I’m TRAPPED in a HACKERS HOUSE for 24 Hours! PZ9 Escape Room is a Hello Neighbor Game Challenge!

I’m TRAPPED in a HACKERS HOUSE for 24 Hours! PZ9 Escape Room is a Hello Neighbor Game Challenge!

– We are trapped in PZ9’s house and Regina is trapped behind this door. – Yeah, a lot of you Spy Ninja’s said the key has been changed. The key equals K now. – And project Zorgo may
be on their way here cause they released the new video saying they’re coming to PZ9’s apartment! We gotta figure out these clues. Take the camera. – Guys, we found a bunch of these pictures all around the house. A bunch of these guys are named Melvin, except for St- – Not Stove. – Stove. – And on the backs of
all of these are symbols. Like on the back of Stove we have the battery symbol. We should write down what all these symbols mean. What does battery equal Vy? – Key equals K, so battery equals eight. – Okay Vy. So the next one. Melvin Poh. He’s got a right arrow. – [Vy] Right arrow equals six. – All right, six. Next one’s Melvin Gregg, he’s got a paper clip. – [Vy] Paper clip equals seven. – Seven. Google Image said this is Melvin Dresher and he’s got a back pack on the back. – Ooh, the backpack equals nine. – Melvin Guilliard, the UFC Fighter. He’s got a musical note on the back. – Ooh, musical note equals three. – And then Melvin Anthony
has a flashlight on the back. – Ooh, with the great abs. Flashlight equal zero. – And Regina said she found a picture of Philip Wang and on the back was? – [Vy] Diamond equals five. – There must be a certain
order of the pictures that we have to put them in . How can we order all these Melvin’s and Stove in a different order? Maybe it’s something to do with like where they live? Or maybe uh, how tall they are? Something like that. – Oh, I think it might be there age, Chad. Guys, I can actually find all their ages in Google Image Search. – Why don’t we start with who appears to be the youngest. I’m gonna write 23 on his number. Melvin Poh. How old is he Vy? – Melvin Poh? 28 years old. – So I’m gonna write 28. Okay Vy. How old is Melvin Guilliard? – He’s 36. – I’m gonna write 36 on his three. Okay, so this guy Melvin Dresher uhhh, I think he’s definitely the oldest. Look at that photo. I think we can just assume like he’s like 99 years old or something. – Okay, like 102, whatever. – So I’m gonna write 102. – Okay Vy. How old is Melvin Anthony? – Wow, looking good for 49 years old. Look at those abs. – If he was the zero, I’m gonna write 49. How old is Melvin Gregg, Vy? – He’s 30. – All right. He was the seven. I’m gonna write 30. Okay Vy. How old is Phillip Wang? – Ohh, I know Philip from Wong Fu. I think he’s 34. – All right. So he was the five so I’m gonna write 34 on the five. Now all we gotta do it put these in order of age, right? This has gotta be the order. It’s the youngest to oldest. – So the code must be eight, six, seven, five, three oh, nine
– nine-e-ine. – This must be it. Let’s go, let’s go. – Regina, okay we have the code, Regina. – You said you didn’t know. What is it? – [Crowd] Eight, six, seven, five, three, oh, nine-e-ine. – Guys, there’s no time
for singing right now. What’s the code? – [Crowd] That is the code. – A song? I don’t know why they’re singing. What’s wrong with them? Eight, six, seven, five,
three, zero, nine, enter! – [Regina] It’s working. – It works? (cheering) – We did it! – We gotta get outta here really quick. Project Zorgo’s gonna be here any second. – Yeah, we gotta try that code in the front door too. – [Crowd] Let’s go, let’s go. – [Chad] Quick, quick! Out the front door! (yelling and banging) – We need this. – Oh, is it the same one? – [Regina] Yeah, this was in my room. It must be the same code. – [Vy] Okay, okay. Okay so, eight, six, seven, five, three, oh, nine. – [Regina] All right! Try it! – [Chad] Open, open. – It’s still locked! – What? – It must be a different code or something. Let’s scowl this place looking for codes. It’s gotta be number
