Impossible Prediction & The Paradox Rope Mystery by Tristan Maestro!

Impossible Prediction & The Paradox Rope Mystery by Tristan Maestro!

I have prepared something very beautiful for you. But before that… I have a feeling and I would like to take a risk. May I? Yes. I would take it anyway. So… Chris, we will do the following. I’ll ask you a question… and I’d like a quick response when I click my fingers. Are you ready? Is it difficult? Not really. Stand there so everyone can see. Tell me the name of one card. Ten spades. Ten spades? At this point a question arises. If I held ten hearts or ten diamonds… it would be quite impressive. If I held nine spades… it would be quite good too. If I held five or six spades… it wouldn’t be so bad… You’ve said … Ten spades. I think we have a match. Well. Please, wait. This was not what I’ve prepared. At this point I would like to share with you… one of magic’s most ancient questions. It’s about the famous rope mystery. Do you know why it has that name? It’s very simple. Because it’s a mystery with a rope. This mystery begins with the fact that… no magician can tie a knot. Exactly. No matter how hard… how tight it’s tied… it will always get loose. You may not believe so let’s try again. One knot… two and just before your eyes
I’ll make a third one… by tying the previous two. Please, hold. Pulling the two edges
we’ll see clearly… that a knot has been formed. Right? Yes. Wrong. The only knot
that can’t get loose… causing another mystery
based on the previous one… is the marine knot. Hold. In that case the best thing
for a magician to do… do you know what it is? To remove it. And if this impressed you, please
hold your breath as the mystery… just now… begins. You have a weird mop. Hold this. Cutting a rope in the middle… hit me… we create two similar ropes. Right? What you have to remember
and bear in mind… What? They aren’t similar. Please cut here. So, we create two similar ropes. What you have to remember… They aren’t similar. He didn’t cut in the right place. Please, cut exactly here. So, we have two similar ropes. It doesn’t cut. Let’s begin again. We have a piece of rope. As you see, many small mysteries
weave the mosaic of this mystery. Another one is that
if you hold both edges… I will have a circle. You have many pieces, give me one please. Of course these edges
belong to the rope so… they can easily become again… its part. The interesting thing is that
if we cut the rope in the middle… Hold. And this. and now we blow… it will return
to its orinigal shape. Now… do you want to see the moment
when magic happens… how one rope suddenly melts… and becomes part of the other? Do you want? Yes. Cut here for the last time. So… We will tie the two ropes… hold so it won’t get loose. Nice, hold. This is what we’ll do. We will count
altogether until three… and when we finish… the tie will have disappeared… and we’ll have one rope. Ready? One, two, three. What’s going on? The knot… Two things have happened. The first is that
you didn’t shout enough. The second is that it’s too big… hold and give me the scissors. I have to make it smaller to make it disappear somehow. So… Let’s try again. One, two, three. Louder. Let’s go. One, two, three. Another mystery is
that it isn’t always successful. Hold here. Blow. One more time. Mysteries should
sometimes remain a mystery. What would you say if we turn… the tie into a knot? To remove it… and give it to our friend
with a warm applause. And a crucial question.
Are you married? No. Then you may hold the rope. A warm applause… and thank you very much.

9 thoughts on “Impossible Prediction & The Paradox Rope Mystery by Tristan Maestro!

  1. Ο Κώστας ακόμα έχει το σχοινι και προσπαθεί ν ανακαλύψει το μυστικό,χιχιχι!

  2. Ρε συ πως γίνεται αυτό?Το έχω δει 13 φορές μέχρι στιγμής και δεν μπορώ να βγάλω άκρη.Παίζει κάτι με το σκοινί?Ας μου πει κάποιος αν ξέρει γιατί θα χάσω τον ύπνο μου σήμερα!!!!

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