanks for the video Wallace. I can't wait to get my copy of that Harrow County Vol 3. Great story and some stunning artwork. What more could a comic fan ask for? Keep up the great work Wallace and have a great week.

  2. Great books and another great video Wallace thanks, with that new jonah hex omni hopefully coming soon, I'd love to see a special on westerns and weird Westerns!

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