written somewhere, okay. – Project Zorgo’s coming. Let’s go. – Over here. – [Chad] What, what, what, what? – We found a black light flashlight. Maybe that’ll unlock some clues. – [Crowd] Ohh. – [Vy] Okay. Wow. This is very roomy in here. – Yeah, I even have my own toilet. – For the spy ninja’s that don’t know how do these things work, Regina? – Okay, so, Vy you explain. You’re the spy. – Chad you explain. You’re the expert. – Ah, right in my eyes. This is a UV light. It makes certain things glow. You could have invisible pen writing on the wall and this will make is show up. Wait, look at this. There’s a little scratch on the wall. You can’t see it without the UV light. – [Daniel] Ohh. – [Chad] Pretty cool. – Okay hurry, hurry. Zorgo’s coming! – Vy, take the light. Go, go, go. Let’s all split up. – [Daniel] All right. – Guys, I’m gonna use the black light to see if I could find the clues in the kitchen. Dining area. Maybe there’s something on the box. (mystery music) Guys, I hope it’s not on the fan because I can’t reach that high. Doesn’t look like there’s anything. Let’s keep looking. All right guys. I gotta use my spy ninja skills and get really low. Maybe there’s something on the baseboards or something. Let me know if you guys see anything. (mystery music) (gasps) Whoa! Look at this. (gasps) That’s an angry face. Doesn’t that remind you of PZ9 when he goes urrrr, ahhhhh? Right? Oh my gosh. There’s gotta be more
clues around here then. Guys, let’s see if there’s
any clues on the blinds. (mystery music) – Okay, I haven’t really seen anything yet in this living room area but I don’t have the black light. Hey, Vy? – Yeah? – Throw me the black light. – Okay. (screams) – Whewww. Okay. Check in the walls here. Let’s come down here. WOAH! You guys see this? The fireplace. There’s scribbling all over this. PZ9, I thought he was a good drawer. This looks like a four year old drew this. Look at this guys. Is that a seven right here? Look at that. I think this is a seven right here. Seven. Okay, so seven and fireplace. Maybe that means something. I-I don’t know. – Okay, I’m in the room that Regina was trapped in. There’s gotta be clues here. Maybe clues on the number pad she was touching? Maybe clues in the bathroom? – I know the perfect place to check. The bathroom. But remember guys, PZ9 left a clue in the toilet before so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another clue in the toilet right now. Seems like a pretty normal toilet. (grunts) That’s surprising. There’s no clues in the toilet. (gasps) – Oh my gosh guys! There’s hackers coming, look! (gasps) There’s like five of them. – WHAT? Project Zorgo’s here? Shoot! – Are those hackers coming? It’s just a big empty room. How am I gonna hide in here? I can’t hide in there. I’m not a tiny spy ninja like Vy is. Oh, wait a minute. What’s this right here? It’s like um, like a mattress. Oh, I got a great idea. I need someones help though. Hey Chad? – [Chad] Oh, what’s up? – This thing unzips. What if I go inside and you zip me up? – Okay, we gotta hurry though. – [Daniel] Yeah. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. – [Chad] Where’s the zipper? – [Daniel] I don’t know. (screams) – I’ll just look like a big, bunch of sheets
– a bed. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. Here we go. – [Chad] Get in there. Lay down like you’re a mattress. There you go. I’m gonna take the camera and I’m gonna go hide myself in some boxes over here. – [Daniel] Thanks Chad. – Ugh. Why can’t I be a small spy ninja like Vy? That’ll be so much easier to hide in boxes. Okay. (yells) (gasps) – Chad and Vy just said the hackers are coming. Oh my gosh! Okay, I’m just gonna hide right here. When they open the door, I’ll be behind the door. Okay guys. Wish me luck. – [Vy] Oh no! I gotta warn, um spy ninjas. – Okay guys. I’m inside of these boxes. I’m gonna take a peek out. (door creeks) (scary music) (light drum music) – There, there’s more coming. – [First Hacker] Fan. Hard to light a flame with the fan blowing! – [Hacker 2] But it’s hot. – [First Hacker] Shut up! – Okay guys. I’m in the corner of the room zipped up in this mattress thing. I think from the outside it looks just like a flat mattress. That’s what I’m hoping for at least. Oh, someone’s coming in here. Okay, I’m hiding. Hiding in the mattress. Wait a minute. You guys see that? Someone’s definitely on the other end about to come inside. Ohh, guys get down, get down. (scary music) (door shutting) – Oh no. (whispering) It’s a Project Zorgo member. He’s in this room. I’m gonna stay completely still. (scary music) He’s picking up uh, hair dryer. That’s useless to you, man, drop it. He’s going into the bathroom area. Perfect. Oh gosh. He’s picking up something! What is that? It’s like a blow up mattress or something. Uh oh. He better not come over here. (scary music) Oh no. (breathes) Oh freakin shucks. That was a close one. – Project Zorgo hackers are here right now. And they think this is the safe house. Remember, when I was in the Project Zorgo basement? I gave them PZ9’s address. But they think this is our safe house. Oh my gosh. Where’s Chad? There’s one in the kitchen right there, and Chad is over there in the living room. (drums beating) (whispering) – Shoot, they’re coming. – [Hacker] Hi ninjas. I know you’re in here. (scary music) – Oh my God. I can’t believe they didn’t see me. Chad? (knocking) – I heard you needed the flash light. Good luck. – Thanks Chad. Chad just gave me this flash light. Time to look for clues. Lights off, flash light on, let’s look for clues. Nothing here. (gasps) Oh my gosh. It’s a clue. What does this mean? Oh, looks like a fan, a ventilation system. I don’t think these symbols were here or on the Project Zorgo decoder wheel. So if you guys know what this could mean leave a comment down below. (breathes) I have no idea. Okay, well while I’m stuck in here I might as well try to figure out what these symbols mean. – What a minute. Guys, I have an idea. I’m in the room that Regina was locked in right? So what if I just escape really quickly, type in that code, and the hacker will be
locked in here forever. Okay, he’s right over there. I’m gonna run outta here, punch in that code. Here we go. (scary music) Oh my gosh. (whispering) (buttons pressing) Six, seven, five, oh, nine. It’s locked. I’m gonna lock em’ in here. Oh no, (whispering) all right. Look. Let’s try this door right here. Okay. (scary music) Okay, perfect. – [Regina] Daniel! – Oh my gosh. What’s that? – Hey. – Regina! – Hi. – You scared me girl. You’re hiding in here already? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I found a clue. Check it out. – Whoa. It’s an invisible ink on the wall? – Yeah, yeah. – There’s gotta be more clues around here too. – Yeah, I’m sure. – Can I take this and find some myself? – Okay, yeah. I’ll be hiding in here. – Okay. – Let me know if you find out what that means. – Okay, sounds good. – Ouch. – Let’s go. Okay, all right. Is there any place I can go to? Maybe, maybe over this way. WHOA! (yells) – Daniel. – Chad? – Dude it’s me. Did you get the flash light? – Right here, right here. – You gotta look for clues. Get us he passcode to get outta here. – Okay. I’m gonna go over this way and look for some clues. I don’t see any clues. Oh, what’s that noise? Dang, okay. I better hide. The hackers are every where here. Maybe I can like roll in the carpet like a burrito. Ugh, it’s so hard. Ohh, Vy. Vy, Vy, I need help. Come over here. Come here. Can you roll me up? – [Vy] Uh, in a burrito? – Yeah, burrito me up girl. – Okay, go. – 1-2-3, go. It’s working. Good job. Thanks Vy. While I’m hiding here I better look for clues. Everybody else found clues except me. No, nothing there. By this vent, maybe? I don’t see anything. By this, ohh, wait. Right there. Look, a clue. It says, I think it says number one. Okay, awesome, I did it now. I found a clue. I’m ready to go back into hiding. – [Hacker 3] This doesn’t seem like the spy ninjas safe house at all! – [Hacker 4] Doesn’t matter. If the spy ninjas have been here. That means, we should burn it to the ground! – Yes. That’s what I do to safe houses. – Fireplace! Right here. (drums beating) – Work your magic Burnface. – Let me work! Get outta here. (scary music) – It’s locked! – What? – Open the door! – It’s locked! – Burnface, you try. – Yeah, move aside now! (scary music) – Stop the fire! – It’s too late! We must find another escape. (scary music) (yelling) – Oh no! What are we gonna do? (yelling) – Don’t worry. We’ll burn our way out of here. – Oh no! I don’t wanna do that. – We’ll burn a hole through the ground. Or through the door. – Okay. – I better set more fires. – I don’t know. Let’s do it. – I don’t know if that’s gonna work. – Oh my gosh. The Burnface hacker said he’s gonna burn this house down. They don’t know that they’re trapped in here also. That means, we’re gonna get burnt down too. We gotta find our way outta here. Gosh! (grumbling) (scary music) – [Chad] Oh, Regina. Come here, come here, come here. – I found a clue in the bathroom. – Yeah? – It was a picture of a fan, a vent a circle, and a fire. – Yeah, okay. – I don’t know what that could mean. Okay, I’m gonna hide with you. – Yeah, yeah. Hide right here. (banging) – Oh, oh. Daniel! – Oh my gosh. Did you hear that? They’re gonna burn the house down. – I know, yeah. I could hear it. – But the good new is I found a clue with this black light. It’s a one, you know like the number? – Oh yeah? I found like a little angry face. It kinda looks like PZ9. – Regina found a lot in the bathroom. There was this wall full of symbols. – [Vy] Yeah? – [Daniel] You know what? One of the symbols was a fan. – That’s not on the decoder wheel. – No it’s, like a ceiling fan. – Oh, like this one? – [Daniel] Yeah, like that one right there. – [Vy] That one? – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay. I checked up there earlier. I didn’t see anything but the fan was running. But now that it’s stopped, maybe you can help me. – Oh yeah, let’s go. The hackers are busy trying to put out the fire. – Yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] Nothing on there. Nothing on this one. (gasps) What is that? – [Vy] Looks like a two. – [Daniel] Yeah, an upside down two. – With all these numbers that we keep finding what do you think it means? – There’s a code box right next to the door. Maybe the numbers mean it’s a code how to escape. – Yeah, just like the one that we found for Regina’s. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was two other symbols in the bathroom Regina found. – Okay, yeah. Usually pass codes have at least four numbers. We gotta meet up with Chad and Regina. – Yeah. – Get low, get low Daniel! – [Chad] Get low, get low. – [Daniel] I can barely see you guys. – Thanks guys. – If your house is ever filled with smoke get down low to the ground, right? – [Crowd] Yeah. – Yeah, smoke rises. – You can breath down here. – Yeah, okay. – [Chad] I found a seven on the fireplace. – [Vy] I found the number two on the fan. – [Daniel] I found a number one on a vent. – [Regina] I found the key. – Well, then you can get us out of here then. – [Chad] Let’s get outta here! – Okay, let’s get outta here. – Front door! Stop, drop, and roll if you’re on fire. The hackers are busy trying to find a way out of here. Okay, so what was the first key? – Fan. – Two. – [Chad] Two. – And then the vent. – It was a number one. – [Chad] One. – And then after that there was a circle with an arrow pointing down to a circle. – Well it’s not me. I had a fire place. Is there a circle around here? – [Vy] I don’t know. – [Chad] Use the flash light. (scary music) – Whoa, whoa. What’s that? – It’s the arrow pointing down, okay. (gasps) – [Crowd] There’s the circle. – [Daniel] Four! – [Chad] Did you find it? – [Hacker] This! (yelling) – Put in the four! Put in the four! (yelling) – [Vy] What’s your number? What’s your number Chad? – I had the number seven. (yelling) It was on the fireplace! (yelling) – [Daniel] Three, seven. Seven, seven! Open it, open it, open it! (yelling) (screaming) – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Quick, down the stairs. (upbeat music) (cheering) Okay, we better call 9-1-1. Call the fire department to have them come put the fire out. Oh gosh, they’re coming out. Go, go go! (running footsteps) I think we’re safe. I think the hackers are far away. Vy, call 9-1-1 on your phone right now. We gotta, get that fire put out. – [Regina] Come on girl. – Oh my gosh! Where’s my phone? I don’t have my phone on me! – [Chad] Shoot! – I left it inside! – [Chad] Remember I put your phone up really high on those curtains? – I can’t reach that! I didn’t even think about it! – We can’t go back in there to get it. – What? No, we have to! – My phone’s ringing. – I gotta get my phone! – You can’t go back in there. You can’t go in a fire. – Why don’t you call it. Maybe someone has it. – [Chad] My phone’s ringing. It says it’s coming from you, Vy. – What, what? – You’re calling me. From your phone. – [Regina] Check your pockets. – I didn’t pocket dial him. – [Daniel] It’s definitely
in the apartment. – [Chad] Let’s answer it. (gasps) – [Vy] Oh my gosh!

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